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Honda CRV Replacement Key Cost & Step By Step Process How To Replace Key By Yourself

Do you have issues with your keys and probably thinking of how much a new Honda CR-V replacement key cost? How do you even go about getting a new functional key?

There’s no need to worry. That’s what this article discusses. Regardless of the model and year of manufacture of your vehicle, getting a key is possible.

We will explain how to get a new one with well-detailed steps.

This guide also provides the answer to some other key replacement questions that might be disturbing you.

Before then, let’s start with the scenarios that can make you consider getting a Honda CR-V replacement key.


When to get a Honda CRV Replacement Key

Broken/Damaged Key: your Honda CR-V keys can get broken due to an extended usage period.

When this occurs, it is logical to obtain a replacement for the spare as it’s easier to duplicate an original than to get a completely new one.

Misplaced Key: sometimes, you don’t just know where you dropped your keys. They could be either stolen or hidden somewhere.

However, the longer it takes to get them, the more your car is at a security risk of whoever is with the keys.

Getting complete replacements is often the best option here.

Upgraded Security: most older automobile models don’t require more than a screwdriver to break in.

If you think that’s risky, consider changing the keys to a modern transponder version or fob key or unlock type.

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Common Honda CRV Key Problems

  • Damaged Key: damage is not necessarily a broken key. The key edges might have worn out over time.
  • Key Fobs Problems: dead key fob batteries or electronic error can cause malfunctioning of the fobs or keyless to unlock remote. An internal component might also be damaged.
  • Damaged Automobile Locks: asides the keys, the automobile locks can get spoilt too
  • Malfunctioning Ignition Cylinder: a faulty ignition cylinder can also make you think your car key is defective.
  • Unprogrammed Aftermarket Keys: it’s essential to program aftermarket replacement keys to be recognized by the automotive control system.
  • The owner is using the wrong key: it usually occurs when somebody has two identical keys for similar car models. The car won’t respond unless you use the proper key.

Honda CRV Replacement Key Cost

Before searching for budget-friendly Honda CR-V replacement key cost, it had been better to know what factors affect the price.

Automobile keys vary depending on the different car model types.

For a complete estimation process, the following are the factors that determine the CR-V key replacement cost:

  • The year and model of car manufacture
  • Type of automotive keys that are needed
  • Distance of your car to the dealership store or locksmith (consideration of towing cost)
  • Price of getting a key code in the absence of an original key
  • Total time of working on the keys

Therefore, the replacement cost might sometimes be expensive and range between $120 to $450.

Except it’s a very recent car model, going to an automotive locksmith instead of a Honda dealer might help you cut costs.

However, ensure you don’t sacrifice quality for the price.

How to Replace the Honda CRV Key

This section explains the process of getting a Honda CR-V replacement key.

Regardless of the problem with your Honda keys, the following are the basic approaches to obtaining a replacement.

  • Get in touch with an automotive locksmith
  • Search and order a new key online
  • Visit a car dealership to help out

Are you contemplating which alternative is best? It all depends on your budget and the factors we highlighted under the Honda CR-V replacement key cost.

For convenience, visiting a Honda CR-V dealership is better but more expensive. Besides, buying the key yourself seems cheaper. But you will still need to program it.

Step By Step Guide

Write out the VIN

VIN stands for the Vehicle Identification Number and is the set of numbers that provides necessary details about your vehicle to the automotive locksmith or dealership shop.

The automotive locksmith or car dealership can determine the replacement key type and programmability requirements from the VIN.

Locating the VIN is simple. Check the vehicle’s insurance documents.

You can as well check for inscriptions on the window, door edges, and vehicle engine.

Ensure to check properly since getting the wrong keys might cause issues with programming later.

Verify the Model

Year of Manufacture: this step is crucial if you plan to use the “search and order a new key online” approach.

Knowing the exact model, year of manufacture helps determine the kind of keys to order.

It’s also helpful when you can’t find the VIN to send to the car dealership.

Search and Order a New Key Online

ordering a replacement key is next, whether you are trying out a DIY replacement or employing the services of an automotive locksmith.

However, it’s the cheapest option and very straightforward to buy online. Just ensure you’re with the correct VIN.

Also, remember to enter your Honda automobile’s manufacture year and model when searching for the different market alternatives.

Contact an Automotive Locksmith

if ordering a replacement looks stressful, then you might skip that step and contact an automotive locksmith instead.

Besides, employing the services of a locksmith is cheaper. Even in the absence of the original keys, they can help you make a new one.

The locksmith will ask for the VIN and other essential information.

The older the manufacture year of your car, the more likely the locksmith would have a solution.

Also, keep in mind that the keys provided by the locksmith are cut-outs and might still need programming.

Call Your Car Dealership

This step is considered the best solution and the most expensive option.

However, the advantage of calling a Honda dealer is the assurance that they will have the compatible key blank for your vehicle.

Unlike the locksmiths, they do not have issues with newer or older car models.

There is even the possibility that they help with the programming on the same day.

Another benefit of the car dealership is that some of them offer towing services.

That saves you the stress of wondering how to get your car to them.

But again, it bores down to the cost. Car owners planning to use a car dealership are firstly advised to evaluate other options.

More importantly, ask for a price estimate before getting started with the replacement.


Buying a key blank that fails to start your vehicle is the same as having a broken key.

That’s why it’s best to get only the keys that are confirmed to be compatible with your Honda CR-V.

Even after getting the correct key, you still need a locksmith or dealership for the programming.

Nevertheless, it’s also possible to program the keys yourself, and that’s what the video below explains.

All that’s needed is the programming machine and adherence to the sequence of pop-up instructions.

For the DIY car owners looking to cut costs, this method is a cheaper alternative.

However, the cost of getting the Autokey programmer might be the same as what the dealership would charge.

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Best Honda CRV Replacement Key on The Market

1. J-ACCES Honda Shell Replacement – Black Keyless Entry Remote Casing


Highlighted Features

  • Cross Screwdriver x1
  • Empty Black Keyless Shell x1
  • 2011-15 CR-V Compatible
  • No Chip Holder

It’s a perfect solution for those looking for a way to replace their key casing alone.

The product is just an empty keyless fob remote shell with nothing inside.

The installation is also smooth and requires that you transfer your functioning fob and key blade into it.

However, the shell replacement has a closely fitted design, and care must be taken when tightening the screws.

Screw gently, and remember to transfer the transponder chip too.

The key shell is compatible with the 2011-15 CR-V and compatible with some other vehicles.

These include the 2010-11 Accord Crosstour, 2011-15 CR-Z, 2009-13 Fit, 2011-14 Honda Odyssey, 201-14 Insight, and the 2006-11 Honda Civic LX.


  • Very easy to install. It saves the stress of programming new keys
  • Compatible design with selected vehicles


  • No chip holder

2. E4EG8DJ USARemote – Keyless Entry Fob Remote


Highlighted Features

  • Complete Electronics with battery included
  • User-Programmable Manual
  • 1997-2001 Honda CR-V Compatible
  • 2000-2009 Honda S2000

This aftermarket keyless fob remote is a cost-effective alternative option compared to visiting a car dealership.

It works ideally provided you own a 1997-2001 Honda CR-V or the 2000-2009 Honda S2000 model.

There is no need to panic if you own other year models. Just make sure you enter your vehicle specifications when shopping online.

Inside the shell is the complete electronics component with a battery.

Not everyone has an idea of programming keys, so the manufacturers included easy-to-follow installation instructions.

With the set-up manual, you can get to enjoy your new replacement keys without stress.



  • It might cause you problems if not correctly installed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Honda CRV Replacement Key Cost

What is the cost of a key replacement fob?

The price of replacing a Honda CR-V key fob varies depending on the kind of key fob that’s compatible with your vehicle.

On average, you can budget about $150 to $400 for the total replacement cost by a Honda dealership.

Note that this charge includes the price of programming the new set of replacement keys plus tax.

However, you can cut costs and decide to order one online, but that requires diligence to avoid getting mismatched keys.

How to get a Honda Replacement Key?

To start with, understand that you have three alternatives.

You can contact an automotive locksmith, call a Honda dealership, or search and order a new key online.

All three options are good but depend on your budget for the Honda CR-V replacement key cost.

Nevertheless, calling a car dealership is the fastest and most convenient means.

It is also the most expensive, but you won’t have to worry about getting the correct keys.

Meanwhile, meeting a locksmith would cost less. The only issue is they might not have a replacement, especially if the car is a recent model.

How to program a CR-V key yourself?

For most of the Honda CR-V models, the programming instructions are straightforward. You can save costs and do it yourself.

The first step upon entering the car is to insert the ignition key in the switch and close all doors and windows.

Then, turn the ignition to the ON position. You should see the accessory lights on the dashboard lighten up.

Now, this step is crucial. Within 3 to 4 seconds of switching on the ignition, hold down the lock/unlock button for about one second.

Then, turn the ignition to the OFF position again. Repeat the second to the last step about three times before leaving the ignition in the ON position.

If other remotes need to be programmed, you have to press the lock/unlock buttons on each under 10 seconds of finally leaving the ignition in the ON position.

Remember to follow the strict time constraints for each step, and that’s all.

Turn off the ignition, and you have successfully programmed your new Honda CR-V replacement keys.

What is a fob car key?

A fob car key is a portable handheld remote that controls the keyless entry system of a vehicle.

It operates like your regular remote controller and has an RFID chip expected to communicate with another RFID chip inside the receiving device.

In this case, the fobs are your remote, and they transfer required signals when you click the buttons.

The controls are for locking, unlocking, and operating the automobile’s trunk.

What is the difference between transponder and remote key?

Except you have had an issue with your car keys, there is a high probability that you do not know whether you own a transponder key or remote key.

That’s because they look alike with similar functions too. Both key types have remotely controlled lock/unlock features, with the remote lock having manual control.

However, the transponder keys have an added feature in the form of an inside chip that synchronizes with the ignition lock to prevent an unauthorized key from starting the key.


By now, you probably have a better understanding of what affects a Honda CR-V replacement key cost.

You should also know what to do in the event of a misplaced or damaged key.

Depending on the specific circumstances, or budget, you should be sure about the steps to get a key replacement.