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Tips on What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire and No Spare

That feeling when driving on the open road is unique, and we cannot compare it to any other. Besides that, we all have a model or a type of vehicle we are fond of, which is nothing unusual as there is some special bond between us and these machines. Of course, when on the road, many unpredictable things can happen and having a flat tire is one of the most common issues drivers face. Now, the easiest way to handle this issue is by having a spare tire, and in a matter of minutes, everything is settled, and we are back on the road, but in case there isn’t one, the next best thing we can do is to search forĀ towing near me. On the other hand, there are also things you can do on your own, and here are some examples.


Buy run-flat tires

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The best thing one can do to prevent the awkward situation of dealing with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, without even having a spare one, is to use run-flat tires instead of regular ones. It might be a little more expensive investment, but it can literally save your life, especially if the accident cars in the middle of a busy road when it is necessary to move the vehicle as soon as possible.

These tires are specially designed, so they can handle the vehicle height even if they are punctured, but only for a certain amount of time and at a certain speed, which is enough to get to the nearest professional. The most important thing is not to forget to check the pressure regularly because it can sometimes be pretty difficult to decide whether they are low on air. So, even when you buy this type of tire, make sure to check it from time to time, just to avoid any unpleasant situations, as you probably don’t want to feel safe and like having a spare tire, just to realize that it’s of no use. Once again, this might seem like a bit costly investment, but it surely is one of the best decisions you can make.

Learn to use the repair kit

The first thing we should put in our vehicle when deciding to go on a trip is a repair kit, as we never could know when we will need it. It contains a sealant that you should use to fix small punctures temporarily and a small air compressor to inflate the tire after fixing. These sealants can be found in two forms – one that seems like gel and another that come in an aerosol can, and whichever of them you have in the car, both of them can fix the problem. However, using a product that looks like gel can be pretty difficult, especially for people who do not know what they need to do, and it sometimes requires some tools.

On the other hand, products in an aerosol can are much easier to use, so it is a much better idea to buy some of them. Overall, not having the right tools will just mean that you will need to find some other less convenient solution to this problem, which is why having a repair kit is of such vast importance. Besides that, you can also use this kit for various other things, but just keep in mind to place it back in the trunk so that you will have the right tools in case of a flat tire.

Learn how to find the leak

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If there is no other option than fixing the flat tire on our own, the first thing we should do is find the leak, which can sometimes be much more complicated than it sounds. Of course, if a nail is stuck in the tire, it will be pretty obvious where the leak is, but in most cases, it will not be that easy, and we need to try different methods of finding it. The first method is a detailed visual inspection in order to find the hole, which can sometimes be enough, but if the hole is not visible, we need to try something different. Now, this might be easy for those who know what they are searching for and will find it in a matter of seconds, but for those less familiar with how to find a leak, these suggestions we will mention might be helpful.

For example, we can try the listening method, as the air that is coming out from the tire always produces a sound, and by following that sound, we might be able to find the leak. If this little trick doesn’t lead to a successful “investigation,” we can try to move our finger or palm around the tire and check if we can feel where the air is coming out. In the end, if none of these methods work, the best solution is to put some water and soap into a bucket and soak the tire inside, as it will surely be easy to notice the leak.

Always buy a spare tire

Okay, even though this isn’t a tip per se, it is still worth mentioning, as many drivers often make a mistake when buying a car or when they are replacing old tires. Namely, just because buying a spare tire is optional and not a must, doesn’t mean you should save some money and not buy it. Yes, spare tires are not a must to purchase, but if you already don’t have one, there isn’t a reason not to buy it. Besides that, when buying a new car, we usually don’t get a spare tire, as manufacturers are pressured to make vehicles more efficient and to reduce their weight. That is why even though they make room to place a spare tire, they will not add it as a part of the necessary equipment. That is why before you start driving your new car, always check twice whether there is or not a spare tire, and in case there isn’t one, make sure to buy it as soon as possible because when on the road, unpredictable things can happen.