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Top 11 Best Brake Pads For Honda Civic Reviews & A Comprehensive Buying Guideline of 2023

Changing broken brake pads is not only a necessary safety precaution; it’s also a low-cost strategy to avoid costly repairs.

A penetrating metallic screech from failing brake pads serves as an initial indicator that you need to change it and find the best brake pads for Honda Civic for your vehicle

A noticeable shift in pedal sensation or grinding indicates that the padded top has eroded, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation in which stopping force is diminished while other braking system parts deteriorate.

To avert the problems that come with a faulty, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best brake pads for your Honda Civic. Read on!


A Comparison Table of Best Brake Pads For Honda Civic

‎EBC Brakes ‎K2440
‎Power Stop K1043
‎R1 Concepts eLINE
‎Bosch BC914
‎Akebono ACT465A
‎Bendix Premium CFC914
‎StopTech 309.08290
‎Power Stop K690
‎KFE KFE914-104
‎Hawk ‎HB145F570

What is The Best Brake Pads for Honda Civic?

The Power Stop K2440 Brake Pad is our favorite choice for the top Honda Civic brake pads.

These brake pads include a carbon-fiber ceramic composition that is mild on wheels while still being sufficiently sensitive to put your automobile to a standstill in any situation.

Power Stop K2440 Brake Pads also have a greater heat threshold than original brake pads, rendering them less prone to brake wear.

Why Power Stop K2440 is the Best Brake Pads Brand for Honda Civic?

Power Stop is the go-to brake pad maker to cast your gaze on when you go all out looking for a product for your automobile.

They manufacture balanced and superior brake pads that meet high-performance requirements and provide excellent braking force for your Honda Civic cars.

Surprisingly, and unlike their counterparts in the market with comparable quality, these brake pads are cheap for the value they offer.

Getting this product for your auto could be one of the best decisions you’ll take in a while

11 Best Brake Pads For Honda Civic in 2023

Below are the researched reviews on some of the brake pads for the Honda Civic available in the market:

01. Power Stop K2440 Brake Pads – Best Quality Brake Pads For Honda Civic


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon-fiber ceramic compound
  • Ceramic brake lubricant
  • Stainless steel installation unit
  • Bolt-on upgrade

Power Stop comes with a remarkable set of features that makes it the best for your wheels.

It includes powder-coated pad support rather than simply painted to protect against corrosive environment, plus the ceramic pad substance is laced with carbon fiber to minimize brake dust.

Rubberized shims and a hardware set come with these brake pads to further reduce braking noise.

This puts them in the top-grade category, yet their low pricing places them atop the scale of value.

“The manufacturer should focus on producing brake pads that can cater to a wide variety of Honda Civics and not just a limited few.”


  • Great value for a high-performance brake pad.
  • Well-crafted product
  • Features high-quality anti-corrosion and anti-screech lubrication.


  • Not all vehicles are eligible.
  • Have slightly less braking force than standard pads.

02. Power Stop K1043 – Best Honda Civic Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon-fiber ceramic
  • Zinc-plated
  • Ceramic brake lubricant
  • Minimal dust

This brake pads kit provides an exceptional bargain for individuals who simply require pads, not related lubricants or hardware, which this kit does not come with.

It is designed for skilled mechanics with the knowledge of how to detect wear indications and recyclable shims.

For those who’ll take their ceramic brake pads to a professional mechanic, these entry-level pads are still a great value buy, since any well-supplied brake expert ought to have additional hardware in the store.

“Except for seasoned mechanics, it can be really hard to tell if the shims were reused.

The manufacturer should strive to include some lubes and hardware.”


  • A no-frill, low-cost brake pad kit
  • Excellent quality
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles


  • Wear indications or shims are hard to tell if they’ve been reused
  • No inclusion of hardware or lubrication

03. R1 Concepts eLine 2012-2015 – Best Performance Honda Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality
  • Precision Drilled Holes
  • Countersunk
  • Zinc-coated

This eLine brake pad is the ideal choice for anybody searching for a combination of performance and style.

These products perform well, they have a great aesthetic value.

A kit comes with eight brake pads and four rotors.

Excluding the blank patterned rotors, which have a unique zinc coating, all of the rotors have an element of anti-corrosion.

The rotors include precisely perforated holes to guarantee that the heat built up is effectively dissipated.

Also, slots are decorating the rotors to improve brake pad grip.

The rotors in this package are intended to be a perfect fit for any vehicle. Before deploying them, you do not have to make any changes.

Furthermore, installing these takes very little time.

You’ll immediately become infatuated with the sensation of mastery these brakes pads give you once you’ve broken them in.

“The relevant department responsible for packaging this product should have been more careful.

Some customers complained that their orders came incomplete”



  • They may be lacking an internal component.

04. Bosch BC914 Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Friction Formula with Advanced Ceramics
  • Rubber core shim in the OE style
  • 2025 Copper-free Legislation Compliant
  • Longer pad and rotor lifespan
  • Protective transfer layer

Bosch engineers are devoted to platform-specific high-quality material, guaranteeing outstanding stopping force and stable performance with little dust.

The rubberized inner multilayer shim offers improved noise insulation and strength in a quiet operation.

The advanced aircraft alloy utilized in the patented ceramic and semi-metallic friction composition complies with the Copper-Free Act of 2025.

Rotor and pad life are extended by a built-in safety transfer layer.

Hardware set (where applicable) and synthetic oil provided to conduct a full brake service; chamfers and slots for high quality, fit, and performance

“This product, even though it’s one of the best out there, does not perform so well in colder environments.

So, people in the polar region need to look elsewhere.”


  • Significantly lowered wear on rotors with time
  • Silent and stable operation
  • High-quality, long-lasting build
  • Generates very small brake dust.
  • It’s ideal for commuting on freeways and city roads under typical circumstances.


  • Not recommended for use in cold weather or on the road.
  • Heat dissipation is less effective compared to the semi-metallic pads.

05. Akebono 465A Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Optical braking capability
  • Shims-included
  • Protective transfer layer

The rotor-friendly feature of Akebono ACT1354 brake pads are well-known.

This is a characteristic that most buyers appreciate when purchasing brake pads.

Other significant advantages of these high-quality brake pads are noise and dust-free capabilities.

These characteristics will alleviate your concerns about noise and dust.

You will now constantly be able to feel the seamless braking power supplied by these brake pads when driving.

Above all, they’re well-suited to your car.

Furthermore, the pads’ excellent clutching ability will make you think positively of them.

Lastly, these brake pads come with shims that improve the product’s quality and are inexpensive.

“Some competitor’s products in our list outclassed this product.

Plus, it is a bit pricey for the value it offers”



  • Expensive for aftermarket brake pads
  • Are not greatly performing brakes, compared to competitors.

06. Bendix CFC914 Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • Noise-canceling shims
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Shims included

Are you fed up with traditional brakes?

Do you want to check something new that’ll go above and beyond your desires?

This is the product for you!

The braking system’s noises may be rather irritating at times.

It has a noise-canceling shim which gives you less stress dealing with it.

As a result, your car will come to a clean stop with no unwanted noises.

Its rust resistance is ensured and strengthened by the fact that it is copper-free.

As a result, it can endure for a long time.

Also, it includes some lubrication, which renders it a lot easier to use.

The manufacturer’s brake catalog clearly states which vehicles they are suited for.

As a result, you’ll not, under any conditions, purchase the incorrect size.


  • Comes with a noise-canceling shim
  • Ensures that the car comes to a clean halt at any pace
  • Provides corrosion resistance
  • It’s lubricated to make it easier to use.


  • Generates a lot of brake dust.

07. StopTech 309.08290 Sport Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Sports-ready braking system
  • Wear-resistant
  • Compliant with different models
  • Shims included

StopTech built a reputation for itself as a manufacturer of sports-ready braking system modifications for high-performance and autocross-driving fans.

Their brake pad series offers enhanced braking force and wear tolerance without the long warm-up sessions required by full-on racing brakes.

Because brake pads can screech during normal city drive, use an anti-screech substance on the rear of the brake pad area when installing them.


  • Compatible with a variety of models
  • Long-lasting stopping force without wearing
  • Short warm-up time
  • Wear indicators and shims were included.


  • Generates greater brake dust than standard pads
  • Vehicle owners complained about the noise from stop-and-go traffic

08. Power Stop K690 Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Shims included
  • Effective Heat Dissipation
  • Dust-resistant
  • Noise-less

The Power Stop K690 brake pads are the right brake pads for performance vehicles and muscle cars.

Even in extreme situations, this product delivers excellent results.

The brakes don’t produce a lot of noise and do their job properly.

Moreover, these brake pads are free from the piling up of specks of dust and are very easy to set up.

The set-up gear is included in the kit, so you may use these pads straight away.

“These are good heavy-duty rear pads. When writing this review, we had a lot of fun with it.

Our package, unfortunately, was lacking some hardware.”


  • Produce less dust unlike its counterparts
  • Sophisticated shims are included for effective heat dissipation
  • They are almost noiseless.
  • Deliver great results at the fastest possible speeds
  • It includes a hardware set, so you can start using it right away.


  • Some hardware could be missing in a kit

09. KFE KFE914-104 Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Front installation
  • Ceramic material
  • Warning sensor
  • OEM compatibility
  • Dual-rubberized shims

Although KFE isn’t a renowned brand, tons of positive customer reviews on Amazon speak volumes about its effectiveness.

It is not only one of the cheapest products on our list, but it is one of the most cost-effective options available.

The brake pads are well-built to give a dependable braking sensation over a long time, and the set is well-packaged.

These pads are resistant to corrosion and provide great braking performance.

Ultimately, the stopping force is outstanding, the dust produced is low, and the operation is noiseless.

“Not every buyer out there is a DIYer.

The manufacturer should find a way of including an instruction manual in this product so that DIYer buyers can find it easy installing by themselves.”


  • Reduces vibration, dust, and braking noise
  • Guarantees longevity and durability
  • Adaptable to a variety of vehicles
  • Allows automobile owners to stop more smoothly, quickly, and forcefully.


  • There are no mounting instructions included.
  • There is no lubrication

10. Hawk Performance HB145F.570 Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • Ferro-Carbon Composite
  • Increased Stopping Force
  • Mild on Brake Pads
  • Heavy-duty use

Hawk Performance HPS Ceramic Brake Pads are the ideal choice for high-performance driving.

These precision pads are mild on brake disc rotors while still being able to handle heavy-duty applications.

This renders them suitable for people who go through steep or mountainous areas frequently.

The usage of special Ferro-Carbon composite linings accounts for a large part of the pads’ operational qualities.

These specialty walls have a greater friction coefficient, resulting in a twenty to forty percent increase in stopping force.

“The price of the major is a major scare that prospective buyers who are interested in the product will have to contend with.

If you have extra dollars to spare, then this brake pad is an option you should consider.”


  • Linings made from ferro-carbon
  • Improved stopping force


  • More expensive than most rivals

11. EBC Brakes Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • Dust-resistant
  • The high-performance braking system
  • Extra brake strength
  • Excellent quality

If you’re searching for a heavy-duty pad that also has the low-dust performance of several OEM-quality replacement alternatives, EBC Redstuff Brake Pads are the way to go.

These pads have a high coefficient of frictional force and lower thermal fade, resulting in maximum efficiency from all angles.

When using these brake pads, you’ll never have to worry about brake dust on your wheels ever again.

These brake pads are renowned for producing very little brake dust, with up to an eighty percent decrease in the dust compared to OEM brake pads.

“As with the product before it, the price of this product is its major downside.

It should have been a little cheaper to make sure it is affordable to most people.”


  • Produces minimal dust
  • Features extra-strength for extreme breaking
  • High-performance braking system even during cold


  • Relatively pricey

What You Should Consider Before Buying Best Brake Pads For Honda Civic

When you’ve decided to purchase a brake pad for your Honda Civic, you may want to consider these things:


There are thousands of brake pads in the market, each with its own set of prices.

Focus your inquiry on items that cost less than the price you’re ready to spend for the brake pads you’re looking to buy.

That’s how you’ll lessen or eliminate the anxiety that is associated with selecting the best disc brakes for your car among the many manufacturers available on the market.

If you spend a higher price on a brake, you should expect higher quality.

The high-end designs are built of high-quality components that provide long-term durability, dependability, and efficiency.

If you can pay for extra, an item from a renowned/reliable company furnishes you whatever confidence you need.

Plus, it saves you time and stress. Some companies, on the other hand, provide exceptional performance and quality at affordable costs.


Although most brake pads serve the same purpose, their construction differs.

Certain brake pads are manufactured particularly for a single car type or model year in some circumstances.

Remember to read the manual to verify if the product you want is fit for your car.

Also, you can employ the Amazon fitting tool to see if the product will match your Honda Civic properly.


Different materials are used to make or construct these brake pads.

Ceramic, non-metallic, and metallic brake pads are particularly widespread.

Although these brake pad types are excellent in terms of performance and quality, ceramic pads are the best.

They are made with cutting-edge technologies and provide outstanding performance and responsiveness.

Ceramic brake pads last longer, create less/no dust and noise, and provide excellent braking performance are somewhat pricey, they provide excellent value for the money you invest.


Every user’s taste and usage are taken into account while designing and packaging these brake pads.

Some pads come as a full set, while some others are packed specifically for a particular use or installation.

Choose a style that is particularly matched to your requirements and use it when purchasing one.


Choose a package that you will be able to attach or operate with effectively.

Brake pads are usually simple to install. But other brands are more difficult to install and require the assistance of a professional.

The Brake Pad Types

The most common varieties of brake pads can be found on the rack at your regional car spares store or e-commerce platforms, as shown below.

01. Semi-metallic (40-70% metal) brake Pads

These are the commonest choice for most auto owners.

These brake pads, which are mostly composed of metal, are tough and effective, as well as long-lasting.

They usually have a metal composition of thirty to sixty-five percent, which is combined with steel wire wool, copper, or graphite.

Hence, the pad has a high heat exchange capacity, which is critical for keeping brakes working at their best.

02. Organic Brake Pads

Organic brake pads are milder than their semi-metallic counterparts because they contain less than twenty percentage metal.

These brake pads, on the other hand, are quieter and create less gunk than higher-performance pads.

Some of these types of pads help your rotors survive for longer periods by reducing wear.

03. Ceramic Pads

Ceramic brake pads are the newest alternative in the marketplace for brake pads, and they’re steadily gaining popularity among automakers.

Ceramic pads, which are made up of ceramic fibers and different non-ferrous fiber composites, are a great option for a wide temperature range.

These pads usually produce lesser noise and less gunk, but they’re significantly more expensive.

The excellent thing is that most manufacturers are now making ceramic brake pads, bringing costs closer to parity.

If you noticed, the majority of our suggestions are ceramic pads, which offer a better combination of function and affordability than their semi-metallic counterparts.

04. Galvanized Brake Pads

The metallic supporting panels in most brake pads are prone to corrosion, leading to delamination and rust-jacking, which are both significant problems that jeopardize the stability of braking systems.

That is why, regardless of the friction material you pick – ceramic, organic, or semi-metallic – choosing this type of brake pad may increase the lifetime of your pads significantly.

FAQ’s of Best Brake Pads For Honda Civic

What are the prices of Honda Vehicles brake pads?

The cost of replacing the brake pads on your Honda Civic is typically between $150 and $300.

Labor costs are included in the pricing.

Nevertheless, based on your region, this pricing could be somewhat lower or higher.

If you want to know about the engine replacement cost

How long will my Civic Brake last?

Brands and quality designs can endure up to twenty-five thousand kilometers in general.

Brake pads may remain operational for up to sixty thousand miles in rare instances.

Nevertheless, the length of time required for brake pads to wear down is determined by the driver’s driving habits as well as what the road surfaces and conditions in that area look like.

How can I figure out when it’s time to change my pads?

When brake pads are becoming worn out or damaged, there are a few basic indications and signs to look out for.

If you hear screeching sounds as you apply the brakes, you should have your brake pads examined and changed as needed.

What is the sole alteration between the ceramic brake and metallic pads?

Although both pads are good, one has a superior performance value and quality.

In comparison to metallic pads, ceramic pads are recognized for their superior performance over a lengthy time.

Why am I getting vibrations from the pedal?

Vibrations from your pedal are a frequent symptom of a rotor that has been damaged.

When you notice this symptom, get your rotors examined and changed as needed.


The brake pads you settle for can either improve or degrade your braking system.

That’s why it’s critical that when you change your brake pads, you substitute them with a durable and high-performance option available.

For the sake of recommendations, we’ll advise that it is less pricey while also offering you all the benefits you can imagine in a brake pad.

We’re hopeful that this article has informed you about the best brake pads for your Honda Civic and has guided you in selecting a model that matches your needs while also ensuring your safety on the road.