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Honda Odyssey Alternator Replacement Cost of 2024 And 6 Steps DIY

Alternators are a great part of any automobile and their functions cannot be overlooked.

Honda cars are particularly known for having cheap and durable alternators and Odyssey alternators have been one of the best alternators over the years.

Eventually, if you need to replace your Odyssey alternator, the Honda Odyssey alternator replacement cost is very affordable.

The alternator generates currents that power any electrical components inside the car and also charges the car battery when it is down.

If your car alternator does not work properly, you may notice some problems with your car such as ignition light failure.

Car dying after ignition and alternator clicking noise, engine stalling, and so on.

So for the full functioning of your Honda odyssey, the alternator needs to function properly.

Without further ado, let’s get into the proper details of how to replace the odyssey alternator, the cost, and the step-by-step guide to doing it.


Bad Alternator Symptoms

When your automobile alternator develops a fault, it will show some symptoms which will tell you that the alternator is faulty and needs to be replaced immediately.

This symptom needs to be attended to so as not to cause further damage to the car. The symptoms are listed below

  • Whining noise
  • Dead Battery
  • Ignition difficulty
  • Dim light
  • Burning wire smell
  • Engine stalling

How Long Does Honda Alternator last?

Honda is known for producing durable and long-lasting products.

Most car owners think the car battery is responsible for distributing electrical power around the car accessories.

But this is wrong, the alternator powers and supplies electric current to all the car accessories and even charges the cat battery itself.

Honda alternators last longer than the car battery. So you should expect your Honda alternator to last longer than its battery.

As one of the most reliable cars, Honda alternators will last up to 7 years.

This depends on the number of times you drive your car, but generally, the alternator should serve you for 70,000 to 150,000 miles.

So, taking caution in what accessories you put into your car will determine how long the alternator will last.

For example, if you power too many things on your car, it will drain the alternator faster and it may get damaged.

Honda Odyssey Alternator Replacement Cost

When your Honda Odyssey alternator develops a fault for example if it shows symptoms such as sim light, car stalling, ignition difficulty, and dead battery, it needs to be replaced immediately.

So many car owners are curious and have this question burning in their mind that “How much does it cost to replace a Honda alternator”

Worry no more as this question will be answered in this guide.

To replace your faulty car alternator, you will spend money on buying a new alternator or replace it, pay for the professional service or do it yourself.

We will discuss the professional cost and the DIY cost of the Honda Odyssey alternator replacement.

Professional Cost

To employ the service of a professional to replace your car alternator you will spend around $700-$800 for the full replacement of your cat alternator.

The price above includes the service cost of the mechanic.

DIY Cost

This involves replacing your car alternator yourself, this can be a little bit difficult if you don’t have any idea about doing it before.

The DIY cost includes buying a new alternator that is priced around $500-$600. You will only spend money on buying the alternator and the tools.


The time spent on replacing an alternator depends on who is doing it, an expert will spend less time doing it than a car owner using the DIY method.

The average time to replace a Honda Odyssey car alternator is 2 hours.

Tools needed

The tools needed to replace your Honda Odyssey alternator are listed below

  • Voltmeter
  • Belt tensioner
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Simple hand tool
  • Alternate serpentine belt

6 Steps of Honda Odyssey Alternator Replacement

If you have decided to replace your car alternator probably because it’s faulty or you feel the need to use a new alternator for your car, below are the DIY step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

Before starting this process, make sure you have all the tools ready, it’s either you borrow from a friend or get a new one at the store.

Step1: Disconnect the battery

The first step is disconnecting the battery so there is no electric current on any part of the car.

This is necessary for your safety. The car battery sits under the intake tube.

Loosen the intake tube with your flat head screwdriver, pull off the two clips of the intake tube and you will be able to take off the intake tube to have access to the car battery.

Disconnect the negative connection of the battery so that there won’t be any connection between the battery and the alternator.

Also, remember to disconnect all the wires connecting the alternator but be sure to remember where they are removed.

Step 2: Disconnect the power steering Reservoir

After disconcerting the positive and negative terminal of the battery.

The next thing to do is to disconnect the power reservoir, you will notice a hose clamp on the power reservoir, pull it out and you will be able to disconnect the power reservoir easily.

Step 3: Remove the Serpentine belt

The serpentine belt needs to be removed to have access to the alternator.

Use the serpentine removal tool to create the necessary slack needed to be able to remove the serpentine belt.

In this process, you should also remove the ac compressor and probably the dipstick.

Removing the dipstick so it will not damage when pulling out the alternator.

You can perhaps loosen the radiator too so that it will give you more clearance to be able to reach the alternator

Step 4: Remove the main power feed

The main power feed also stands in the way of the alternator, to have access to the alternator, you have to remove the main power feed.

The tool used here is a 13mm socket wrench. Break it loose and the extension will come out easily.

After doing this, you should have access to the alternator, and loosen all the bolts around it.

Step 5: Take the alternator out

After following the above steps properly, you will have access to the alternator properly, loosen all the bolt and you can take it out easily.

Step 6: Install the new Alternator

Since you have got rid of the old alternator, the next step is to install the new alternator.

This will be much easier since you have an idea of where all the wires and bolts surrounding it are located.

In this section, we want to review some of the best Honda Odyssey alternators and tell some of their features, pros, and cons.

A Few Reliable Alternators in The Market

01. DB Electrical 400-52342 Odyssey alternator

Highlighted features

  • 12V triggered output
  • S6 pulley class
  • IF fan type
  • 1-year warranty

The DB Electrical 400-52342 Odyssey alternator is the best to go for when looking to replace your Honda Odyssey alternator.

It has its regulator plug on top, this is an added advantage as you can easily reach out to it if there is an issue.

It’s durable and not too expensive. The clearance is very tight and all the mounting bolts are completely stacked up for easy installation.


  • Fits into many models
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Great regulator


  • Loud van sound
  • Wiring harness issue

02. TYC ‎2-13769 Odyssey alternator

Highlighted feature:

  • High power output
  • Decent core charges
  • 100% bearings

The TYC ‎2-13769 Odyssey alternator is very reliable and has a high power supply to power all your car accessories.

It last longer than most of the aftermarket alternator. The alternator works perfectly with 1999 up to 2005 Honda odyssey.


  • Excellent build
  • Works well at idle
  • Fits in most models
  • Test data inclusion


  • Heavy
  • No way to install

Common Alternator Problems

There is a saying that nothing lasts forever, especially anything that has to do with car engines.

It may break down one day while you are using your car. So here are some of the problems you might face

  • Collapsed rotor
  • Broken mounting
  • Slip rings
  • Damaged pulleys

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will it cost me to replace my Honda Odyssey car alternator?

If you have decided to replace your car alternator maybe because it’s faulty or you just want a new one, you need to know the cost before you start planning to replace it.

The cost is divided into two, there is the professional cost which involves employing an expert mechanic for the service, this will cost about $700-800.

The second option is to follow the DIY procedure, to do this you babe to but the new alternator yourself.

Get the necessary tools and know the procedures to go about it, this should only cost about $500-600.

2. Do I need to change my car battery when replacing my Honda Alternator?

This question has been asked by so many car owners and here is the answer to it. The function of the car battery and the alternator is different although quite similar.

It’s not common for the car alternator and the battery to develop a fault at the same time because they don’t serve the same function in the car, the alternator supplies current while the battery charges it.

If your alternator develops a fault, the battery might still be in a good condition, but it’s not bad if you take your car to an expert mechanic to check it for you because when the alternator is bad.

The workload shifts onto the battery and it may affect it too.

3. Will my car work without an alternator?

The alternator is a big part of the recent cars being designed, the alternator is responsible for charging the battery and producing electric current for the car accessories.

If you use an old model car that is not too reliant on the alternator, you can drive your car around without an alternator, but at the same time, you won’t be able to use any electronics inside your car.

The new models of cars are very reliant on the alternator and will only work for a little period of time before the battery does, if the battery does, the car won’t work at all.

4. How many hours will I use to Change my car alternator?

Changing a Honda alternator is not so challenging, so anyone a bit knowledgeable about appliances will be able to do it.

So for an expert, 1-2 hours will be enough to replace the car alternator, but for someone using the DIY method and is not an expert in the field.

It might be a little bit difficult and takes longer than that of an expert.

So for the DIY method, 2-3 hours will be used to do it.

5. Is replacing my car alternator difficult?

Replacing a car alternator will not be difficult for an expert mechanic but can be a little bit stressful for someone who is not an expert.

An expert mechanic will know how to go about removing the old alternator and replacing it immediately but for someone who has little knowledge about it, it can take some time.

Especially if it’s a modern-day car, it will be hard for someone who is not an expert because the alternators are not visible at the top of the engine.

Some parts need to be loosened before you get to the alternator.

Final Say

And that’s all about Replacing the Honda Odyssey alternator. We have home through the step-by-step guide on how to DIY.

If you follow the steps carefully you should not have any issue replacing your car alternator by yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section and we will reply to you.

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