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5 DIY Easy Steps of How to Bypass Anti Theft System on Ford F150 & Reset a False Anti Theft Alarm

The anti-theft system or the immobilizer system of the Ford F150 has always been hype. The technology is proactive yet straightforward and lessens your worries to quite a few degrees.

The first thing that should be kept in mind about this system is that the vehicle’s key fob is perfectly synced with it.

Encapsulating the machinery, basically when you insert the key into the key socket to turn on the engine, the program of the anti-theft system checks if it is the correct key.

If the key is not the right one, it will show warnings and trigger various actions to prevent theft.

Today we will be focusing on how to bypass the system. Think about situations like where you forgot to bring the keys, lost them, or are in an emergency.

There have also been cases of false theft detection! In these cases, bypassing a system shouldn’t be a crime! And our tips just might become handy!


What is The Ford Anti-Theft System?

01. Why Does it Trigger?

Any non-traditional method to trick the system will activate the anti-theft system in your Ford 150.

It might be using any foul apparatus or any fake key, but there will be warnings.

And this happens because, for each system, the key fob is being aligned. The programming has been set like that for each key of the brand, and there will be a different synchronization with the system.

The system can be triggered if any of the truck’s hood, door, or exterior features is accessed without using the key, not to mention if the ignition is switched ON without using a key.

02. What Does it Do?

There are alarms, precisely. Altogether, the ‘Theft attempted’ message displays this confirmation of activation.

It will throw off warnings, and the lamps will start working in a fluctuating tempo as well.

03. How Easy is it To Bypass This System?

There are quite a few ways to pull it off, but using a fake transponder key is the easiest method.

If you go through the proper steps for any of the plans, it will be a piece of cake.

That’s where we come in; with all the possible methods broken down step-by-step, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

The Steps To Bypass The Anti Theft System on Ford F150

Here are some plausible ways to bypass the immobilizer on Ford F150. Step-by-step guidance is provided for every method. We tried to keep everything short and yet not miss a detail.

01. Resetting The Key

  • Get the key in the driver’s door lock. Place the key in a midway position to the door that is about to be unlocked but not fully opened. Hold it there for a minute.
  • Now, turn the key all the way over in the reverse position. The whole process will give time to the system to recognize the sync.
  • After this, get rid of the key and try to start the engine. By this time, the resetting should be completed.

02. Power Door Unlocking (Consider Trying This If You Have The Ford M From The 2000s)

  • Shut off all the doors, except for the ON ignition, and make sure everything else is OFF.
  • Get to the door on the driver’s side and hit the UNLOCK knob three times with one-second pulses.
  • After that, get the ignition to the OFF position before turning it ON again
  • Go through the pulsing sesh again, and whether or not this process worked for you will be determined by a specific cricket-ish sound after you switch on the key again.

03. Reprogramming The New Transponder Key

It is more likely that you will get an extra transponder key because that’s what most people do! But mind you, this is a hasty job; whatever steps you follow, you got to do it swiftly.

  • Get your old key, get it into the ignition, and switch it ON and OFF within a blink. Not too long after that, get your new key and do the same.
  • If you do everything right, the anti-theft system indicator should give its signal off, which is a three-blink signal.

The only thing that can go wrong with this method is not being fast enough!

04. PCM Reflash/Tuning Kit

This method is entire an afterthought and not an instant functionality. The method includes a reflash kit or a tuning kit; let’s see the significance.

So, what this kit will do is re-read the PCM data (powertrain control module) and delete/ refresh anything related to the anti-theft system. There will be no system activation after the kit has done its work.

Since this is a tuner, you will have to go through the basic settings of your Ford F150 and re-configure everything, including anything with sensors.

Not to mention, this method works for Ford models from 1996 to 2010.

05. Override Button

This is probably the shortest path we could find. But mind you, this one also works for the older models of Ford.

If you have one of them, look for the override button located right beneath the dashboard. All you have to do is press it so that the system gets overridden.

These methods are just enough to go by if you are ever in need of an emergency bypass. We recommend starting off with the less time-consuming ones and then going for the more significant works.

Ford F150 Anti Theft Bypass Identify & Reset a False Anti Theft Alarm

We know how you feel how annoying it must feel to listen to the alarm being all, well, unpredictable.

And it can go off like that with any false triggers. But we want you to be all calm and handle the situation like a pro.

Here are two beginner-friendly ways to reset a false anti-theft alarm.

Method 1: Magic Tweaks

Or simply troubleshooting. Here are some tips:

  • The anti-theft system, in all cases, is harnessed with the ignition. In that case, the truck might not start. You need to reset the alarm if it occurs.
  • Also, for the same reason. Your alarm might get triggered when your car starts. If that’s how tables turn, you should consider changing the car battery.

Method 2: The Traditional Resetting Method

Follow these steps to reset the alarm successfully.

  • Go manual with handling the doors. Do it quite a few times. And then turn the engine on. For most cases, this should do the work. If it’s a negative response, make the dashboard lights blink a few times.
  • Try some common tricks like getting the key into the driver’s door before trying it with the ignition. Don’t forget to keep the key in UNLOCK mode while opening the door.
  • Even if the previous step doesn’t work, disconnect the battery. Locate the alarm’s electrical setup (which should be mentioned in the manual) and press the RESET button. You can also try tweaking the PANIC setup or handling the alarm fuses.

Lastly, there’s always an option for seeking professional help.

What Are The Cons of Bypassing The Anti Theft System on The Ford F150?

Bypassing is always considered a shortcut mean to perform any task more efficiently. But there is no hundred percent success possible with shortcuts! Be prepared for some lousy jinx!

a) First, since you are getting your way over the anti-theft system, it can make the truck more prone to be taken away.

And if that happens, the insurance company might take some steps as you made a system overriding. Not to mention that you might fall out of chances for the insurance claim.

b) Fiddling with security, you may have to pay higher taxes. Also, since you are disabling a unique feature (PATS) of the Ford F150, the resale value will decrease.

Does Bypassing The Anti Theft System Void Warranty and Insurance Policy?

If we are being super honest, then the answer is yes. Bypassing is not a good idea unless it’s an emergency. And nobody wants to be voided out from insurance claims!

Usually, insurance companies, when you claim insurance, ask for a VIN number (vehicle identification number). The numbers indicate the vehicle’s type, model, features, and whatnot.

So, when you bypass the anti-theft system in your Ford F150, say, your truck gets stolen, be prepared to answer tons of questions from the insurance company when you make a claim.

The insurance money is bound to get down. In the worst-case scenario, the company might also take legal steps.


We tried to answer some basic questions about bypassing the anti-theft system on your Ford F150.

FAQS are here for you to see things from a different perspective, and who knows, you might even come up with intelligent solutions to your problems!

01. What is The PATS System?

A basic understanding is essential if you want to work on something.

PATS stands for the passive anti-theft system to start your engine by verifying a key. Two sections run the system—the signal emitting ignition chip and the signal receiver transponder key.

Each transponder is programmed with a unique code that can only be synced by the specific model or type of the vehicle.

02. What To Do If The Transponder Key Stops Working?

This is a common anti-theft system problem.

Before you go to the shop to get a replacement, we recommend doing some troubleshooting. And if they don’t work, head for the new transponder key.

Check if the key itself is in good condition. Look if there are any internal damages, dead batteries, or anything. Battery replacements are easily doable.

Then look out for doubles. If there are two transponders for the exact vehicle, the vehicle will try to pick up two signals at once, which will result in nothing.

Another thing with signals from transponders is that they use radio waves to function.

So, check the spot you are trying to use; the key really does the trick; else, you might consider another sweet spot!

03. What is The Simplest Method To Deactivate The Anti-Theft System With The Key?

When the anti-theft system is triggered, there will be a light indicating the state. Check that first if the system is enabled.

After the inspection, turn on the engine with the key and let it be that way for a while, without revving up the engine too much. After the time being, the light should stop blinking.

04. What If The Anti-Theft System isn’t Working Correctly?

Well, it’s totally all about the inspection. You wouldn’t even be considering a bypass if your anti-theft system worked just right, would you?

So, this inspection is what we call a three-step inspection. First, check the essential fob battery, the door lock cylinder, and the key.

If these three things are on the spot and in good condition, there shouldn’t be any problem.

05. Should I Go For PCM Reprogramming as a Traditional Bypass Method?

Even though the company Ford doesn’t allow it, yes, you can go for a PCM reprogramming.

Basically, this reprogramming is done to override the system. Experience programmers and mechanics know how to crack the codes properly.

And since this is an upgraded security measure on the scale of the PATS system, this is a hard nut to crack, we must add. That is why it should be best left with the professionals.

We bet you don’t have any more confusion now! We have provided some tremendous resources at the end, so you have clear-cut explanations of stuff.


After this thorough discussion, we don’t think bypassing an intelligent system will be a hard nut to crack for you!

Tricking systems like this should always be for good purpose. However, make sure you always have the necessary documents ready!

Bypassing the anti-theft system in your Ford F150 might be a necessary task to be performed at any time, so having a few tricks up your sleeve will surely be utilitarian.