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8 Easy Steps of F150 4 Inch Lift Before And After – To Get an Aggressive New Look

Are you thinking of lifting your F150 to about 4-inch and what to know the difference it will make?

As you read along, you will learn about the F150 4 inch lift before and after.

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to figure out if there is a need to lift a truck or not is the benefits that come with it.

Once you have agreed to go ahead.

Especially for an individual who’s fascinated with the idea of off-road adventure, the aggressive look the truck attains when larger tires are installed, and many more.

The next thing that comes to mind is how high the vehicle should be lifted.

While there are other lift options (lower and greater than 4 inches), the 4-inch is widely rated or considered adequate and legal in most states.

Also, it leaves critical aspects of vehicle operation & performance such as gas consumption and maneuverability unaltered.

As you read along, f150, 4-inch lift before and after will be comprehensively discussed so that you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of lifting your truck and retaining the factory’s height/appearance.


The Comparison Table of F150 4 Inch Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions 4", Rear, Fits 2004-2020
Supreme Suspensions 4", Rear, Fits 1997-2003
SUPERLIFT 4", Front, Fits 1980-1996
Freedom Offroad 4", Front, Fits 2004-2020
SUPERLIFT 4-6", Inner, Fits 1990-1996

Basic Facts About F150 4 Inch Lift Before And After

Why & When Do You Need A 4-Inch Lift on Your Ford F150?

There are several reasons why truck lifting may be considered.

However, anyone who seems fascinated with this idea and ready to proceed must have thought about it comprehensively, in most cases.

You must be convinced that it is really an excellent idea for your truck.


Sometimes, whenever an individual gets a new vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind is personalization.

Everyone wants a vehicle they can enhance or optimize to meet the standard they seek or require.

Off-Road Adventures

Truck lifting is a common practice among individuals who love off-road adventures.

If you are fascinated by the idea of hill driving and the likes.

Lifting your vehicle up to a few inches can help you drive smoothly across rocks and other obstacles across rough terrains.


Also, an individual who hauls & tows more often, especially across a long distance.

Replacing the factory tires with a more robust or larger size can go a long way in making a substantial difference in handling, control, and stability.

In that case, the truck would have to be lifted to a certain level to accommodate this major modification.

Before The Installation of The F150 4 Inch Lift


01. No Expensive Repairs

The F150 is a reliable truck. Hence, you can keep enjoying the maximum performance it delivers for a very long time.

However, you must pay attention to valuable signs and symptoms and get any issues fixed as soon as possible.

The F150 owners won’t have to worry about expensive repairs or maintenance every year.

There is an average annual maintenance cost, which gives the truck owners an idea of how much they should set aside to enjoy an uninterrupted/smooth performance.

02. Drivability

Coming from the factory, the F150 has been designed to deliver on the performance needs of every regular driver.

For instance, handling, stability, and control are designed to offer the standard performance that is expected on the road.

Most importantly, you can drive at maximum speed.

The only restrictions you may have, are the ones the manufacturer or state authority might have put in place to promote safety and maintenance.

03. Fuel Consumption

The F150 has an average fuel consumption rate when driving in the city or on the highway.

Each truck owner can easily calculate the amount of fuel they need daily, weekly, or monthly to run their day-to-day activity.


01. Performance-Limitation

In a real sense, many things can be done or achieved with the F150 than what is offered from the factory.

The F150 is designed to facilitate or encourage general adoption from the factory. The design is a standard identity.

Moreover, it takes care of the basic truck’s needs, providing adequate satisfaction to a regular truck driver.

Nevertheless, if you engage in heavy-duty tasks or activities such as towing, hauling, or driving across sleep slope.

The performance and operation are restricted to a great extent.

While it may be delivering on the job’s needs, efficiency is lowered.

Also, you may be a few miles away from a costly breakdown, considering the fact that the suspension is significantly impacted, which may make the F150 bottom out.

02. Off-Road Inefficiency

Driving on rough terrain or engaging in off-road activities or adventures requires a truck that is up to the task.

There will be a lot of obstacles on the road, and if care is not taken, they may damage or to some critical components of the truck when they come in contact.

The cost of fixing the damages may be costly, depending on the part/component that is affected.

03. No customization

Leaving your F150 the same way it arrived from the factory doesn’t give it any unique connection or association to you.

Aside from the plate number and some essential interior upgrades, your truck is comparable to other F150s on the road.

After The Installation of The F150 4 Inch Lift


01. Personalized Identity

Lifting the F150 by 4-inch gives the truck a new identification.

This time, your truck will appear different from other trucks around, getting the attention of people wherever you go.

If you’re interested in driving with style or want to stand out whenever you are on the road.

The 4-inch lift goes a long way in delivering the ideal results.

02. Improved Towing Capabilities

A lifted F150 delivers a better/efficient towing performance than the factory design.

If you engage in regular movement/transportation of heavy-duty items such as trailers or boats.

Lifting the truck in question guarantees efficient weight handling, especially on rough or irregular terrains, optimizing the safety of the truck, loads, and even the driver.

No matter what, the truck’s suspension is well-equipped to handle whatever the road throws at it to prevent bottom out.

03. Improved View

A 4-inch lift is adequate to keep you informed about the danger ahead.

Since the truck’s height is increased, this creates a proper/improved view of what is happening on the road.

When there is a hazard ahead or possible traffic congestion on the road.

You can quickly get hold of this information and make the necessary decision on how to avoid it and keep other road users informed.

04. Additional Safety

If you live in a region with extreme climatic conditions (intense rainfall, snow, or hail).

Lifting your truck optimizes safety since it is possible to better understand what’s ahead.

For instance, if the road is covered with a large body of water, a lifted truck would have no issue navigating through this obstacle.

Also, you will be able to drive across snow or mud without being held back or stuck, as the case may be.

05. Improved Off-Road Capabilities

Off-road adventure is fun-filled. Having a better-equipped truck for what lies ahead makes it more intriguing.

You will be able to drive across various paths and over several obstacles without any worries or concerns about possible damages.

Thanks to the improved ground clearance the lift offers.

Asides from off-road trips, driving across irregularities, pumps, and potholes do not impact handling or convenience since the truck is adequately furnished to absorb the pressure.

Lifting your F150 is a unique passage to drive across any type of road or terrain without any safety concerns.


01. Expensive Upgrade

Truck-lifting comes at a price, expensive in some cases.

In most cases, you may need to invest in some key components you never thought or envisaged were necessary until it’s time to initiate the modification process.

Some of the expensive replacements or additions that may be required include new axle shims, driveshafts, brake lines, tires, suspension, and even exhaust.

02. Void Warranties

Whenever a truck is lifted, the suspension is altered. In some cases, this may render your warranties void/canceled.

03. Handling

Truck lifting increases the center of gravity, which affects handling in the process.

Driving a lifted F150 requires a lot of experience to prevent possible rollover, especially when driving across sharp corners.

04. Gas Efficiency

Truck lifting means the replacement of stock tires with a bigger design.

While this delivers improved/efficient power, the gas takes a big hit in the process.

However, the effect is minimal with a 4-inch lift.


The F150 4 inch lift is generally considered a lower scale modification, which reflects the price.

On average, the budget is expected to be between $400 and $12,000.

The cost implication depends exclusively on your level of participation and the quality of the kit adopted for the process.

For instance, the cost will be significantly reduced for an individual who decides to go the DIY route since they won’t have to pay for the installation.


An experienced technician will complete the modification faster than an individual who decides to engage in the task independently in their garage.

While it takes between 8 and 13 hours for an expert to install a lift kit (depending on the kit).

A DIY enthusiast should be ready to complete the process in a double time frame. That is about a day, on average.


  • Vehicle jacks and jack stands
  • Lug wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Torque wrench

Step By Step By Guide on F150 4 Inch Lift Installing

01. Choose A Lift Kit

Decide on how high you want to raise your truck’s height and choose a lift kit that delivers the result.

02. Get The Tools in Place

Ensure the installation tools/materials are within reach.

You don’t want to commence the installation to only remember that the next tool you need is absent.

03. Take Off The Battery Cable

Remove the cable completely from the negative terminal.

04. Slacken The Lug Nuts

This prepares the tires for easy detachment when the F150 is raised above the ground.

05. Raise The Truck

Engage the jack and apply it appropriately to take the F150 off the surface.

Remember, the lift installation will take a few hours.

You want to ensure that the truck is raised correctly to attain an appropriate center of gravity.

06. Detach The Wheels & Tires

This should be easier since the lug nuts (step 4) are loosened.

Once you take them off, place them safely in a corner.

07. Take Off The Parts/Components That Will Be Replaced

Remove the various components, for instance, the suspension, brake lines, U-bolts, shocks, exhaust, and many more.

08. Attach The New Components

Asides from your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Go through the kit’s instructions and attach the new components as recommended by the maker.

09. Ensure Proper Tightening

Ensure the bolts and nuts are securely attached and tightened using necessary tools such as the torque wrench.

Again, pay attention to the specifications and apply accordingly.

010. Tire Installation

Attach the new set of tires.

11. Return The Vehicle To The Ground

Now that the replacements or modifications have been finalized.

The next stage is to lower the F150 back to the ground.

Be as careful as you can while at it.

12. Ask A Professional To Take A Look

Once the installation is finalized.

You can reach out to a professional to look at the final outcomes to ensure that the truck is safe for use.

Does It Worth Lifting 4-Inch?

When you go through the F150, 4 inch lift before and after section, we have highlighted the advantages disadvantages of sticking to the factory design and customizing the F150 to meet the needs of performance enthusiasts.

When you look at the benefits the 4-inch lift offers, they outweigh the disadvantages, considering that the possible issues can be efficiently managed with planning and adequate knowledge of what it entails.

Considering the information we have provided so far.

The decision is the truck’s owner to make.

Common FAQs

What Are The Classes of Lift Kits?

Lift kits are grouped into two different classes. The lower & higher classes.

Two (2) to five (5) inches lifts fall under the lower category, while six (6) to twelve (12) inches lifts are categorized as higher.

What Important Tip Should I Consider When Choosing A Lift Kit To Install?

Whatever class you opt for, ensure you confirm if the chosen height is authorized in your state.

Who Can Install A Lift Kit?

A lift kit can either be installed by a professional or independently.

If an individual decides to install the kit alone, you must be sure about your expertise.

Without a proper familiarization with the process or adequate tools and skills to complete the job, any mistake or error along the way may result in expensive repairs.

How Much Does A Professional Installation Cost?

The installation price is determined by two (2) factors: the type of kit you decide to use and the truck design.

Installing the affordable lift kit can cost about $200.

The expensive kits may cost as high as $2000 or more.

Ideally, the higher the kit’s price, the more you pay for the installation.

Why Should I Hire A Professional?

A lift kit seems like a simple project when you rely on what you read about the process.

However, it is a bit technical.

Asking a professional to handle the installation hasten the process and guarantees peace of mind.

It eliminates the possibility of making errors that could lead to costly repairs.

The Last Words

Now that you have comprehensive information about the benefits and drawbacks of the F150 4 inch lift before and after, it becomes easier to make up your mind on the next line of action.

If you think the gains compensate the drawbacks and wish to proceed.

Ensure you conduct adequate research, ask helpful/relevant questions, and invest in the best kit you can find within your budget.