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Simple Ways of How To Program Ford Garage Door Opener

Every Ford garage door has a specific hand-held remote control or transmitter that coordinates accessibility (opening & closing).

However, knowing how to program Ford garage door opener expands the options.

It allows Ford owners to gain entry and exit the garage using another control system aside from the original/assigned transmitter.

The Ford garage door opener offers numerous benefits to every vehicle owner.

On top of the table is convenience.

Imagine how much energy would be required to open and close the door manually.

The door opener does this task seamlessly (timely and efficiently).


Why Do You Need Garage Door Opener Programming?

By programming the Ford garage door opener, you are trying to integrate another system that can access the door efficiently.

The major reason vehicle owners may decide to have a spare remote for their garage is that it puts them ahead of disappointments.

For instance, when the original opener or control system is faulty or missing, there is another means/option to rely on.

Thanks to the available programming options, you can easily create a spare remote by using a designated button in the vehicle, replacing the original opener/transmitter.

As you read along, we will discuss the steps involved in programming the Ford garage door opener using Car2U, HomeLink, and Genie Intercollide systems.

This creates an extra or new remote control to access the Ford garage.

How To Program Ford Garage Door Opener Using Car2U System

Rolling Code Programming

01. Operate The Vehicle In The Accessory Mode

02. Reach Out To The Car2U Buttons

The Car2U buttons are three (3).

Hold the first and the last button, and then let go of your fingers in about two (2) seconds.

03. Reach Out To The LEARN Control Button

This stage must be completed in half a minute.

Go to the spot where the LEARN button is located on the garage door opener motor, press it, and hurriedly return to the vehicle.

An assistant can take care of this step while you stay in the vehicle and await their signal.

04. Hold on To The Chosen/Designated CAR2U Button

Once the LEARN button has been triggered.

Hold on to the particular button out of the three (3) that you would like to designate for the opening & closing of the garage door.

This may extend to about 20 seconds until the indicator light above the selected button blinks at a slow pace.

Immediately there is a movement in the door; take your finger off the button.

During this time, the indicator light will blink faster until the programming is fully activated.

05. Click on The Designated Car2U Button

Press the designated button again. If the command is registered or initiated, the activation is successful.

If you do not perceive any movement, go over the steps (choose a different button this time) until the desired result/response is achieved.

Fixed Code Programming

06.Operate The Vehicle in The Accessory Mode

07. Check For The Switch Settings (DIP)

To access the settings, first, the hand-held transmitter/remote battery cover needs to be taken off.

Once the DIP switches are located/identified, pay attention to the settings ranging from the first to the last.

There are about 12 DIP switches altogether.

Any switch positioned (up, positive, or on) should be identified as the LEFT button.

Any switch that is positioned (neutral, zero, or middle) should be identified as the MIDDLE button.

A switch positioned (off, negative, or down) should be identified or registered as the RIGHT button in the notepad.

08. Hold The Car2U Buttons

Simultaneously place your fingers firmly on the three (3) buttons.

Once the indicators start blinking (slowly), take them off.


Ensure the instructions in the steps below are implemented in about 2 minutes 30 seconds.

09. Input The Matching DIP Switch Settings

If the “left” comes first on your notepad, press the left Car2U button, same for “middle” and “right” where applicable.

Input all the DIP switch settings using this technique until it’s complete.

Once you are done, hold the three (3) buttons simultaneously until the indicators are triggered/activated.

Afterward, click on the button that you’d like to open/close the garage door until there is a movement on the door.

It may take about one (1) minute before any action on the garage door would be perceived.

10. Release Your Fingers From The Button

Once there is any movement on the garage door.

Ensure the button is released immediately. Afterward, the indicator will blink at a slow pace.

Until the programming becomes successful, the indicator will blink speedily.

Press the designated button again. If the command is registered or initiated, the activation is successful.

During this time, the selected button indicator will come on.

If you do not perceive any movement, the steps may be repeated until the desired result/response is achieved.

Using Homelink® System Program Ford Garage Door Opener

01. Get Your Vehicle Out of The Garage

While this may not be the standard, it is somewhat helpful.

A few Ford owners who have programmed their Ford garage door using this technique reported that they faced various failed attempts when trying to set up their HomeLink system in the garage until they had their vehicle parked outside.

The original door opener or hand-held transmitter should be with you in the vehicle.

02. Operate Your Vehicle in The Accessory Mode

Once the ignition is turned to the “on” position, move the transmitter/door opener remote control close to the HomeLink system.

It should not be lesser than 2cm or more than 8cm.

03. Choose A Preferred Button

The HomeLink has three (3) buttons/controls that you can choose from.

Pick one of these buttons and press it alongside the transmitter button simultaneously.

Ensure your fingers remain firm and steady on the two buttons (HomeLink & hand-held transmitter) until the indicator changes from a slow flash and starts blinking at a fast rate.

04. Press The Designated Homelink Button

Now, press the chosen/assigned HomeLink button independently for up to five (5) seconds.

The garage door should open or shut (depending on its initial position) once your finger is off the button.

In some cases, you may need to press the HomeLink button again for another five (5) seconds to see any action.

Check the indicator to see if it still remains visible. If yes, that is a sign of a successful task.

Make another attempt at opening or closing the garage door.


In case the indicator blinks very fast for about two (2) seconds and then becomes stable.

That means you have a rolling code garage door opener, and the programming is not completed/achieved yet.

In this case, there are some additional steps to follow.

05. Go To The Garage Door Opener Motor

Identify the LEARN control on the garage door opener motor and press it firmly for up to five (5) seconds.

If you or the assistant can’t reach the LEARN control button unaided, this is where the need for a ladder comes in.


You have just half a minute (30 sec) to put the next step in motion.

06. Press The Designated Homelink Button

Now, go back into your vehicle and press the designated HomeLink button for about two (2) seconds.

Repeat this step as much as possible (sometimes up to three times) until the light starts blinking speedily.

It’s an indication that the programming is successful.

Now, open or close the garage door using the button.

Ford Garage Door Opener Program Using Genie Intellicode System

The Genie Intellicode transmitter must be programmed before it can control/operate the garage door opener.

Also, some steps must be followed before the HomeLink can be programmed/synchronized to the Genie Intellicode transmitter.

01. Choose A Button on The Genie Intellicode Transmitter

After you have chosen/selected a button, hold it firmly for about ten (10) seconds until the indicators change (green-red-green).

Again, click on the button consecutively (two times). If the indicator shows/illuminates red, the Genie Intellicode transmitter is already in programming mode.

02. Position The Transmitter To A Preferred Button on The Homelink

Ensure the Genie Intellicode transmitter is positioned or placed close to the desired button on the HomeLink.

The distance should not be lesser than 2cm or more than 8cm.

03. Click on The Programmed Genie Intellicode Transmitter Button & Desired Button on The Homelink

Hold the two (2) buttons simultaneously until the HomeLink system indicator blinks very fast, a sign that the programming has been successfully completed.


The Genie Intellicode transmitter must be ejected/removed from the program mode after successful programming.

This can be achieved following the steps below:

04. Hold The Programmed Transmitter Button (Step 1)

Do this for up to ten (10) sec until the indicators change (red-red-green).

05. Repeat The Process

Again, click on the button consecutively (two times).

The indicator will display green to confirm if the transmitter has been successfully disabled/removed from programming mode.

The next stage is to program/configure the HomeLink to the Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener Motor.


If you are using a ladder, ensure it is well supported to avoid accidental falls.

06. Press The Program Button

Go to the garage door opener motor and hold the program button firmly until the two (2) blue indicators illuminate.

Once your finger is taken away from the program button, the smaller (round shape) indicator should be the only active light.

Again, click on the program button and release it.

At this level/stage, an indicator (the larger purple) will blink.


Ensure the steps below are finalized in about half a minute (30 sec).

07. Hold The Programmed Button on The Genie Intellicode Transmitter

Remember the selected and programmed button on the Genie Intellicode transmitter?

Now, press it and let go of your finger immediately.

The indicators on the garage door opener motor will blink, showing the purple light.

08. Hold The Programmed Button on The Homelink

Now, go ahead and press the button (chosen/programmed) on the HomeLink.

Hold it for about two (2) seconds.

Repeat this step (sometimes, thrice) until there is a movement in the garage door.

Here is where the programming ends.

Resetting Your Ford Garage Door Opener

Performing a reset on the Ford garage door opener is straightforward.

This means you are erasing all the previous programming info/details from memory.

01. Press The 1st & Last Buttons

Simply press the left (1st) and right (last) buttons at the same time.

Keep holding these buttons (for about 20 sec) until the indicator begins blinking.

Immediately the indicator starts blinking, get your fingers off the buttons. That completes the reset.

02. Check Again

If you decide to take it further, especially for someone that needs a reconfirmation.

Once you hold the three (3) buttons on the door opener, the indicator would flash at a slow rate, signifying the door opener has been reset.

Precautions Before Programming Your Ford Garage Door Opener

Know If Your Opener Has Fixed Code Or Rolling Code

Having an idea of this information/details prepares you better for the task ahead.

For instance, for a fixed code Ford garage door opener, the programmer can activate the new button/control right inside the vehicle and won’t have to engage in additional procedures.

Also, someone who has the rolling code Ford garage door opener and is aware can easily get the materials and help they need ahead of time.

For instance, get a ladder, writing materials, and even an assistant to coordinate the activities required outside the vehicle, especially the time-specific ones.

Fixed code garage door openers were designed chiefly before 1996.

While rolling code openers are the ones designed after 1996.

However, the owner’s manual provides accurate/reliable info.

How Can A User Void The Device’s FCC And RSS-210 Compliance?

If a vehicle owner or operator goes ahead to modify/alter the garage door opener by any means.

Especially if the modifications are not recommended/authorized by the regulator in charge of operation & device usage compliance.

Such an action can void the compliance, restricting a user’s permission to use/operate a garage door opener.

How To Keep A User Safe From RF Transmittance?

Operators must ensure the garage door opener doesn’t result in interference that may be harmful to health.

Also, the device mustn’t ignore or fail to process/approve any interference it receives, irrespective of the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does The Homelink System Have Three Buttons?

The three buttons perform the same function and can also be programmed similarly.

Since one of the buttons is linked to a garage door, having three means you can connect the vehicle to three different garages at a time.

Why Do I Need To Reset The Homelink System?

An individual who bought a second-hand vehicle would want to get rid of saved garage door information to enable them to reprogram it to their garage door.

After Successful Programming, Why Should I Keep The Original Hand-Held Transmitter?

Having another garage door control system doesn’t in any way render the original control system useless.

It can be used to program another vehicle later in the future.

Also, if you get another vehicle that can’t be programmed.

The original transmitter will come in handy.

What Security Tip Should I Consider?

If you are selling a programmed Ford vehicle.

We recommend/advise that you erase existing settings or functions on the system (Car2U, HomeLink, and Genie).

Does The Car2U System Work With Any Of The Garage Door Openers?

According to the United States of America Federal Safety Standards.

The Car2U system should only be used with a garage door opener equipped with the stop & reverse feature.


So far, we have discussed various methods, techniques, or systems that may be adopted when searching for how to program Ford garage door opener.

Go through these methods and choose the most applicable/suitable option for your vehicle.

Most importantly, do not hesitate to get all the help/assistance you need and ensure all the safety tips and precautions are adequately followed or considered.

This is the only time a top performance can be achieved.