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5 Reasons to Look Into a Hybrid Vehicle: Green and Mean

Hybrid vehicles are revolutionizing driving and the future of the industry. They’re growing in popularity with more drivers choosing to invest in these vehicles instead of buying a more traditional gas-engine car.

The first to hit the mainstream market was The Toyota Prius. It only launched in 1997 after a 5-year journey to ensure it created a vehicle with lower emissions. Following this it wasn’t until 1999 that the Honda Insight was released.

This is not to say that the Toyota Prius was the first hybrid car to be designed, however. In 1900 the first-ever hybrid car to be created was done by Ferdinand Porsche. This being said, this was a mere prototype, it took Porsche 110 years to launch an electrified Porsche with the Cayenne S Hybrid.

But why are these vehicles becoming more popular? Why should you consider buying one yourself? This article will give you five reasons why hybrid vehicles are the future.


What is a hybrid vehicle and how does it work?

A hybrid vehicle is not a traditional car but not an electric car either. It sits right in the middle. It’s a vehicle that combines two or more means of propulsion. Most hybrid vehicles will either have a petrol or diesel engine paired with an electric motor. By having an electric motor, hybrid vehicles manage to reduce their carbon emission footprint. There are, of course, different types of hybrid vehicles.

The most common types of hybrid vehicles include:

  • parallel hybrids
  • plug-in hybrid cars
  • series hybrid cars
  • series-parallel hybrids

Five reasons to look into a hybrid car

Five reasons to look into a hybrid car

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider buying a hybrid car.

1. Its eco-friendly benefits

As we mentioned before, hybrid cars are more eco-friendly than regular cars. They are great for fuel efficiency because they don’t need fuel only to function but can also run purely on electricity. Hybrid cars also emit less CO2 emissions than standard vehicles. This is the main reason why they are being favored and encouraged by governments all over the world.

In other words, buy a hybrid car today to have the guarantee that you’ll be able to drive it for the years to come even when new environmental laws and legislations kick in. It is a wise investment indeed for the upcoming future and for the overall benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Its short-term economic benefits

Yes, hybrid vehicles can be very expensive and usually only become economically ‘interesting’ after a couple of years. However, you might find that your state or your country offers some tax benefits and/or tax relief for hybrid vehicle buyers. It’s worth looking into that.

If you’re a company owner buying a hybrid or electric vehicle for your company, you might also be eligible for some sort of tax benefits or tax relief. Again, make sure you check beforehand as this might depend on your city, tax laws, and profile.

3. Its long-term economic benefits

Its long-term economic benefits

There are several long-term economic benefits to buying a hybrid car. Over time, you will save up on fuel which will be very beneficial. You will also have more flexibility and will be able to adjust in case of a crisis. For example, if energy prices go up or fuel prices go up, you might be able to switch to one over the other depending on your car’s model.

For example, you might choose to turn to fuel or diesel only if the energy costs are too high. Note that this will depend on the type of hybrid car you own.

Other long-term economic benefits include more affordable driving gear and equipment much like economical Kelly tires. Not to mention a hybrid’s capability of doing more miles per gallon (mpg). It is said that there’s a 40% improvement in hybrid cars regarding mpg over ordinary cars.

4. Its variety of driving options and modes

Another advantage of hybrid cars is the variety of driving options and modes available to you. Many hybrid vehicles will offer different power modes that drivers can choose from. They can adjust the power mode depending on their driving conditions. Some of these modes include eco mode, power mode, and more.

A great example is the L button on the Ford Kuga Hybrid. This button is to decrease fuel consumption as it locks the car into the lower gears to improve to the level of battery -regen. In simpler terms, you utilize your braking power to recharge your car’s battery so that it does not go to waste.

5. Its design and comfort

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Hybrid cars are modern and innovative cars. They are on the rise and are being regularly updated to maximize the passengers’ comfort. This means that these cars are usually very comfortable and visually beautiful. You’ll find impressive designs and models on the market.

The majority of hybrid cars are designed just a little differently compared to standard vehicles. Much like full electric vehicles, a hybrid car focuses mostly on fuel efficiency and therefore has to have an increased aerodynamic design.

So that the vehicles are more aerodynamic, you will find that they have a sleeker shape than ordinary cars. Other features may include a front grille air flap, rear spoiler, and closed wheel design. All of these features and more contribute to creating a better fuel-efficient car.

Final thoughts

In this article, we covered the five main reasons why you should look into hybrid cars and potentially buy one for yourself. A few examples of hybrid cars on the market right now are as mentioned before the Ford Kuga Hybrid, there’s the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla, Kia Niro and there are many more to choose from and most likely many more to come.

It is exceptionally clear why hybrid cars will be the future. They are more reliable than a fully electric car and produce significantly less fuel emissions than an ordinary car.

These cars are definitely the future and will continue to become more popular over the coming years.