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A Start-To-Finish Steps of How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code

Knowing How to Reset Ford Door Code without Factory Code is very important, especially to people who purchased a used Ford car and do not have access to the factory code or, in one way or the other, have misplaced the code card.

We all know that Ford cars are built with maximum security, so it will be difficult for a third party or a stranger to have access to your car without having the door code.

So the process of resetting the Ford door without a factory code will be helpful and can save you from unnecessary stress when you lose the factory code of your vehicle.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the step-by-step process of How to reset ford keyless entry without factory code, but before then, we need to know the reason why the process is important.


Why do You have to Reset the Ford Door Code?

There have been many questions about the reason why people need to know how to reset the ford door code without factory code.

There are many reasons behind this.

The number one reason is that the code card can be misplaced easily, and the only way to have access to your car is when you reset it without the factory code.

Another reason why you need to know how to reset the ford door code without a factory code is if by chance you purchased a used ford car, and the seller doesn’t have access to the factory code again, so resetting the door code without the factory code becomes a must.

Common Steps of How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code

There are steps you need to follow to reset the ford door code.

We will go through the steps and the possible problems that may occur when you are trying to reset your car door.

Step 1: RAP Module

You might not have access to the factory code again, so there is a step to receive it or even locate it in the Anti-theft module or by contacting the car dealer, but the latter option will cost you about 50-$100.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can easily get the factory code in the Anti-theft module of the vehicle located just behind the vehicle trunk, or just contact your car dealer to retrieve the code easily.

Step 2: Take Out The Anti Theft Module Panel

After locating the panel at the back of the vehicle, take it out gently by switching your thumb counterclockwise.

You should be careful when taking it not to tamper with code or preferably shine a bright light on it.

Step 3: Write Down The Code

After taking the panel out, you will see a label print on it that consists of the 5 digit code.

That’s the factory reset code that will be used to reset your door.

Step 4: Enter The Factory Code

After getting the factory code, it’s time to reset the code to a new code that you can remember easily.

Enter the factory code and follow all the required procedures to reset the code.

After resetting the code, the door will lock and unlock itself automatically to show its working perfectly.

Problems That May Occur While Resetting The Car Door

There are a number of problems one can face while trying to reset the ford car door, and we will go through some of the problems now.

01: System Not Accepting The Codes

It is possible that the car door system will not accept the code that was generated to you from the car dealer or the one you get from the card, the code might be generated wrongly, or it is wrongly imputed m, so one need to pay maximum attention while trying to reset the car door.

If the problem persists, you may need to take the vehicle to the car dealer for a proper reset.

02: Keypad Error

Another issue that may occur is the keypad error. If the keypad is faulty and you are trying to reset the factory code, it will lose some danger as some keys might be entered twice, leading the system to generate an error message.

If this occurs, you need to find a way to replace the keypad before trying the reset process again.

How To Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code?

One can reset personalized keyless entry codes using vehicle-specific factory code, but if they don’t have the factory code, it’s impossible to do so.

It’s possible to find the factory code in the following methods:

01. Using Integrated Keyhead Transmitters Or Intelligent Access Keys

There is what we call the Integrated Keyhead Transmitters that comes with the Ford vehicle.

These keys can be used to retrieve your factory door code easily by inserting the first key in the ignition system and turning it on for about 5 seconds, then inserting the second key and repeating the process.

After 5 seconds, you will notice the Factory code is displayed on the dashboard.

02. From Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module

You can also retrieve the factory code using the RAP module located at the lower end of the vehicle.

You will notice the 5 digit factory code on the RAP module.

03. Decoding The VIN Number

The VIN of your vehicle can be decided by either your mechanic or the local dealer.

Contact either of them to decode your VIN in order to get the Factory code.

04. Calling Local Ford Dealership

You can contact the local ford dealer to retrieve your factory door code.

This may cost you some extra money as the dealer will charge you before they release the factory door code to you.

How To Find Ford Keyless Entry Factory Code Using Vehicle Keys

You can easily access your keyless entry factory code using your vehicle keys, there are some certain steps to follow, and it’s very easy. You will need the regular car key and the smart technology key.

Step 1: Insert The First Key Into The Ignition System

After inserting the key, turn it into the on position, do not turn the engine itself on.

You just need to turn it on for about 5 seconds, then turn it off and remove the key.

Note: Make sure you do not turn the engine itself on. Just insert the key and allow the lifts on only.

Step 2: Insert The Second Technology Key

After inserting the second key, turn the ignition on for about 5 seconds too.

Do not make the mistake of turning on the engine as this will disrupt the whole process, and you will have to start again.

Step 3: Write Down The Factory Code

Immediately after about 5 seconds of inserting the second key with the ignition on, you will notice the factory code on the dashboard, copy it down, or take a snapshot of it and keep it in a safe place.

How To Find The Factory Code From The Remote Anti-Theft Personality Module

In case you find it difficult to contact your car dealer or do not have the two keys to retrieve your factory code, another easy way to get the factory code is to get the Anti-theft module.

Step 1: Look For The RAP Module

Locate the rap module. Many people don’t know where this is located, and it is located at the back of the removable panel towards the left-hand side of your vehicle.

Step 2: Find The Removable Panel

The second step is to find the removable panel. You might need to shine a bright light in order to locate the RAP module.

You need to turn your thumb counterclockwise in order to have access to remove the panel.

When you have located the module, You will see the original factory code, and it’s usually 5 digits, so you should know it when you see it.

Step 3: Reset Your Door Code

After getting the factory code, the next step is to reset the car door immediately.

After entering the factory code, you will notice the keypad light coming on.

When reserving the code, press the 1.2,3.4,5.6,7.8 and 9.0 after 5 seconds of inputting each factory code.

Step 4: Set Your New Code

After inputting the factory code successfully, you will need to set a new passcode for your door that you can easily remember.

Set this code, and it will be used to have access to your car door every time.

Caution: Please use the code that you can easily remember or write it down somewhere.

How To Find Ford Keyless Entry Factory Code By Decoding VIN Number

Decoding your vehicle VIN which is the Vehicle Identification number, is another way by which you can get your factory door code. Each vehicle has this unique number.

Step 1: Locate The VIN Number

The VIN number will definitely be written somewhere on the vehicle.

It can be located on the windscreen, on the engine block, or pasted on the driver’s side pillar.

Check the vehicle very well to see where it is located.

Step 2: Write Out The VIN Number

After locating the VIN, write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

After that, you can decide whether to retrieve the factory code yourself, or you will request the help of your mechanic to help you retrieve your factory code from your car dealer.

Step 3: Reset Your Code

After getting the factory code either by doing it yourself or with the help of your mechanic, the next step is to reset your car door code.

Tips To Prevent Yourself From Getting Stranded For Ford Door Code Issues

01. Creating Personalized Entry Codes

After resetting the car code with the factory, you will need to create a personalized entry code which will save you from the stress of looking for the factory code.

The personalized code should be a code you can easily remember m, which might be your birth date, Credit card password, or any number you can’t forget.

02. Noting Down The Factory Code

Another tip to prevent you from getting stranded is to note your factory code down somewhere safe and easily accessible.

The code can be saved on your cell phone or notepad that will be accessible to you almost every time.

People Also Search

Can I Get My Factory Code From The VIN?

Yes, this is possible, although it may take time and cost you some cash because you will have to contact your car dealer to decide the factory code from the VIN.

What is The Most Reliable Way To Retrieve My Factory Code?

The fastest way to recover your Factory door code will be to contact your car dealer, for example, the fore dealer.

They will have the factory code that is set for each vehicle on their system.

You can easily recover it this way, but you will need to spend about 50-$100, but I can assure you it’s very fast.

Is it Compulsory To Know The Factory Door Code?

You need to know the code in case you need to reset your ford key door.

The reason is that you may forget your personalized code that is set for your door.

In this case, resetting the door code with the factory door code is inevitable.

How Many Methods Can Be Used To Retrieve My Ford Factory Code?

We have so many methods that can be used. Some of the methods are below

  1. Using Integrated Keyhead Transmitters or Intelligent Access Keys
  2. From Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module
  3. Decoding the VIN number
  4. Calling local ford dealership

Which of The Factory Door Code Recovery Methods is The Easiest?

The easiest method is to get your factory door code from the Remote Anti-theft Personality of your vehicle.

This is very easy to get. It is located along the lower backside of the vehicle.

Final Say

Recovering the factory code of your ford vehicle is very easy now, but in order to save yourself from the stress of trying to recover it, it’s better to safeguard your personalized code.

I hope you have learned something new.

If so, do well to share with your family and friends using Ford vehicles.