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Top 11 Best Seat Covers For Honda Ridgeline – Protect Your Car Seat From water, Scratches or Stains

The best seat covers, brighten the atmosphere of a car’s interior – that of a Honda Ridgeline is no exception.

The best seat cover for Honda Ridgeline gives an aesthetic appeal to an old or worn-out seat.

And it gives an extra spark to a new seat.

However, you can only enjoy a car seat cover, if it delivers on the promise of quality, durability, and ease in maintenance.

But sometimes, finding one that delivers on all these, can be hard.

Well, good news: you’re about to get the nuts and bolts of getting the best car seat covers.

But that’s not all:

I’ve also curated some best seat covers for you to check out for your Honda Ridgeline.

Saddle up! And let’s begin.


The Comparison Table of Our Favourites

Aierxuan Rear
FH Group Inside
Motor Trend Front
FH Group Inside
Black Panther Front
Leader Accessories Inside

Which is Brand Seat Cover Suitable for Honda Ridgeline?

After due diligence in research, it’s safe to say that the Luckyman Club LFJ-1 is the best seat cover for Honda ridgelines.

There are other seat covers that you’ll later read on that come close. However, the Luckyman Club LFJ-1 outperforms them all.

One major reason is the price. The quality of the seat cover far outweighs the quality it provides. The leather is wear-resistant (which makes it very durable).

Also, it’s difficult for dirt to adhere to the seat cover. And even if they do, a damp towel dipped in clean water is sufficient to wipe it off.

This is great, especially if you have children that may spill stuff on the chairs.

11 Best Seat Covers For Honda Ridgeline



Highlighted Features

  • Wear-resistant
  • Made from durable leather
  • Weighs 13.6 pounds (6.17 kg)
  • Quality faux leather

This leather seat cover is one of the best there is.

First, and perhaps most importantly, the faux leather material is resistant to scratches, even from your car key.

Hence, you rest assured that the material would last for a long while.

Spills, dirt, and the likes are bound to happen.

And they can damage the surface of a seat cover.

But in this case, a simple wipe with a damp cloth can wipe off any dirt or spills on the surface.

For do-it-yourself-enthusiasts, this seat cover is perfect.

It comes with a manual that’s easy to understand.

Also, the installation is easy: there’s no need to take out the rear seats.


  • Straps are hidden
  • Leather material hardly wears out
  • Dirts hardly adhere to the surface
  • Made from quality leather material
  • Compatible with seat belt receivers, armrests, and cup holders


  • The installation manual could be tricky to follow



Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 13.97 pounds (6.34 kg)
  • Universal
  • Made from faux leather

The oasis auto OS-001 is a universal car seat cover, meant for any brand of 5-seat cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

The leather material is aesthetically appealing and available in a range of sizes.

In terms of durability, the leather material is highly rated.

Hence, it would take a while before the dreaded signs of wear-out, begin to set in. Installation shouldn’t be a hassle.

To make things easier, there are easy-to-follow video guides on YouTube.

The manufacturers created it specially, to make installation a walk in the park. There’s no nerd- or tech-speak.

Since it’s a universal car seat cover, one should expect that it may not tightly fit into the car seats of some car brands, unlike custom car seat covers.

In such cases, just like for every universal car seat cover, you might need to improvise a bit when installing them. However, it fits tightly on some car brands.


  • The leather is bound to last for a very long while.
  • Installation videos are easy to understand
  • Can be installed without removing seats
  • Supports armrests and cup holders


  • A bit costly

03. Aierxuan Car Seat Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Made with faux leather
  • Weighs 13.82 pounds
  • Waterproof
  • Comes together with an installation manual
  • Universal

For those who always encounter spillages on the car seats, this faux leather car seat cover, would be a perfect solution.

Aside from the luxurious feel, it adds to a car’s interior, it offers protection to the original car seats.

To prevent the seat cover from slipping, there’s silicone in the interior.

In addition, their straps that hold the front seat covers onto the seat, are super strong.

They hold the seat covers firmly to the seats. Behind the front seats, are pouches for keeping books, keys, and the likes.

In case you wish to install it yourself, there are easy-to-follow guides, that illustrate every step in detail.

The zippers on the seat covers make it easier and faster to install.

And you don’t need to raise or remove the car seats. Since it’s universal, it fits almost all brands and types of cars.

However, for it to fit, your car must have detachable headrests at the front seats (except for the rear seats), and no seatbelt buckle built-in (for both rear and front seats).


  • Comes with installation guides
  • Compatible with cup holders, armrests, and airbags
  • Fits tightly to the car seat


  • Not ideal for hot regions or seasons

04. Inch Empire Car Seat Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 11.02 pounds
  • Universal
  • Fits both rear and front seats
  • Composed of synthetic leather

If you own a Saloon, Hatchback, SUV, Crossover, Pickup Truck, Crew Cab, or an electronic vehicle, then this car seat cover would interest you.

Important note: there are a few models of the above-listed car types, that don’t support this car seat cover.

You can head over to the product page on Amazon, to ensure that your car brand is listed before you make a purchase.

It’s compatible with armrests, headrests, and rear sits with either 40/60 or 50/50 bench split, or those with no splits at all. The material is made of synthetic leather, which is wear-resistant.

As an added advantage, priority has been given to ensure that the surface of the material is soft, and the middle layer is composed of a sponge-like material.

Hence, sitting on the seat would be very comfortable and cosy.

To keep books and keys securely, there are pockets at the front and back of the front seat covers.


  • Compatible with armrests, seat belt buckles, and airbags
  • Durable due to sponge-like material in the middle layer
  • Easy to install using video and written guides
  • Comfortable to sit in.


  • Excessively padded. Might be a problem for tall people.
  • There’s no panel to cover the airbag opening. Hence, it’s unadvisable to buy a colour that differs from that of your car seat.

05. FH Group FB032BEIGE114


Highlighted Features

This car seat cover is different from those discussed earlier: it’s made of fabric that’s light and has large pores.

Although you can’t use a wet towel to clean off dirt, coffee or ice cream spills and the likes, fabric car seat covers do not absorb heat.

Hence, you’re less likely to be very uncomfortable or suffer from burns in your car, if your area is characterized by bread-baking temperatures.

It’s a universal car seat, but there are some important things to take note of: They’re compatible with front seats with detachable headrests.

For the rear seats, they can be either single- or split-benched. However, the headrest must be detachable.

It fits with cup holders but is incompatible with airbags and in-built seatbelts. After buying seat covers, the next headache to deal with is installing them.

But good news: this car seat cover comes with guides – written and in video format – that explain every step succinctly.


  • Material is light: easy to wash and dries fast
  • Foam padding makes it soft and disperses heat: important especially for high temperatures
  • Comes with easy-to-understand installation manuals and videos
  • Affordable


  • Incompatible with airbags
  • Fabric car seat covers loss aesthetic appearance after washing and reusing for a while

06. Motor Trend LuxeFit Car Seat Covers


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Composed of faux leather
  • Universal: Fits cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Manufacturers adopted a sideless-design approach

Often, there are always complaints about car seat covers, being incompatible with armrests. However, the Motor trend seems to have solved the issue: this car seat cover is sideless.

Though this might not be a good idea if you want your original car seat to be covered completely, it might be a tradeoff to ensure armrest compatibility.

It also makes it a good fit for different cars. In addition, traveling long distances in a seat that feels like stones, can be very uncomfortable.

To solve this, the car seat cover is padded internally with quality foam, that takes a long while to wear out. To offer additional storage, there are segmented front pockets.

Hence, you can arrange your valuables nicely and keep them secure. When it comes to installation, there are video guides that explain each step.

If you follow them perfectly, you can be done with installation in no time.


  • Easy-to-follow installation manuals and videos
  • Sideless: makes it compatible with armrests and airbags inserted by the side of the chair
  • Front pockets, offer additional storage space: useful, especially for trips
  • Padded internally


  • The sideless design makes it impossible to cover the entire seat

07. FH Group FH-FB050114


Highlighted Features

  • Universal: fits different car types
  • Large-pored, and breathable fabric
  • Weighs 2.38 pounds
  • Universal
  • Fabric car seat cover

This is a fabric seat cover, made from lightweight material that has several pores which ease ventilation.

The fabric is easy to wash and dries fast.

It comes with two covers for the front seats, a single cover for the backseat, and 4 covers for the headrests.

For cars with undetachable headrests, it’s not advisable to purchase this car seat cover.

But if you have a car with detachable headrests, without in-built seatbelts and side airbags, then you’re good to go.

It’s compatible with cars with split benches or cup holders, though on one condition: you won’t be using the split bench or cup holder.

This is because the back seat cover comes in a single piece.

In case you decide to install it on your own, consult installation videos on the company’s website.


  • Fabric is lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to install
  • Material is easy to wash and dries quickly


  • No factory-made holes to accommodate seat belts and headrests
  • Not compatible with armrests and cup holders

08. Black Panther Car Seat Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Unique diamond pattern
  • Comprised of polyurethane faux leather
  • Weighs 3.34 pounds
  • Comes with front pockets

Before you get any wild ideas, the name does not refer to the film or signify that there’s a black panther inscription on it.

The name refers to the diamond patterns, that populate the surface of the car seat cover.

The designs, contribute to the luxurious appearance it adds to a car’s interior.

The faux-leather surface is made with tiny, itty-bitty holes that are barely noticeable.

The holes make the material breathable.

Also, the surface is wear-resistant, hardly affected by even key scratches.

A common problem with most car seat covers is slipping.

As a solution, the underlayer is lined with special anti-slip silica gels. In addition, buckles and strong elastic bands, hold the seat cover securely to the car seat.

One can say, that the front seat covers resemble an apron because it’s sideless.

Hence, it’s compatible with armrests, locks of seat belts, and doesn’t interfere with the airbags.

There are front pockets for keeping your valuables such as phones, diaries, keys, and the likes.

They will come in handy when you go on trips or long commutes.


  • Compatible with airbags and armrests.
  • The design elevates the luxurious appearance and aesthetic appeal
  • Doesn’t interfere with airbags
  • Leather is of premium quality
  • Internal padding is great


  • The strap for the headrest can’t be adjusted
  • Doesn’t cover the seat completely

09. Leader Accessories Car Seat Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Made from faux leather
  • Weighs 7.21 pounds
  • Universal
  • Comes with adjustable straps with buckles
  • Side material is elastic

This car seat cover is composed of quality faux leather, with numerous holes that make it breathable.

The quality of the leather material makes it resistant to wear and gives a luxurious appearance to the interior of a car.

And it’s padded internally, with 3 mm foam, which ensures maximum comfort.

As a way of increasing the fitting with the car seat, straps that possess buckles replace elastic bands.

Hence, you can adjust them to fit tightly or loosely to the car seat.

The elastic material, also adds additional tight-fitting.

Unlike most car seat covers, the pieces for the rear seat are divided into three: one for the headrest, another for the bench, and the last one is meant for the backrest.

Although it fits almost all cars, it won’t fit:

Front seats with undetachable headrests/high backs and in-built seatbelt buckles.

If your front seats come with armrests, you can simply use scissors to cut out a hole for them.

In terms of rear seats, it doesn’t fit those with undetachable headrests.

To accommodate seatbelts buckles, you can use scissors to cut out a hole carefully.


  • Straps with adjustable buckles, provide tight-fitting
  • Material is perforated: which makes it breathable.
  • Internal padding increases comfort
  • Comes with additional accessories: steering cover, floor mats, etc.


  • Not compatible with seat belt buckles: unless you cut a hole through the material

10. Pic Auto Car Seat Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs
  • Made from leather and mesh-like material
  • Universal: fits different car brands
  • Rear seat cover comes in two pieces: backrest cover and bench cover

It’s a hybrid car seat cover, composed of leather and high perforated mesh-like fabric in the middle area.

The mesh has three layers with a 5 mm foam padding, immediately after.

Front pockets provide an extra storage area.

There’s also a special stitching technique, at the sides.

This aids easy deployment of airbags, during accidents.

For the rear seats, the cover is separated into one for the bench and another for the backrests.

The backrests also come with two zippers, which makes them compatible with 40/60 and 40/20/40 bench splits.

Whether a car has detachable headrests or not, does not matter: it’s compatible with either case.

To aid installation, there are video guides on their website.


  • Compatible with detachable and undetachable headrests, and armrests
  • Mesh-like material makes it breathable and internal padding provides comfort
  • Compatible with airbags
  • Front pockets available
  • Special custom-design services are available


  • The back-seat cover is not compatible with the seat-belt buckle: except when unzipped.

11. BDK Car Seat Cover



Highlighted Features

  • Universal: fits most cars
  • Weighs 2.54 pounds
  • Made with polyester material (fabric)

BDK car seat cover is made with lightweight polyester material and has a honey-commish design at the backrest that provides for easy ventilation.

It protects the car seat from degrading in appearance due to spillages, scratching, environmental factors and the likes.

In addition, it beefs up the interior appearance of the car, especially if the original seat is an old one.

To keep up with the recent car designs, it’s been made sideless.

Therefore, it’s compatible with armrests and side airbags (found at the side of the front seats of recent vehicles).

Aside from covers from the car seat, you’ll also get floor mats too.


  • Cleans easily
  • Compatible with side airbags and armrests
  • Comes with floor mats too
  • Protects car seats


  • Does not last as long as leather car seat covers (as expected)

The Buying Considerations of Honda Ridgeline Seat Covers

Before you decide to beautify the interior of your Honda ridgeline with a seat cover, there are important things to take note of.

Get this: most of the points I’m about to share, can be the difference between gaining satisfaction from your purchase, and having a buyer’s regret.

That said, let’s get right into it.

1. Why Do You Need A Seat Cover?

Do you need it to accentuate the interiors? Or to simply protect your car seats? Could it be for comfort?

Answering this question will determine the features you’ll prioritize when buying a car seat cover.

2. Choose The Right Material

Car seat covers come in two major material types: fabric and leather.

Each of them comes with distinctive features.

Fabrics are perfect for hot and very cold seasons, because of their heat-dispersion and qualities.

However, cleaning off dirt and spills can be difficult: except you wash it.

On the other hand, leather car seats, absorb heat excessively.

However, those with increased perforations, absorb heatlessly.

A major advantage is the ease of cleaning off the dirt.

A simple damped towel will suffice in most cases.

Finally, leather seats are more luxurious than fabrics.

In summary, before you choose a material, answer these questions:

  • Would you be expecting a hot season, or do you live in a region with high temperatures? A fabric seat cover would be a better idea
  • Are you aiming for a very luxurious appearance? Leather car seats would do.
  • Are you expecting frequent spills due to children or pets? A leather car seat is better.
  • Can you bear the extra costs for specialized cleaning of leather car seat covers?
  • Do you intend to resell your car seat cover? Leather car seat covers will bring in a higher return.

Whatever the case may be, they both have advantages and disadvantages.

You should choose based on your preferences, environment, and most importantly, budget – which cues in my next point…

3. Decide on Your Budget

Specific designs cost more than others. Also, leather costs more than fabrics.

The design and material you’ll decide on depending on your budget.

4. Decide The Design And Style You Want

There are many designs and styles of car seat covers.

Some of them may stick out like a sore thumb when you place them in your car.

Others blend into the interiors of your car: making it less obvious that you’re using a car seat cover.

5. Lookout For Additional Features

If you need additional features such as front pockets, buy those that have these features.

However, if you don’t place serious importance on them, then it would make sense to do without them.

6. Compatibility With Car Features

Compatibility with features such as armrests, cup holders, airbags and the likes, is important.

If you need to make use of these features, it’s better to prioritize car seat covers with these features.

Also, some car seat covers may not fit perfectly with your type of bench split, inbuilt seat belt buckles, and undetachable headrests.

Before you make a purchase, take a close look at the specifications, limitations, and size.

Regular FAQs

We can’t leave you hanging: we decided to answer some questions, living rent-free in your head when it comes to getting a car seat cover for your Honda Ridgeline.

How To Know If A Car Seat Cover Would Fit Your Honda Ridgeline?

The easy way out is to opt for the custom build.

But for those who wouldn’t prefer that route, these steps would assist you:

  • Measure the shoulder and hip room (across the car seat), the bottom (depth), and the back (height) of the seat. Then compare the measurements with the technical specifications for the seat cover you’re about to buy.
  • The closer the numbers for the seat cover to the numbers you measured, the better.

How To Clean Seat Covers?

If it’s made from fabric, then periodic washing and ironing would suffice.

But leather is rarely washed. A damp towel, with clean water, can do the job.

However, you’ll have to take it periodically, for specialized leaning to remove dusty that may have sneaked in through the holes.

Is Having A Car Seat Cover A Necessity?

Well, it all depends on you.

Do you want to beef up the appearance of your car? Or protect your seats form dirts?

If the answer is yes, then car seat cover is a necessity.

What is The Best Material For Car Seat Covers?

Different strokes for different folks: neoprene, leather, and fabric have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

The Final Words

With the best seat cover for Honda Ridgeline, your car’s interiors are given a boost.

And you can say bye to worrying about the possible degradation of your car seat.

By now, I’m sure you must have got all the tips you need to make the right decision.

And decided on which brand to purchase. Whatever you choose? Cheers to a beautiful car interior!