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13 Best Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan – Heavy Duty, Waterproof & Secure Locking

Tonneau cover, also known as the truck cover, helps to increase security and protects the gear and cargo from bad weather.

The best tonneau cover for Nissan Titan should be easy to open and close. Also, it should give absolute protection for cargo.

The Tonneau cover comes in varieties of designs like soft designs, intricate designs, and folded designs.

However, finding a favorable Tonneau cover can be challenging as there are various products under this category.

Although your eventual Tonneau cover will boil down to personal preference, you should check for certain features before making a decision.

Therefore, knowing the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each Tonneau cover will guide you to make a better choice hence the need for this review.

We’ve gathered a list of product information you should watch out for before making a purchase.


A List of The Popular Tonneau Covers For Nissan Titan

BAK BAK448525
TRUXEDO ‎297401
Tyger Auto ‎TG-BC3N1027
RETRAX ‎80383
RETRAX ‎T90232
RDJ TRUCKS ‎65-50540
TRUXEDO ‎1497301
EXTANG ‎92931

Which is an Ideal Tonneau Seat Cover For Nissan Titan?

The Tyger Auto ‎TG-BC3N1048 has every feature a user might need from a tonneau cover.

It has a tear resistance feature that prevents it from wear and tear.

This feature makes the cover durable and reliable. Also, the weathertight sealing does wonders because it protects your valuables from sunlight, rain, or snow.

This product also adds a customized look to your vehicle without compromising the value it’ll add to the vehicle.

Also, it comes with an affordable price that’s right for the product.

Why Tiger Auto is Our favorite Brand Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan?

This brand is leading because every one of their products aims to provide a valuable use and unique feature that makes it different from other products of its kind.

Their quality tactics can be seen in the Tonneau cover they designed amidst other products.

Their brand quality is portrayed in their Tyger Auto ‎TG-BC3N1048.

Thus, the product has all it takes to protect the gear and cargo from weather. Its tear resistance feature is one of a kind.

Best Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan In Depth Research

Here is the review of the best Tonneau cover that enables every benefit you want from using a Tonneau cover and the most satisfying result you get from them.

Let’s get straight into the review of the best Nissan Titan cover



Highlighted Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Stainless steel clamp
  • Dual coated cover
  • Cover assembly
  • 24oz marine grade system

The TYGER auto is a premium product that has the OE standard, which denotes that there is a hole made on the cover.

This hole has an effect that makes it easier to install.

The cover has a sophisticated look that provides security to your vehicle regardless of how much your cargo can be.

One great feature that fascinates truck users is its more straightforward installation and other simple effects on its use.

The material used for this tonneau cover is the 24oz marine-grade vinyl.

The truck’s cover is catered for as a stainless-steel clamp provides a lock on the truck bed.

You can easily adjust these clamps with the three mounting holes.

Also, the magnetic light feature of this product makes truck drivers quickly assess the truck bed no matter the situation (either at night or in a low light situation).

On top of that, it includes the sealing feature, which assures you of maximum protection regardless of weather conditions.

While this device produces the best satisfaction ever, it also has a low-profile design that keeps the truck’s original look. This tonneau cover is unique in this regard”.


  • The cover is made of a thicker material
  • It has a magnetic light included.


It doesn’t clamp properly 

02. BAK BAK448525


Highlighted Features

  • 400 lbs. weight
  • Durable Aluminum panel
  • Paired with taking gate seal
  • A finished aluminum panel.
  • UV resistant
  • Automatic latch system

This cover allows you to maintain the look of your truck. It satisfies all the needs of the truck driver.

All the storage in the truck can easily be protected; this cover provides maximum protection for your valuables in the truck.

Although, most truck drivers might choose a truck with a soft folding cover because it is easier to use.

The hardcover performs wonders as it is durable and can work for high-quality jobs.

This tonneau truck cover is made of a hardcover, which gives it an edge over other tonneau covers.

The automatic latching system has an impact on security.

The cover is tightened easily over the truck bed and all valuables kept in wouldn’t be wasted.

This cover has a tube mainly designed to divert water out of the truck through the drain tubes.

So, you have nothing to worry about as all your valuables are protected from water, snow, and other weather conditions.

Despite having all these great functions, it also includes a durable aluminum panel that helps to resist UV rays and make the product better than other similar products of its kind.”


  • It has a waterproof element
  • Securing pins and latches holds exceptionally well.
  • Complete access to the truck bed


  • The clamp doesn’t work with the rail system

03. TRUXEDO ‎297401


Highlighted Features

  • Double paddle latches
  • Pre-set tarp tension
  • 5-inch frame
  • Leather-embossed vinyl

If you’re very much interested in having a truck bed cover that is affordable and easier to use, then this product is the best you should choose.

The quality of the material is durable even in harsh weather and adds a low-profile look to your vehicle, so it complements the track.

Despite the product cover being easy to operate, it can easily be removed from the truck without rigorous tools.

The tension can easily be adjusted manually, and this can make your truck look great all year round.

The pre-set warp tension helps keep your cover tight and prevents water from affecting your cargo.

Your cargo would be dry and secure regardless of the weather conditions.

Apart from its distinctive look, this tonneau cover also contains double paddle latches situated at each side of the tailgate.”


  • The latching system is extremely tight
  • The seal and the clamp are best if its kind
  • It enables a secure storage


  • It has a faulty connector clip

04. MAXMATE ‎TCN169032


Highlighted Features

  • 24oz marine-grade vinyl
  • Velcro strips on the sides
  • Clamp mounted aluminum rails

This tonneau cover somewhat has a similar aluminum mounting as the Tyger tonneau cover, which makes them belong to a similar range.

It also has the clamp-mounted feature, which gives it an edge over some of the other covers.

After extensive use, this truck cover doesn’t wrinkle no matter how much it is used. It is all about the Velcro and tension system.

No amount of water that comes in contact with the cover will affect the cargo inside.

The installation process is a little bit hard, so that’s the reason for adding the side mount rails to enable easy installations of the covers.

“Installation process takes about 40 minutes when you’re doing it yourself.

You won’t need the U-joints for installation, and it also has a packaged installation guide.”


  • Same aluminum mounting brackets as Tyger
  • Excellent performance
  • Firm suspension system


  • It has no waterproof element

05. GATOR COVERS ‎59504


Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Industrial strength vinyl
  • Perimeter sealing
  • Leather grade vinyl
  • Integrated buckling feature

The Gator covers enable convenient protection for your truck and your cargo with just a little price tag.

A surprising benefit of this cover is that it can easily be installed within ten minutes without using any professional tool.

It is built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame that supports tear-resistance and industrial strength.

As regards how long can the tonneau cover be used, it has an aluminum frame that helps to prevent any wear and tear that are likely to happen during using your vehicle.

Extra strength sealing feature is also included in the functionality of this truck cover.

A tight weal around the truck cover prevents it from rain, dust, and snow.

You do not have anything to worry about regarding the care of your cargo and valuables all year round.

Also, apart from the cargo cover doing the above functions, it also has an integrated fastening buckle that enables you to drive when you need to haul a larger cargo.”


  • Affordable; not so expensive
  • Keeps weather conditions away


  • The back end doesn’t tighten as it should.

06. Tyger Auto ‎TG-BC3N1027


Highlighted Features

  • Double coated vinyl
  • Waterproof sealing
  • 24oz marine-grade vinyl

The Tyger Auto brand is known to design a perfect tonneau cover that works exceptionally better than other products of its kind.

The installation process is the easiest thing to do as it has a customized sleek design.

You do not have to employ professional equipment before you can get your cover installed on your truck.

It requires you to drill small holes in your truck cover to enable easy clamping to your truck

Also, users might be contemplating how much security it does to the tonneau cover.

Worry less because it has a clamp with a stainless-steel rod, which adds the effect of absolute security to your cargo.

Your gas use is reduced by 13% on average use. So that’s the best reason why you should choose this product.

Another good thing about this tonneau cover is that it folds easily, and you can easily access the truck bed.

Your cargo is also protected with this additional feature in the truck.”

Don’t forget it also has watertight sealing that helps prevent water access into your cargo or valuables.

Also, you enjoy the benefits of your cargo being protected from dust and sun rays.


  • It has no leakage issues
  • It doesn’t wear or tear no matter the life span.
  • The cover fits perfectly


  • It’s not easy to adjust when one side is tighter than another.



Highlighted Features

  • 100% ultra flex
  • Carpeted under-panelling
  • Full perimeter seal

This product won’t let you down in delivering an ultimate tonneau cover with an exclusive feature.

This product has the ultra-flex feature, which enables you to explore different driving positions.

Also, the ultra-flex feature makes the undercover tonneau cover an all-purpose truck cover because of its irresistible look and features.

In contrast with other products, it has an automatic match cover that serves the benefits of security and easy accessibility

The ultra-flex design is modeled in a way that it is very much easier to install without the use of a professional tool and also, it is easier to remove with the aid of the L-rails.”

Lastly, this tonneau cover is far from making you frustrated because it has a single-action tailgate.

This tailgating feature allows you to either open or close the tailgate.


  • It has a good bed cover with a strong coating
  • It doesn’t touch the car fold. When folded you


  • None

08. RETRAX ‎80383


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum panel to support 500 lbs
  • Latch secured
  • Sealed ball-bearing rollers
  • Uv matte finish

You don’t need a better truck cover as this product is known for its strength to protect your elements or cargo.

If your vehicle suffers scar or scratch, a feature helps provide scratch and UV protection.

The coated matte finish is well noted for this purpose.

The sealed ball-bearing roller system that comes with this vehicle guide you along the rails.

The handle is convenient and can be easily pulled.

The aluminum truck bed cover has a premium aluminum seat cover which has increased the efficiency of using this vehicle that has extra strength.”

It has many benefits for your vehicle because it adds style and low-profile design to your vehicle. It makes your vehicle more attractive.


  • The glides are easy to open and close
  • A secure and robust truck cover


  • The RETRAX tonneau cover isn’t Waterproof.

09. RETRAX ‎T90232


Highlighted Features

  • Powder-coated matte finish
  • Trax tail system
  • Low profile design
  • Spiral track system

This product is loaded because it combines the best technology; remote control, lasting aluminum material, and the T-slot accessory customization.

It has the above feature, but it also has the Trax rail system that produces the rail system that enables you to optimize carbon capacity.

With the rail system opened or closed, your cargo management is versatile.

Be assured of its durability because it’s made of an aluminum cover that can support close to 500 lbs equally distributed.

The aluminum slats are heavy duty which is made to retract without joints.

The low-profile design feature you get from this product he incorporated in your driver’s truck.

This design produces a strong, firm, and protected design. Your seal is also protected with a dependable seal to keep the tonneau cover dry.

“One feature that differentiates this product from other products in its category is the introduction of wireless technology.

With just a task as simple as tapping a button, your tonneau cover opens and closes.”

Lastly, the electromagnetic brake feature allows it to lock anyhow along the rail.

This feature gives users Optimus security for their cargo storage needs.


  • This cover is solid when locked
  • The remote control ease users operation
  • A sturdy product


  • It isn’t a watertight cover

10. RDJ TRUCKS ‎65-50540


Highlighted Features

  • Locking tailgate
  • UV coated finish
  • Front clamps

This product can be likened to a premium tonneau cover. It’ll essentially protect the cargo from theft and weather conditions.

On the bedside rails, the rubber Q-seal helps to keep the weather out. This feature prevents water, snow, or dust from having access to your cover.

You can use the simple clamp on the mounting system to install this cover or remove it within 5 minutes. It’s that easy to use.

Rear clamps are easily accessible in situations when the tonneau cover folds up, while the front clamps help to make the cover more secure on the truck.

“The locking tailgate also has a function it performs. The tailgate helps to secure your cargo from any elements at all.”


  • A good sturdy product
  • A watertight cover.


  • Clamps don’t fit with Nissan cargo boxes.

11. TRUXEDO ‎1497301


Highlighted Features

  • Self-leveling design
  • Matte black fabric
  • Quick-release system.
  • Automatic tension control

Are you in search of a good cover without breaking a bank? Then this cover is for you, it has premium quality for a meager price.

The matte black fabric makes it dirt-resistant and allows it to maintain a clean and perfect look. Thus, materials are superior and durable.

To install this tonneau cover, you don’t need any unique tool or skill to achieve this. Also, the method of operation is the easiest.

You only need one single finger to open the cover. You roll the cover to secure your cargo without stress.

This product brand allows your cover to maintain a secured fit in adverse weather conditions.

Without using any tools, it is possible to replace the cover in a short time.

This truck cover is low profile and doesn’t disrupt the product design lines.”


  • A High-quality product
  • It’s very secure
  • It doesn’t disrupt the good looks of your truck


  • The rails slide down from time to time.

12. EXTANG ‎92931


Highlighted Features

  • Durable Tarp cover
  • EZ-lock Clamp
  • Jaw-grip clamp

A good thing about this tonneau truck is its beautiful outlook. This product has softer curves and sleek designs.

The tarp is created to improve the tarp tension using leather-grained fabric.

This curve and shapes provide an extra effect and strength to your tonneau cover.

You also have the double pivot MAX Hinges which help you remove adhesive and give perfect weather protection.

The product comes with a clamp that works perfectly, unlike the clamp of other Tonneau covers.

The front clamp, also called the jaw-grip, helps to prevent over-tightening because the clamp is tightened in a horizontal and vertical direction.

The rear clamps, also known as the EZ-lock, lock in a single direction, and you do not need strenuous effort to operate.‎

A new feature that makes this product a good option is the inclusion of new cab clamps.

It is fixed to your bed flanges, and it doesn’t disrupt or damage the bed caps.”

Lastly, the fabric is fade-resistant, and it’s been tested to always stand against all elements.


  • The product is perfect for the rail system
  • A perfect fit for your truck


  • Leaks happen in between the fabrics

13. MOSTPLUS ‎M42501


Highlighted Features

  • 14mm Aluminum Sturdy
  • In-built led light
  • Clamp-on lock
  • UV design

For better loading and durability, this product is designed with a 14mm Aluminum Sturdy cover.

The truck bed is designed to be clean and dry with an additional weatherstrip and mounting clamp.

This tonneau cover has an additional feature of led light that helps you enjoy its use at night.

Also, the 6000k led light helps to protect your eyes. This design is meant to meet different needs as much as it pertains to us.

The clamp-on lock makes it easier as you do not need to drill a hole.

You can secure the cover by simply adjusting it. This clamp-on lock enables easy operation and safe design.”

The tonneau cover is secure because you can wash it with soap and water. The water that enters doesn’t affect your cargo.


  • The led light is an excellent add
  • An excellent fit for your truck
  • The waterproof element is perfect


  • None

How to Choose Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan

Having read the complete review and you still don’t know what choice to make, we’ve gathered extra features that a good Tonneau Cover should possess.

Here, we briefly explain the extra features you need to consider.

Measure Size of Truck

You’ll need to measure your truck size before you get a Tonneau cover.

Regardless of your truck and tonneau cover seeming to be exact, you still need to measure your Tonneau cover and the truck, so you’ll be well assured that both are fit for one another.

Do not be in a hurry to get a Tonneau cover because a small tonneau cover wouldn’t ensure a perfect closure, while the more extensive cover would look too big for your vehicle. 


Check the material that each Tonneau truck is made of. All Tonneau covers have a material made of, but only a few of these products are made with the best quality materials.

Some of the. materials are made from vinyl with aluminum frames, while some others are completely designed from leather.

The leather material may look great, but it isn’t ideal for sunny weather. Vinyl, on the other side, is primarily the component of the complex folding cover.

Another essential thing to note is that the heavyweight of the material doesn’t necessitate it to mean sturdiness.

Be vigilant and only choose a hard folding material because it lasts longer.

Avoid substandard material even if it goes for a relatively cheap price.

Retraction Mechanism

Endeavor to select the best product that fits your purpose of use.

Any product that doesn’t have the feature fit for why you’re buying it, you should overlook that product and make other options.

Weather Sealing

The main idea behind having a Tonneau cover is to protect your things from rain, dust, and snow.

Some covers do not have top-notch sealing, which results in a leak from the corners.

Before choosing this product, make sure you take a product that has its sealing perfect and wouldn’t develop a problem in the long run.

Most covers are sealed with rubber; this helps to prevent water leaks, but do not be deceived because there is a better sealing material which is the double sealing layers.

The double sealing layers work better and are more durable than the rubber sealing.


One of the primary purposes of getting a tonneau cover is for security. Every tonneau cover must be performing the security purpose.

Check if the tonneau cover is very secure to keep your valuables from theft and related assault.

It should be securely locked. If you see a tonneau cover with every other feature but lacks this, you should consider getting another choice.


When determining a tonneau cover to purchase, you should put into consideration the installation process.

You shouldn’t buy a product if its installation process is complex and challenging. 

Ease of Access

Is the tonneau cover accessible? This question should be answered before making a purchase.

If at all the products can’t be easily accessed, you might need to make other options.

Types of Tonneaus Covers

This section is aimed at giving an explicit concept of the types of tonneau cover available. These tonneau covers include:


Tri-Fold tonneau covers are highly secure and can be easily cut through.

As the name suggests, the trip fold cover is flexible as it can be folded in multiple ways.

The trifold is so secure that it doesn’t allow you to access your cargo completely.


The roll-up tonneau cover is the best choice as it is easy to install and comes at a budget-friendly price.

This tonneau cover is made of vinyl material which defines its cheap price.

The roll-up cover is versatile as it protects your vehicle from weather conditions and thieves.


The hard tonneau cover is so perfect as it is durable. Apart from being durable, it also secures your truck from weather and thieves.

This tonneau cover is made of a strong material that doesn’t roll easily like the soft roll-up.

How To Install Tonneau Cover on Nissan Titan By Yourself DIY

Do you know you can install the Tonneau Cover on your Nissan Titan yourself?

Here, we’ve made a comprehensive explanation of how you can get this done in due time.


  • Nose pliers
  • Tape measurement
  • Utility knife
  • 7/16″ socket or wrench
  • 2 Phillip screwdriver


Before you start, there is an important thing you should do. Most trucks have the OE drain holes in the front of the truck bed, while some don’t have.

Check if your vehicle has the OE drain hole. Your vehicle must have this drain hole, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have to drill into the sheet material.

The holes should be situated near the sides. You can use a tapered drill or steep drill to make a hole for sheet metal.

Make sure the hole is at 19mm. 30 minutes will be enough for the whole process.

Step By Step Guide of Installing Tonneau Cover on Nissan Titan

  • Insert the 3mm EVI on the side rail. Then, you insert your side rail on the edge of your tonneau cover. Lock in the edge, so it does fit perfectly.
  • Tighten the bolt with your screwdriver so that it’ll fall in place.
  • Measure the EVI firm with your tape measurement and stick the 80mm EVI firm on the side of your truck. Start from the back and move gradually to both sides.
  • If the EVI firm is too long, cut it into the right size with your utility knife.
  • Use tape to keep your tonneau cover from being bumped out of space. Be vigilant; make sure the tape doesn’t damage your truck paint.
  • Pull up the tonneau cover so that you can access the side reels. You should have three clamps each on both sides. Add your bolt-on to each clamp.
  • You don’t have to tighten all at once. Just make sure they’re in place. Tighten them one after the other with your wrench.

Best Tonneau Cover For Nissan Titan

Photo Credit; wikimedia.org; C.C

Related Questions

How will I clean the Tonneau Cover?

Washing your tonneau cover isn’t something hard as the Tonneau cover itself accommodates rain, snow, and other elements.

The tonneau cover is a protector itself and cleaning it with water doesn’t affect its functionality.

Truck owners don’t need to remove the cover before washing the truck as water doesn’t affect it.

The tonneau cover is supposed to come with the user’s guide in all cases.

This guide should explain how best the user can use the cover, and there should be an inclusion of the safe material to use on the cover and what not to use.

If your tonneau cover is painted, you should go through a touchless car wash to remove the paint.

What is the best type of tonneau seat cover?

In all honesty, the hardcover is the best tonneau cover amongst other tonneau types. It can withstand heavy duties.

This tonneau cover is very much popular among truck drivers that use their vehicles for Herculean tasks.

Unlike other tonneau covers, they are made of the best quality material ever. Also, the materials stand out as regards their durability and protection function.

Finally, it is the best choice anyone can opt for because it has the best functionality for your truck no matter how much you use it, either heavy-duty or light duty.

Is it true that the Tonneau Cover improves fuel efficiency?

To some extent, tonneau covers can improve fuel efficiency. We discovered that a covered truck has a way of slowing the vehicle, mostly on highways.

This process is believed to cause a reduction in fuel consumption as cars to move on the highway.

Although the reduced fuel might not be very much, it still makes a difference in fuel consumption. After all, it adds to how efficient the vehicle moves.

This situation can also be likened to driving a car with the window closed to reduce drag.

Why is it essential that I have a tonneau cover?

The tonneau cover serves various purposes, and you couldn’t afford to use your Nissan Titan without it.

When you don’t use it, it will be detrimental to some things in your vehicle. You must have a tonneau cover for securing the valuables you keep in your vehicle.

Also, it protects your storage from rain, dust, snow, etc. Besides impacting your valuables, your vehicle needs to look good, and the tonneau cover is the ideal option here.

You wouldn’t want a situation whereby your vehicle consumes so much fuel. The tonneau cover solves this issue too.

How do I waterproof my tonneau cover?

It would help if you had a waterproof tonneau cover to work perfectly in all weather conditions.

The waterproof technology is an important feature that’ll be a plus to your vehicle.

So, how do you waterproof a tonneau cover even though we know tonneau covers aren’t waterproof?

You’ll need to modify and add a simple waterproof feature to your cover.

You’ll need to place some seals or rubbers at the edge of your tonneau cover. This seal prevents water from finding its way into the cover.

You might think of including some water-resistant features like additional kits, waterproof seal, and insulating water pipe.

Can I stand on a Tonneau Cover?

Yes! You can stand comfortably on any tonneau cover, especially if it’s a hard tonneau cover.

As far as the Tonneau cover is concerned, you should choose a cover that’s strong, reliable, and durable.

The hard tonneau cover is good as it is made with a vital component that makes it stand out among other covers.

Other tonneau covers, too, like the hard retractable cover, allow you to stand on it because it’s made of a similar material to the hard tonneau cover.

Last Thoughts

So, here you have the best tonneau cover for your Nissan Titan reviews.

You can only have the best product from the above-reviewed products.

It’s left with you to choose any product that suits you.