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6 Easy DIY Steps of How To Program A Honda Accord Key Chip

Are you in search of how to program a Honda Accord key chip? Electronically programmed car keys are now the norm.

Without using the correct computer chip, you might not be able to open most vehicles.

That is how things work for now. The days of activating an ignition with crossed wires are behind us.

If you lose your car key for any reason, the best way to duplicate that key is by reprogramming a new key for the car.

Suppose you’ve got a Honda Accord; here’s what you should know.


What is a Key Chip?

A key chip is an electronic item usually synced with your engine to activate ignition whenever needed.

They are also known as ignition keys or transponder keys. Key chips can be programmed for a lot of Honda vehicles.

Back in the day, manual keys were needed to get a car working. However, technology seems to change everything around us, including how we ignite our car engines.

You do not even need to insert some of these keys before you can ignite your vehicle. You can click the remote to start the vehicle.

How Does Honda Key Chip work?

Transponder systems comprise an electronic key chip, an antenna ring, your vehicle’s computer, and an immobilizer.

When a programmed Honda Accord key is slotted in the ignition lock and turned on, the antenna ring will send out an energy burst through radiofrequency.

The key chip will absorb the sent energy, returning a radio frequency signal to the antenna ring. The RF signal is known as the ID code.

After which, the antenna ring will send the signal to the vehicle’s computer. The car engine starts if the key’s ID code matches that in the car’s memory.

Honda Accord Key Chip Programming Benefits

There are probably many things you would have done laboriously or manually if you lack a programmed Honda accord key chip.

Therefore, when your Honda Accord key chip has been properly programmed, you stand to enjoy a couple of benefits. The benefits are;

  • Activate engine ignition with less effort
  • Lock and unlock the car doors with a simple button click
  • Manage your car alarm the way you want
  • A reliable anti-theft feature for any Honda Accord vehicle
  • It lets you execute all of these operations on time.


Honda accord key chip programming Problems

You can expect a few challenges from a programmed Honda Accord key chip.

If you see any of these issues, you need to closely examine the system in case it needs to be reprogrammed. Here are some of the indicators you can look out for;

  • A dead battery in the remote
  • The key can get stuck inside the ignition
  • Sometimes, lock and unlock malfunctions.
  • It might refuse to program more than one key.
  • The key may not produce any lights when you press the remote.


No matter how careful you are, one day, you would want to reprogram your Honda Accord key or change the battery.

If you don’t want any funny surprises when that time comes, it is best to find out the cost today and know what the process entails.

The average cost for programming a Honda Accord replacement key is $90 to $150.

Mind you; different dealers may offer something a bit outside that range because the processes differ from one to another.


Many people are scared to program their Honda Accord key chip because they fear it will be a tedious process that will take them forever.

So they take it to their dealer for reprogramming. Interestingly, programing a Honda Accord key chip does not take much time when you know what to do.

The programming process is not as complicated as you think. Plus, how much time you will spend doing this also depends on your vehicle model. Between 40 and 45 minutes, you can finish the whole process.

How To Program a Honda Accord Key Chip By Yourself DIY


  • Key fob
  • Ignition
  • A programming device (optional)

A step-by-step guide to programming a Honda accord key chip

In this section, we’ll exhaust a couple of options for programming a Honda Accord key chip.

The post will show you how you can program the single key, second and third key.

It will equally indicate how you can program the locks alone, as well as how the programming of the immobilizer can be completed with a third-party tool.

Single Key

Several manufacturers don’t have any problem programming just one key, even when you don’t have any functioning key.

After cutting the key to fit the ignition, you can go on with the steps highlighted below;

  • Step 1 – Put the key in the ignition and rotate it to where you see ON. Please, you don’t have to activate the engine. Just make sure the electronics come on. That’s all.
  • Step 2 – Let the key remain in that very position for about 10mins and 30secs before turning it off.
  • Step 3 – Turn the key on again and let it remain in that position for 10mins and 30secs before turning it off again.
  • Step 4 – Go through the process again for the fourth time and do what you did in the previous stage.
  • Step 5 – Turn the key back to the ON position. At this point, the key will be programmed.
  • Step 6 – You can turn the ignition on to test the new key.

Congratulations, you are done with the single key programming. Now, let us move over to how you can program the second and third keys.

Second Key or Third Key

One key programing process that is pretty straightforward is when you are programming for a second key.

The fact that you already have one key and you are looking to duplicate another helps simplify the process because manufacturers will not be so bothered about you proving to them that you are the vehicle owner.

Some manufacturers may need two keys before they can do this process. For a DIY approach, here is what you should do;

Step 1 

Access the driver’s seat and keep the key not too far from you – somewhere you can easily collect it when it is needed.

Supposed you already have two keys, keep the second one close to the new key you intend to program.

Step 2 

Put the functional key into the ignition and turn it to where you see ON. You don’t need to start the engine.

What you need is just for the car’s electronics to come on. The moment you notice the electronics come on, turn your key to where you see OFF and take it out of the ignition.

Step 3 

At this stage, you should be prepared to act fast. You only have 5s to take out the first key and put in the second one.

The second key here may be the second one working, or it could be the new one you intend to program.

It all depends on the vehicle type. Repeat Step 2 by turning the key to where you see it ON and turning it off when you notice that the electrical system has been activated.

Step 4 

If you have a third key, you can swap the key just like you did in Step 3. Otherwise, leave the second key on the ignition’s mouth.

Irrespective of whether you are programming the second or third key, your vehicle’s security mode should be activated by now.

Step 5

The dashboard will be turned on by the security lights, with the dashboard remaining on for approximately 3s, during which the key programing will be ongoing.

On some types of cars, you must press the key buttons to verify if what you have done has worked or not. Wait to see when the security light will go off.

When that happens, take out the key from the ignition. That is the part where you put the Honda Accord key chip back in to see whether it has worked as expected.

Ordinarily, it should just work unless you missed something in the process.

Programming the immobilizer

The above process is used for reprogramming the lock only. That means you may be unable to start the ignition with those methods.

However, if you want to program the immobilizer to recognize the new key, you must get a third-party programming tool. Here is how to go about this.

Step 1 

You need to reprogram the locks first. Fortunately, the process is pretty much the same as the above steps.

Just do the on and off thing about three times, and you are good to go.

Step 2

Now, you are ready to program the immobilizer to recognize the incoming key.

Connect the programming tool to the OBD connector for the immobilizer to be reconfigured as expected.

After doing that, the new key can start the ignition without any problems.

It’s very easy for you to miss one step if you are not careful about these instructions.

So if your key doesn’t work after following the instructions, you can review them again and ensure you are doing it well next time.

What do you need to check after programming the Honda Accord key chip?

The only check you will likely make is to ensure that the programing process was successful.

Pressing the lock and unlock button will be one way to carry out your check. If it works, congratulations. Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine.

Related FAQs

Can I program my Honda Accord key chip myself?

Reprograming a Honda Accord key chip is not something that is cut out for the pros alone.

If you are determined and you love DIY stuff, you can do the whole thing yourself. You mustn’t consult your dealership to do it for you.

Can a key chip become bad?

The critical chip typically comes with a small chip situated at the key’s top.

That cheap can go wrong for various reasons. And in most cases, when that happens, your only bet would be to get a new key fob.

How to program Honda Accord key chips?

This one is simple – put the key in the ignition and have it cycled to ON.

Please wait till the lights come on and have it cycled to OFF. Do this another two times before you finally reinsert the key to see if it works or not.

What is the cost of programming your Honda accord key?

Dealers are definitely going to charge you a fortune to do this. For the programming alone, expect to pay anything between $90 and $150.

Different dealers employ different measures to get this done. So you might find a dealer that will charge you higher.

My key is getting stuck in the ignition. What could be the problem?

Many factors can be responsible for this. But in all, it has nothing to do with whether you did the programming well or not.

I guess a wrong component has been used somewhere where it shouldn’t.

Is it possible for a Honda accord key to lose its programming?

They do not lose their programming in the real sense. However, they can stop working due to physical damage.

Fluid and water are some of the things that can stop it from functioning.



There’s no telling how helpful your knowledge of how to program a Honda key chip can be when you want to duplicate your car key.

The process is simple and does not take long to complete, provided you do it accordingly.

You only need a special device to program the immobilizer. But as for the lock alone, your ignition is all you need to get the job done.