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8 Easy Steps of How to Change Honda Civic Headlight By Yourself

Do you have a faulty Honda Civic headlight? Or is the present one still functional but not up to expected brightening performance?

If you answered yes, then a guide on how to change Honda Civic headlight is what you need. Learn the step-by-step procedures to install a replacement headlight from this article.

Also, learn about the factors determining when a change/replacement of the car headlight is necessary.

Other discussion points include common headlight problems with probable solutions. This guide would also provide answers to some other Honda Civic headlight questions bothering you.


When Should You Change Honda Civic Headlight?

Understanding the following situations that depict the need for a headlight replacement is essential for your safety and that of other motorists as well.

Dim Headlights: a replacement becomes necessary when headlights lose their power. Another cause of dim lights is the formation of particulate clouds on the headlights’ surface that need to be washed away.

Fluctuating Headlights: this refers to unwanted fluctuations of the headlamps. The probable cause is a loose connection with partial contact.

It is also possible that the bulbs have reached their functional life limit.

Headlights Fail to Come up: most headlights are sold in pairs, and failure of one of the bulbs places the other in doubt of a likely fault.

Common Headlight Problems

Burned Bulbs: this is the prevalent problem most drivers have with their headlights. Like any other product, the bulbs get old and might burn out one day.

Loose Electrical Connectors: check every connection and fitting before assuming that your headlamps are faulty or have an electronic error.

Three is a possibility that some connectors are only out of place, and there is nothing serious.

Faulty Fuses: if the bulbs appear to be working fine with the electrical connectors tightly in place, then a broken fuse might be the issue. The solution is to buy a new one for the faulty headlight.

Step By Step Guide of How to Change Honda Civic Headlight

Whether driving in a dark or low lighting environment, it’s best always to have functioning headlights.

Hence, knowledge about how to change Honda Civic headlight is valuable and essential. The process is easy to comprehend and does not require expensive tools.

Tools to Change Honda Civic Headlight

  • Screwdriver
  • Trim Tool
  • Ratchet Socket
  • Jack Sets
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • New replacement bulbs
  • Alcohol wipes and tissue (to clean the surface of the new bulb)
  • Protective Gloves


  1. Switch off the Civic’s engine and headlight: for safe troubleshooting and replacement procedure, ensure the Honda Civic’s engine is turned OFF until replacement is complete. Also, make sure you’re safely parked.
  2. Lift the vehicle with a hydraulic jack: safety first. That’s why you must lift the front end of the automobile and support it with about two jack sets. The lift is to allow easy access to the front bumper screws under the Honda Civic. Remember to apply the handbrakes while doing all that.
  3. Find the headlight holder: the only way to access the headlight bulbs is via the vehicle bonnet and not the car’s front. Therefore, open the bonnet that covers the engine compartments. Depending on the model of the vehicle, there might be a protective headlight cover inside the vehicle’s bonnet. Unscrew it to reach the headlight connectors. The headlights connectors should be at the end of the bulbs.
  4. Unscrew the headlight brackets: use the ratchet sockets to remove the bolts on the upper and lower parts of the headlight brackets. The bracket is part of the measures to keep the headlights firmly in place.
  5. Gently pull the electrical connector: this step is more like a troubleshooting process. If the connectors come out on pulling, gently tighten them back into place. It means the headlamps might still be working and do not require a replacement yet.
  6. Unlock the connector: disconnect the connectors to the bulb when you ascertain that it’s genuinely faulty. You can make use of the trim tool to squeeze the ends of the seal connectors to unlock. Removing the smaller rubber cap replaces the high-intensity bulb, while the larger one replaces the lower-intensity bulb.
  7. Detach the hold-down wires: note that you still have to detach the hold-down wires between the bulb and the car headlights. They are usually three in number and might be held with a plastic clip, metallic holder, or a screw-in type. It should be a metallic holder for your Honda Civic. Release the bulbs by pulling the holder up. The bulbs should now be easy to remove either by pulling out or rotating them to the side. Everything is fine as long as you don’t apply too much pressure on the bulbs.
  8. Install the new headlight: we’ve seen many people handle new replacement bulbs with their bare hands. That’s wrong! The standard procedure is getting a clean rag or tissue to avoid oil from your skinning getting to it. Also, give it a clean wipe from specks of dust or dirty layer. The next step is just the reversal of the process you followed to remove the old headlights. Ensure the new headlamp is firmly fitted with the rubber gasket fully enclosed. Return the metallic headlight bracket and reconnect the hold-down wires. Properly screw the bolts the way you met them. Remember to test the new bulbs before finally closing the car’s bonnet. Does the installation seem confusing? Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Best Honda Civic Headlight

1. AUTOSAVER88 Amber Headlights



Highlighted Features

  • 2006-11 Civic Coupe Compatibility
  • WaterProof Fit
  • Micro-prism Bulbs
  • Clear Lens

With the risks involved in late-night driving, having powerful headlights is non-negotiable.

That’s why we recommend these OE-styled AUTOSAVER88 headlight assemblies. They are replacement headlights designed to perform under any bad weather.

The bulbs have waterproof seals that prevent moisture, while the headlights material is scratch-proof.

That means problems with the bulbs are doubtful if adequately maintained. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy these bulbs under the best maintenance conditions.

Also, the bulbs are high beam ones and perform exceptionally well like the OEM headlights.

The low beam lights also offer better light distribution that does not cause glares in the path of oncoming motorists.

They are compatible with the 2006 to 2011 Honda Civic Coupe models. As perfect fits, they function effectively, especially when properly installed by a professional.


  • Designed to operate under adverse weather conditions functionally
  • Cost-effective considering the price of the OEM alternatives


  • None if properly installed

2. DWVO Replacement Headlights



Highlighted Features

  • U-Shaped Light Tubes
  • Clear Lens
  • 2006-11 Honda Civic 4-Door Compatibility
  • Waterproof

A replacement with this headlight is recommended if your Civic Sedan’s headlights have become dim and no longer provide clear vision.

Rather than drive under risky conditions, the DWVO amber headlight utilizes high-performance lighting beams with ultra-wide-angle reflections to help see clearly.

It has a U-shaped tube lens that prevents the build-up of moisture or heat from the working bulbs. The design is also tightly sealed and waterproof.

They are easy to assemble. They are very durable and relatively affordable compared with other highly-priced headlights that offer the same features.

Another reason to buy this headlight is its durability. Since there is no overheating, the replacement bulbs are very reliable.

Just ensure they are compatible with your vehicle before purchase. Compatible vehicle models are the 4-Door 2006-2011 Civic Sedan.


  • The bulbs are very durable and do not overheat
  • Their wide-angled beams are best for driving at night


  • It might not fit incompatible vehicle models

3. AutoLightsBulbs OE Replacement



Highlighted Features

  • DOT/SAE Certified
  • Single Headlights
  • Weather-Proof

Upgrade the appearance of your Honda Civic Coupe by getting these replacement bulbs for your old diminishing headlight.

Unlike the general assumption about some aftermarket replacement bulbs, these perform very much like the OEM types.

They are DOT/SAE certified bulbs that meet up to standard specifications for the OEM lights.

That also explains their durability and powerful lighting power. The lens has special protection against moisture that might clog on the surfaces and prevent proper illumination.

That’s why many motorists prefer them since they have a long useful life.

Their installation is pretty straightforward but requires that you verify the compatibility with your Honda Civic model before purchase.

Buying the wrong set of replacement headlights can cause serious installation problems and even affect the bulbs themselves.


  • Quality construction materials that do not easily break
  • Rigid weather-proof design


  • Socket holes might be oversize for incompatible Civic models


Photo Credit; wikipedia.org: C.C

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know which replacement bulb is brighter?

Mere looking at the different replacement bulb alternatives can be insufficient to determine which one is better or not.

The recognized way to know if your preferred aftermarket headlights are brighter is the lumens rating. It is the expression of the bulb’s intensity or lighting power.

Therefore, a higher lumens value is an indicator of a brighter and more powerful bulb.

How long should a good Honda Civic headlight last?

Let’s say 5 years for the halogen bulbs. There is no specified practical life duration because it depends on the frequency of usage of the headlights.

You cannot compare the bulb lifespan of someone who drives both night and day to the person who drives during the day alone; however, the type of headlight bulbs matters.

HID headlamps have a higher expected lifespan of about 10 years, while LED headlights last much longer because they don’t have glass bulbs or filaments.

What are the causes of headlight failure?

The most common cause of headlight failures that necessitate replacements is problems with the filaments in the bulb.

That’s why LED lamps have a more durable and helpful life because of the absence of filaments.

Filaments are delicate and are very likely to break under the high operating temperatures of the headlights.

Hard impacts from thrown objects can also damage the headlight. Other probable causes are due to electrical wiring malfunctions.

What to look for when purchasing new Civic headlights?

While price is an essential consideration, compatibility comes first when searching for a replacement headlight. Check the vehicle’s manual to know the type of headlights you need.

Remember to also enquire about the brightness as well as the color temperature. Besides, ensure you are purchasing the headlights from a verified vendor.

How much does a new headlight cost?

The type of headlight you are purchasing determines the average cost.

As expected, Halogen bulbs are cheaper and range from about $10 to $20. We have higher halogen bulbs grade, and they might cost some extra $5.

However, the HID bulbs are much more expensive. Depending on the vendor, the cost should be between $100 to $150.

The high cost should not scare you since they are expected to last far longer than the halogen ones.

Why are my Civic headlights becoming dimmer?

There are a couple of reasons that can dim your Civic headlights. Firstly, the bulbs might gradually become weak and lose some of their brightening power.

Although that rarely happens, it’s a possibility that is often noticed more in the halogen headlamps.

Another reason is faded headlight covers that hinder the reflections from the bulbs inside.

Such scenarios are typical of the plastic covers that react with UV from sunlight. Tungsten particles in the bulb can also form a gradual cloud on the inside of the bulbs and make it appear dimmer.

What to do when one of the headlights stops working?

Understand that damaged headlights pose serious driving risks. Asides from that, malfunctioning of one of the bulbs would suggest that the other one is either prone to develop a fault as well.

That’s why it’s often better to buy replacement headlight pairs immediately. Many vendors also give discounted rates when you purchase paired quantities instead of single ones.

The Final Say

Compared to what you might have thought, learning how to change Honda Civic headlight is not that difficult.

However, the recommended advice remains that it is better to have a professional do the installation for you.

You can also carry out the replacement process yourself. Just ensure it’s done correctly and that the replacement headlights are compatible ones.