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Honda Civic Engine Replacement Cost : Learn About Replacing Civic Engine (Included DIY & Mechanic Shop Cost)

Honda is a very popular car brand that has gained the trust of many car owners over the years.

They produce durable and affordable cars, but every good thing will definitely have a bad side, and that’s the Honda Civic engine maybe.

Honda Civic engine after some years of use may develop some fault and the need for it to be repaired or replaced would arise.

The replacement is a very difficult process for some people, while the Honda Civic Engine Replacement Cost is a piece of cake for some people who can easily afford it.

In this guide, we will be dwelling much on the Honda engine replacement cost and the DIY steps to replacing the engine.


Types of Honda Civic Engine

Since Honda started producing cars, they have produced hundreds of engines inside their car but here we will only talk about some Honda Civic engine types.

1st Generation Honda Civic Engine

This is the first generation of engines used in Honda Civic cars, it’s very reliable and takes any type of fuel. Has a minimum horsepower but the performance is not bad.

2nd Generation Honda Civic Engine

The second-generation engine is an improvement on the first generation engine, it is designed with increased horsepower and performs better than the first generation.

3rd Generation Honda Civic Engine

The third generation is designed with a camshaft instead of a combustion chamber, this makes the fuel combustion a bit difficult and exposes the engine to great problems.

4th Generation Honda Civic Engine

In this engine, the VTech technology was used and this improved the performance generally.

5th Generation Honda Civic Engine

The fifth-generation engine is a four-stroke cylinder engine and is characterized by increased acceleration.

What is the best option for a Honda civic engine? REPLACE OR JUNK IT?

The best option depends on the type of problem affecting the engine. There are some problems with the engine that can be fixed immediately and some of the problems require an expert to fix it for you.

If the problem affecting your Honda Civic engine is above what you can solve, please contact an expert mechanic and ask for the price of the repair.

If the price is more than $2500-$3000 then you should think twice because the price of the repair is very close to the price of buying a new engine.

If the price of the repair is not more than $1000-1500 then you can think about fixing the problem.

Honda Civic Engine Common Problems

As we said earlier, everything has advantages and disadvantages, the Honda Civic engines are good, no doubt about that but they suffer some problems that will either make you repair it at a high cost or replace the entire engine.

There are some common problems and there are some problems associated with some models.

But in this section, we will be talking about the general problems affecting the Honda Civic engine. The problems include

  • Crankshaft oil leak
  • Timing chain problem
  • Idling vibration
  • Crashed engine block
  • Poor lubrication

Those are some of the general problems faced by Honda Civic engine owners. But some specific Honda produced in some years has their particular problem associated with them.

Honda Civic Engine Replacement Cost

If your Honda Civic engine has developed issues and you are thinking about replacing it, you should think twice because replacing a Honda Civic engine will cost you a lot of money.

Honda Civic engine problems can be so frustrating, as the oil dilution problem when you fill your car engine with oil and in about an hour you notice the oil has been completely diluted with fuel and it’s smelling.

This can be so frustrating and can damage the engine.

So to replace the engine, it’s either you do for the DIY process or you pay for the service of an expert

DIY Cost of Replacing Honda Civic Engine

If you choose to replace your Honda Civic engine yourself, you wouldn’t be spending too much on this process, the only money you are spending is the cost of buying the tools if you don’t have and buying a new engine for your Honda.

A new engine should cost around $3500-$4000, so you should only be spending on buying the new engine.

Professional/ Mechanic Cost of Replacing Honda Civic Engine:

If you want to employ the service of a professional mechanic to replace your Honda Civic engine for you, the cost will include the service charge of the mechanic and the cost of buying a new engine.

You should expect to spend around $5000-$6000 in total.


This depends solely on which procedure you want to take. If you are doing it yourself, it might take a lot of your time because you are not an expert.

You can spend 13-15 hours, but if you employ the service of an expert, an expert should use like 10-12 hours to replace your Honda civic engine for you.

Tools needed:

  • Feeler gauge
  • Piston Ring tool
  • Torque wrench
  • Gasket scraper
  • Engine Hoist
  • Rachel set
  • Screwdriver sets

Step by Step Guide on How to Replace Your Honda Civic Engine

Here we will be talking about the steps by which you can replace your Honda Civic Engine without employing the service of a professional.

Step1: Disconnect the car battery:

The first step is to ensure the battery terminals are well disconnected.

This is for safety not to get shocked or get hurt from electric current while working on the engine.

You might have to raise the car up with the jack wheel first so as to have access to the underneath of the car when you want to remove the engine.

Step2: Free up the exhaust manifold:

To get access to the Honda Civic engine, you have to free up the exhaust manifold space and all the battery hoses.

Although this depends on how you want to take out the engine. If you want to take it out through the upper side, then freeing the exhaust manifold is important.

What you need to clear include, the upper radiator hose and draining the fluids oil.

Step 3: Loosen the power steering pump:

The power steering pump also stands just above the engine and it should be removed together with the AC compressor pump with the wrench to free up space.

Step 4: Remove the wire Harness off the Fuel Rail:

The harness rail has two clips, squeeze them together and you will be able to remove it.

After removing it, you will have access to the engine transmission, remove the bolt holding it down with the ratchet set.

Step5: Pull the starter wires off:

The starter wires are connected to the back of the engine, you need to pull it off to be able to remove the engine.

If the harness is also connected to the engine, it needs to be removed as well.

The last process before removing and replacing the engine is to remove the throttle cable.

These are attached with a 12mm bolt, lose it with the wrench.

Step 6: Lift the car up with the Jack:

This is to give space to remove the engine completely. After you have disconnected all the wires, harness, and engine transmission, the engine is free to be removed.

You might need assistance to be able to lift the engine out completely.

Step 7: Replace with your preferred engine:

After removing the Honda Civic engine, you should have gotten the engine you want to replace it with already, fix all the disconnected wires back and you continue to enjoy your car.

Honda Civic Engine Block Replacement Cost

The engine block is a common problem suffered by the Honda civic engine, the causes of the engine block problem include engine overheating, engine going off suddenly.

To replace the engine block, you will spend up to $3000.

Honda Civic Engine Mount Replacement Cost

Another issue of the Honda Civic Engine is the engine mount issue. If your Honda Civic engine suffers from this problem, you may need to spend $400-500$ for replacing it.

Some of the Honda Civic engine Problems according to the year of production include:

2001 Civic engine problem:

All the 2001 civic engine car owners have the same complaint about the engine problems

  • Poor engine idling
  • Burning oil
  • Exhaust manifold problem

2004 Civic engine problems:

The problem associated with 2004 engine are

  • Engine oil leak
  • Fuel Dilution problem
  • Engine light issue

2006 Civic engine problems:

  • Piston noise
  • Cracked engine mount
  • Leaking engine block

2008 civic engine problems:

  • Engine noise
  • Oil leaking
  • Wastes oil

2016 civic engine problem:

  • Oil dilution problem
  • Poor odling

Relevant Questions

How long will my Honda Civic Engine last?

Normally, a Honda Civic Engine should last about 200,000 miles no matter how you used it, but with proper care, by servicing the engine parts regularly, the engine should last you about 300,000 miles.

So taking proper care of your engine is very important.

 How much will it cost me to replace my Honda Civic engine:  

The cost of replacing your Honda Civic engine will vary depending on whether you are doing it yourself or employing the service of an expert.

Employing the service of an expert will depend on the hourly rate of the expert multiplied by the number of hours to be used.

So expect to spend around $5000-$6000 for the total replacement and the service charge.

Which one is cheaper? To rebuild my Honda Civic engine or buy another one?

Rebuilding your Honda Civic engine is usually cheaper than buying a new engine.

Rebuilding the engine will help you save up to half of the total money for buying a new engine.

Although it depends on the problem facing the engine, you might find yourself spending more on rebuilding than buying a new one. So the decision depends on the type of engine problem.

How long will it take to replace my Honda Civic engine:

Removing the Honda civic engine is a simple process and you should spend around 10-12 hours doing it.

Although, it depends on the age of the car engine and the professionalism of the mechanic working on it.

A professional should not spend above 12 hours replacing the Honda engine.

Can I replace my Honda Civic engine with a used engine:

Yes, you can replace your Honda civic engine with a used car engine because this will save you a lot of money.

Used car engines are way cheaper than a new engine, but you have to be sure you buy it from a trusted source and ensure the engine does not have any issues in the past.

The best thing to do is to call an expert to check the engine out before you buy it.

Can I replace my Honda Civic engine myself?

The answer is Yes, you can easily replace your Honda Civic engine yourself if you have all the necessary tools and you are ready to undergo all the stress.

The truth is that the replacing process is very stressful and you need to be determined. Check out the DIY process online and get all the necessary tools.

Be careful when doing it not to spoil any part of the engine, if you are not sure, just pay an expert to do it.

When should I replace my HONDA civic engine?

You should plan to replace your Honda civic engine when you notice the following problems about the engine. Engine cracking, oil dilution problem, Engine check light on, and so on.

You should plan to replace your engine or rebuild it as soon as you notice these problems.

Final Words

Honda civic engine replacement cost is not cheap, so all car owners need to take proper care of the car engine so as to make it last longer and avoid spending unnecessary money on the repair.

If you find this guide helpful, do well to share it with your friends, family, and other car owners, and don’t forget to leave a comment below.