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11 Best Floor Mats For Nissan Frontier 2023 [All Weather Premium Protection]

If you are searching for an item to protect your Nissan’s interior from all deteriorating factors, this extensive review of the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier comes to the rescue.

As winter is approaching, it brings with it snow, mud, and cold weather.

Tired of shoes staining the gorgeous interior of your Nissan?

The best floor mats for Nissan Frontier are the items that will protect it from all weather and keep its first-class look while maintaining its initial quality.


A List of Nissan Frontier Floor Mats We Choose

WeatherTech 441761
Husky Liners Fits 2005-19
Husky Liners - 66291
OEDRO ‎Floor Mats
3D MAXpider ‎L1NS06101509
WeatherTech ‎461761
WeatherTech B07VYZZT2C
TMB Motorsports B095Y6C44Q

What Is The Best Brand Floor Mat For Frontier?

The brand that earned everyone’s appreciation is Max Liner.

When it comes to Nissan Frontier floor mats, Max Liner seems to have a perfectly adapted product.

Not only it’s compatible with both 2009 and 2023 car models, but it seems to have the best dimensions and properties out there.

If a simple product description doesn’t convince you, no matter how tempting it looks, try searching for online reviews.

Customers all over the world are constantly amazed by the floor mats’ quality and are eager to show off their new acquisition.

Why Do We Like MAXLINER A0121/B0121?

What initially attracts everyone is the cost-quality ratio.

The product is budget-friendly and offers incredible and surprising features for its customers.

Max Liner covered all essential properties like weather and stain resistance, while also creating a modern aspect for the mats.

Top 11 Best Floor Mats For Nissan Frontier – Our Analysis

It’s easy to get lost in all the product descriptions and available brands out there.

This listed top of all the best Nissan Frontier floor mats will clarify and organize all the information out there, so the choice is easier to make.

01. MAX LINER 10121/B0121


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with car’s design and safety structures
  • Extra outer parts that seal sidewalls
  • Durable but flexible
  • Fit more vehicle types: Van, Truck, SUV, etc
  • Modern aspect
  • Protection against all weather

If you have a car with a spacious interior and lots of occasions to ruin its appearance and quality, Max Liner will take care of it.

The brand sits on top of the list for the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier because it seems to perfectly fit this vehicle.

The floor mats come with outer parts that cover the sidewalls and protect them from any slips that can stain the interior.

Nothing will get past this layer. Even more, they cover the lower part of the door frame, so dirt can be easily swept out.

All the space is covered, as the mats come in 3 layers.

The first one protects the driver’s and passenger’s place.

The second one covers the middle part of the car with a thick material that reaches the deepest zone, as kids, friends, and dogs are all a danger here.

The last part covers the third row fully.

Other advantages include the easy detachment for properly cleaning the product, as well as resistant materials that don’t let snow, water, sand, or mud pass and stain the vehicle.

This means full protection when you are going to the beach or on an adventure in the mountains.



  • The side parts are don’t cover the entire area

02. SMARTLINER SA0121/B0121


Highlighted Features 

  • Raised liners for protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly, made from polyethylene
  • Fits various types of vehicles
  • Comes with a truck bed mat
  • Seal carpets with resistant outer lips

Smart Liner comes with an amazing product to add protection and resistance to any Nissan Frontier’s interior.

The mats cover the car carpets perfectly, with the help of raised liners and resistant outer lips, molding to any structures that sit in their way.

The highlight that puts Smart Liner SA0121/B0121 on the list for best floor mats for Nissan Frontier is probably the full coverage it offers for trucks.

The second and third layers of the mats become an enormous truck bed that both protects the carpet and enhances its aspect.

Lastly, the design of these mats improves the aspect of your car in terms of elegance.

In terms of aesthetics, its features are both visually pleasing and useful at the same time, combining function with modern looks.


  • Covers all the necessary space
  • Semi-rigid, so it has the flexibility
  • Odorless material


  • The carpet peg is hard to secure

03. WEATHERTECH 441761


Highlighted Features 

  • Complex surfacing prevents leakage
  • Trim lines are incorporated
  • Designed and tested with recognized platforms
  • Strengthened edges
  • High-Density Tri-Extruder material

Weather Tech is surprised by the advanced design and technology used to create the best Nissan Frontier floor mats.

These items may seem simple, but certain features, like incorporated channels for fluid movement and immobilizing dirt particles require both skill and effort.

The special material used by this brand is called HDTE and it creates a strong middle section for the mat and resistant, raised edges to keep liquid out.

Once it reaches the mat, water is guided through small, well-structured tunnels and trapped.

Then, it can be easily removed by cleaning the material or even wiping it.

The product comes with various linings that serve different purposes.

Trim orientation points and alignments are present in case certain devices, like speakers, are not compatible with the mat’s structure and place.


  • Made from flexible plastic that doesn’t contain Latex
  • Easy set-up
  • Work perfectly for snowy climate


  • Might not stay fixed in place

04. HUSKY LINERS ‎36261


Highlighted Features 

  • Special liners to keep the mats in place
  • High-quality material
  • Classic design
  • Detachable and easy to clean
  • Compatible with multiple vehicle types

A classic, diamond design is what represents Husky liners.

Maybe the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier are original, simple ones, after all.

The strengthened edges mold just right to the walls, so protection for all fluids is ensured.

The structure and dimensions of these floor mats are specially fitted for older models of the Nissan Frontier, from 2005 to 2019.

The brand is proud of its products are both planned and created in the USA, by skilled individuals, and with complex technology.

Using Husky Liners can help maintain the resell value of your vehicle.

This value depends on many factors, including the overall maintenance and aspect of the interior.

Nissan Frontier floor mats will certainly add to better preserving the car’s carpets in the long run while also enhancing its looks.


  • Great protection from stains
  • Cost-efficient
  • Thick and durable material


  • It feels slippery

05. HUSKY LINERS 66291


Highlighted Features

  • Slim design to access all available space
  • Rear position
  • Durable, sporty material with diamond pattern
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Easy clean-up, detachable mats

Husky Liners are generally set up easily and in no time.

This model offers protection for the back floor of your Nissan against both spills and snowy or dirty shoes that are stepping on it.

Usually, the rear floors need more attention when it comes to accidents and maintenance.

Kids, dogs, and friends with their heads in the cloud are all the main danger, as well as snowy weather or shoes filled with sand from the beach.

It’s never safe to assume there is enough coverage and protection for this part of the car.

That’s why the simple and effective Husky Liner is the best option for it.

Moreover, as cleaning a Nissan Frontier usually takes some time, why not make everything easier and instantly remove the mats?

The material is strong and rubberish, so it holds fluids until you are ready to


  • Fits the floor structures excellent
  • High-quality material with raised edges
  • Perfect for protection against liquids


  • The mats are not as rigid as described

06. OEDRO OREO1001R077


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatible with Nissan Frontier Crew Cab models 2008-2021
  • Protect carpets against all weather
  • Fixed with clips
  • Comes with 2 front floor mats & a large rear piece
  • Durable, odorless material

OEDRO designs its products with advanced 3D scanning technology, so they are the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier not only because of their quality but also because of a perfect fit.

In the run for the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier, OEDRO puts safety in the first place.

Besides aspect and quality, it’s important to consider that slipping floor mats put yourself and your passengers in danger.

That’s why OEDRO made sure its floor mats are held in place by strong clips, even while driving.

Feel safe and comfortable with an aesthetic, yet smart design for covering the floor.

Moreover, mats must be easy to set up, as well as easy to clean.

This brand makes sure both of these conditions are checked, offering a one-piece item for the back part of the car.


  • Large mats that cover all the necessary area
  • Easy set-up
  • Perfectly fitted, especially the front mats


  • The rear mat might have defects because of packing



Highlighted Features

  • Measured with 3D Lasers
  • Special channels for trapping fluid
  • Odorless, strong & eco-material
  • For Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 2008-2021
  • Fixed with raised nibs
  • Flexible rear mat

As any respectable floor mats for Nissan Frontier, the YITAMOTOR YTS0039 offers an odorless, eco, and non-toxic material that can’t be affected by any type of weather.

Not even children will be able to conquer these amazing mats.

Step on them with the dirtiest shoes and test them for yourself.

The thermoplastic elastomer provides resistance against freezing temperatures and keeps the mats intact when the hot weather decides to show up.

Even more, if you need the car for a ride at the beach, and won’t be an annoying issue anymore.

The small channels catch the particles and keeps them away from the carpet until you decide it’s time for a cleanup.

Even more, now that cleaning is mentioned, these Nissan Frontier floor mats are detachable and flexible, so cleaning will be an effortless action.

For perfect dimensions, the floor mats were created using advanced lasering techniques that scan every detail of the floor.

That implies that all the original structures and spaces from the vehicle were thoroughly analyzed and calculated, so you won’t need to trim the mats and have a hard time installing them.

However, if any extra subwoofers or devices are added, trimming is an available solution too.


  • Full coverage
  • Light, but durable material
  • Great overall appearance
  • Can be trimmed


  • Doesn’t fit a Pro 4X with a subwoofer

08. 3D MAXPIDER L1NS06101509


Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof material
  • Protection against slipping
  • Clips for safety
  • Strengthened edges for securing sidewalls
  • Easy cleanup
  • Black color & elegant design

These mats are the perfect option for people who take a car of an elegant and well-maintained aesthetic.

Apart from the light material and modest design, the Nissan Frontier floor mats are structured in a complex manner, with multiple layers that have various functions.

The material is a combination of TPE and XPE foam.

The Thermoplastic Elastomer covers the surface of the mat and acts as a protective layer.

It provides safety against all types of weather, keeping particles and drops away from the car by using raised margins to seal the walls.

The XPE foam has the function of minimizing the sound produced by the car and creating a comfortable, fixed mat.

Even more, on the back of these amazing floor mats for Nissan Frontier, the material is specially designed to stick to the floor and prevent any unwanted movement.

For an even safer fix, clips are used to hold the floor mats in place.


  • Light & resistant material
  • Strong carpet grips
  • Simple to clean


  • Mats don’t trap liquid

09. WEATHERTECH 461761


Highlighted Features 

  • Designed with advanced technology
  • Small reservoir for trapping liquids
  • Grey color and great design
  • HDTE material
  • Comes with a liner for the rear floor

WEATHERTECH is already the third in the run for the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier.

However, the brand didn’t stop there and created even more amazing car accessories for all the pleased customers out there.

These floor mats are not only unique in aspect, but also in functionality.

The grey color suits almost any car model in a splendid way.

Besides that, the line’s design isn’t created only for aesthetic purposes, but also for improving the quality of this item.

The Nissan Frontier floor mats are resistant to water or any particles that dare to enter the car uninvited.

However, their job is to prevent these particles from touching any part of the carpet or walls around them.

This is why the channeled structure comes in handy and directs the fluid to a small reservoir that encloses them.

It’s then up to you when to remove the floor mats and clean them.


  • They cover all the necessary space
  • Perfectly fitted for Nissan Frontier
  • Resistant against all weather


  • The material isn’t dense enough

10. WEATHERTECH ‎441761-440474


Highlighted Features 

  • Coverage for both front and rear floor
  • Designed and created in the USA
  • Black, modest appearance
  • Easy to clean and remove
  • Flexible material in all weather

Don’t be surprised. It’s quite clear that this brand will keep appearing in this top as a worthy competitor for the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier.

Interestingly enough, their products cover a large range of cars & even pet accessories, so it’s safe to say the advanced technology used to produce them and the smart minds behind the designs are doing an amazing job.

The brand is supporting the American market, adding quality items to its gates.

The floor mats for Nissan Frontier are no exception.

The resale value of a car can easily decrease with time.

To maintain this number, various protection accessories are necessary.

The floor from your vehicle will keep its appearance and quality if it’s well covered and shielded from stains.

These Nissan Frontier mats are guaranteed to fit the vehicle perfectly, as well as its original structures incorporated in the floor.

Moreover, if some additions or amendments were made, the mats come with special lines to point the trimming surfaces and make this task easier.


  • Protects the resale value
  • Can be trimmed for other models
  • Custom made for Nissan Frontier


  • Modest aspect



Highlighted Features 

  • Mats for the rear floor can be separated
  • Compatible with Nissan Frontier models 2005-2014
  • The strong, rubbery material
  • Protection against slipping
  • Special tunnels to trap liquid

TMB offers resistant and smartly designed mats, worthy of your attention.

These Nissan Frontier floor mats are created to fit the vehicle in the best way.

The pack comes with both front and back mats, that can be separated by trimming in the indicated points.

The rubberish material protects from all types of stains and dirt particles, and the special structure keeps them from reaching the carpet.

Moreover, with these floor mats for Nissan Frontier, cleaning is easier than ever.

Not only can they be easily removed and wiped or cleaned with simple water or soap, but the carpets and side walls will also be cleaner and better maintained themselves.


  • Odorless material
  • Waterproof
  • The mats absorb noise


  • Rear mats are too large

The Purchasing Considerations of Nissan Frontier Floor Mats

The brands are now all sorted out in your brand.

However, all the provided information can be hard to follow while reading a product’s description, so here are some tips on what to consider when buying the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier.

Weatherproof Material

Before thinking about anything else, the first aspect you need to check is the quality of the mats’ material.

Some great examples are TPE, XPE foam, or HDTE.

All of these have different functions and add to the overall appearance and quality of the mats.

Weatherproof material is a must.

From sandy beaches to snowy mountains, the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier can protect the vehicle’s floor and walls from all stains and dirt particles.

materials even have multiple layers and extra properties, like reducing the sound of the wheels on the road and creating a comfortable surface.

Structure & Raised Edges

Some models offer a simple, modest design that provides compatibility with any car model and color.

Other brands prefer to add to their floor mats special lining with a channel-like appearance that can trap any fluid and direct it to a small reservoir.

The movement of the liquid is reduced while driving, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks.

This way, cleaning, and other important aspects, like being in close contact with the carpet, can remain the same.

The semi-rigid material is specially designed to stop all dangers from entering the car.

Well, besides a bear or other large creatures. Technology hasn’t advanced that far yet.

However, when it comes to stains, dirt, sand, or even salted water, the strengthened margins prevent sealing the car’s floor entirely.

Fixing Clips

Keeping the mats in place is important for both safety and efficiency.

If the floor mats slip, they can easily cause an accident and a mess, all at the same time.

Any efficiently sealed space can suddenly become exposed and liquid can leak and stain the carpets.

That’s why checking for fixing clips or any other fixing mechanism is one of the first things to look for.

Another option worth mentioning is also an incorporated liner on the back of the mats.

This immobilizes the floor mats while driving, so you are not stressed by them slipping under your feet.

Make sure that your trip is comfortable and your Nissan is safe with this simple accessory.

Easy To Clean

If Nissan Frontier floor mats are used, it’s guaranteed that the car’s floor will be much easier to clean, but what about the mats themselves?

Some may be rigid and hard to detach and some may need cleaning with special solutions.

However, the best floor mats are designed to fit both easy removal and instant cleaning.

With one wipe or rinse, the covers can be as new.

For deep, thorough cleaning, mats can be instantly removed and placed back when you are done.

Final Say

Floor mats aren’t the most important protective accessory of a vehicle, but the best floor mats for Nissan Frontier can truly make a difference when it comes to maintaining resale value and protecting the car’s interior.

Each person has different needs and each vehicle has a different structure, so the choice must be the one that fits your needs best.

All the main properties and best brands are presented, so know that research is done, it’s time for the hard part.