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13 Best Rims For Honda Accord of 2024 – Rust Resistant, Heavy Duty Aluminum

The best rims for Honda Accord make the car look just like new, sporting a brand-new style with personality and comfort.

There are hundreds of options out there, but only 13 proved to be the most reliable.

I got my hands on these rims and put them to the test to confirm whether they would pass the tests, and they did wonderfully.

During this article, I’ll give you different options that could work as an optimal wheel replacement for your Honda Accord.

If your original wheels suffered scratches or bent beyond repair, any of these rims could replace them perfectly.


Our Pick For Honda Accord Rims

‎Wheelership 17" Fits 08-11
‎Road Ready Wheels Fits 13-15
‎Wheelership ‎OEM Replacement
‎Road Ready ‎RRW-64127
‎Dorman 939-147
‎Verde Wheels V27-776540B
‎Sawyer Auto ‎REP131738
‎Dorman 939-148

Which is the Most Popular Rims For Honda Accord?

The Wheelership 17″ Alloy Wheel is the best rims for Honda Accord from our perspective.

This wheel met all of my expectations and surpassed satisfyingly, coming on top compared to the rest.

I also enjoyed the Road Ready Car 17″, which came close to a near-perfect match for the Honda Accord.

Why Wheelership is our choice?

Wheelership is my top pick because it’s an exact match to Honda Accord original wheels.

Therefore, this wheel fits perfectly while looking and feeling great.

Installing the Wheelership is also a breeze, allowing you to replace just one or all four wheels, even if you’re on the roads.

Top 13 Best Rims For Honda Accord ( In Depth Review )

Check out my top 13 picks for what could easily be an ideal Honda Accord replacement rim.

These rims excelled at quality, durability, and resistance. They also look great, so you’ll definitely get some eyes on your ride!

01. Wheelership New 17″ Alloy Replacement Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Silver Exterior Finish
  • 17-Inch Wheel Size
  • Aluminum Build
  • 42-Inch Wheel Backspacing
  • Bolt Pattern Size

If your Honda Accord is dealing with a bent rim, this replacement is the one you need.

It’s a near-exact replacement to the original Honda wheel, meaning that it will look just as good as the old one did.

Everything from the color to the quality and performance makes this rim a must-have for Honda Accord owners, even if it’s a spare.

Realistically, the only minor difference is that this rim is slightly shinier.

Then again, it’s hard to notice this difference unless you’re actively comparing the two wheels.

The wheel looks fantastic, and it performs well, with a quality design featuring the highest quality materials.

Installing this rim is also a straightforward process.

Even if you don’t have much mechanical experience, replacing the stock wheel wouldn’t be a problem.

This wheel fits tightly and doesn’t need any accommodations, reducing the amount of work you must put in.

There’s virtually no problem with this product, so feel free to try it yourself.

You will definitely notice a vast improvement in the performance of your Honda Accord.


  • An exact replacement of the original Honda Accord wheels
  • Beautiful finish
  • Well-designed with long-lasting materials
  • Smooth installation


  • None encountered

02. Road Ready 2013-2015

Highlighted Features

  • Fits 2013-2015 Honda Accord
  • Painted Silver
  • OEM Equipment Compatible
  • Aluminum Build
  • 17-Inch Size

This rim is the second-to-best if you own a Honda Accord.

It’s particularly suitable for 2013 Honda Accords, in which the wheel fits and blends well.

The wheel looks and feels like an OEM aluminum Honda wheel, which guarantees you will barely feel any difference from the original rim.

The only difference is the spoke spacing, but that’s not something that would mess up the vehicle’s aesthetics.

On the contrary, it brings a different style to the vehicle, making it look new.

This wheel is a single part and doesn’t come with the installation hardware.

Keep this information in mind if you’re taking the car to the shop.


  • Nearly perfect match for Honda Accord 2013 & 2014mI
  • It adds more balance in cornering & stoppage
  • Better & smoother rides on-road
  • Modern design


  • You have to buy the installation parts, which are a few bucks more

03. UCS Autoparts19-Inch

Highlighted Features

  • Machined Black Exterior
  • 19-Inch Rim Diameter
  • Alloy Material
  • Fits 2008-19 Honda Accord
  • Five Bolts

Here’s one of the most versatile rims for the Honda Accord.

This unit will fit Honda Accord from 2008 and up to 2019, with an almost perfect match to the original wheels.

The mounting process goes flawlessly from beginning to end, allowing most people to replace the wheels without paying a professional.

These rims don’t include the center caps or lugs, but the stock Honda wheels have center caps that will fit with these wheels.

The construction of this wheel is pretty standard.

It features alloy material and a rim diameter of 19 inches, making it compatible with most Honda Accord.

Additionally, the rim width is 8 inches, while the offset is 55 millimeters.

Another highlighted feature is the machined black finish, which looks fantastic.

There are also some parts with a chrome finish that complement the black color.

Still, this wheel with a complete chrome or silver finish would’ve been nice too.


  • It fits perfectly in almost any Honda Accord vehicle
  • The finish of this wheel makes it look identical to the original rims
  • Smooth installation without any setbacks
  • Eye-catching design


  • Only one finish available with no more variety

04. Wheelership 18″ x 8″ Replacement Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Alloy Steel Construction
  • 18-Inch Wheel Size
  • 3mm Bolt Pattern
  • Light Charcoal Finish
  • JWL/VIA Certified

This wheel is the perfect choice for the 2013 and 2015 Honda Accord sport.

The installation is straightforward, and the car rides much better after you mount the rims.

It also has a light charcoal color that matches the aesthetics of the Honda Accord vehicles.

You would have to get very close to notice the difference between this wheel and the factory rim.

The wheel is 18 inches in size and features an alloy steel build.

It has an offset of 55mm with a rim width of 8 inches, which provides a smooth and sturdy rim for Honda Accord cars.

Honda may ask several hundreds of dollars for a replacement rim, but this one is available at more affordable prices and it does well under most circumstances.

This wheel may not be as good as the original Honda Accord rims, but for the price, it’s a worthy acquisition.


  • Fantastic performance for the value
  • The finish is nearly identical to the original wheels
  • It improves the car’s speed & performance on the road
  • Super easy installation


  • The quality of this wheel is not as good as the original Honda Accord rims

05. UCS Autoparts 19 Inch Alloy Wheel Rim

Highlighted Features

  • 19-Inch Wheel Size
  • 50mm Offset
  • Five Lug Holes
  • Black Finish
  • Alloy Wheel

As far as aftermarket wheel rims go, this one is among the most reliable.

The wheel arrives perfectly packaged with no scratches or bumps, and it’s an exact match with most Honda Accord factory wheels. Do you want to know the best part?

This wheel is half the dealership price, so you also get to save a considerable amount of money.

The wheel diameter is 19 inches, making it one of the larges reviewed here.

It has a width of 8.5 inches and a 50mm offset.

This purchase doesn’t include lugs, but it does have the standard five lug holes to guarantee a firm fit on the vehicle.

This component comes with a black machined-face finish, which is resistant and durable.

Even better, the finish looks shiny, providing your Honda Accord with a brand-new layer of style and luxury.

The downside to this wheel is that it won’t last as long as the original.

But still, expect it to work as a replacement for a couple of years and thousands of miles.


  • The shiny black finish is remarkable
  • Terrific quality for half the dealership price
  • Easy to fit on Honda Accord vehicles
  • The large size improves the handling of the car


  • Not as durable as the original wheel rim

06. Road Ready 19-Inch Car Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • 19-Inch Wheel Size
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 50mm Offset
  • 1mm Center-Bore
  • Diamond-Cut Style

If you’re looking for a stylish wheel that is also easy to install, this one rim is for you.

It fits Honda Accord from the years 2018, 2019, and 2020 and is compatible with OEM equipment.

The rim will also work with all factory equipment, such as TPMS sensors, lug nuts, wheel covers, tires, and valve stems.

There won’t be an issue with other accessories like winter tires either, which is a plus for that specific cold season of the year.

This Road Ready Wheel truly makes justice to its name.

It’s super easy to install, which means that you could keep it in the trunk and make single wheel replacement or complete set swaps on the road with ease.

Out of all the wheels, this one is easily the most good-looking out of the bunch.

The size is 19 inches, and the build material is sturdy aluminum.

These features create an intimidating race-like wheel that brings your Honda Accord car to the next level.


  • Compatible with TPMS sensors, lug nuts, wheel covers, etc
  • Super easy to install on-the-go
  • Perfect for a single replacement or complete wheel set swaps
  • Incredible design


  • A bit heavyweight at 35 pounds

07. Dorman 939-147 Steel Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Black Painted Finish
  • 15-Inch Wheel Size
  • Alloy Steel Build
  • 115mm Bolt Pattern
  • 92-Inch Wheel Backspacing

This wheel features alloy steel, a classic material that provides the sturdiness needed for a durable part.

The rim measures 15 inches in total and has a wheel backspacing of 5.92 inches.

These dimensions are a bit smaller than the other wheels, but it does make the wheel a bit more flexible too.

It will fit Honda Accord vehicles, but also older vehicles with a similar size and bolt pattern, like the 2004 CVR.

With that said, installing this wheel can be troublesome.

The OEM Honda hubcaps often don’t snap into place because the rim face sticks out more than the OEM rim.

Therefore, the hubcaps are likely to rattle and make noise while driving down the highway.


  • Compatible with many vehicle year & make, including Honda Accord
  • No balancing issues during the mounting
  • Sturdy & durable construction for regular use
  • Intense & long-lasting black finish


  • The hubcaps can be tricky to snap into place

08. Verde Wheels Saga

Highlighted Features

This rim features solid construction with heavy-duty cast aluminum.

The product is a one-piece unit, making it sturdier and more reliable.

Overall, this unit puts up a good performance while resisting the roughest conditions on the road.

The cast aluminum build offers a decent load index and brake caliper clearance for a satisfying while driving.

These rims also guarantee fantastic weight reduction, which leads to better handling and fuel efficiency.

Overall, the unit ensures optimal ride comfortability for almost every type of rider.

Another benefit of this rim is that it supports sensor systems to monitor tire pressure.

Installing the sensors is a breeze and doesn’t require significant modifications, making it an easy DIY task.

Lastly, the rim is available in two color finishes and multiple sizes.

The satin-black finish looks incredible, but the silver finish is standard.

There are four sizes available, including 17×7.5”, 18×8 “, and 20×8.5”.

It won’t be hard for you to find one for your Honda Accord.


  • Durable construction
  • It resists rough road conditions
  • Improved handling & fuel efficiency
  • Fantastic cornering & stable performance


  • Only two colors are available

09. Sawyer Auto 17 inch Alloy Wheel Rim

Highlighted Features

  • Coated Exterior Layer
  • 115mm Bolt Pattern
  • 17-Inch Rim Size
  • Truck & Car Compatible
  • Alloy Construction

If you’re looking for a replacement for an old and worn-down wheel, you may want to try this one.

This rim is the easiest to install as it matches the existing Honda wheel and mounting bracket seamlessly.

The unit accommodates the center car and lug nuts with ease, requiring less effort and less money for extra work.

The wheel size is 17 inches and has a bolt pattern of 115 millimeters.

It’s compatible with trucks, but it will also fit smaller vehicles like the Honda Accord.

On the outside, the wheel has a coating layer that looks shiny and resists bumps pretty well.

There’s barely any scratch after miles ran with it.

This rim doesn’t sport the most eye-catching aesthetics, but the performance quality compensates for that.

The cornering ability is top-notch, and the handling of the vehicle feels smooth.


  • Terrific performance quality with improved handling
  • Enhanced stability & control over the wheel
  • It accommodates lug nuts & center cap with ease
  • Direct replacement to old rims


  • Not the most eye-catching rim design

10. Dorman 939-148 Steel Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Black Painted Finish
  • 16-Inch Size
  • Alloy Steel Build
  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • 5-Inch Width

This 16-inch feel has an alloy steel construction and a black painted finish that looks impeccable.

It’s a direct wheel replacement for Honda Accord vehicles, as it matches the structural appearance of the original wheel for seamless integration.

The wheel is pretty affordable, and it puts up a performance that makes the car feel brand new.

The wheel went through many tests and surpassed expectations.

It delivered fantastic dynamic radial results, as well as radial run-out and axial run-out performance.

These tests showed that the rim secures optimal performance for Honda Accord drivers over normal or rough road conditions.

Installing this wheel takes some time, but everything works well afterward, including the TPMS.

The trickiest part to set up is the OEM hubcap, which may not fit correctly depending on the vehicle model.

This issue happens when you tighten the lug nuts.

A solution to this problem is to use a Dremel and shove down the inner hubcap for a better fit.


  • Perfect wheel size for a seamless fit on Honda Accord
  • TPMS continues to work perfectly
  • Thoroughly tested with incredible results shown
  • Beautiful finish


  • The OEM hubcap may not fit at first

11. Touren TR60 3260 Matte Black Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Machined Ring Exterior
  • 17-Inch Size
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 95mm Bolt Pattern
  • Matte Black Finish

This rim has a diameter of 16 inches with four bolts and a hub bore of 67.1mm.

The construction material is a matte black ultra high-quality alloy, which can resist a maximum rim load of 1,600 pounds.

Besides being heavy-duty, this build is resistant to corrosion, scratches, and impacts.

The rim looks fantastic, providing a modern and stylish look to Honda Accord vehicles.

It has an opulent finish that catches everyone’s attention while on the road.

If you want more personality for your car, this wheel will help you with that.

This wheel comes in dual patterns and many different sizes to match Honda Accord models.

The rim’s structure goes through a low-pressure cast method that improves its durability for a longer lifespan.

Therefore, this unit can offer optimal performance for many years to come.

The only downside to this wheel is that there aren’t other color or finish available.

There’s no doubt that the matte black looks fantastic, but more variety would be better.


  • It adds more style & personality to the car
  • Durable construction to resist harsh conditions
  • The long-lasting coating is scratch-free
  • High-quality performance


  • This rim lacks color variety

12. OE Wheels LLC 17-Inch

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum Build
  • 17-Inch Size
  • 31 Pounds of Weight
  • Chrome Finish
  • 21mm Wheel Backspacing

This wheel is suitable for Honda Accord vehicles from the years 1998-2018.

It has an aluminum build and measures 17 inches with a total of 31 pounds.

The center cap comes included, and the factory center cap can interchange, but there are no lugs, bolts, locks, or TPMS in the package.

However, the wheel is compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) if the vehicle already has one.

Still, the rim may have compatibility issues if the car has custom or modified brakes.

It can also have problems with the modified suspension or upgraded drive trains.

Clear all of these doubts with the manufacturer before purchasing.

The chrome finish is one of the most captivating features of this wheel.

It looks beautiful and almost mirror-like, providing a new aesthetic layer to Honda Accord vehicles.

This finish also lasts a pretty long time, meaning you won’t have to paint or cover marks anytime soon.


  • The gorgeous chrome finish is captivating
  • Installing this wheel is a breeze
  • The center cap comes in the package
  • Long-lasting structure to withstand the abuse


  • It may not be compatible with modified brakes, suspensions, or drive train

13. Auto Rim Shop 17″ OEM Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • 17-Inch Size
  • OEM Rim Style
  • Silver Finish
  • 5-Inch Rim Width
  • 55mm Offset

This 17-inch wheel is perfect for 2013-2015 Honda Accord vehicles.

It has an aluminum build with a rim width of 7.5 inches, and there are five lug holes and a 114.3mm bolt pattern.

The wheel also has an offset of 55mm that guarantees a snug fit.

The wheel has a beautiful silver finish and high OEM quality.

Driving feels much better due to the improved handling of the vehicle, which allows you to take turns and travel long roads smoothly.

This rim also contributes to aerodynamic properties for more comfort as you hit the road at higher speeds.

These rims exceed traditional wheels testing standards, such as SAE and ASTM.

These tests and regulations guarantee an optimal wheel that will satisfy most needs by providing a satisfying performance over the roads.

Additionally, the rim design is fascinating, which will grab people’s attention when you’re out there.

It’s a perfect choice if you want to enhance the performance and looks of your Honda Accord.


  • It improves handling & comfort while driving
  • OEM-quality performance under smooth or rough surfaces
  • Resistant & durable construction
  • It integrates beautifully with the vehicle’s decoration


  • Compatible with 2013-2015 Honda Accord only

What To Look For Honda Accord Rims

Not sure how to find the ideal rim for Honda Accord?

These are the main features you should keep in mind to narrow down the list of options.


Aluminum alloy is a high-quality material that creates durable Honda Accord rims.

The products listed here feature aluminum construction, and they can last thousands of miles under moderate use.

Look for rims made with this material to enjoy quality rides for a long time.


Honda Accord rims can be up to 19 inches, providing fantastic clearance and enough width to accommodate components like winter tires or covers.

There are smaller or slightly larger wheels available, but make sure to find one that fits your vehicle.

Manufacturers often offer a service to receive your vehicle info and let you know if their rims are compatible.


Usually, Honda Accord rims look incredible with a black, chrome, or silver finish.

These types of finishes are good-looking but also resistant to rough weather conditions.

Make sure the spokes, valve stem, and every other component are in perfect condition before installing.


Rims often come as a single piece, but some models may include other accessories like the center caps.

However, don’t expect to receive devices like TPMS or similar hardware.

In most cases, you must buy these items separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Honda Accord rims made of?

Honda Accord Sport wheels from years 2018-2024 feature aluminum A356 Alloy.

They share most features of the OEM wheel, like the same JWL structure certificate.

These rims also share a limited warranty that covers the finish if something unexpected happens upon arrival.

How much do Honda Accord rims cost?

The price of a Honda Accord rim is between $100 and $1000, though it can vary depending on the car.

Can you repair a bent rim?

You can repair a bent rim if the damage is not too bad, but you might have to take it to a shop, and it may cost from $150 up.

When the damage is irreparable, the rim replacement cost is between $600 and $700.

That’s why many people prefer to do the job by themselves.

Are Honda Accord rims interchangeable?

Honda Accord rims are interchangeable as long as the lugs number and bolt pattern are similar.

There are some major differences between Honda Accord cars depending on the year.

For example, a 2003 Honda Accord wheel fits on a 2006 Honda Civic, but it won’t fit on a 2005 car.

What brand produces Honda tires?

Michelin is the manufacturer behind the Honda tires.

These tires are effective, delivering safety and comfort for optimal performance on the road.

The tires are also versatile to work under most circumstances regardless of the season.

What rims will fit my Honda Accord?

The Wheelership 17″ is a wheel that will fit Honda Accord vehicles perfectly.

If you’re having doubts, check the wheel’s dimensions and consult with the manufacturer to see if the wheel is compatible.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let old and worn-down rims compromise your safety on the road.

With the best rims for Honda Accord, the car will roll on the street smoothly and comfortably.

Check the wheels reviewed here and pick the one that seems more suitable for your vehicle.

Your Honda Accord will not only ride better, but it will also look like one of the coolest cars on the highway.