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11 Best Floor Mats For Honda Odyssey – Universal Fit/ Suitable in Hot & Cold Weather

If you are on the lookout for the best floor mats for Honda Odyssey. You have come to the right place.

It doesn’t matter the Honda Odyssey model that you own/drive; purchasing or picking up the perfect floor mats for your vehicle is unbeatable.

Some of the most famous attributes of top-rated floor mats include durability, solid grip, and long-lasting use/extended lifespan.

Asides from protecting the vehicle’s floor and keeping dirt in check.

They also ensure the floor isn’t slippery, keeping you and your passengers safe from possible accidents.

In addition to the above-listed benefits, these Honda Odyssey floor mats enhance your vehicle interior greatly for improved elegance and attractiveness.

Although a lot of vehicle owners understand the benefits associated with installing/adding excellent floor mats in their vehicle, the main issue is always attributed to the complexity or how complicated the process of choosing the ideal design can be.

Good enough, this guide is developed to help you make convincing/appropriate purchase decisions.

As you read along, you will come across eleven (11) top-class and highly recommended floor mats you can find around today.

Impressively, these designs are made of sturdy material for guaranteed longevity.

Also, they can be used and maintained with ease.

Reliable brands such as 3W, MAXLINER, SMARTLINER, Husky Liners, YITAMOTOR, OEDRO, TOUGHPRO, Kiwi Master, WeatherTech, and LASFIT are worth your money.

You should consider them if you desire excellent value.


At a Glance

3W Rear Fits 2018-22
MAXLINER Fits 2018-22
SMARTLINER Fits 2018-22
MAXLINER Front,Rear Fits 2011-21
Husky Liners Front, Fits 2018-19
YITAMOTOR Inside Fits 2018-22
OEDRO Inner Fits 2018-22
TOUGHPRO Fits 2018-22
KIWI MASTER Inside Fits 2018-22
WeatherTech Front,Rear

How To Choose The Perfect Floor Mats For Your Honda Odyssey


Floor mats are essential accessories in every vehicle.

While it is necessary to keep the floor of your Honda Odyssey protected from contaminants that may result in premature wear.

You mustn’t go beyond what you can afford. Choose a design that is within your financial capability.

Although it takes more to get solid and highly-effective floor mats for your vehicle.

Some reliable designs are offered at affordable prices.

Decide on the best price you can pay or afford for floor mats and pick a worthy design from the list of options available to you.


Do not pick a design without reading through the description.

For best performance, you should only choose or settle for floor mats designed or made for your vehicle model.

Build/Construction Material

Floor mats are constructed using various materials.

Picking a design made from high-quality rubber material provides optimum durability irrespective of the season or weather condition.

Most importantly, rubberized floor mats offer improved safety (do not slip) and protection (withstand all forms of contaminants) over an extended period.


This is another exciting and crucial factor you need to pay attention to when looking for the perfect floor mats for your vehicle.

Choose a brand that is easy to install across various areas.

A design that has the instructions manual packed alongside the floor mats should be a top consideration.

In case you experience any complexity during attachment, consulting the installation manual eases the stress, providing a convenient way to get things done.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Choose a design that supports an easy removal of contaminants from the surface.

Considering our busy/tight schedules, cleaning your floor mats should be the least of your worries.

Floor mats that can be wiped down with ease or cleaned efficiently using soap & water make the maintenance/cleaning process stress-free.

Settling for floor mats from any famous brand offers excellent reliability, confidence, and peace of mind.

If you are looking at getting optimum value for your money, choose a design from the top/popular brands you can find around.

Top 11 Best Floor Mats For Honda Odyssey

01. 3W Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Designed/built for 18-22 Honda Odyssey
  • Anti-slip system
  • Waterproof design
  • Rear installation
  • 6 x 23.9 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 56 pounds in weight

For best quality, investing in a popular and respected brand is a highly-recommended tip you can adopt or work with.

The 3W floor mats are made from top-quality plastic material, ensuring/guaranteeing improved durability in the process.

This says a lot about the ever-growing patronage it enjoys to date.

If you drive or own a Honda Odyssey (18-22) models and desire floor mats that offer optimum safety for you and your passenger.

You may want to look into or check out what we have here.

Asides from eliminating possible slips, the anti-slip system allows spills to move down through the ridges.

This keeps the surface dry for as long as possible until you have the time to wipe off the fluid or conduct a proper cleaning.

They also protect your vehicle’s back regions, including the sides, from other contaminants that may impede quality or lower your vehicle’s value.

Impressively, the use extends across various seasons or weather conditions.

Thanks to its waterproof property.

The 3W floor mats are not difficult to attach.

Also, the quality is not restricted or affected by stains, and they can be cleaned and maintained with ease.

We also find the retention ability impressive.

Once installed, these mats do not move about or get displaced when feet are placed on them.



  • Rear installation only

02. MAXLINER ‎E0325


Highlighted Features

  • 18-22 Honda Odyssey
  • Low-density construction material
  • Made from a blend of quality plastic & rubber materials
  • Complete kit ( for the 3 rows and the cargo area)
  • ‎9 x 48 x 9 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

If you have been finding it pretty hard or complicated getting the right floor mats for your 2019 Honda Odyssey model.

Either due to inadequate knowledge or the inability to afford any premium-priced design available out there.

We have a piece of great/stirring news for you.

MAXLINER Floor Liners is designed to fit a wide range of Honda Odyssey models, 2019 inclusive.

These 2019 Honda Odyssey floor mats are durable, easy to install, affordable, and can be cleaned/maintained efficiently without any stress.

When compared to some of the expensive options on the market.

The floor mats offer similar functionality and quality at a reasonable price.

The ease of installation/attachment is another fantastic attribute.

They (the floor mats) can be slotted into the appropriate spaces with ease.

MAXLINER Floor Liners are designed to last for an extended period.

Also, you can easily wash off dirt, stains, and spills with water and reinstall the mats back in place when dry.



  • This design is a bit fragile

03. SMARTLINER Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • A top consideration for 18-22 Honda Odyssey
  • Three (3) row floor mat set
  • All-weather construction material
  • 18 x 5 x 36 inches in dimension
  • 42 pounds in weight

The SMARTLINER Floor Mats are the best you can get for the money.

If you find the expensive designs out of reach and do not want to compromise functionality and quality due to an inadequate budget.

These floor mats are the perfect pick/option you can settle for.

The 86% 5-star ratings from reviewers are strong indications of the impressive quality & value users tend to experience/enjoy when integrated into their vehicle.

An incredible feature/attribute that they possess is the raised edges.

This ensures the floor mats overlap slightly with your door sills, preventing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from escaping into the floor or hiding beneath the mats.

SMARTLINER Floor Mats are not complicated or stressful to clean.

Dirt and sand can be whisked away easily using a small broom.

The installation can be completed smoothly and quickly.

Most importantly, the mats do not bend, curl, or move out of place.


  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth and stress-free installation
  • Suitable for all kinds of seasons or weather conditions
  • Guarantees optimum protection to your vehicle’s interior


  • These floor mats could be a bit thicker

04. MAXLINER A0103


Highlighted Features

  • Highly-rated design for 11-17 Honda Odyssey
  • Rear & front installation
  • All-weather material
  • 36 x 28 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 7 pounds in weight

If you desire floor mats suitable for all weather conditions at a pocket-friendly price.

MAXLINER A0103 will make a perfect addition to your Honda Odyssey.

When installed on compatible vehicles, they fit seamlessly into place, ensuring no floor space is left uncovered.

The raised lips or edges ensure contaminants are totally controlled or restrained from contacting the floor to eliminate premature wear.

Another critical attribute these floor mats possess is their ability to resist stains.

The surface is not difficult to clean, enhancing maintenance and long-lasting use in the process.

Also, the texture contributes significantly to improving your vehicle’s interior.

A lot of vehicle owners consider this design a top-efficient option if you own the 2015 Honda Odyssey and can’t afford weathertech Honda Odyssey 2015 floor mats.


  • Anti-skid surface
  • Easy to clean using soap & water
  • Inexpensive design
  • Prevents spills and other contaminants from getting across the floor


  • Not compatible for all vehicles

05. Husky 18801


Highlighted Features

  • Made for Honda Odyssey (18-19)
  • Rubberized DuraGrip material
  • Front & rear installation
  • StayPut cleats (to resist displacement)
  • Precision fitting
  • ‎7.6 pounds in weight

When it comes to reliable and long-lasting floor mats.

Husky Liners is a highly-rated brand among vehicle owners across the world

The Husky 18801 is one of the excellent models from the brand’s long list of quality floor mats that you can pick up for optimum protection of your Honda Odysseys’ floor.

If you are on a budget and yet do not want to settle for just any design, this is one of the few affordable options that you can pick up for top value.

The rubber material is strongly made, ensuring it can take a maximum hit or sustain the pressure that comes with everyday use, irrespective of the conditions.

Its unique design contributes significantly to enhancing the appearance of your vehicle.

Most importantly, keep dirt and stains within your watch and control.

If you are looking for perfect weather beater seat floor liners for your 2018 Honda Odyssey or desire reliable 2019 Honda Odyssey floor mats without blowing off your budget.

Husky 18801 is a great deal.



  • Not compatible with all models of Honda Odyssey

06. YITAMOTOR Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • 18-22 Honda Odyssey top pick
  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Designed for three (3) rows
  • 6 x 25.2 x 6.7 inches in dimension
  • ‎12.9 pounds in weight

These Honda Odyssey floor mats are offered at a reasonable price.

They are top considerations for individuals who want to keep their vehicle’s floor adequately protected from contaminants that may contribute to premature wear or a decrease in value.

The YITAMOTOR Floor Mats are a great design, offering a flawless fit when installed inside compatible vehicles.

The raised/lifted edges prevent contaminants or spills from getting to the floor or beneath the mats, especially sideways.

Its thermoplastic elastomer surface makes it a great fit across all weather conditions.

They are non-toxic and odorless, irrespective of use, even during the hot period of the year.

These floor mats withstand and handle stains significantly.

Good enough, cleaning and maintenance can be performed without any challenge.

Also, YITAMOTOR Floor Mats guarantee optimum protection against slips for uncompromised safety of drivers and passengers at all times.


  • Doesn’t skid/slip
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Can be cleaned and maintained without stress
  • No odors & handles, stains, and dirt greatly


  • Due to its heavyweight, removal and reinstallation may be a bit hard

07. OEDRO Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • 2018-2024 Honda Odyssey
  • Complete set (for the three rows)
  • All-weather construction/design
  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • 34 x 25 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 52 pounds in weight

These Floor Mats are top consideration among many vehicle owners for several exciting reasons.

If you are looking at saving a few dollars without substituting/compromising quality, functionality, or performance.

The OEDRO Floor Mats are pretty fascinating and are worth looking at.

One of the unique attributes is their earth/environmentally friendly nature, irrespective of the season or the weather condition.

They are odorless and non-toxic.

For best performance, ensure you pay close attention to compatibility before you finally pick them up or make a purchase.

The attachment or installation process is pretty straightforward.

In case you need any help or assistance during the process, an installation manual is included in the pack to provide solutions or answers to your concerns.

The grip (rugged & tough) ensures possible slips are totally prevented for improved safety.

Also, they handle stains pretty well and are easy to clean and maintain.



  • Its bulky weight could make attachment and removal a bit challenging

08. TOUGHPRO Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Made for 18-22 Honda Odyssey
  • Front, rear, and cargo area attachment
  • Rubber construction
  • Computerized cut system & 3D scan patterns
  • ‎46.8 x 8.9 x 8.5 inches in dimension
  • ‎25.3 pounds in weight

TOUGHPRO Floor Mats are highly substantial.

If you are looking at a worthy addition to your vehicle without overspending or having to break the bank.

This design is an excellent option you can consider.

These floor mats offer several impressive attributes.

The protection they provide to the floor of your vehicle is outstanding.

Also, the mats restrict/block contaminants (moisture, spills, or dirt) from getting in contact with the floor, all at a pocket-friendly price.

Most users or vehicle owners appreciate the impressive grip (doesn’t slip) they offer and how they stay in position or attach firmly to the floor.

The high-quality rubber material guarantees impressive durability, preventing premature wear in the process.

Also, TOUGHPRO does not produce foul-smell and is not affected by toxins.


  • Suitable for all seasons/weather conditions
  • Guarantees enhanced safety (doesn’t slip & offers reliable grips)
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Optimum coverage for uncompromised protection against contaminants


  • Heavyweight



Highlighted Features

  • Honda Odyssey (18-22) top consideration
  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Front & rear installation
  • ‎32.4 x 24 x 6.4 inches in dimension
  • 82 pounds in weight

The KIWI MASTER ‎VPFLODS1U floor mats offer super and impressive value for the money.

If you can’t afford any of the premium brands or options like WeatherTech.

This is a great option you can pick up as an alternative.

The pack comes with the complete set, ensuring the front and the rear floors of your vehicle are adequately protected against external properties that may impair quality and value.

Thanks to the complete coverage they offer.

To achieve the best fit or performance, ensure you pay attention to compatibility.

Although they may not be as thick as some premium designs.

VPFLODS1U is reliable and works perfectly, just as described.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No foul smell
  • Easy to clean & doesn’t slip
  • An ideal choice across all weather conditions


  • Thinner than some of the premium designs

10. WeatherTech Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

WeatherTech is a premium brand.

It is well-known for its reliable and top-quality floor mats among Honda Odyssey owners.

If you want heavy-duty floor mats for your vehicle and can afford to pay higher than the average market price.

Here is a design you can go for.

Since the compatible Honda Odyssey models are not listed or indicated in the description, ensure you reach out to the seller to confirm suitability/compatibility.

However, reviews on Amazon and other online forums indicate compatibility with the Honda Odyssey 2017 model.

So, if you are looking for the best floor mats for 2007 Honda Odyssey.

This is an excellent option/choice for you, provided the price is what you can afford (within your budget).


  • Attach firmly to the floor (doesn’t shift)
  • Odorless
  • Easy to clean
  • Outstanding safety and protection


  • Compatible Honda Odyssey models are not listed
  • Expensive



Highlighted Features

  • Honda Odyssey (18-22) compatible
  • Front & rear installation
  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • ‎33.9 x 23.9 x 7.5 inches in dimension
  • 91 pounds in weight

Keeping your vehicle clean and protected may be a difficult task if you have little kids.

As you know, kids are somewhat messy.

Until they grow up and learn how to put things in order, you need to keep an eye on them and manage the situation as possible as you can.

The LASFIT LL-HN07 is made from a reliable and top-quality thermoplastic elastomer material.

The material is durable, making it possible to withstand the pressure that may arise from everyday use, irrespective of the seasons.

These floor mats are the perfect pick for periods of the year when the weather is extremely cold or hot.

Asides from the durable nature of this design, the cleaning and maintenance are also easy/uncomplicated.

Each mat offers full coverage and fits perfectly.

In the process, spills, dirt, and other forms of contaminants are prevented from making direct contact with the floor.

Although they may not be the most affordable option, you will find on the market.

Nevertheless, LASFIT LL-HN07 guarantees excellent value on your investment.


  • Full coverage & long-lasting use
  • Withstand the pressure that may result from daily use
  • The floor mats are not affected by extreme weather conditions
  • Cleaning is not difficult


  • A bit expensive

Final Words

When you follow the information we have provided in this guide, it becomes easier to identify and purchase the best floor mats for Honda Odyssey.

While there are numerous designs (hundreds of them) on the market, extending across various brands & manufacturers.

The floor mats we have reviewed or highlighted in our list are top choices worth your money.