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Top 10 Best Brake Pads For Honda CRV – (Superior Braking Power)

The best brake pads for Honda CRV guarantee safety on the road at all times, especially while driving on rough roads and in extreme weather conditions.

The benefits of installing an excellent brake pad on your Honda CRV are undeniable.

When you replace your brake pads with an excellent design upon detection of issues or faults.

This improves the braking system and ensures your vehicle performs greatly at all times.

The best brake pads offer exceptional value on investment by providing instant response while driving on the road, which greatly influences reliability and confidence.

The condition of your brake pads plays a major role in your safety and that of other road users.

When your brake pads are in good working condition, they can prevent accidents.

With the high number of brake pads in the market, choosing the perfect design for your vehicle can be difficult and exhausting.

For a stress-free experience, we have carefully chosen ten (10) top brands that you can pick from.

These brands offer impressive stop power, reliability, and durability.

Power Stop, Max Advanced Brakes, KFE, Bosch, Detroit Axle, and SCITOO are reliable and high-performance brake pads you can purchase for your vehicle.


A List of The Popular Brake Pads For Honda CRV

Power Stop K6305
Bosch BC914
Power Stop Z17
Bosch BC1086
Detroit Axle ‎S-31257BK
KFE KFE914-104
Max Advanced Brakes KT041243
Power Stop KOE228
Detroit Axle (10PR2200192)

What is a Top Quality Brake Pad For Honda CRV?

For reliable and excellent stop power, the Power Stop K6305 is the best brake pad you can buy.

Why is Power Stop K6305 No 1 Brake Pad For Honda CRV ? (Our Recommendation)

The Power Stop K6305 provides reliable and long-lasting braking performance.

The brake pads are built from durable carbon-fiber ceramic material, guaranteeing uncompromised response and control while driving on the road.

These brake pads are not difficult to mount on your vehicle. They come with several unique features and attributes that support safety and outstanding performance at all times.

Our Assessment of 10 Best Brake Pads For Honda CRV

01. Power Stop K6305


Highlighted Features

  • Front and rear installation
  • Made from Z23 Carbon-Fiber ceramic
  • Top-quality rubberized shims
  • Drilled & slotted brake rotors
  • Brake lubricant
  • Zinc-plated exterior

The Power Stop K6305 comes on top of the minds of vehicle owners worldwide when it’s time to replace their damaged/faulty brake pads.

Thanks to the superior braking power it delivers.

This model is one of the most complete kits you can choose from.

It has all the hardware or components you need to improve your braking system and assist with fast and easy mounting.

The most notable inclusions are the drilled and slotted rotors for efficient brake pad cooling and the rubberized shims to eliminate noise during braking.

If you are looking for reliable brake pads that offer maximum braking performance, here is a product you can count on to deliver excellently on your expectations.

The brake pads are not impaired by extreme temperatures and rough road conditions. They are equipped to support your daily driving needs.

The powder-coated backing plate improves longevity by ensuring the brake pads are not affected by rust or corrosion.

Also, the brake pads do not produce noise during application or use. Thanks to its top-quality rubberized shims.

Although Power Stop K6305 is a bit costly, you will get remarkable value on the amount invested in it.


  • Highly responsive and noise-free braking
  • Guarantees long-lasting braking performance and safety
  • The brake pads are adequately coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • The brake pads eliminate dust accumulation that may impair braking performance


  • A bit expensive

02. Bosch BC914


Highlighted Features

  • Rear brake pads
  • Ceramic material
  • Rubberized multi-layer shims
  • Synthetic brake lubricant
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • 5 pounds in weight

Bosch BC914 is one of the highly-rated brake pads designs in the market. This brand has been around for years.

According to many vehicle owners, the BOSCH brand symbolizes quality, affordability, reliability, and confidence.

If you are looking for quality brake pads to mount on your vehicle, thereby improving your braking system without breaking the bank. Here is a great product you can pick.

These pads are not affected by heat. Its exceptional heat conductivity technology & control ensure overheating is eliminated for uncompromised braking performance.

This product doesn’t produce noise during operation/application, and it offers impressive durability and strength.

Another remarkable feature is its excellent fit on the installed vehicle, giving a similar feel and performance to OEM.


  • Impressive stopping power and noise-free operation
  • Comes with a protective transfer layer that supports extended life span of brakes and rotors
  • Affordable and quality brake pads for maximum safety and control
  • The aluminum-based alloy guarantees optimum durability


  • No installation manual

03. Power Stop Z17


Highlighted Features

  • Front brake pads
  • Ceramic material
  • Equipped with the necessary components
  • Two different clip sets
  • Double-layered rubberized shims
  • Brake grease/lubricant

Considering its impressive features, the Power Stop Z17 is a steal for the offering price.

Since this design is not built for all vehicle models, you may need to check for fitment and compatibility with your vehicle before you eventually proceed with the purchase.

The kit or package box has the components and hardware that are essential for a smooth and successful installation.

Although the kit doesn’t come with an installation guide, experienced vehicle owners can perform the replacement exercise in their garage.

If you have never performed brake pads replacement/installation before and you are fascinated by the experience.

You can watch the installation steps/procedures on YouTube for a clear understanding of the process.

This affordable design is famous for its smooth, dust-free, and noise-free operation.

Another impressive attribute is the build quality. The pads are built to fight off rust or corrosion.

With proper maintenance, these brake pads can serve you for a long time.


  • Noise-free & low dust operation
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Smooth and highly responsive braking performance


  • Not compatible for all vehicles
  • No installation manual

04. Bosch BC1086


Highlighted Features

  • Rear installation
  • Ceramic material
  • 4 brake pads
  • Synthetic lubricant
  • Multi-layer rubberized shims
  • Necessary mounting components

If you are searching for reliable rear brake pads to install on your vehicle, the Bosch BC1086 should come first on your list.

Bosch is a household name with a strong identity that depicts reliability, confidence, quality, and optimum performance over an extended period.

These brake pads are designed as the perfect OEM replacement kit that Honda CRV owners can purchase to upgrade their braking system.

The manufacturer ensures the pads are well-engineered to deliver superior stopping power from time to time without making unnecessary noise during use.

Another impressive feature of this design is that the brake dust produced during use is restricted to the barest minimum.

The kit contains all the installation hardware, making the mounting process easy. While these brake pads fit several vehicle designs and models.

Do not pay for the brake pads until you confirm if they are the perfect fit for your vehicle.


  • Equipped with a protective transfer layer for long-lasting rotors and pads
  • Provides incredible stopping power at every application
  • Pocket-friendly price for a top-performance design
  • Excellent OEM replacement brake pads


  • A small quantity of lubricant is included in the kit

05. Detroit Axle‎ S-31257BK


Highlighted Features

  • Front installation
  • Two (2) drilled and slotted rotors
  • Two (2) ceramic brake pads
  • Installation hardware/component
  • Zinc-plated exterior

When you look at the market, you will realize that there are several low-priced designs. Usually, these offerings are tempting.

You must resist the temptation and not fall for it.

A product from a brand that is not common, popular, or without convincing information and reviews on the internet is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Avoid these designs by all means.

Detroit Axle is a popular brand among vehicle owners around the world.

Their automotive products are rated highly for their impressive performance and the exceptional quality they deliver.

These brake pads are affordable, and they are engineered to deliver consistent and reliable stopping power.

The kit has the essential installation components for easy mounting on your vehicle.

The construction materials support long-lasting performance, durability, and an impressive fight against corrosion and rust.

The rotors are well-ventilated. They are designed to resist extreme heat, ensuring fast and effective cooling of the brake pads for uninterrupted braking performance.

Also, the brakes do not make noise during use, and the wheel dust is significantly reduced.


  • Fast cooling technology to eliminate overheating
  • Eliminates excessive wheel dust & low noise during use
  • Not affected by rust and corrosion
  • A cost-effective design


  • Not compatible with all vehicles

06. KFE KFE914-104


Highlighted Features

  • Front installation
  • Ceramic material
  • Chamfered edges
  • Warning sensor
  • OEM fitment
  • Dual-rubberized shims

While KFE is not a household name, the hundreds of excellent reviews it has gathered on Amazon say a lot about its quality and performance.

Asides from being one of the most affordable designs on our list, it is also one of the pocket-friendly selections you will find in the market.

If you need brake pads that are easy to install and do not care about extra components such as lubricant, here is an excellent pick.

The kit is neatly packaged, and each brake pad is well-engineered to provide a reliable braking experience over a long period.

These brake pads are not affected by rust, and they grip the rotors excellently well.

Overall, the stopping power is exceptional, produces minimal dust, and doesn’t make noise during application.

If you are looking for a brake pad design that offers excellent value on investment, here is a perfect pick for you.

These pads understand the assignment and perform remarkably well.

The warning sensor informs you when your pads are worn out or inadequate by making a screeching sound once they come in contact with the rotors.

This alerts you about the need for an immediate replacement.


  • Lowers noise, dust, and vibration during braking
  • Guarantees durability and longevity
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Provides car owners with the ability to brake smoother, faster, and harder


  • Doesn’t come with the mounting manual
  • No lubricant

‎07. Max Advanced Brakes KT041243


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon ceramic pads
  • The kit comes with rotors
  • Rubberized shims
  • Comes with the necessary mounting hardware
  • OEM fit and specifications

This product’s notable features or attributes are its efficient improvement in noise, vibration, and dust during braking.

The KT041243 Max Advanced Brake pads are designed and engineered to fit several vehicles.

However, ensure you confirm if your car is among the list of compatible models before you pay for these brake pads.

The kit is equipped with vital installation components.

These components are all designed/built to deliver on OEM specifications and expectations regarding fitment and performance.

Since the pads are made from ceramic, they can withstand extreme temperatures or conditions.

Hence, friction remains unchanged irrespective of the switch or change in temperature while driving on the road.

If you need a reliable and top-performance brake pad that can perform exceptionally well in various weather and road conditions without breaking the bank. Here is an excellent design that you can rely on.

Overall, this brake pad design provides consistent braking performance over an extended period.


  • Fits perfectly on compatible vehicles
  • Great design for people who need quality brake pads on a budget
  • Quiet brake pads


  • The brake pads are not plated, making them susceptible to rust
  • No installation manual
  • No lubricant

08. Power Stop KOE228


Highlighted Features

  • Front installation/replacement
  • Ceramic brake pads
  • Direct bolt-on installation
  • Comes with OEM rotors
  • Necessary installation hardware
  • Brake lubricant

Here is another impressive Power Stop brake pad design on our list. Just like every ceramic brake pad built by the manufacturer, this model also offers astonishing performance.

The Power Stop KOE228 has so many impressive features. For instance, it is durable, long-lasting, and offers strong stopping power without noise or dust during operation.

If you are looking for ideal brake pads that can withstand your daily driving needs, irrespective of the terrain and without breaking the bank. These pads are a great fit.

The brakes and rotors are OEM fit. This ensures quick and effortless installation and as well as guarantees outstanding performance from time to time.

Before the KOE228 brake pads are released/delivered to the market, they undergo a series of safety, quality, and performance tests to determine if they meet the performance and safety standards.


  • Guarantees noise and dust-free performance/application
  • Offers outstanding quality, performance, and safety
  • Inexpensive and easy to install brake pads


  • Absence of mounting manual

09. Detroit Axle (10PR2200192)


Highlighted Features

  • Front and rear installation/replacement
  • A perfect fit for 2012 to 2016 Honda CRV
  • Brake cleaner spray
  • Brake pads and disc rotors
  • Brake lubricant
  • OEM fit and specifications

Detroit Axle (10PR2200192) is another complete brake set on our guide.

The package comes with all the mounting and maintenance hardware/components for easy installation and long-lasting performance.

The kit consists of 2 brake pads and 2 disc rotors for front installation and the same number of units for rear replacement.

This ensures smooth and consistent braking performance during every operation/application.

You can confidently drive your car irrespective of the road condition when you have these brake pads installed on your wheels.

If you are looking for a single OEM brake pads replacement package or kit offered at a great price, here is a top design that gets the job done.

The pads and rotors fit incredibly on compatible vehicles, helping to eliminate noise, dust, vibration, and harshness during braking.

The ceramic build material is durable, and it prevents premature wear. These brake pads guarantee safety, consistency, and superb quality.

These attributes position this model as one of the most trusted/popular options in the automotive market.


  • Cost-effective design
  • The manufacturer has an excellent reputation for optimum performance and quality
  • The installation is easy
  • Designed/built to deliver OEM level of performance


  • The design doesn’t support a wide range of vehicles



Highlighted Features

  • Front & rear brake pads
  • Compatible with several Honda CRV models
  • 8 units of brake pads
  • Ceramic material
  • Double-layer shims
  • 100% asbestos-free formula

Scitoo is not your regular automotive brand. However, its quality speaks volumes about the benefits Honda CRV owners stand to gain when they install these brake pads on their vehicles.

Don’t look elsewhere if you are looking for reliable brake pads that offer exceptional performance at an affordable price.

This design comes in a kit, and it contains all the hardware you need to conduct a complete brake pad replacement on your vehicle.

The pads are easy to install (direct fit). You won’t need to perform any alterations or modifications to attain fitment.

While these brake pads are compatible with several Honda CRV models.

We advise that you read the description carefully to check if they fit your vehicle properly before you pay for them.

When installed on your vehicle, Scitoo pads improve your braking system, ensuring vibrations, noise, and dust are significantly reduced to provide consistent & outstanding braking performance.

Irrespective of the temperature range, the friction performance retains its quality and stays unaffected.

Also, the 100% asbestos-free formula used in manufacturing these brake pads conforms to the industry safety standards.


  • No alterations or modifications are required before/during installation
  • Absorbs vibration and lowers noise and dust
  • Affordable, reliable, consistent, and long-lasting performance


  • No grease or lube
  • No installation manual 

What To Look For Honda CRV Brake Pad


There are hundreds of brands on the market, and each product is sold at a specific price.

Tailor your search towards products that fall within the particular amount you are willing to invest in brake pads.

This is how you can reduce or cut down the stress that comes with choosing the ideal brake pads for your vehicle from the pool of brands in the market

Ideally, if you pay a premium for a product, you will enjoy superior quality.

The expensive designs are made from top-quality materials that guarantee durability, reliability, and maximum performance.

If you can afford to pay a premium, a product from a well-known/trusted brand gives you the confidence you need and saves you stress and time.

However, some brands offer outstanding quality and performance at pocket-friendly prices.

You may have to look at these products one after the other and read users’ reviews before you finally make a choice.

The good news is that the products discussed in this guide range from low-price to high-price.

While these brands vary in price, they all offer impressive performance and quality.


While all brake pads perform the same function, they are all built differently.

In some cases, some brake pads are designed specifically for a particular vehicle model or model year.

Ensure you read through the product description to see if your choice of brake pads is compatible with your vehicle.

You can also use the Amazon fitment tool to verify if the brake pads can be mounted successfully on your Honda CRV model year.


For best performance, confidence, and reliability, ensure you pick your brake pads from one of the well-known and trusted automotive brands.

These brands have been on the market for a long time, and they have gained the trust of vehicle owners across the globe for the quality of products they release to the market.

Avoid the less popular or new brands by all means, especially if you can’t devote the time to conduct extensive research and gather necessary insight about these brands.

While many of them are offered at attractive/juicy prices, do not jump at them until reviews from users and experts confirm their quality and performance.

So far, we have highlighted some less popular brands.

Their quality makes them stand out from other brands, which is evident in the hundreds of positive reviews they have generated.


Brake pads are made or designed from various materials. The most common brake pads materials are metallic, non-metallic, and ceramic.

While all of these brake types offer outstanding quality and performance, the ceramic brake pads are better.

Ceramic brake pads are designed/built using the latest technology, which offers exceptional performance and response.

These pads are more durable, produce low/no noise & minimal dust, and deliver impressive braking power.

Although ceramic brake pads are a bit pricey, they offer remarkable value on your investment.

Thanks to their consistent performance that extend over a long period.


Brake pads are designed and packaged according to each user’s preference and application.

Some brake pads are packaged as a complete set (front and rear replacement), and others are packaged for a specific application or mounting.

While choosing the brake pads to buy, go for a design that is specifically tailored to your needs and application.


When choosing the set of brake pads, pick a product that you can successfully mount or work with.

Usually, brake pads are easy to mount. However, some brands are somewhat complex and can only be successfully mounted by an expert.

People Also Ask For

How much do Honda CRV brake pads cost?

On average, it costs between $200 and $250 to get your Honda CRV brake pads replaced. The price is inclusive of the labor charges.

However, this price may be a bit higher or lower depending on your location.

How long can my brake pads go?

On average, quality designs or brands can last up to 25,000 miles. In some cases, your brake pads can still stay active up to 60,000 miles.

However, how long it takes before your brake pads become bad depends on the individual driver’s driving style and the road conditions in their region.

How do I know the exact time to replace my brake pads?

Whenever your brake pads are bad or worn out, there are common signs and indicators that you need to pay attention to.

If you notice screeching or squealing sound whenever you engage the brakes, you may need to get the brake pads checked and replaced accordingly.

Also, some vehicles are designed to indicate issues with the brake pads on the dashboard.

So, whenever the brake pads are faulty, an indicator light informs you to check these components and possibly replace them.

What is the best brake pads brand?

Some of the top-choice or best brake pads have been discussed in this guide.

Check out the products we have highlighted and discussed in this guide and pick a particular design that meets your expectations and fulfills your driving needs.

Most importantly, the best brake pads are reliable, and they respond fast upon application/engagement.

This is an essential feature/attribute that guarantees your safety and that of other road users.

What are the major distinguishing factors between ceramic & metallic brake pads?

While both brake pads are excellent choices, one gives a higher value in quality and performance.

Generally, the ceramic brake pads are known for their top performance, extending over a long period, compared to the metallic designs.

These brake pads guarantee improved noise control. Also, they ensure that the rotors do not wear out quickly or over a short period.

Why do I experience vibration on the pedal?

This is a common sign associated with a damaged rotor. Once you start experiencing this sign, get the rotors inspected and replaced accordingly.

Last Words

Your choice of brake pads could either enhance your braking system or destroy it.

This is why it is important to replace your brake pads with some of the reliable and top-performance designs you find around.

We hope this guide informs you of the best brake pads for Honda CRV and helps you choose a brand that meets your expectations and guarantees your safety and that of other road users.