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Honda Accord Key Replacement Cost & 5 Steps DIY Process

Due to lost keys or key malfunction, the resulting Honda Accord key replacement cost can be expensive depending on the car model.

Asides from the cost, the process can be very stressful too. Little wonder why new cars come with a spare key.

But what happens when you can’t also access the extra one?

Rather than panic, a visit to a Honda dealer will do. New Honda models have keys with an embedded programmed chip.

For such, a regular locksmith might not provide a solution.

It has to be a Honda dealer specialized in programming the key with your automobile’s onboard system.


When to get a Honda Accord Replacement Key

Lost or Stolen keys: when your Honda keys get stolen or misplaced, having a Honda Accord Replacement key is not enough.

What if it gets misplaced too? Besides, it’s not secure since you don’t know who has the missing key.

Damaged keys: with continual use, keys are expected to wear out or even get broken gradually.

The transponder chip, the programmable chip of the key, might get damaged too.

When these happen, a replacement becomes imminent.

Need for Heightened Security: latest Honda Accord models have inbuilt security measures from the keys to the whole automobile control system.

An attempted breach or upgrading your old car model to accommodate those security features would require getting a replacement key in the process.

Common Honda Accord Key Problems

Proper knowledge of the following vital problems is essential to avoid a high Honda Accord key replacement cost.

However, they all depend on the specific type of key you’re using.

Transponder key problems: they have programmed chips that might have programming issues.

A replacement then becomes necessary since they are designed for one vehicle use only.

Malfunctioning Fobs: similar to the transponder keys, we now have keyless fobs lock.

They operate like remote controls and might have low batteries or electronic issues.

Worn-Out Ignition Keys: These are the traditional key types.

Just like your regular home lock, prolonged use can see them wear out and not properly fit when inserted into the ignition or car locks.

Honda Accord Key Replacement Cost

The price of a replacement key depends on a host of factors such as:

  • Where are you getting the replacement? A dealer or a locksmith?
  • The model of your vehicle and type of key you need
  • Price of towing your car to the dealer (except you want to fix it yourself)

Therefore, there’s no fixed Honda Accord key replacement cost, and the overall price (including service and additional charges) can range from $100 to $300 or even more.

What’s important is that you get the replacement done correctly because the security of your vehicle depends on it.

While a DIY replacement is often cheaper and might not cost more than $15-30, it’s always better to find an expert to replace it for you.

Moreover, only make use of a Honda dealer or automotive locksmith you trust.

How to Replace the Honda Accord Key Yourself

Having discussed the cost considerations for a Honda key replacement, carrying out the replacement comes next.

Regardless of whether you are doing the replacement yourself or not, the following are the tools required for the process.

  • Key Cutting Machine
  • Auto Key Programmer
  • OBD Connector Cable

The key cutting machine is usually with the automotive locksmith, and it might be better to go to the locksmith to cut the keys for you.

The Auto Key Programmer is not too expensive and should cost about $150-$200, depending on the vendor.

As we will later show you, it’s what some programmers use for the keys.

However, the cost is similar to what a dealer would charge you.

So, it’s a matter of choice to go for the product or give the programming work to a dealer.

The OBD connector is for connecting the programmer to the immobilizer.

Honda Accord Key Replacement Steps

01. Locate the VIN

the VIN stands for the Vehicle Identification Number and helps determine who can help with the key replacement.

The VIN should be found inscribed on the window, the driver’s side dashboard, the vehicle’s engine, or the door edges.

You can also try checking the vehicle’s insurance papers.

The VIN is also needed to obtain the key codes. Obtaining the key codes is only necessary if you have misplaced all the keys.

The codes cost between $15 to about $90 and are required by locksmiths to cut the key without the original one.

02. Write out the Year & Model of the Car

keys are meant to be different for every specific car model.

Therefore, you also need to know the exact model and year, and manufacture of your vehicle.

Older vehicles would likely require a traditional ignition lock key, while newer models might need a transponder or fob key.

03. Reach out to an Automotive Locksmith

if you’re looking to reduce the Honda accord key replacement cost, then finding a trustworthy automotive locksmith should be your first option.

As expected, their rates are usually lower than that of Honda dealers or manufacturers.

However, they might not be able to find replacement keys for the latest car models.

The older your Honda Accord model, the higher the chances of them finding a replacement key for you.

04. Purchase Replacement Keys

depending on your budget, there are two main choices when sourcing a replacement key online.

It’s possible to get from an aftermarket vendor or the car dealership themselves.

Both have their advantages since the aftermarket ones are often cheaper and of quality when bought from verified vendors.

However, the aftermarket keys would still require additional costs to cut and program as well.

It’s recommended to estimate the total cost of cutting and programming with a local locksmith before purchasing.

On the other hand, getting from a dealer is better except that it is more expensive.

The cost can be as high as $300, but you won’t have to worry about cutting or compatibility-specific models.

The Honda Accord keys would be from a Honda dealership, and similar rules apply for any other car model.

05. Program your New Key

although some manufacturers have already included instructional manuals for their new replacement keys, you might still need an expert’s help.

However, confident DIY Honda Accord owners can carefully follow the owner’s manual.

The instructions are simple and often involve hitting some buttons in a specific pattern.

They consist of a set of commands like open/close the door and turning the ignitions on/off.

The video below gives more ideas about programming a new set of replacement keys to be recognized by the Honda Accord control system.

By the way, some problems might be from the ignition lock and not only the key themselves.

That would mean a complete replacement of the ignition lock, new key sets, and reprogramming the new keys.

Are you getting confused? The video below clarifies that.

2 Honda Accord Key We Recommend

1. USARemote Keyless

Highlighted Features

  • Plastic Key Shell
  • 634 Ounces
  • 2003-12 Honda Accord Compatible
  • 2006-13 Honda Civic EX Compatible
  • 2009-15 Honda Pilot Compatible
  • 2005-06 Honda CR-V Compatible

This USARemote plastic key shell is a budget-friendly keyless fob replacement solution for your broken Honda Accord key case.

Don’t buy if your Honda Accord model is not among those specified. Its installation is not complicated and requires no much expertise.

However, you will have to slide it up the key base to obtain a perfect fit.

Besides, this product is not a key but a key shell. Therefore, remember to keep both the former key and the transponder as well.

The transponder is tiny and is the signal medium between the key and the car engine. Without the transponder chip, your car won’t start.


  • An affordable replacement that requires no extra cutting for the specified Honda Accord models


  • The installation instructions could have been more comprehensive

2. STAUBER Replacement Key Shell

Highlighted Features

  • 2 Black Key Cases
  • 4 Ounces
  • Honda Accord Compatible
  • Honda Ridgeline Compatible
  • Honda Civic Compatible
  • Honda CR-V Compatible

This STAUBER key shell manufactured by the Inventit, LLC group is next on our recommended Honda Accord/Ridgeline/Civic/CR-V replacement key shells you should consider purchasing.

Like many aftermarket keys, it’s easily affordable and available as both 1 or 2 key shell packages.

The use is also straightforward and doesn’t require a locksmith.

You only have to swap the old but still functioning key into the new casing.

Remember to transfer the transponder chip too.

With proper installation, the case is expected to fit perfectly.

Lastly, note that the casing is of two types: the 3-button and the 4-button ones.

Crosscheck with your broken case before making an order.


  • Easy installation with perfect fit
  • It saves cost since you do not need a locksmith


  • The panic button is a bit too high and annoyingly presses itself in your pockets

People Also Search For

Can I cut the Honda key myself?

No, except you are an automotive locksmith or car dealer. Vehicle control systems are designed so that only precisely cut keys would fit in the ignition.

Hence, only your Honda Accord dealer or experienced locksmith should cut the keys.

The locksmith must be a trusted one, too, since your vehicle’s security depends on the number of available keys.

Can you do the programming of your new Honda replacement key yourself?

Yes, it’s possible to program your new Honda replacement key yourself.

It’s basically about following some set of pop-up instructions.

Although you have to purchase the equipment for that, or might consider leaving it to a professional to do their thing.

However, the total cost of programming might involve the cost of towing your vehicle to the dealership store because both the car and the new keys have to be present.

Why is your car showing a red key warning?

A red key indicator implies there is a security error. Most times, it’s caused by the failure of your car to recognize the key inserted into the ignition.

So, there is likely an issue with the programming. Other reasons for the security error could be that the key is old and faulty.

The fob battery might also be dead, or there could be electrical interference.

The solution is to get a programmer to check the vehicle for you.

What is the meaning of a flashing key on my dashboard?

The flashing key sign on your vehicle’s dashboard is just a means of communication of the security systems.

The indicator keeps flashing when the automobile’s engine is switched off and the car is locked or in ACC position.

Depending on the circumstance, the indicator might show a green, red, or fixed solid color.

There should be no panic since it’s meant to assure that the security control systems are in good condition.

However, if the lights keep flashing while the engine fails to start, there might be a problem.

Call an experienced Honda dealer when such occurs. By continual blinking

What If the battery goes dead in the smart key fob?

There is no need to panic when the key fob battery dies because there is still a way to lock, unlock, or even start the vehicle.

All you need to do is slide over the back case of the key fob and gain access to an embedded traditional key.

The key can then be used to unlock and lock the vehicle. Starting the vehicle is a bit trickier but simple.

Place your foot on the brake while holding the key fob at the same time.

Press the start/stop button twice with your foot still on the brakes.

Final Thoughts

As discussed, getting a replacement for a broken or misplaced key is only a matter of knowing what steps to take.

That’s what this article discusses – getting a new key while considering the Honda Accord key replacement cost.

A fast but expensive solution is to contact a Honda dealership.

The other budget-friendly alternative is to find an experienced and trusted locksmith.

Did you enjoy this read? Remember to bookmark our website for more helpful car tips.

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