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15 Best Seat Covers For Honda Civic of 2023 | Most Comfortable-Waterproof-Stylish Look

The best seat covers for Honda Civic are essential additions to your vehicle.

Asides from its primary function, which is to protect the seats from dust, moisture, and other conditions that could contribute to premature wear.

Top-quality seat covers also add impressive touch and feel to your interior, improving your vehicle’s appearance in the process. 

Since there are various designs of seat covers available for Honda Civic owners to choose from.

You may find it difficult to pick out or identify a design that matches your preference or delivers your quality and performance expectations

This guide will highlight and discuss 15 of the best Honda Civic seat covers you can buy and attach to your seats.

These designs are offered at various prices, colors, and shapes.

The exciting thing about them is that they provide reliable performance, ensuring you get a satisfying and fulfilling experience over a long period. 

The top seat cover brands you can invest in include LUCKYMAN CLUB, INCH EMPIRE, Aierxuan, OASIS, FREESOO, EKR, YIERTAI, Black Panther, PIC AUTO, FH Group, GIANT PANDA, BLUEWALDON, OUTOS, and Coverado.


Best Seat Covers For Honda Civic Comparison Table of 2023

‎Aierxuan ‎As-2
Aierxuan ‎As-4
EKR ‎Lingyue012
Black Panther KLXCD01

What Is The Best Seat Cover For Honda Civic?

LUCKYMAN CLUB is the best seat cover for honda civic on the current market today as per our research.

Thanks to its impressive build quality for reliable and long-lasting performance. 

Why LUCKYMAN CLUB Seat Covers Are The Best Honda Civic Seat Covers?

Over the years, this brand has gained extensive excellent reviews from car owners about its impressive build quality.

LUCKYMAN CLUB offers unbeatable protection to your car seats all year long.

Notable features that enhance users’ interest include its excellent build quality, pocket-friendly price, attractive color, and ease of installation. 

Top 15 Best Seat Covers For Honda Civic Reviews

01. LUCKYMAN CLUB LFJ-1 – Best Quality Seat Cover For Honda Civic


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Made from faux leather, polypropylene, and cotton materials 
  • Waterproof design & full set
  • Installation manual included 
  • 2 pockets for easy and convenient storage of accessories 
  • 26 x 22 x 3.2 inches in dimension 
  • 12.72 pounds in weight 

The famous black & red combination adopted in the design gives LUCKYMAN CLUB LFJ-1 a unique identity.

If you desire a seat cover that offers excellent quality and elegance at an affordable price, here is a design that you will be satisfied with. 

Over the years, this seat cover has gained a lot of excellent reviews from Honda Civic owners, with many of them praising it for its ease of installation, sleek & stylish appearance, and the quality of the build materials. 

The installation takes between 5-10 minutes.

You won’t have to detach or remove your car’s seat before you can attach it.

Also, no modification is needed or required to achieve the desired result.

If you are attaching/installing a car seat for the first time.

The installation manual is included in the packaging box to give you the necessary support, guide, or assistance to complete the task successfully. 

The materials are excellent. Most importantly, the leather used is one of the best.

The innovation & technology deployed in the production ensure this design stands out from other seat covers on the market.

For instance, it doesn’t shift, wrinkle, or get displaced even after sitting on it for an extended period.

Also, it is well-padded to enhance convenience and comfort. 


  • No modifications or adjustments are needed after installation 
  • Installation is easy and doesn’t require seat removal 
  • Stains and dirt can be removed with ease 
  • Appealing looks/appearance and made from quality materials 


  • The seats may become hot in extreme conditions

02. INCH EMPIRE – Best Honda Civic Seat Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Front seat installation (2 units)
  • Faux Leather & Suede materials 
  • Waterproof design & compatible with seat belts and airbag 
  • Installation guide 
  • ‎25.2 x 21.26 x 2.76 inches in dimension
  • 7.92 pounds in weight  

INCH EMPIRE faux leather and suede seat cover is another impressive design you can pick up for extended use, performance, and quality. 

This is one of the best Honda Civic seat covers you will find on the market at a budget-friendly price. 

Once you unpack the box, the first thing you will notice as you pull the seat covers out is the stylish and polished appearance.

If you find black attractive and complementing, you may have found a perfect leather seat cover for your vehicle. 

The surface has a robust feel and appearance.

It is well-made (thick) to withstand the effect of water or spill, ensuring a small drop doesn’t penetrate to the seat. 

We also love the ease of attachment or installation it offers every user.

The installation manual is well-detailed, providing necessary assistance whenever there is confusion on what next to do. 

The leather is well-made.

The seat covers can withstand long hours of use without any sign of wrinkle or displacement from the usual position. 

Also, the covers remain in good condition or retain their shape after a long period.

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  • Fits perfectly on installed cars and adds a refreshing feel and touch to the interior
  • Maintenance/cleaning is not difficult 
  • Doesn’t fold or get displaced as a result of prolonged use 
  • Guarantees improved comfort 


  • Available in one color 

03. Aierxuan ‎As-2 – Best Civic Seat Cover


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Made from faux leather 
  • Waterproof and full set design 
  • Installation manual included & well packaged
  • Compatible with airbags 
  • 25 x 6 x 21 inches in dimension 
  • 13.57 pounds in weight

Aierxuan ‎As-2 is designed or built to offer your seats superior protection from unexpected attacks from elements or particles that may damage, stain, or affect them.

If you are looking for quality seat covers for your Honda Civic at a pocket-friendly price.

This is one of the best picks you can consider for outstanding value on your investment. 

The installation is not complicated. However, we advise that you watch the manufacturer’s installation video on YouTube.

You can also consult the instruction manual that comes along with the seat covers. 

On average, it takes between 25-30 minutes to complete the installation process.

The seat covers fit perfectly and do not slip out of place. 

When it comes to durability, the build material is one of the best you can get out there for the price.

They are well-made to resist attacks from stains or moisture to ensure they do not find their way or penetrate into the seats. 

We love how stylish and good-looking the covers are when installed.

Also, they are adequately padded to offer impressive and long-lasting comfort to drivers and passengers.  


  • Offers superior comfort at every point in time 
  • Resistant to premature wear and not affected by water 
  • Cleaning/maintenance is not difficult 
  • A perfect choice for all kinds of weather conditions or seasons 


  • No extended list of colors to choose from 

04. OASIS AUTO OS-004 – Best Car Seat Covers For Honda Civic


Highlighted Features 

  • Front & back installation 
  • Faux leather material 
  • Universal design 
  • Waterproof 
  • ‎4 x 24 x 22 inches in dimension 
  • 13.82 pounds in weight 

OASIS AUTO OS-004 is another top-quality and affordable leather seat cover design on our list.

It is made of faux leather with several color combinations to choose from.

Since it comes in a complete set, you can install it on all the seats in your vehicle for reliable and long-lasting protection against dirt and moisture. 

The excellent and reliable build material ensures moisture and other particles or elements that may attack the seat are not allowed to pass through.

You can also clean dirt or stains with ease. 

Like the other designs we have discussed so far, this seat cover also dramatically improves your vehicle by giving the interior a refreshing and appealing feel and touch. 

The installation is easy, eliminating possible complications that many users have reported with other designs.

This way, even beginners can engage in the installation task without encountering any difficulties or issues. 

However, the package doesn’t come with an installation manual or guide.

Instead, the manufacturer has uploaded an installation video on YouTube, showing how you can practically conduct the installation one step after the other.  


  • Several colors to choose from 
  • Transform the vehicle’s interior for a refreshing and appealing appearance 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Reliable and long-lasting protection to your seats


  • No installation guide 

05. Aierxuan ‎As-4


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Breathable & waterproof design (full set)
  • Compatible with seat belt and airbag
  • Non-slip silicone 
  • Installation manual/instruction 
  • 25 x 5 x 21 inches in dimension 
  • 10 pounds in weight 

Aierxuan ‎As-4 improves your vehicle by adding some refreshing touch and feel to the interior, giving it a luxury look/appearance in the process.

The seat covers are designed or made available in various colors to meet each user’s taste and preference.

This way, Honda Civic owners can choose the shade or color that complements their vehicle’s interior. 

When it comes to attachment or installation, anyone can conduct the process without any challenges or difficulties.

The package comes with an instruction manual, and there is an installation video on the manufacturer’s website. 

On average, the attachment can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Also, there is no need for any tools. 

Another impressive feature this design offers, aside from the protection it provides to the seats, is comfort.

The seat covers are not hard on the skin, neither do they itch or create any form of irritations. 

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  • Cleaning/maintenance is effortless 
  • Installation is not complicated 
  • Resistant to wrinkle and premature wear 
  • Seat covers are stable (no displacement or slip-off)


  • The logo looks cheap 
  • Some users believe that the rear seat covers are not as solid as the front covers



Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Faux and vinyl leather
  • 5 seat covers (full set)
  • Universal fit 
  • Airbags compatible 
  • 24.25 x 21 x 8 inches in dimension 
  • 8.83 pounds in weight 

FREESOO car seat covers are available in various colors, ensuring car owners have a variety of colors to choose from.

This way, you will pick a design that blends well with your interior to beautify and add appealing touch and feel to it. 

Available seat covers color include Black & Red, Beige, Black & White, Khaki Black, Khaki Brown, and Khaki Orange.

We love the excellent improvement this design brings/adds to your vehicle in terms of quality, fit, and style. 

You can easily attach the seat covers to both the front and rear seats.

For more details about the installation, especially for new car owners or individuals installing seat covers for the first time.

The installation video on the manufacturer’s website gives you a better understanding of the process, ensuring you complete the attachment in about 30 minutes without any issues or difficulties. 

Also, the seat covers are compatible with your seat belts and airbags.

The small pockets on the covers allow you to safely and conveniently store small accessories such as your smartphone for easy reach. 

The build materials are solid and reliable.

They are built to resist attacks that could affect the seats.

The seat covers do not slip or get displaced during use.

They remain intact without any need for adjustments when you alight from your vehicle.  


  • Protects the seats from stains and scratches 
  • Effortless cleaning & maintenance 
  • Not expensive
  • Installation is straightforward  


  • No installation manual 

07. EKR Lingyue012


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Faux leather (Black with Red Trim)
  • Resistant to water 
  • Front & rear seat covers (full set)
  • 28.11 x 22.52 x 6.38 inches in dimension 
  • 14.37 pounds in weight

EKR Lingyue012 is designed to fit perfectly on your Honda Civic.

No special tools are required, and the installation is what anyone can do independently.

The faux leather is strongly built.

Your seats are well-protected from dirt, moisture, or other particles or elements that may affect the quality and durability in the long and short term. 

Asides from the seat covers, other accessories or components included in the packaging box include the headrest covers. 

Considering the design or build, you can use your seatbelts without any issues or challenges.

Also, there are cutouts to allow free passage or deployment of the seat-mounted airbags in an emergency. 

The seat covers are well-padded to ensure optimum comfort during rides.

Also, they offer excellent breathability in hot weather conditions. 


  • Impressive build material for long-lasting performance 
  • Well-padded for improved comfort
  • Impressive breathability 
  • Not difficult  to clean or maintain 


  • Installation could be time-consuming and may require a lot of effort 
  • A bit expensive 



Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Faux leather material 
  • Universal fit with storage pockets (2) 
  • Installation manual 
  • Airbags and seatbelts compatible 
  • 25 x 22 x 4 inches in dimension 
  • 7.98 pounds in weight 

YIERTAI ‎BS-2 is another pocket-friendly option you can consider for seat covers addition, replacement, or upgrade.

The most fascinating features of this product include appearance and durability.

Although it is offered at a reasonable price, the quality and overall appearance do not look cheap. 

If you are looking for a design that doesn’t substitute reliability and performance for affordability.

Here is a superb choice you can pick or install on your seats. 

The pads are adequate/sufficient enough.

This ensures critical parts of the body such as the head, back, and even other lower sections of your body are well protected for superior comfort from time to time. 

Installation is not stressful.

The package comes with an instruction guide to put you through the attachment process.

Also, there is a short video on the manufacturer’s website to showcase the step-by-step installation process. 


  • The leather is soft to ensure comfort and durable for guaranteed longevity 
  • An affordable design 
  • Installation is effortless 
  • Sleek and attractive appearance 


  • The installation manual can be better. The details are not sufficient enough 

09. Black Panther ‎KLXCD01


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Faux Leather & Polyurethane materials 
  • Front seat installation (1 unit)
  • Seatbelts and airbags compatible 
  • 2 storage pockets
  • 14 x 13 x 6 inches in dimension 
  • 3.34 pounds in weight 

If you desire a seat cover that offers extended comfort across all seasons (in cold and hot weather conditions).

This design will make an impressive addition to your vehicle interior. 

Contrary to the name, the seat cover is available in other colors aside from black.

Depending on your preference or needs, you can choose any colors ranging from Black, Beige, Gray, Blue, Orange, Mint Blue, Wine Red, and Pink. 

The faux leather is highly durable, ensuring long-lasting protection to your seats.

Asides from the solid build, which prevents attacks from damaging particles or elements.

The padding or cushioning also offers impressive convenience and comfort during every ride. 

Black Panther ‎KLXCD01 sits well when installed, eliminating slips or wrinkles.

You won’t need to redress the seat covers whenever you stand up or alight from your vehicle. 


  • Fits excellently well on the attached seat and doesn’t slip
  • Affordable design 
  • Durable, comfortable, and long-lasting 
  • Installation is easy 


  • Front seat covers only 
  • Not compatible with seats that do not have headrests 



Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Universal fit 
  • Airbags compatible 
  • Non-slip and durable fabric 
  • Three (3) layers mesh
  • 17.32 x 12.05 x 7.4 inches in dimension 
  • 5.24 pounds in weight 

Although the PIC AUTO ‎SC-ML01 is offered at an affordable price, it doesn’t look like it in any way.

Thanks to the top-quality material and the innovative ideas and processes adopted in the production. 

The seat covers do not slip during and after use, and they are stretchable.

Also, the excellent padding provides outstanding support and cushion to aid exceptional comfort over a long time. 

The seat covers are designed to allow easy airbag deployment in an emergency (during crash or impact) to improve safety during every drive. 

The installation is easy, especially for the front seat covers.

The back seat installation may require a little more effort to install or attach rightly. 


  • Made from top-quality materials 
  • Durable, comfortable, and breathable design 
  • Eye-catching or attractive pattern for improved appearance and feel
  • Affordable seat cover 


  • The back seat covers may be hard to attach 

11. FH Group ‎FB050BURGUNDY114


Highlighted Features 

  • Durable fabric material 
  • Universal fit 
  • Slip-resistant backing 
  • Available in various colors 
  • 14 x 11.6 x 6.4 inches in dimension 
  • 2.15 pounds in weight 

FH Group ‎FB050BURGUNDY114 is one of the most affordable seat covers you will find in the market for your Honda Civic.

Considering its price, we are amazed and overwhelm by the quality of the fabric material used in the production. 

The fabric material is durable and breathable.

Also, the padding offers an impressive level of comfort to the spine and head, making it a suitable addition for individuals that engage in long rides.

Although the primary shade/color is Burgundy, there are twelve (12) other colors that you can choose from.

This extends the users/buyers option, ensuring everyone gets a design that complements the interior. 

FH Gropu seat covers can be installed and removed without stress.

You can easily detach the seat covers whenever you decide to wash them for enhanced appearance or retain their attractiveness.

Impressively, they can be cleaned using the mashing machine. 


  • Durable, breathable, and comfortable design
  • Easy to clean and maintain (can be cleaned using a washing machine)
  • Very affordable design 


  • It can’t be installed on vehicles that do not have adjustable or detachable headrests 



Highlighted Features 

  • Faux Leather material 
  • 2 front seat covers and 1 rear seat cover 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Installation manual 
  • 22.1 x 11.2 x 9.4 inches in dimension 
  • 12.67 pounds in weight 

GIANT PANDA FC12 is made from a durable and well-made faux leather material.

This design’s most notable features or attributes include the superior protection it offers your seats all year/season long and the wide range of colors to choose from. 

These seat covers are built to strongly withstand attacks from elements that may create premature wear to the seat covers or possibly attack the car seats.

Also, the seat covers are easy to maintain/clean, and they are designed as waterproof. 

These seat covers do not get displaced.

Irrespective of how long you sit on them, they do not fold or wrinkle. 

Installation is not complex. You won’t have to remove or lift the seats before you can attach them, and neither do you need to take off the headrests. 

The instruction manual provides the guide and assistance you need at each step of the way. On average, the attachment takes between 10-15 minutes.


  • The seat covers can be cleaned with ease 
  • Durable and resistant to premature wear and scratches 
  • Designed/built to offer improved comfort 
  • Easy to install (seat and headrest removal are not necessary) 




Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Faux leather material 
  • Universal fit & airbags compatible 
  • Five (5) seat covers for complete installation 
  • Installation/instruction manual 
  • 26 x 21 x 7 inches in dimension 
  • 12.3 pounds in weight 

BLUEWALDON doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to attach to your vehicle seats.

Asides from the installation manual that comes with the seat covers, there is also an installation video clip attached to the product page.

These materials give you all the needed support and guidance you need to successfully secure the seat covers on your seats.

This design is adequately padded for improved comfort, and it doesn’t slip, slide, or get displaced during and after use. 

The faux leather is strongly made for optimum durability.

Hence, the seat covers can withstand moisture, spill, and dirt. 

Also, cleaning is easy.

You can easily get rid of stains by wiping the affected area with a wet towel. 

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  • Impressive performance and value for the price 
  • Easy to install and fits greatly 
  • Durable, comfortable, and attractive design 
  • Super soft for superior comfort 


  • A bit pricey 

14. OUTOS ‎USAISCU20190225


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Universal fit 
  • 5 seat covers for complete installation 
  • PU leather with non-slip build 
  • Instruction manual (English & Chinese) with hooks and a circle plastic
  • 24.41 x 4.72 x 22.44 inches in dimension
  • 10.43 pounds in weight  

OUTOS ‎USAISCU20190225 adds more color and style to your interior once installed.

The seat covers enhance your vehicle’s appearance, ensuring it looks sportier. 

These are not just a perfect addition to your Honda Civic only.

They are designed to fit perfectly on other sedan vehicles. 

The PU leather material is durable and well-made.

Spill, dirt, and moisture are totally restricted or prevented from leaking onto the vehicle seats.

This offers your car seats adequate protection to retain their quality and attractiveness. 

Also, the texture of the build material supports unbeatable comfort, preventing pains or aches across your lower body region and back during rides. 

The cleaning/maintenance is not difficult.

Stains and spills can be wiped off easily using a moist towel. 

The hooks and circle plastic that come along with the seat covers guarantee fitment and ensure they tighten to the seats greatly, preventing slip or displacement in the process. 


  • Installation is not challenging or hard
  • Elegant and attractive appearance 
  • Soft and smooth material texture & adequate cushioning for extended comfort 


  • The instruction manual is not well-detailed 

15. Coverado ‎SCUH08


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎Faux leather material 
  • Waterproof & ultraviolet resistant 
  • Universal fit 
  • Stylish line pattern 
  • 27 x 22.6 x 7 inches in dimension 
  • 15.97 pounds in weight 

Coverado ‎SCUH08 is made using top-grade or premium faux leather.

The installation and removal can be conducted easier and faster. 

The installation guide is clearly written to provide relevant details to users, especially car owners engaging in this task for the first time. 

We love the durability of the design, ensuring your vehicle seats are protected from water, dust, and even ultraviolet radiation.

As a result, your vehicle seats retain their quality and attractiveness over a long period. 

The seat covers fit appropriately.

They do not slip or move around when you sit on them. Also, they do not need frequent adjustments to keep them in place.  


  • Gives your vehicle a modern appearance 
  • Guarantees optimum comfort 
  • Protects your seat from dirt, moisture, dust, and ultraviolet radiation 
  • The seat covers can be attached and detached easily 


  • One color only (Blue)

Purchasing Factors of Best Seat Covers For Honda Civic

01. Price

Seat covers are offered at various prices ranging from low (affordable) to high (premium or expensive).

You need to decide how much you can conveniently pay for a design that can transform your interior.

Your design choice must also offer unbeatable protection for the seats and provide a reliable and outstanding level of comfort that you desire during each ride. 

The expensive options are known to deliver significantly on these features or attributes, extending over a long period of time. 

However, there are affordable options that can as well give you exceptional value for the money.

Although they may not give you the same feel and performance as the expensive designs.

They are strong enough to protect your seats from possible moisture, dust, and dirt attacks over a long period. 

02. Material

Choose a design built from durable materials such as faux leather, PU leather, and top-quality fabric. 

Leathers are known to offer reliable and long-lasting protection against attacks from moisture, dust, and dirt, provide an upgrade in interior appearance, and offer superior comfort. 

If you are picking seat covers made from fabric, ensure the material is of top quality and can withstand spills and dirt, ensuring they do not escape or penetrate into the seats.

Impressively, fabrics are washable.

Most fabric seat covers can also be cleaned using the washing machine. 

03. Compatibility

While choosing a seat cover to buy, ensure the size is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

When you pick a design specifically built for your vehicle model, it aids proper fitment and eliminates installation issues.

All the seat covers we have listed and discussed so far are a perfect fit/match for Honda Civic. 

04. Breathability

A breathable seat cover eliminates heat adequately in hot weather conditions, ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease during this period. 

Also, they eliminate odors or provoking smells from the interior layers and away from the surface of your seat covers. 

05. Installation

Choose a design that can be attached with ease.

Usually, the front seat covers are not stressful to install or add to the vehicle seats. 

However, the rear seat covers require a lot of time and patience to fit them properly.

As a result, your seat cover choice must provide you with a well-detailed installation guide to help you through this process. 

A big plus is the installation video.

With the video instruction or tutorial, you can watch the process and follow how the illustrator performs their own installation. 

The designs discussed on our list come with an installation manual or access to the installation video on the manufacturer’s website or YouTube channel. 


The best seat covers for Honda Civic make up a big part of your vehicle interior in the short and long term.

Asides from keeping your seats safe from stains, dirt, and moisture for improved and long-lasting quality and reliability.

They also improve your interior appearance significantly.  

If you want your seats to retain their quality and attractiveness over a long period.

A seat cover is an essential accessory you should consider investing in.