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10 Best Brake Rotors For Honda Odyssey

Another name for a fun family minivan is Honda Odyssey, but what happens when you feel that awkward vibration while you apply the brakes?

You should understand that’s a sign to pick out the brake rotors that fit your Honda Odyssey best.

It can be a bit overwhelming because of the overcrowded marketplace out there.

So, we got the work done for you; providing all the information you might need to consider making a purchase.

You are in the right place because you can make your decision right here!

First things first.


A Quick Comparison Table

Bosch QuietCast 26011446
Power Stop K5858
ACDelco 18A1095
Power Stop K5857
ACDelco 18A1761A
EBC GD7522 3GD
Power Stop K4685
Beyond Your Thoughts
R1 Concepts For 2011-2014
R1 Concepts ‎ELine Series

Which Brand brake pad is the best for Honda Odyssey?

A brake rotor or a disc brake is designed to create friction, aiming to slow the shaft rotation, aiming to reduce the rotational speed or hold it still.

Considering its ultimate goals and manufacturing excellence, Bosch 26011446is the best brake rotor for Honda Odyssey.

Why Bosch 26011446 is perfect Brake Rotor For Honda Odyssey?

The notion of being the best brake rotor in the world of vehicles didn’t turn out to be false for this series of Bosch.

But why? Well, there are some serious reasons behind this. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The casting is the main feature of this product.
  • The absence of all that annoying noise in other brake rotors has made it the number one choice for the customers.
  • Consistent heat flow, extending the life expectancy of the product itself and also the vehicle.
  • The balance is so over the top. No more wobbly driving experience!
  • The bi-metal addition on the exterior provides the opportunity to stand out among the others.

And many more…

Top 10 Best Brake Rotors For Honda Odyssey To Choose From

01. Bosch QuietCast 26011446


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: QuietCast Premium rotor
  • Exterior: Zinc
  • Material: ABS (anti-lock braking system) Aluminum
  • Weight: 14.88 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.57*14.17*3.15 inches
  • Position: rear

What makes the product stand out is the no-pedal-palpitation, which means no irritating, squealing noises.

You don’t need to worry about buying or replacing another, because it’s designed for long life.

With a constant heat flow, noise dampening feature, clean coating, G3000 heat-flowed castings along OEM style vane manufacturing, this is a driver’s dream come true!

Points of apotheosis

  • Operates for over 10,000 miles without any disruption
  • The rustproof coating takes the whole purchase up a notch
  • These quiet rotors will provide a tranquil drive on the road

Some downfalls

  • The fittings might be a bit off with some vehicles. Better check it off with the manufacturer

Or, you can simply bend whatever is needed to be bent (mostly dust shields) with pliers

02. Power Stop K5858 Brake Rotors


The package, if ordered, comes with front and rear Z23 carbon-fiber brake pads and also, a ‘drilled and segmented’ rotor kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Exterior: Zinc
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds (with the brake-pads0
  • Dimensions: 14*14*12 inches
  • Position: rear
  • Hardware: premium stainless steel
  • Installation bonus: ceramic brake lubricant 

The carbon-fiber formula allows the brakes to be dust-free. And what makes it noise-free are the rubber-surrounded shims.

Since the rotors are drilled and slotted, maximum cooling power is ensured.

This will be the perfect choice if you want to improve the braking performance of your vehicle in an affordable price range.

The components are engineered to match with the other parts so you can enjoy the clean, sleek look of your car.

Points of apotheosis

Some downfalls

  • Minor difficulties have been reported like peripheral pulsations while pressing the brake pads.
  • Mind that a slight groaning noise is very common for slotted rotors.

03. ACDelco 18A1095


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: black hat front disc, Gold
  • Specialization: best alternative to Original Equipment (OE) parts
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Position: front
  • Dimensions: 12.3*12.3*2.3 inches

This product is ought to fulfill your demand for the three f’s; fit, form, and function.

They do include special applications, but also, they have the common capabilities to perform for General Motors, makes, and other models.

This front rotor, if bought in pairs, will fit your Honda Odyssey (wide range models fitting) perfectly, and it will also provide you the comfort of easy installation.

Warranty of 12-month unlimited mileage included.

Points of apotheosis

  • With the right tools, fitment and installment will be a no-brainer. Goes up to 10K miles without warping.
  • Smooth braking experience with cheap price.

Some downfalls

  • Issues have been reported of heat from braking disperses unevenly through different sections, which, ultimately, results in moderate vibration.

04. Power Stop K5857 front brake rotors


This has an option for the addition of Z23 carbon-fiber brake pads and a kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: front brake rotors, drilled and slotted
  • Exterior: zinc-plated
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds (with the pads)
  • Dimension: 14*14*12 inches
  • Position: front
  • Cast: G3000 metallurgy with strict OE tolerances
  • Extra: carbon-fiber ceramic formula

It’s an easy and affordable solution for better braking. Bid your farewell to the nasty debris, dust, and gas.

These rotors will also facilitate you with noise-free sudden halts.

The exclusive carbon-fiber formula will increase the braking power of the vehicle.

The drilled feature of these rotors will keep the coolness even in extreme conditions.

The slotted feature, on the other hand, will keep the rotor surface neat and clean.

The Zinc Dichromate plating will provide a sleek look and also prevent the wheels to prevent corrosion.

Points of apotheosis

  • This is a one-stop solution for all the vibrations and annoying noises.
  • Don’t rust immediately like stock rotors.
  • Avails the vehicle to run smoothly even after 12,000 milages hitting.

Some downfalls

  • The pads included in the package have a longer lifetime than the rotors.
  • Customers have reported their rotors being warped after 20,000 miles of coverage but the pads are totally okay.

05. ACDelco 18A1761A brake rotor


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: front disc, silver
  • Position: front
  • Weight: 17.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3*12.3*2.3 inches
  • Exterior: non-coated

Great for the money, this product is manufactured for balanced brake operations and tolerable noise levels.

Air-cooling power is maximized for the ultimate indulgence.

With economical monetary features, these rotors feature a non-directional ground finish that optimizes thickness varying all over the surface.

It is beneficial for an extension of the lifespans for both the pads and the rotors.

Points of apotheosis 

  • Manufactured with different alloys, which is a major point of satisfaction to the customers as it allows modified heat dissipation.
  • The rounded radius will add to the overall strength, ensuring safer brakes.
  • These rotors work perfectly in unpleasant weather.

Some downfalls

  • No major issues have been stated with these amazing rotors. Minor obstacles might have to be handled with fittings in certain models.

06. EBC GD7522 3GD rotors


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: dimpled and slotted sport rotor
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Position: front
  • Vehicle service type: trucks and mini-vans
  • Color: gold and black; all gold
  • Update: reduced 3-slot venting for minimal noise

This has a cool feature, an actual cooling feature, of wide aperture slots that allows cooling in the brakes up to 200 degrees.

This reduces brake-strokes and removes all the rubbish.

Since they are slotted rotors, they maintain lush and parallel pad wear, avoiding all the problems non-slotted rotors could have.

Points of Apotheosis

  • The correct front rotors for Honda Odysseys. They fit perfectly!
  • You don’t need to change them even after 20,000 miles.

Some Downfalls

  • This product has had no drawbacks until now. But there might be some issues of low noises, which is very common in slotted rotors.

07. Power Stop K4685 rear brake rotors


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: drilled and slotted
  • Material: ceramic
  • Exterior: zinc-plated
  • Position: rear
  • Dimensions: 14.5*14.4*9.2 inches

Drilled and slotted characteristics if this product ensures maximum cooling ability, with a bonus of premium stainless steel hardware kit.

The ceramic-built brake lubricant acts as a catalyst for easy installation.

The rotors work best with Z23 carbon-fiber brake pads, which will give you the best performance.

Overall, this kit is a must for reducing brake-dusts and abolishing the brake noise.

Points of apotheosis

  • These rotors match perfectly with the Power Stop front brake rotors, promising a smooth brake.
  • Easy installation with a guide. Taking approximately an hour per wheel.
  • The hardware in this kit is pretty basic and solid, a great replacement for OEM.

Some downfalls

  • The very common problem of slight sound while using slotted rotors. Might be heard when the vehicle is running at low speed with the windows down.

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08. Beyond Your Thoughts front and rear brake kits


These items are compatible with a wide range of Honda Odysseys, including models 2005-2010.

Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: drilled and slotted Geomet coating
  • Manufacturer: Aimco
  • Weight: depends on your order with or without
  • Material: Ceramic pads (with pads 69.5 pounds)
  • Dimensions: 16.14*14*10.63 inches

Since the design is slotted, the friction force is better. The drilled feature takes it up a notch with opportunities for better ventilation and cooling.

A standard positioning hole is a piece of numerical control equipment.

The casting adds more to the precise balancing. The improved drainage along with the Geomet coating ensures the long life of the product.

Points of apotheosis

  • They are the perfect go-to product for easy placement and also look good through the rims.
  • Well-worth the money.
  • Consumers had pure satisfaction in terms of getting rid of that old, metallic, squealing noise.
  • The rotors also appeared to work great in comfortable transitioning between smooth roads and rough roads.

Some downfalls

  • There have been some problems with one batch or two of these products that customers have encountered. Most of them were mechanical issues with fitting and stuff.

Otherwise, others have reported the products to be ‘affordable” and ‘original appearance’.

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09. R1 Concepts Eline series brake rotors


This product takes an oath for the best brake jobs while functioning with ceramic brake pads.

This is the perfect kit needed for the Honda Odyssey models 2011-2014.

Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: cross-drilled, slotted
  • Exterior: Silver zinc-plated
  • Dimensions: 14*14*8 inches
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds (2 brake-pads and 4 Ceramic brake-pads, hardware)
  • Rotor wear indicator: diamond slots

This is by far the most-bought rotor kit for the stated models of the Honda Odyssey.

Why? Because it ensures maximum heat dissipation and gives a cooling effect all over the braking areas through several services.

They have acute drill holes, countersunk (which also helps to reduce cracks), and also diamond slots to increase the bite of the pads.

These rotors should be great for daily use street performances because they provide the privilege of durability and performance, both on the highest scale.

Points of apotheosis

  • Revolutionary product*, a customer wrote, “Works better than factory parts.”
  • All the hardware is included so don’t need to buy additional elements.
  • Even after months of installment, the brakes are as smooth as glass.

Some downfalls

  • If not fitted properly, a humming sound might be heard.

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10. R1 Concepts Eline Series brake rotors (models 2015-2021)


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: Passport R1 concepts, cross-drilled slotted
  • Position: front
  • Exterior: silver zinc-plated
  • Dimensions: 14*14*8 inches

This product, just like the other Eline series rotors, works just as fine because of the excellent heat dissipation system.

They have precision drilled holes, countersunk, diamond slots, and all those amazing things in a package.

They come with an exclusive zinc-plating for a corrosion-free experience, even though the lowest amount of rustiness is expected over-usage.

The cross-drilled feature of these rotors reduces the heat by up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The diamond-tipped ends act as an indicator, when they are gone, replace.

Your vehicle deserves a sleek look. These rotors will be the cherry on the top as they come in beautiful metallic color ranges of black, silver, and gold.

Points of apotheosis

  • They do provide a firm break but give the feeling of smoothness.
  • This is a better, upgraded version of stock rotors.

Some downfalls

  • Warping issues were reported. So it’s better to watch out for warranties.

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Consider These Things Before Buying Honda Odyssey Brake Rotors

In the world of rotors, it’s no easy task to find out which pairs will best fit your vehicle. There are plenty of options out there for you.

You got to choose from flat, solid, vented disc brakes; branded or after-market rotors; blank or smooth rotors; cross-drilled brake rotors, slotted and drilled brake rotors; not only that, but the elements are also crucial here.

In that list, you have cast iron, ceramic, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and a lot more to choose from.

Keep in mind, front and rear rotors are sold in different pairs, they have different functions. This means you can’t just take a rear rotor and place it in for a front rotor!

We researched about all these factors as much as we could get our hands-on, so you don’t have to do it!

Longevity and Durability

Along with brake pads, brake rotors are prone to wear off. So look for rotors that are consistently functional when engaging with the pads. Always look out for warranties.

Installation of The Rotors

Keeping an installation kit should be handy. But you can also get a mechanic to do the job for you but then you should expect to pay a few more bucks.

Know Your Purposes

As told before, you got to choose what’s best for you. The four common types of brake rotors are drilled, slotted, drilled, and slotted blank rotors.

They are easy to recognize as they look exactly as their name suggests.

We have sorted out their main features, and the responsibility to consider their pros and cons is up to you.

  • Slotted

Good for on and off-street performance, tracking, and hauling.

  • Drilled

Only good for on-street operations.

  • Slotted and Drilled

Combine the bests of drilled rotors and slotted rotors! Also, they are best for rougher roads and heavy-traffic areas.

  • Blank (OEM) rotors (and smooth, as well)

Act same as drilled and slotted ones. The bonus is they can take up a long race without wearing off.

But these are specially designed for places where you can go light with the traffic.

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Carbon Composites

If money isn’t a problem, look for brake parts where there is a higher carbon composite.

Because the higher the carbon ratio, the higher endurance and they also offer unbeatable cooling capacitance.

If want to get a diagnostic scanner for your Honda Vehicle then you might want to read this guide.


There are carbon-composites, as told before; they provide the best heat dissipation service.

There are also normal carbon rotors that work just as well as the carbon-ceramic ones.

But if you are looking for something that doesn’t cost a fortune, you are in luck, because the most commonly sold brake rotors are usually cast-iron that are the heaviest, and also the cheapest.

Looking for something lighter? You got in steel rotors and Aluminum rotors. The steel ones are lighter than the cast-iron ones, they perform better too.

On the other hand, Aluminum is the best choice for the bikers because they are lightweight like none other.


Usually, people will look for rotors that are the same size as their car’s manufacturing.

But there is also an option (especially for racing drivers and competitive ones, too) to get a little pizzazz with their braking performance.

In terms of rotors, it doesn’t go like, ‘The bigger the better; so do your assignment when you choose to go by the off-beaten path.


Every time you go out with your beloved vehicle, your rotors are exposed to a pile of dirt, maybe even a heap of snow, and if it’s raining, a lot of moisture.

So it’s very common for the rotors to get all messy, rusty, and corrosion-prone.

The good news is, some manufacturers coat the rotors with specialized chemical formulas, so look out for them if you go out a lot in your very own transport.

They are excellent for the lifespan of your rotors, and the coating will also give you a wonderful driving experience.

Material science and metallurgy have contributed a lot to the automobile section, rotors are no exception.

Starting from carbon-dense benefits to low-noise advantages, modern rotors will always give you a little *extra*.

It’s better to list these other things as your buying considerations:

Durability; improved braking performance; less noise and minimal vibration; safer and responsive braking tasks.

Compatible with rough and tough road conditions, as well as weather conditions; balance of clamp force with heat dispersion.

Silent and rapid stops; cooling efficiency; and lastly, control of deceleration.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is so understanding that you may become perplexed while glancing at all the many kinds of brake rotors on the market.

And eventually, if you’ve found the suitable one, you could still have some basic questions, that we’ve already answered here so that you don’t have to sift through the internet and waste valuable time looking for answers.

What are the signs my brake rotors are still in good shape?

Your Honda Odyssey will glide on the road like butter. You will feel the smooth balance, no uncomfortable moves, or no ominous sounds.

How do rotors do their magic?

The science behind it is too simple. They connect to each wheel. In a jiff, they go from pushing the pedals and come to a full stop. This is a conversion of kinetic energy to thermal energy.

Think of it as a flowchart. Calipers squeeze brake pads, which causes the rotors’ surface to create friction, which resists the rotation of the wheel and hence halts the movement of the vehicle.

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When change is needed, should I replace my brake rotors or just resurface them?

Replacing is recommended by most manufacturers. And keeping that in mind, you should get a replacement at least after every 70,000 miles.

What is the matter of conveniences?

Safety is way more than just a matter of convenience. But you should also be thinking about casting, choosing between carbon or ceramic, and deciding the placement, and also venting.

What are the financial requirements to buy or replace brake rotors?

Rotors have a moderate price range. You can take your pick according to your demands.

But obviously, you’ll have to pay more for better quality. Considering all the rotor place out there, you might expect a bill of anything between $30-$100.

Replacing is a bit pricey. At any labor shop, replacement of rotors per axle takes up to $200.

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Is it necessary to get all 4 of the rotors bought or replaced together?

For precise balance, it’s better to get all four of them handled purchased from the same manufacturer and at the same time.

But if you want to go sideways, be sure to get an expert helping hand.

When is the time for a replacement?

Any unknown noise that comes out of your Honda Odyssey brake pads will be a warning sign.

Frequent squealing, squealing, grinding noise and even vibration felt under feet when holding the brakes shouldn’t be accepted.

There is a minor but. If you are willing for your rotors to last even further than 100,000 miles, you should consider regular maintenance, inspections, and brake-pad changes.

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Should I change my brake pads and rotors at the same time, since they work inter-functionally?

Not necessarily, you only change what needs to be changed. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money. But put best braking performance before anything else.

If you are looking for aftermarket brake pads for your Honda CRV then this guide is for you.

What causes rotors to wear off?

Irresponsible driving habits.

But there is a risk of this happening even while emergency/panic braking.

If you want to do the work of installing or replacing the rotors of your Honda Odyssey by yourself, feel free to check out these YouTube videos for a neat, hassle-free session.

Front brakes and rotors replacement in Honda Odyssey, Front brake rotor DIY replacement

Front brake and pad installment for models 2005-2010

Useful Maintenance Tips

  • Whenever you do an oil change, check the brake fluid level. You might have some recommendations for a fluid change, best consult with the manufacturer.
  • Do a brake line inspection every once in a while. You can do this with the help of a technician.
  • Keep these things in regular checkups: calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hoses.
  • Look out for any type of rust, punctures, visible leaks, brittleness, cracklings, wear, or contamination.
  • Don’t forget to convey inspection of wheel bearings, grease seals, braking lining, and pads.

A decent set of brake rotors will improve your driving experience and make it easier for you to transition between roadways with greater ease.

Certainly, the brake assembly of a car is constituted of several vital components, the most important of which are the rotors, otherwise known as discs, which serve as the vehicle’s brakes.

Final Say

In addition, make certain that your rotors are precisely balanced, that they do not make strange noises, that they do not wobble when you apply the brakes, and that they provide efficient heat dissipation.

If the rotors in your Honda Odyssey meet all of these parameters, no one will be sufficient to thwart you from obtaining a comfortable and luxurious ride excursion.