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3 Simple Methods: How to Unlock Nissan Altima With Keys Inside

Knowing how to unlock Nissan Altima with keys inside is a handy skill to have. Like everyone else, chances are you’ve got yourself locked out of your car at least once in your life.

This problem can happen to you tens of miles away from your local mechanic. It could happen to you in the night.

Therefore, knowing how to unlock a Nissan Altima can save you time and money. In cases of extreme weather, it can even save your life. Also, you may be in a position to help a friend or a stranger in need.


What to Do if the Nissan Intelligent key is Locked in the Vehicle?

First of all, if this happens to you, you should stay calm. If you’re not composed, you may not be able to get the car unlocked. Or, you might end up damaging your vehicle, which is something you don’t want to happen.

There are three most common methods you can use to open your car when the keys are locked within. These methods are:

  • Use the NissanConnect Services.
  • Contact the official Nissan dealership near you.
  • Manually unlock the car using items around you.

How To Unlock A Nissan Altima When the Keys are Within the Car

Unlocking a Nissan intelligent key locked in a car is a challenging task. A few decades ago, if you lock your keys in your vehicle, you only have the manual option to get it opened.

Alternatively, you can get a locksmith who will dismantle the car lock. But doing this will likely permanently destroy your car lock.

However, with current advancements, the process has become simpler. Now, there are various options at your disposal. The method you decide to use to open the car may depend on what is easier for you to do.

Nissan Connect Services

This option is the easiest method of opening your Nissan Altima. All you need is the NissanConnect Services. However, this option works for cars enrolled in the service prior to the keys being locked.

You will need to do the following to connect your vehicle to the service.

Step 1

Enroll your Nissan Altima car with NissanConnect Services via the website. Before you gain access to the service, you will need to authenticate ownership of the vehicle.

You will go ahead and generate login details. Once you sort everything, you can process it to the next step.

Step 2

Here you will need to download the NissanConnect Services on your portable smart device.

Step 3

Log in to the My Nissan account using the login details generated earlier.

Step 4

Once you’ve login to the portal, you can begin the process of connecting your car to the app. You will need to ensure the vehicle is closed to connect it to the application.

To connect your car, you will then provide the NissanConnect Services pin. Doing this connects your car to the application.

Step 5

Finally, you can open and close your car using the user smartphone interface.

When you lock your keys in the car, you can easily use this option to gain access to the car.

Nissan Dealership

If you don’t have access to the NissanConnect Services, you would want to contact your local Nissan dealership.

A Google search can help you identify the nearest dealership if you are far away from an unfamiliar location. Once you’re there, you can ask for another key fob.

After confirming your details and other information, the dealership representative will issue you another fob, which you will buy.

Note that you can connect your car to up to four key fobs at a time. Therefore, you should get another fob in anticipation of an event like this before it happens.

Manual Unlocking Process for Nissan Altima

The manual unluck options require a bit of effort and persistence to pull off. However, this method can be invaluable if you do not have immediate access to any of the two options above.

Plus, you don’t get to spend a dime to get your car opened. All you need are a couple of items, which you can easily find around you.

The manual unlock option can be done in three ways depending on the type of materials at your disposal.

First Method

You can manually open your locked car with the car wipers or any similar item. Use the following steps to open your car.

Step 1

Unscrew or detach the wipe from its base.

Step 2

Create a wedge at the edge of the door between the door and the car frame. This part can be challenging to do without damaging the car paint.

If you’ve got an inflatable pump wedge, you can use it to create a space. Otherwise, you will need to find something strong enough to make a wedge without damaging your car.

The good part is that wipers are mostly small enough to fit in many small spaces.

Step 3

Once the wiper is inside, you can carefully adjust it to reach the key fob. Next, you should position the end of the wiper so you are able to click down the unlock switch. Clicking this button opens the car lock and lets you into the car.

However, you can only use the wiper method to open your car if the car key or fob is visible on the car seat. If your keys have slipped by the side of the seats, you will need to use the second method to open your car.

Second Method

If you are unable to use a wiper to open the car, then use this method. You will need a long rod to get the car opened.

Step 1

Create a wedge between the door and the car frame. Just like before, an inflatable wedge is ideal.

Step 2

Insert the rod until it gets to the doorknob for locking and unlocking the door.

Step 3

Press the unlock button to open the car.

Third Method

In this method, you can use a coat hanger or similar material. However, make sure you use an item that is tough to bend.

Step 1

Straighten out the coat hanger to make it into a long straight material. You can use other objects like a hammer to achieve this.

Step 2

Take one edge of the hanger and curve it into a hook-like structure. If you cannot do it with your hands, you can use pliers to get it done.

Step 3

Just like in the previous methods, create a wedge at the top of the car. Also, use an inflatable wedge to do this if you own one. If not, use anything you’re sure with not damage your car.

Step 4

Slip the hook end of the hanger until you reach the car handle. Here, you have two options. You could either reach for the car handle, then pull it towards you to open the car.

Step 5

Alternatively, you can reach for the locking knob. Once the hook gets to the knob, you can pull it towards you to get your car opened.

If you cannot use any of the options above, then you may want to look for a locksmith to get your car opened.

Getting Your Nissan Altima Opened by a Professional Vs. DIY

How you decide to get your car opened depends on several factors. These factors include how fast you want it done and how much you are willing to pay.

Time Factor

When you are at work or occupied with something crucial, you may need a professional. You may want someone to help you quickly open your car if you are going somewhere.

If you have never tried to open a locked car before, you can spend hours trying without any success. However, a professional will get the job done in minutes.

Nevertheless, if your car locks in a location several miles away from a professional locksmith, then opening your vehicle might be your best option.


Opening your car DIY is always the cheapest option at your disposal. In most cases, you have all the items you require to get it done.

However, even if you have the time to open the car, you may still need to get a professional, which can cost you depending on your location.

How Does the Nissan Intelligent Key Work?

The Nissan intelligent key is a convenient piece of technology. It lets you kick start your Nissan car without needing a physical key in any ignition.

As a result, your key fob can be in your pocket as you drive around the city. You can use up to four Nissan intelligent keys on a single Nissan Altima without any issue.

All you should do is register each key with the nearest Nissan dealership to get it activated.

What are the features of the Nissan intelligent key?

Apart from the keyless feature that allows you to drive the car with the fob in your pocket, the intelligent key has many other features. Below are some of the features.

  • You can operate the intelligent key as long as the car is not more than 33 feet away. Pressing the unlock button on the key opens the driver’s door. Pressing it the second time opens the remaining car doors. While pressing the lock button locks the car. In either operation, the hazard lights flash as an indicator.
  • You can also unlock a door as long as you have the intelligent key with you by pressing the request switch on the same door handle. By pressing on the same button within one minute, all the other doors will open.
  • Likewise, if the intelligent key is with you, you can lock all the doors by pressing the request switch on any door handle. However, when locking or unlocking, you will need the key to be close – within 2.5 feet – to the door in question.
  • You can open the car trunk and activate the panic alarm using the intelligent key.

Watch this video to know more about the features of the intelligent key.

Relevant Questions Asked By People

In what instance can the key fob of a Nissan Altima get locked in a car?

This issue can happen in three ways. Firstly, you can mistakenly press the lock button of the car right before leaving the vehicle while the fob is still inside.

Secondly, you could lock the car by pressing the lock switch on the door handle control panel before leaving the car.

Thirdly, you can lock the door by activating the lock knob next to the door handle. In each case, the car can only be unlocked by using the NissanConnect Services, approaching a Nissan dealership, or manually opening it.

What causes my Nissan key fob to stop working?

The primary reason that stops a key fob from working is a faulty battery. When the battery is weak or dead, the key has no power source to function.

In such a case, when you try to use the intelligent key, it will not work. To get it working again, all you should do is replace the battery.

Replacing the battery of a car fob is super easy. You don’t need a professional for this job. This video will help you replace the fob battery.

Sometimes the battery of the key fob might not be the problem. The fob might be faulty or damaged due to electronic failure. In such a situation, getting a new key fob is best.

How can I manually open or close my Nissan Altima?

If your key fob is not functioning, you can manually open the car using the key embedded in the key fob. Behind the fob, there is a latch that lets you gain access to the key.

You can use this key to open and close the car door through the driver’s side.

Final Thoughts

Locking a car with keys inside occurs to the best of us. When it eventually happens to you, all hope is not lost. You can easily open your car using three options.

The easiest option is to use the NissanConnect Services to open your car via the mobile application.

You can contact the local Nissan dealership to get another key fob. Also, you can get a professional to help you open the car at a fee. Alternatively, you can do it yourself manually.