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5 Common Honda Earth Dreams Engine Problems & Fast Solutions

Honda introduced the earth dream engines some years ago. Since then, people have been dealing with one or two Honda earth dream engine problems.

A few years ago, Honda developed some new engines for their automobiles. The engines are top-notch and are very durable.

These engines make use of the earth dream technology that was produced and fitted into the new models of Honda cars.

Examples of the dream engine technology engine are the 1.3 and 1.5 liters that serve different purposes in the car.

These new engines are designed to work with varieties of Honda models and are very durable. The only problem is that the engine has some common issues affecting it.

In this guide, we will be discussing the problems and the possible solutions you can do to solve them.


What is Honda Earth Dream Engine?

Honda earth dream engine is a powerful technology designed by Honda engineers to reduce the fuel economy of the engine, increase performance and produce high output.

Three ivy engines using the earth dream technology were introduced by Honda a few years ago, the first one is the 1.3-liter engine that offers top-level fuel economy.

The second engine making use of earth dream technology is the 1.5-liter direct injection engine for high output and high environmental performance and the third one is the 1.5-liter engine that maximizes fuel economy and dynamic performance by adopting electromotive technology.

All these engines are good and you will enjoy using them until they develop a fault and you need to repair them.

Features of Honda Earth Dream Engines

The Honda earth dream engine has some amazing features that make people fall in love with the engines. The features include

  • Improved fuel economy
  • High output
  • High environmental performance
  • Increases driving performance.

Honda Earth Dream Engine Reliability

The new Honda engines are reliable and perform their functions very well, they are very efficient and powerful.

Some of the engines have been tested for their reliability scores and the engine performs better than each other. Below are some of the engines according to their reliability scores.

# Honda HR-V Engine

This engine has the highest reliability score. It’s known for its well-managed fuel economy. It does not consume fuel that much and this will save you a lot of money.

# Honda Clarity Engine

This is another Honda engine car that is reliable and is known to be eco-friendly.

# Honda CR-V engine

The Honda Cr-V engine is very efficient and has a lot of power to make driving easy.

Problems of Honda Earth Dreams Engine

The Honda Dream Earth engine has suffered some setbacks over the years and a lot of drivers have complained about some of the problems they are facing while using the Honda earth dream engine.

There are a lot of problems with this engine but we will discuss the most common ones in this guide.

1. Oil dilution problem

This is one of the most common problems of the Honda earth dream engine. Honda has been looking for a way to fix the problem over the years but a lot of users still complain about the car engine oil dilution problem

When your engine suffers from an oil dilution problem, it simply means the fuel or the gasoline in your car has found its way to mix with the oil.

This happens because the engine uses the earth dream engine that is directly injected and under high pressure, so sometimes the fuel can get stuck in the cylinder wall and eventually slide down into the oil pan.

This does not happen all the time but it is common during cold weather or when the engine is not active.

So when the fuel mixes with the oil, it lightens the oil and reduces its function. You will notice this when you check your oil level with the dipstick.

When this happens, you will smell raw fuel on both sides of your car. This is very dangerous and can cause a fire outbreak.

Apart from that, when the engine oil is diluted with fuel, it’s harmful to the engine and can cause poor performance of the engine.

2. Overheating

Another common problem of the Honda earth dream engine is overheating. Overheating of the engine can be caused by so many factors but the main cause is when the cooling system of the engine is faulty.

The engine cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine cool while working and also to strike a balance with the emission efficiency.

The cooling system of the earth dream engine is easy to develop faults, like a radiator leaking, antifreeze leak, ruptured hose, and so on.

when this happens, the engine overheats and might stop working at any time.

When you notice your car engine is overheating, immediate attention is needed because if you don’t repair it immediately and the engine finally stops working, you have to spend money to repair the cooling system and at the same time get a new engine.

3. Fuel smell

This is the most annoying problem of the earth dream engine. When you fill up your fuel tank and ignite your engine, over time you will notice some foul smell similar to an uncombusted fuel.

This odor becomes so strong that you can perceive it inside the car. Some users have complained about the fuel smell causing headaches, dizziness and making them feel sleepy while driving.

After a lot of complaints from the users, Honda has given some possible solutions like adjusting the ignition system but the effort has proven futile and is not effective at all.

So while driving your car and you perceive this fuel smell, you have to protect yourself by wearing a nose mask so as not to be affected by the fuel odor.

4. Spark Plug issue

Honda earth dream engines are known to suffer from spark plug issues.

When the engine suffers from a spark plug issue, it may break down the engine totally and you have to spend an extra cost to repair it or probably get another engine.

The spark plug works mainly as the transmitter of the electric current charged from the ignition system to ignite the fuel and air mixture that will make the engine function.

The issue of the spark plug of the earth dream engine can be linked to the oil dilution problem because when the dilution problem occurs, the engine might become cold and refuse to work, this will not make the spark plug warm and will eventually damage it.

When the spark plug becomes faulty, it won’t be able to generate the necessary spark to ignite the fuel and air mixture.

This can cause some issues to the engine such as misfiring, reduced efficiency, and engine rough idle.

5. The defroster does not work during idling

When idling the car, or warming it up to go out on a trip, the defroster might suddenly stop working and this will cause a lot of harm to the engine.

The defroster might not stop working before you move the car, it can stop working while you are stuck in traffic and this will result in overheating of the engine.

The Solutions of Honda Earth Dreams Engine Problems

There is no car issue that does not have a possible solution. So the Honda earth dream car problems can be solved in some ways. The solutions include

1. Oil dilution issue

To solve the earth dream engine oil dilution issue is to find a way to

  • Increase the viscosity: In order to reduce the dilution of the oil with fuel, you need to use a more viscous oil that will not be easily diluted. An oil with a viscosity rate of about 500-600 is recommended.
  • Replace the Piston ring: When you notice the piston ring is worn out, replace it immediately, as it can also increase the fuel and oil dilution rate.

2. Solution to overheating

When your engine overheats, there are a lot of things that can cause it, including the leaking radiator, engine fan not working, and so on.

  • Make sure the radiator is working: if the radiator is faulty or leaking, it can result in overheating of the engine.
  • Make sure the engine fan is working: The engine cooling fan should also be in perfect condition so as to avoid overheating.

3. The solution to fuel smell

In order to solve the fuel smell issue

  • Replace the fuel tank system: The duel tank system might be leaking and causing the duel to escape and flow into the car to prevent combustion.

4. Spark Plug solution

When the spark plug is faulty, your engine might not start or might start and then go off immediately. All you have to do is to replace the spark plug with a new one.

5. Solution to car Defroster

When your car defroster is not working perfectly, the only solution is to replace it or get the engine cooling fan to face it so as to cool it off.


Honda Earth Dreams Engine Problems

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Under CC.

Pros and Cons Honda


  • Reduced Fuel usage
  • Improved performance
  • High output
  • Durability


  • Fuel smell
  • Oil dilution
  • Spark plug problem
  • Gasket head leak
  • Overheating

Maintenance Tips

In this section, we will be talking about things to do in order to increase the lifespan of your Honda Earth Dream engine

1. Constant servicing

Taking your car to a mechanic for constant check-ups so as to diagnose any problem with it will keep the engine working for a long period of time.

2. Replace any worn out part

If you notice any part of the engine is faulty, replace them immediately before it damages other parts of the engine.

3. Constantly top up the radiator water

Make sure the radiator water does not go below the average level any time, replace the and too up the water in the radiator constantly to prevent overheating.

4. Use a viscous oil

Since the earth dream engine is known for the oil dilution problem, use viscous oil for the engine so as to avoid the oil dilution problem. When you use viscous oil, the oil does not get diluted easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Honda Fix the Earth dream Engine problem?

For a while now, Honda has not fixed the engine problem for anyone, so you have to be careful and follow all the maintenance tips to make sure your dream engine does not develop a fault.

Is it bad to buy an earth dream engine?

Earth dream engines are not totally bad, they have some advantages like reduced fuel consumption, increased performance, and so on but they have their downsides too.

Does the Honda earth dream engine have VTEC?

Yes, the Honda earth dream possesses the VTEC technology which also helps to attain impressive fuel efficiency.

Has Honda Fixed the Oil dilution problem?

No, the oil dilution problem has not been totally fixed, but if any part of the earth dream engine is faulty as a result of the oil dilution problem, the warranty on the engine covers it and Honda engineers will repair it for free.

Is the Honda Earth dream engine reliable?

Honda earth dream engines are above average in the reliability score, so we can say the engine is reliable.


Honda earth dream problems are really frustrating and can discourage people from buying them, but with the help of our solutions to the problem in this article, you should be able to get them solved easily.

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