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11 Best Seat Covers For Honda Element – Comfortable & Water Resistant

Are you searching for the best seat covers for Honda Element?

This compact crossover SUV is the perfect fit for both a relaxing family trip and an exciting adventure with your friends.

Either way, seat covers are a necessity for preserving this car’s interior.

Don’t worry about spills, dust, or spots on the car’s seats.

They can be easily protected from energetic kids, pets, or heedlessly friends by choosing the best Honda Element seat covers.

There are some amazing brands out there, and we are here to help you make the best choice!


Our Favorite List of Honda Element Seat Covers

‎Honda side
Aierxuan Inside
Motor Trend Front
Aierxuan Front
FH Group Inside
Elantrip Front

What is the Most Popular Seat Cover For Honda Element?

The best seat covers for the 2003 Honda Element from our list are OASIS AUTO OS-004.

Made from quality leather and available in up to 10 color models, these seat covers impressed every single customer with their modern design and efficiency.

The brand is well-known for its professional manufacturing of various car accessories.

When it comes to the best Honda Element seat covers, it provides both seat protections and comfortable designs with headrests and air-bag compatibility.

Why OASIS AUTO OS-004 is the Perfect Brand For Honda Element Seat Cover?

When it comes to customers’ satisfaction, reviews speak for themselves.

The thick and yet comfortable material, as well as the modern and gorgeous aspect of these seat covers, put them on the top of any list.

On top of all that, installation is a piece of cake even if you are not familiar with these accessories.

Even more, a step-by-step guide is available on YouTube to make sure everyone manages to set them up perfectly.

Top 11 Best Seat Covers For Honda Element (In-Depth Review)



Highlighted Features

  • Leather seat covers
  • Easy installation with video guide
  • Universal Fit
  • Front and Rear pair available
  • Modern design and a variety of styles
  • Compatible with air-bag and armrest

The best seat covers for Honda Element must fit 2 important criteria: quality material and smart design.

From this point of view, OASIS never lets its customers down, providing leather seat covers with an aesthetic and efficient design to protect the interior of any car.

What amazes me about this product is its breathable, waterproof, and yet comfortable material.

Made from quality leather, the covers are certainly durable and resistant.

Even more, the modern design will give any Honda Element a fresh and respectable look.

By offering the model in 10 different colors, the brand gives you the freedom of choosing the aesthetic that fits your car the best.

From an elegant beige to vibrant black & red, OASIS provides the same quality in various forms.

To complete the list of advantages, this product can be easily installed anytime.

If anyone encounters problems, a simple video guide is available on YouTube at any time.

Last but not least, safety must be a priority when creating any product.

That’s why OASIS ensures perfect compatibility with airbags.

Professional tests proved that airbags have enough space in case of an accident.


  • Comfortable
  • Amazing quality-price ratio
  • Provides extra cushion


  • They can slip around



Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof faux leather material
  • Pockets on the backside of the front covers
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with air-bag
  • Wear-resistant

Luckyman Club LFJ-1 comes second in the race for the best seat covers for Honda Element.

With an impressive, water-resistant, and durable material, these seat covers pleasantly surprise customers all over the world.

After a fairly easy setup, the covers fit multiple car models.

You will notice that the sides are exposed.

Even if this seems like a disadvantage in terms of protection, it has an important functional purpose.

By letting the sides be exposed, the covers provide enough space for the airbags to safely come out in case of an accident.

Also, besides protecting against spills and dust, seat covers must be themselves easy to clean.

The faux leather used for these incredible Honda Element seat covers can be cleaned with a simple wet towel.

Even more, the material is made up of multiple layers that serve different purposes.

The layer that is in contact with the seat is a suede fabric with anti-slipping properties, so the covers stay in their place.

Next, layers of PP Fabric and Non-woven Fabric provide durability and strength.

The sponge is placed above them to ensure comfort and lastly, the faux leather offers both protection against water and spills and a fresh aspect.


  • Great aspect
  • Quality texture
  • Seat buttons are still accessible


  • Sides are exposed

03. GENUINE HONDA ‎08P33-SCV-100


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Great fit for multiple car models
  • Available in a beige & black color combination
  • They fit around the armrest
  • Durable material

These are one of the best seat covers for the 2003 Honda Element and of course, for newer models.

Offering great protection against liquids, they are not only stylish but also efficient.

What sets them apart from others is the perfect fit for Honda Element.

The covers are compatible with a list of other vehicles too, but they are made especially to fit your Honda.

Also, with a perfect fit comes an easy installation.

The best seat covers should be made of the most suitable material to protect any vehicle’s interior.

Luckily, these covers not only respect that rule but excel when it comes to quality material.

The black part is made from soft plastic and designed to prevent stains, while the neoprene cleaning is a piece of cake.

Even more, the beige & black color combination gives the car a fantastic look, improving the overall aspect of its interior and preserving the original seats at the same time.

What more can you ask for?


  • Can be cleaned in the washing machine
  • Full protection
  • The best for Honda Element


  • Not for vehicles with side air-bags

04. OASIS AUTO ‎OS-001


Highlighted Features 

  • Easy installation
  • Aesthetic look, available in 6 color combinations
  • Zippers on both front seat covers
  • Comfortable material
  • Front/ full covers can be purchased separately

OASIS did not stop at one excellent model of seat covers.

Besides designing the best seat cover for Honda Element, mentioned earlier, this brand constantly continues to amaze its clients with new, excellent ideas of seat covers.

Despite producing universal seat covers, the brand covers the dimensions of Honda Element incredibly well.

OS-001 is compatible with detachable headrest and side airbags provided both comfort and safety at all times.

Compared to other OASIS models, this one is probably the most dynamic.

Even more, it is available in 6 different color combinations, so you can select the one that fits your car’s personality the best.

It can be an elegant beige, modest black, or powerful red, the choice is yours.

Lastly, other important qualities are the quality material that the brand got us used to and the easy installation process.

For detailed instructions, a YouTube video is always available, guiding the customer through a step-by-step process for the best results.


  • Front covers are a perfect fit
  • Strong straps for security
  • Vibrant colors


  • Setting up the rear covers is difficult



Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with air-bags
  • Waterproof faux leather material
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 available colors
  • Full set

Founded in 2006, AIERXUAN designs incredible car accessories for all budgets.

This model presents one of the best seat covers for Honda Element, with an amazing price-quality rate.

No more stressing about the dog’s hair or kid’s drinks.

These seat covers offer the perfect protection for your original car seats, while also enhancing the interior aspect of the vehicle.

The smart design is compatible with armrests and airbags.

Even more, it surrounds the seat belt sockets, ensuring easy access.

As any respectable Honda Element seat covers, they are made from a quality, multi-layered material.

A suede fabric provides protection and slipping and offers stabilization.

Next, comfort is ensured by an elastic sponge covered in durable fabric.

Finally, for durability and extra cushion, a thick layer of sponge is added, covered in waterproof soft leather material.

Faux leather offers water resistance, a must against spills of all sorts.

Even more, this material is breathable and comfortable, perfect for all seasons, and cleaning it up can be done with a simple towel.


  • Classic design, perfect for any vehicle
  • Multi-layered material
  • Compatible with armrest


  • The rear covers may be too short



Highlighted Features

  • Front pockets for storage
  • 3 step installation
  • Exposed sides for air-bags
  • Extended coverage for headrest
  • Padded material

This is another amazing brand out there, waiting for you.

Made from a combination of leather, faux leather, and microfiber, these luxurious covers are worthy of their place on the list of best 2003 Honda Element seat covers.

Why luxurious? Firstly, because of the smart use of different materials.

While the microfiber provides durability and strength, the leather creates a waterproof, breathable layer that can be easily cleaned.

Even more, the covers are padded to increase the comfort level and create the best driving conditions.

Also, available in 7 color combinations, these covers are considered premium because of their incredible appearance.

Choose different colors to create a unique aspect for your Honda.

Modern, yet elegant, Motor Trend’s seat covers are a great choice for any vehicle.

If you are not yet convinced, we must add that the products come with pockets, a loved and efficient feature recently added by the brand.

After all, who doesn’t like pockets?

Offering easy access and considerable storage space, they make family trips way more enjoyable, keeping your smartphone safe or hiding some sweets.


  • Modern aspect
  • Comfortable material
  • They come with butterfly clips


  • Durability needs improvement



Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable straps
  • Made from faux leather
  • Compatible with side air-bags
  • Storage pockets
  • Separate covers for headrests

Aierxuan comes in strong with another excellent model of seat covers.

Varying its designs, the brand offers a modest, classic alternative to its covers.

As one of the best seat covers for the Honda Element, the quality of the material remains the same.

As faux leather has proven to be the perfect fit for interior covers, Aierxuan uses it in an ingenious design to ensure breathability and protection against all dangers.

Even more, the leather is soft and comfortable in both summer and winter.

And as we mentioned a smart design, we must add that the covers are compatible with both solid and split back seats, cup holders, or molded headrests.

Finally, a surprising quality that makes everyone’s life easier when it comes to the installation process is the use of zippers.

Moreover, on top of everything, pockets are incorporated as a useful accessory.


  • They don’t slip around
  • Comfortable material
  • Great fin


  • Only available in one color

08. FH GROUP ‎FB050GRAY114


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Polyester fabric material
  • Washable covers
  • Compatible with Detachable Headrest
  • Recommended for Solid backbench

You don’t want to spend all your savings on car accessories?

FH GROUP came to the rescue with a budget-friendly alternative to the leather seat covers.

They are a great fit for your Honda Element, including a full set of covers and 4 separate ones for headrests.

Made from cloth fabric, these covers are perfect for protecting original seats, especially from scratches and dirt.

That being said, pet owners will surely find them convenient.

Even more, the fabric can be cleaned in a washing machine and air-dried, saving you precious time and effort.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the simple, yet the refreshing look of these covers.

From an aesthetic point of view, they tick off the requirements.

The black & grey color combination blends in perfectly with any car’s interior and improves its overall aspect.

To add extra protection, armrest covers can be purchased separately.

And to complete the list of advantages, these Honda Elements seat covers come with incorporated pockets to store and access your belongings easily on any trip.


  • Great quality
  • The best for a restricted budget
  • Easy setup


  • Not compatible with air-bag
  • The material might need ironing



Highlighted Features 

  • Waterproof cloth material
  • Perfect for any budget
  • Compatible with airbags
  • Full coverage
  • Only front seat covers are available

These are probably the best Honda Element seat covers that aren’t made of faux leather.

By replacing leather with water-resistant cloth material, Elantrip offers quality covers at an unbelievable cost.

The products fit multiple car models, being the best 2003 Honda Element seat covers for protection against scratches are tears.

The flat cloth material is padded with a layer of foam for both comfort and efficiency against spills.

However, keep in mind that this material is water-resistant and not exactly water-proof.

This means is not impenetrable if a large amount of liquid is spilled.

What makes these seat covers unique is adding full coverage for the seats while also being compatible with side-airbags in case of emergencies.

How? A special side tear has been added to the design, allowing airbags to come out safely.

Moreover, to make your life easier, a video guide with simple installation instructions is available on the website.



  • Not completely water-proof
  • The material may become loose



Highlighted Features

  • Universal fit
  • Double closure in the back
  • Simple pockets
  • Exposed sides for air-bags
  • Made from luxury leather
  • The package contains 11 pieces

Available in 3 different colors, these Honda Element seat covers truly provide the most luxurious appearance for your car’s interior.

FREESCO designed a full set, including 11 different pieces to ensure the best coverage for multiple vehicles.

The brand offers 2 covers for the front seats, 3 pieces of backseat covers for a perfect fit, 2 items for full coverage of backrest, one small head cover, a headrest waist cushion, and even an armrest cushion.

By dividing its product into smaller parts, FREESCO managed to create gorgeous seat covers for the full protection of a multitude of car models.

Moreover, they are easy to clean and suited for any season.

The breathable material is made of various layers to ensure both efficiency and comfort for its users.

A soft composite sponge adds a cozy feel, woven cloth and silicone provide anti-slipping properties, all while the faux leather creates a luxurious aspect and protects against liquid spills.



  • Setup may be difficult



Highlighted Features

  • PU leather material
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Simple, elegant look
  • Breathable & waterproof
  • Easy to clean

Speed trend created the best Honda Element seat covers when it comes to smart designing.

Adding center perforation and two back pockets, the covers are breathable, comfortable, and serve multiple purposes, from protection to storage and safety.

These products are compatible with detachable headrests and side airbags.

This way, safety comes first, while also taking into consideration the level of comfort and the overall aspect of the car’s interior.

The design is fitted for many car models. With sleek lines and comfortable padding, any trip can be enjoyable.

Even more, the simple model can’t ever become old-fashioned, as it’s a classic that no one gets tired of.

Finally, your seats can be clean any time of day, despite the excitement of your dog and the inattention of your kids.

Use a simple wipe or a small vacuum for a full clean-up of these amazing seat covers for Honda Element.



  • Rear covers are difficult to install

Purchasing Facts of Honda Element Seat Covers

Hoping that you are now convinced that a thorough search for the best seat covers for Honda Element is worth it, here are a few aspects you should look for while reading products’ descriptions.

Waterproof Material

The best seat covers for Honda Element should protect your car’s interior from various dangers.

Whether we’re talking about dirty paws or messy spills, they should be prepared to preserve the original seats from anything.

That being said, waterproof material is probably the first thing to look after when reading about a product.

The brand, design, installation are all important, but they are useless factors without a quality material.

Faux leather is the most popular option of a water-resistant material.

Other attempts are represented by special cloth fabrics that repel water, but their quality can’t be compared to classic faux leather.

Compatible With Air-Bags

Safety must always be a priority.

Seat covers with exposed sides for the front seats don’t seem appealing at first.

However, the lack of full coverage is compensated by another crucial aspect: side airbags.

In case of an emergency, these airbags can ensure the safety of passengers if they have enough space to deploy correctly.

The best 2003 Honda Element seat covers will mention this property in the first rows of their description, as a poorly designed model can endanger the lives of your family and friends.

Some ingenious brand even came up with the idea of offering full coverage, while also allowing the airbags to come out safely.

The fabric covering the sides is interrupted by a barely noticeable double side tear that enlarges and provides the necessary space for the deployment of any airbags.

Multiple Layers

This aspect is also about quality material.

The best seat covers for Honda Element will be made from several layers of different materials.

Their various properties will create an impenetrable, yet breathable and soft texture that will satisfy any customer.

Some words you will want to look for are faux leather for great aesthetics and water-resistance, elastic sponge for durability and comfort, suede fabric for anti-slipping properties, and PP fabric/ Non-woven fabric for strength.

These are just a few options from a long list of quality materials that can be used to create the best conditions for an enjoyable trip.

Easy To Clean

In a perfect scenario, seat covers protect the interior of your car so well that no cleaning is needed.

In reality, vacuuming the seats is always a good idea.

That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that the best seat covers for Honda Element will be must themselves be easy to clean, as they come in contact with every liquid and molecule of dust that touches your car.

Faux leather is highly recommended from this point of view.

It can be cleaned in no time with just a wet towel and even vacuumed.

Also, the material can’t be stained by any liquid and keeps dust away.

Another efficient material is polyester fabric, as it can be washed in the washing machine.

However, it will get dirtier a lot easier.

Appealing Aspect

Lastly, for many customers, the look of the Honda Element seat covers is as important as their efficiency.

There are hundreds of color combinations and designs out there.

From classic, simple lines to modern and vibrant red shades, you will surely find the perfect fit for any model.

People Also Search

Is it True That The Honda Element Seats Are Water-Resistant?

The short answer is yes, but not exactly all of them.

SC and EX models have both front and back seats covered in a special water-resistant fabric.

LX also provides original waterproof layers, but only for the front places of the car.

Can I Use Only Custom Covers For My Vehicle?

Custom Honda Element seat covers may be a better fit, so, if you want to have no worries, they are the easier choice.

However, most universal seats are a perfect match for the vehicle’s interior and they require a more affordable budget.

Do I Need To Take Measurements For Universal Seat Covers?

Check the specifications and dimensions of the seats and compare them with the recommended measurements given in any product’s description.

Also, notice that classic models, as well as new, exotic ones, might need indeed special, custom covers.

Is it Important To Use Seat Covers?

You already know the answer to this question, but to clarify everything, here is a summary of the benefits of using the best seat covers for Honda Element.

Even if they are not a must, covers you spare you time, effort, and money in the long run.

They protect the original sale value of your car and maintain its fresh aspect, while also adding pockets for storage space and enhancing the comfort level.

Will My Safety Be Endangered If I Use Seat Covers?

That depends only on the quality of the covers.

Poorly designed ones might prevent side airbags from deploying in case of an accident.

So, take a good look at their description and check this aspect before buying.

If the covers have exposed sides or smartly placed tears for air-bag deployment, you don’t need to worry.

It’s safe and even recommended to use them.

Last Thoughts

All things considered, we can certainly say that obtaining the best seat covers for Honda Element is a necessity if you want to protect your car in the long run.

Keep in mind all the brands and advice you just read and start your search for the ones that fit your vehicle the best!

The possibilities are endless.