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6 Simple Steps of How To Program Nissan Key Fob Push Start (DIY)

The key fob is a sophisticated tech feature designed for improved security/safety.

If you want to know how to program Nissan key fob push start or the key fob keyed ignition independently at the comfort of your home (to lock/unlock the doors), read along.

To ensure every individual who drives a Nissan with a key fob, irrespective of the style (traditional/ keyed ignition or intelligent key fob), attains a better understanding of the process.

We have divided the how to program a Nissan key fob section into two, covering each style separately.

This way, the steps/procedures involved in programming these two designs would be clearly stated, encouraging a comprehensive understanding of the task.


Significance of Programming a Nissan Key Fob Push Start

This section discusses why you need to know how to program Nissan key, the benefits that come with it, the tools required, and the average timeframe to complete the task.

A programmed key fob allows easy/efficient control of specific car functions.

These include opening/shutting the doors and trunk, activating/deactivating the alarm, and starting the engine a few meters away from the car.

The key fob would have to be programmed/reprogrammed under two conditions.

If it stops performing the required functions/commands due to loss of programming data.

Also, a new key fob won’t work with the vehicle out of the box until it’s programmed.

The Nissan key fob programming can be completed with ease, provided there is the right amount of information to guide you through the process.

We should also include that the task doesn’t require any special instruments/tools if the programming is to enable the lock/unlock function.

If there is any tool to think of, the owner’s manual seems more like it.

However, programming the key fob to start the engine requires the ideal diagnostic tools, only accessible to an authorized dealer.

All things being equal, programming the lock/unlock feature (from the initiation to completion) should be completed in about 5 minutes.

Basics Tips of Programming Nissan Key Fob

This section carefully/elaborately answers the question “how do you reprogram a Nissan key fob push start” for the lock/unlock feature.

Concentrate on the instructions and study the process carefully to avoid missing any steps.

01. Change The Key Fob’s Battery

Most times, the battery receives less attention and doesn’t get a replacement until it dies or has no more charge to power the key fob.

Even if the battery seems to still be in good condition, so far, it hasn’t been replaced in a very long time.

Now is a great time to get into the act.

If the battery strength seems inadequate, it may frustrate your effort, stretching the process more than usual.

Ideally, there is no excuse as to why the battery replacement shouldn’t be done/performed as recommended, considering it is inexpensive and smooth to replace.

If the replacement seems new/strange to follow up with, the owner’s manual has the information/help you need to get the job done.

02. Access The Cabin

Once you have gained access/entrance into the vehicle, definitely with the intelligent key fob.

Shut the door. Not only the door to the driver’s corner but all the doors.

If any of the doors is left unclosed, it may frustrate the programming process.

03. Insert The Key

This stage of the process illustrates how to activate the programming mode.

Slot the key into the ignition. Do not be in a hurry to ignite the engine. We haven’t got to that stage yet.

After inserting the key, eject/remove it from the ignition.

Inserting/removing the key may take between 6 and 10 attempts.

Follow the procedure repeatedly until the hazard lights blink up to two times, indicating that the intelligent key has been accepted, activating the program mode.

04. Turn The Vehicle To Accessory Mode

Now that the program mode has been activated, the key can be slotted back into the ignition.

Again, do not start the engine or turn on the vehicle.

At this point, it is only recommended that the vehicle be operated in accessory mode.

05. Press a Button of Your Voice

Once the vehicle is positioned/operated in the accessory mode, click on any of the buttons that come to mind on the intelligent key as fast as you can.

Taking more time than normal could tamper with the programming.

06. Verify The Outcome

Now is the time to see if the major purpose of this exercise has been achieved (if the programming has been established).

Step down from the vehicle and move a few meters away from it.

Ensure the ignition is turned off. Also, the doors should stay shut/closed.

Press the buttons on the key fob randomly until the lights blink.

Alternatively, the horn could make a beep sound, informing the programmer that the Nissan intelligent key has successfully synchronized.

You may also want to move closer to the vehicle to detect the performance.

Press the unlock button and see if the command is initiated or gives the required outcome.

DIY Steps of Programming a Nissan Key Fob

01. Inspect The Battery’s Condition

The battery needs to be in top condition to program the key fob.

If you have been using the key fob for a long time without any replacement to the battery.

We advise it gets replaced before proceeding with the programming.

An average or inefficient battery will destabilize/frustrate the process.

The programmer/Nissan owner may see themself repeating the programming steps without any headway, thinking they are the problem.

Key fob batteries are not expensive and can be replaced without stress.

Check the owner’s manual to see the battery type and the replacement procedure.

02. Gain Access Into The Car

Before you sit in the driver’s space or get along with the programming process properly, ensure all the doors are properly shut or locked.

If any of the doors is left unclosed, it may frustrate the programming process.

03. Insert The Key Into The Ignition

This stage of the process illustrates how to activate the programming mode.

Once the key is slotted into the ignition, ensure it is positioned or stays in the accessory mode.

Afterward, eject/remove the key from the ignition and repeat the process as fast as possible over a specific period.

The process of inserting/removing the key may take about 6 attempts.

Follow this procedure repeatedly until the emergency lights blink up to two times.

04. Checking The Outcome

Now, the next step is to know how far you’ve come, confirming if the programming has been successfully activated or the key fob has synchronized with the vehicle as envisaged.

Again, insert the key into the ignition, of course, ensure it is positioned or stays in the accessory mode.

Proceed to choose any button that comes to mind or catches your attention on the fob.

Click on this button and release the finger immediately.

Wait until the hazard lights come on or blink, a sign/indication that the key fob or remote has been accepted/documented by the vehicle.

While still inside the vehicle, lock/unlock the door at the driver’s end to see if it clicks.

05. Bring The Process To an End

Once you can confirm the results/outcomes, take the vehicle out of accessory mode, positioning the key in the off position.

Eject the key and get down from the car, with the doors shut.

To see how the key fob performs outside the vehicle, take a few steps away and attempt to lock and unlock the doors.

Verify the outcomes. The same process could be attempted from close proximity.

How Does Nissan Intelligent Push Start Key Fob Work?

The push start/intelligent key fob performs all the relative functions it’s designed to offer, provided it is in good condition.

So, how does the system works, performing the intended function at the tap of a button?

Well, the Nissan intelligent key fob has a reliable and strongly constructed antenna positioned/placed inside it.

The antenna’s job is to transmit signals from the key fob to the vehicle once you are within close proximity to where it’s parked or whenever a button is pressed, or a command is initiated.

Once the vehicle gets the transmitted signal, it processes/analyzes the data accordingly.

In the end, the desired system/function becomes active.

To use the intelligent key fob, especially if the vehicle owner isn’t inside the cabin.

The distance between where the vehicle is parked to where you are must not be more than three (3) feet.

The intelligent key, as the name suggests, is a brilliant device.

Once a specific command button is triggered, it immediately controls/monitors the signal output, ensuring a high level of accuracy is established or achieved.

A unique/exclusive recognition code is transmitted/associated to the vehicle for every intelligent push start key fob.

This way, keys that are not programmed or registered to the vehicle won’t function or work with it.

The idea is to ensure improved safety and control/eradicate illicit entrance into the vehicle or possible theft.

Common Nissan Key Fob Push Start Problems Bullet Points

Weak/Damaged Battery

A battery is placed inside the key fob responsible for providing the power needed to transmit signals or communicate with your vehicle.

If the battery is low on charge or running weak, it may lower the performance, especially across a long-range.

This is when you may need to click on a button or initiate a command more than once before the expected outcome is achieved.

If this issue is noticed, try to swap the battery with an appropriate type/design.

Loss of Programming Data

You may go-ahead to replace the battery due to the unresponsiveness of the Nissan key fob push start only to detect that it doesn’t solve or address the issue.

This may occur if stored programming data has been erased.

The key fob will have to be reprogrammed following the step we have discussed earlier to correct the issue.

People Also Search

Who Can Program a Newly Acquired/Purchased Key Fob?

If the new key fob is designed mainly for locking and unlocking the doors/trunk.

Anyone can get it programmed with the right knowledge/understanding of the process.

However, a new fob key designed to start the vehicle may be difficult to program without access to the appropriate tools.

How Much Does it Cost To Reprogram a Key Fob At The Workshop?

Considering how easy it is to program/reprogram a key fob that functions mainly as a device to restrict/gain access into the vehicle.

It is rare to see a Nissan owner hire an expert in this case.

However, if the immobilizer has to be programmed.

Depending on the location and the patronized workshop, it may cost as low as $200 and as high as $500.

What Makes The Immobilizer Programming Difficult or Costly?

Programming the immobilizer can’t be executed without the use/need of special tools.

The ideal diagnostic tools for the job can’t be gotten randomly.

They are only available at the authorized dealers.

Can I Unlock My Nissan Door (Push Start) If The Intelligent Key Fob is Low on Charge or Dead?

Yes, you can. There is a tab at the back of the key fob, housing/hiding a physical key that can be used to unlock the door.

Can I Start My Nissan Vehicle (Push Start) If The Intelligent Key Fob is Low on Charge or Damaged?

Once you have gained access to the vehicle using the backup plan discussed above, starting the engine isn’t as difficult as anyone may have thought.

Ensure the key fob comes in contact with the start/stop button.

Once the key fob touches the start button, press it against it.

The engine should be powered/activated, ready to hit the road.


We hope all the information we have provided about how to program Nissan key fob push start independently to easily lock/unlock the doors is adequate to get the job done.

Read through the steps carefully and take into account every detail.

The steps should not be interchanged or switched to avoid creating unnecessary headaches that may come with repetitions without any success to show for it.

If the steps are followed carefully, and the programming/reprogramming is unsuccessful, visiting the nearest Nissan authorized dealer or workshop is definitely the next line of action.