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7 Best Tuner For Honda Civic | Improving Engine Performance & Efficiency

Are you on the lookout for the best tuner for Honda Civic? We have just the right product review for you!

A good-quality tuner should be capable of adding significant performance gains to the vehicle’s drivability.

Improving engine performance and overall driving experience requires great engine power.

An ECU tuner amplifies the engine’s horsepower allowing the car to go faster than before.

Additionally, other functionalities such as throttle response, torque, idles, and fuel economy can improve with the help of a tuner.

Brands like Ktuner, Pedal Commander, and Innovative Performance Chip provide some of the best performance chips for Honda Civic.


Our Pick For Honda Civic Tuner

Ktuner 5" Fits 06-18
Ktuner 4.6 Cm.
Pedal Commander Fits 2012-15(9th Gen)
PEDAL COMMANDER Fits 2006-11(8th Gen)
Power Tune Performance HP 35%

Which ECU Tuners are mostly available For Honda Civic?

The Ktuner Flash V2 Touch ECU Programming Reflash is the best ECU tuner for Honda Civic.

With our thorough research and product comparison, this particular ECU tuner stands out from the rest.

Alternatively, should the Ktuner Flash V2 not meet the car or the driver’s requirements, the Ktuner V1.2 Flash OBD2 ECU Programmer is another great recommendation.

Why Ktuner Flash V2 is The Suitable Tuner For Honda Civic?

The Ktuner Flash V2 bags the title as the best ECU tuner for Honda Civic, featuring supreme quality and innovative use of technology.

It presents users with top-notch performance gains at a reasonable price.

On top of its functionality, the Ktuner Flash V2 is the best performance chip for Honda Civic for flashing data without using a laptop, perfect for quick and convenient tuning.

Our Assessment on 7 Best Tuner For Honda Civic

01. Ktuner Flash V2


Highlighted Features

  • 5-inch touch screen display
  • Onboard data logging without a laptop
  • real-time data access and viewing
  • 5 customizable LED lights
  • fast data transfer via USB connectivity

Hands down, the Ktuner Flash V2 wins as the best ECU tuner for Honda Civic.

This tuner features the latest onboard data logging capacities that don’t require plugging the chip into a laptop.

The Ktuner Flash V2 features a 5-inch touch screen display, a unique distinction among other performance chips out on the market.

Tuner installation usually requires a laptop, but in this case, the tuner is equipped with onboard data logging.

A dedicated Android app can monitor data and customizations via Bluetooth.

It also showcases 5 LED settings customizable to the car owner’s preferences.

These LEDs light up to alert the driver for warnings, shifts, and more.

After proper installation and software bootup, the tuner reads through data on the driver’s style and driving habits.

Performance gains are leagues better and efficient, a total transformation from the vehicle’s factory settings.

This tuner is one compelling product, with an acclaimed increase of 50 horsepower.

It levels up the car’s engine performance, making it worth every penny.

Moreover, switching back to the Honda Civic’s stock settings is as simple as one button click.


  • responsive throttle
  • significant increase in horsepower
  • made out of sturdy material
  • impressive tune presets


  • problematic email responses from customer support
  • outdated website listings and installation guide

02. V1.2 Flash OBD2 ECU Programmer


Highlighted Features

  • battery-powered
  • Supports Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems
  • Suns data logging over stock OBD2 port
  • Entry-level ECU programmer
  • USB connectivity support

The next best ECU tuner for Honda Civic is the Ktuner V1.2 Flash OBD2 ECU Programmer.

This tuner is perfect for rookie car owners trying their hand out in car tuning and modifications.

With a minimal and straightforward design, the tuner is easy to figure out and install.

However, it requires a laptop and a stable internet connection for data logging and software setup.

The Ktuner V1.2 Flash is designed to provide optimal tunes for horsepower and torque gains among Honda Civic and other car models.

Ideally, it pushes out an additional 30 to 40 torque, making for quick transitions from stop to go, left to right.

A light step on the gas pedal is more than enough for the vehicle to launch into movement instantaneously.

The tuner also offers some of the most authentic modes for customizable and fun drives in the city, freeway, or rough roads.

Another noteworthy point is the buttery-smooth feel of shifts.

The Ktuner V1.2 almost sets the standard for ECU tuners for Honda Civic.

It features noticeable gains not only with horsepower but also in torque.

Auto enthusiasts can bring out the raw power of their cars’ engines with this functional budget purchase.


  • Quick, 5-10-minute installation
  • Safe and secure engine performance upgrade
  • Affordable


  • Requires laptop for data logging
  • Challenging software setup

03. Pedal Commander PC21


Highlighted Features

  • 36 adjustable settings
  • Up to 20% of fuel economy
  • Instantaneous throttle response
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Boasts numerous safety certifications

The Pedal Commander PC21 is thoroughly designed to bring out the best in your Honda Civic 2012-2015.

With a massive library of adjustable settings, this performance chip is bound to transform your driving experience.

Problems caused by delayed throttle response can be easily addressed by the Pedal Commander PC21.

Immediately, there is a noticeable difference in throttle response from the factory to aftermarket ECU.

The 4 pre-loaded modes and their adjustable settings make for a customizable drive.

City mode executes smooth and practical throttle for everyday use, while Sport mode adds more throttle and excitement to freeway drives.

Buyers are left satisfied with the improved throttle response of their vehicles.

Upon installation, the item eliminates delays in throttle response and turbo lags.

The different driving modes are fun to experiment with.

It successfully transforms driving from a chore to a fun, exciting activity to engage in.

Above all, the Pedal Commander PC21 boasts outstanding throttle response at a reasonable price; all the more reason for car owners to invest in engine tuning and modification for a boosted performance from their trusty Honda Civic.

As it only takes on throttle response and acceleration, more sophisticated engine tuning can be added on, maybe through installing engine tuners or directly modifying the engine.

Rest assured, this unit will not clash with other performance enhancement upgrades or modifications.


  • Bang for your buck
  • Straightforward installation
  • Amplifies car’s capacities
  • Can further add tune-ups alongside


  • Does not add horsepower
  • Barely takes effect on gas savings

04. Pedal Commander PC20


Highlighted Features

  • Over 30 customizable settings
  • Quick and responsive throttle control
  • True ECO mode for fuel economy
  • Supports Bluetooth pairing
  • Manageable via Pedal Commander app

Breathe new life into old Honda Civic 2006-2011 models with the Pedal Commander PC20.

This amazing throttle response controller improves driving quality and experience for car owners and passengers alike.

With this unit installed, the vehicle experiences zero delays in moving forward.

The smooth and throttle response almost mimics a tuner with authentic HP gains.

The Pedal Commander PC20 features not only significant acceleration but also fuel economy.

Pre-loaded with a true ECO mode, drivers can expect to save at least 20% on fuel without sacrificing speed.

The throttle response controller satisfies car owners’ needs for lightning-fast responses and quicker acceleration.

Without even popping open the car’s hood, immense improvement in speed and turbo are possible with this unit.

Like its sibling PC21, the PC20 throttle response controller works just as fine alongside other engine tuning modifications.

Car owners have the liberty to top up tuners for power, acceleration, fuel efficiency, and transmissions.


  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Effectively removes lag
  • Does not void car warranty
  • Cheap yet functional


  • Barely significant fuel economy
  • Sport+ mode seems unnecessary and over the top

05. Power Tune Performance Tuner Chip And Programmer


Highlighted Features

  • Increases horsepower for up to 35%
  • Adds up to 25% torque
  • Dyno-tested
  • Optimized for smoother shifts
  • Addresses turbo lag

Coming up fifth on the list is the mighty tuner chip and programmer from Power Tune Performance.

This performance chip for Honda Civic optimizes the engine performance for 2006 up to 2018 models.

The Power Tune Performance Tuner earnestly studies the driver’s driving style and manners.

By simply plugging the chip onto the vehicle’s OBD port, it can download real-time data and customize the engine’s settings for optimal performance.

The unit can gain significant performance in multiple areas.

Unlike throttle response controllers focusing solely on enhancing responsiveness and acceleration control, ECU tuners like this one can bring about significant differences in horsepower, torque, idles, and transitions.

Enhanced throttle response makes for a faster drive. This ECU tuner knows how to deliver well.

Aside from the significant power gains, it also features a smoother shifting; car passengers won’t be lurching in their seats anymore!


  • Easy on the wallet
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Slight improvement in fuel economy


  • Prone to lighting up engine warnings
  • Requires long drives before applying gains

06. Innovative Performance Chip Power Programmer



Highlighted Features

  • Increase of up to 35% horsepower
  • Gains up to 5 MPG and cuts off high fuel costs
  • Unlocks maximum acceleration control
  • Streamlined idles
  • Smoother transmissions

Tiny but mighty, the Innovative Performance Chip Power Programmer promises to pack some power gains for a better driving experience.

The performance chip has been sold over 75,000 times all over the world, alluding to its quality engine tuning for Honda Civic models.

This chip requires less than 15 minutes to install, and with an inclusive installation kit, mechanical experience is not necessary to get this unit working.

Upon setup, acceleration is noticeably more fluid.

With today’s rising costs for fuel, it is every car owner’s concern to save up as much gas as possible.

Yet, minimal fuel use also means minimal engine performance.

Fortunately, this ECU tuner optimizes engines to push out power while cutting off fuel costs at the same time.

Another selling point is the noticeable improvement in the pickup.

The car experiences little to no delay with the performance chip amping up the engine’s responsiveness and control.

This underrated gem from Innovative Performance Chips not only packs a punch for optimal engine performance.

The manufacturer also features a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives who are more than willing to stay on the phone and guide customers through their queries about product installation, replacement, and more.


  • Authentic fuel mileage increase
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Detailed installation guide
  • Cooperative customer service


  • Minimal increase in horsepower only
  • Delayed email response from customer support

07. Top Auto Accessory OBD2 Chip Module Programmer



Highlighted Features

  • Gains up to 35 horsepower
  • Adds up to 30 torque
  • Better gas savings at up to 7 MPG
  • Improved acceleration control
  • Eliminates rough idles

Last but not least is the Top Auto Accessory OBD2 Chip Module Programmer for Honda Civic.

This performance chip flawlessly remaps the electronic control unit (ECU) of the Honda Civic and studies the driver’s style and habits to optimize the engine in terms of power, speed, and fuel economy.

Rough idles can also be addressed and eliminated by the chip. It optimizes the air/fuel ratio of the car.

It oversees multiple functions for multiple core engine areas at a time, and so car owners are advised to extend their patience for the optimizations to take effect.

Most of the time, engine tuning can compromise the engine’s health and functionality.

As it pumps out gains at the max, ECU tuners can reduce a car engine’s lifetime.

This unit, however, works within the proper performance limitations of the Honda Civic engines.

The chip does not overwork the engine; instead, it reduces emissions and preserves the car’s overall operating system.

On top of it all, this performance chip from Top Auto Accessory can work well with other modifications to the car’s system.

The chip provides system enhancement with no permanent traces, and car owners can easily shift between factory and tuner engine settings.


  • Effortless installation
  • Optimizes within engine capacity
  • Works alongside other upgrades
  • Compatible with old and newer Honda Civic models


  • Takes a while to program mileage

What To Look For Honda Civic Tuner

Installing a tuner for Honda Civic presents a lot of benefits as well as risks to the engine’s health and the vehicle’s overall performance.

Installing a tuner can bring out a vehicle’s raw potential and unlock uncharted performance.

Manufacturers have their reasons for providing subdued versions of the cars’ capacities as the default factory settings.

Mostly to preserve the engine’s life.

However, important features such as throttle response and acceleration can hold back car owners from driving optimally.

Here are some factors to consider when planning to purchase a performance chip for Honda Civic.


ECU tuners not only tap into the engine’s raw potential but also exposes people inside and near the car to the potential danger of unharnessed capacities of the vehicle.

Tuners directly work with the system responsible for maneuvering and controlling the car.

Tuners don’t void a car’s warranty; therefore, it is the owner’s discretion to install a performance chip.

ECU tuners are not made equal; some are guaranteed safe while others can raise voltage numbers.

When choosing an ECU tuner, make sure to check the unit for safety certifications and quality checks to ensure engine tuning is safe and secure.


Have you rolled up to your trusted auto shop for a tune-up?

Investing for a routine tune-up helps you catch early on to potential triggers for engine trouble in the future.

To simplify, tune-ups are maintenance checks intending to replace worn and torn parts.

Before placing a purchase for a tuner, have your car checked for a tune-up.

Rather than boosting up fuel mileage and horsepower, the vehicle may only be due for part replacements.

Tune-ups provide car owners an idea of the optimal performance of the engine with only factory settings and parts.

This can reduce the chances of buying overpowered or underperforming tuners.

Engine Performance

The main reason for engine tuning is to boost the engine’s performance.

Considerably, popular tuners out on the market promise an increase in horsepower, throttle, acceleration, and fuel economy.

As said before, default factory settings can hold back a car from performing at its best.

With the help of a tuner, cars can execute above-average horsepower and torque.

Fuel by mileage also witnessed a significant increase with a tuner’s assistance in minimal fuel use without sacrificing speed.

ECU tuners come with varying parameters for every engine’s functions.

Compare and contrast the horsepower, torque, and fuel mileage gained among different ECU tuners.


Most ECU tuners indicate that it does not employ permanent changes to the car’s operating system.

Thus the car’s warranty is intact and safe.

However, flashing the ECU pose potential risks in causing harm and damage to the system.

Fortunately, car memory these days is easily reprogrammable; should the owner wish to return to the car’s stock performance, all they need to do is unplug the tuner to return to factory settings.

Choose an easy plug-and-play tuner for easy switching of settings.


The best tuner for Honda Civic liberates the vehicle from performing at stock level, adding a significant increase in overall engine performance.

With an ECU tuner, the Honda Civic runs faster, smoother, and exerts more power despite using up minimal fuel by mileage.

However, car owners must install ECU tuners at their own risk.

Such modifications cannot always guarantee zero long-term damages to the car’s engine or operating system.