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13 Best Shocks For Nissan Frontier 4×4 of 2024 | Front & Rear Shock Absorbers For Extreme Performance

Find the best shocks for Nissan Frontier 4×4 to keep your vehicle safe from bouncing, vibration, or squeaky sounds.

There are many options available, but only a few shocks can prevent all those issues without breaking your bank.

For this article, we went through and tested different shock absorber brands and components to bring only the most efficient to you.

We also created a comprehensive guide with all the information you have to know to pick the right shock absorber.

So, don’t let an old and worn-down shock absorber system make your Nissan Frontier rides awful. We’ve got 13 potential replacements to make your vehicle perform like brand-new!


The Comparison Table of Best Shocks for Nissan Frontier 4×4

‎Bilstein 5100 fits 2005-2014
‎Rancho fits 05-16
‎Bilstein 24-187152
‎KYB 565045
‎‎ACDelco ‎519-2
‎Gabriel 43048
‎Bilstein fits 2005-2014
‎Rancho ‎RS999922
‎SCITOO Fits 2000-2004
‎ECCPP fits 2000-2004

What is The Best Shocks For Nissan Frontier 4×4?

The Bilstein 5100 Series are the best shocks for Nissan Frontier 4×4 due to the capacity of the shocks to improve control, stability, and handling of the vehicle.

These shocks also elevate the Nissan Frontier to a comfortable height to make the rides smoother and more fun overall.

Why Bilstein 5100 is The Best Shocks Brand For Nissan Frontier?

The Bilstein 5100 is our top pick because these shocks are easy to install, adjust, and fit in different vehicles.

They’re are compatible with many Nissan Frontier 4WD models from 2005 and 2014, guaranteeing fantastic versatility to adapt to cars with ease.

Particularly, this Bilstein shocks set excels at handling difficult surfaces and harsh bumps.

The 5100 Series is definitely the kit that you need if you want to enjoy quiet and smooth rides.

For the price, there’s hardly any other shock that comes close to the efficiency of the Bilstein 5100.

Top 13 Best Shocks for Nissan Frontier 4×4 Reviews 2024 (Buying Guide)

Here’s our review of some of the most efficient shock absorbers currently available for Nissan Frontier cars.

These products excelled in many areas, delivering a long-lasting performance with fantastic comfort and improved vehicle handling.

Other factors that helped us choose these components were ease of installation, compatibility with Nissan Frontier models, and flexibility.

01. Bilstein 5100 Series – Best Shocks For Nissan Frontier


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Front & Rear Shocks
  • 0-2 Inches of Lift
  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Fits Nissan Frontier 4WD 2005-14

This shocks kit offered the best results out of the bunch. It’s the perfect replacement if you need to upgrade the stock shock absorbers.

With the Bilstein 5100s, the vehicle rides better and comfier even if you’re driving over an old and dirt road.

The 5100s excel at reducing body roll, which results in more control over the Nissan Frontier.

It’s all possible because the shocks offer up to two inches of lift to level out the truck without any spacers.

Therefore, it’s super easy to drive the car over most surfaces without drawbacks.

However, setting up these shocks is not easy. You have to buy cam bolts to get the front-end alignment right if you want the suspension higher than one inch.

One set of cam bolts should be enough.

Other than the installation, these shock absorbers are worth the money.

They also feel soft, making this kit an alternative if you don’t want to deal with stiff suspension.


  • Fantastic quality for the price
  • Soft suspension with improved handling
  • Less body roll for more control of the vehicle
  • Better handling


  • Extra parts are necessary for the installation

02. Rancho Quicklift Leveling Strut RS9000XL Set – Best Nissan Frontier Shocks


Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Sealed Design
  • Direct Installation
  • Sleek Design
  • 2005-20016 Frontier Support

This product does wonders for new and old Nissan Frontier cars. We installed it on a 2011 Frontier, and it now rides like a dream.

The shocks reduce body roll and sway, allowing the vehicle to travel the roads pleasantly.

You can set the lift up to 2 inches, which is plenty of space for regular use.

Following the installation, the shocks bring the front end up and level.

You don’t even have to include spacers at the front because the Rancho shock absorbers will keep your preferred height without extra parts.

Installing and adjusting the shocks are easy tasks, and the rides feel much better with this kit.

Consider buying this set of shocks if you often drive your Nissan over roads that aren’t friendly or tolerable.


  • Mounting this shock takes about 20 minutes
  • The shock brings the front end up two inches and level
  • Capable of leveling the vehicle without adding spacers
  • Super comfortable ride over rough terrains


03. Bilstein 24-187152 5100 Series – Best Nissan Frontier Shocks Replacement


Highlighted Features

  • Monotube Design
  • Digressive Piston
  • Pre-Tuned
  • Lightweight
  • Nissan Frontier 2WD/4WD Support

This shock is flexible enough to work with 2WD and 4WD Nissan Frontier.

It features a monotube design that ensures consistent fade-free performance to enjoy smooth rides.

Plus, the shock absorbers come tuned to guarantee optimal performance after installing them in the vehicle.

The shocks feature a unique piston that is sensitive to velocity and digressive.

This piston is highly responsive, adapting to the road conditions regardless of the ground roughness.

With the Bilstein 24-187152, you’ll notice a massive improvement in ride quality, control, and handling.

Comfort is another benefit you can expect due to the capacity of the shocks to adjust to most roads.

Upon installing this Frontier’s shocks, they’re less than an inch when fully extended.

That’s longer than the 24-187169 shock and offers plenty of space for a height of up to two inches.

The difference after mounting this kit is noticeably positive from the moment you hit the roads.



  • Only the rear shock absorber included

04. KYB 565045


Highlighted Features

  • Monotube Design
  • Zinc Coating
  • Stainless Steel Build
  • Rubber Boot
  • Red Color

One thing I liked about this product is that it has outstanding protection.

For starters, the piston ring has a stainless steel construction with a zinc coating to keep everything locked.

Even under extreme conditions, the seal of the tubing stays strong.

Nothing gets in, and nothing gets out, which results in an efficient performance to make the Nissan Frontier as comfortable as it can be.

The rubber boot is another plus, as it protects the shaft from foreign objects.

You won’t have to deal with dirt or debris near the seals, which is a convenient benefit that reduces maintenance tasks.

This set of shocks puts up a satisfying performance by preventing rear oscillation or rocking.

If you’re dealing with a bouncy vehicle, upgrading to this product is a good idea.

The Nissan Frontier will handle nicely, and taking corners feels much smoother.

Lastly, the intense red color of the shock makes for a compelling look.


  • The incredible red color is eye-catching
  • Ultimate resistance features to last longer
  • Outperforms standard shock absorbers significantly
  • Improved damping performance for smooth rides


  • The installation requires you to compress the shocks

05. ACDelco Specialty 519-2


Highlighted Features

  • Chrome-Finished Piston Rod
  • DOM Pressure Cylinder
  • Road-Response Valving Tech
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Seal Lubrication
  • Durable Tubing

This kit offers a proper fit in many vehicle models, including passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and some trucks.

The shocks are also compatible with Nissan Frontier models, providing excellent clearance at a comfortable height.

One thing that stands out about this shock absorber is the recoil ability, which secures comfortable rides at low and high speeds.

The shocks lack compression, so you’ll need a spring compressor for the installation.

Also, the passenger side spring seems to rub against the frame, which can be a mild inconvenience.

Luckily, the shock absorbers make the back end firmer and sturdier.

If you own a Nissan with a hundred thousand miles or more, this kit will for sure make it almost like a brand-new experience.

Installing this shock set is tricky, but it pays off. The rear lifts approximately one inch to keep the Nissan from dragging.

Even better, there are no squeaky sounds or vibrations that would become a hassle on the roads.


  • Compatible with many vehicle models, including Nissan Frontier
  • The shock makes the rear end sturdier
  • Smooth performance without awkward noises
  • Pleasant recoil ability


  • The installation is tricky
  • You may need extra tools

06. Gabriel 43048


Highlighted Features

  • Leak-Proof Piston Seal
  • Pressure Tube
  • Seal Lubrication
  • Constant-Rate Front Coil Springs
  • Adjustable

This equipment mixes shock and spring technology to create a shock absorber for every Nissan owner.

The product has constant-rate front coil springs that enhance stability while restoring or maintaining ride height.

After installation, the rear coil springs deliver up to 500 lbs for each pair of extra load capacity.

Overall, this shock kit is ideal for heavy-duty use at a budget-friendly cost.

The durable construction is another benefit of this shock.

There’s a chromed piston rod created with a super-finished chrome design to inhibit corrosion.

This design also guarantees seal lubrication to deliver a consistent wear surface.

Plus, the piston seal is leak-proof, and the D.O.M tubing reduces internal wear.

All of these parts work efficiently to keep the system running.

This set of shock absorbers makes the ride smooth and quiet.

It was also easier to handle turns and bumps, as well as highway speeds without any drawback.

The housing under the coil is plastic comes off as cheap, but it does keep everything together.


  • It makes the rides smoother with better handling
  • Simple installation
  • Excellent shock absorbers for heavy-duty use
  • Highly durable and resistant


  • The base of the coil is plastic

07. Bilstein 4600 Series


Highlighted Features

  • Front & Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Nissan Frontier 4WD Compatible
  • Monotube Technology
  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Colorful Design

This set includes the front and rear shock absorbers from the 4600 Bilstein Series for Nissan Frontier 4WD model 2005-2014.

The parts have a bolt-on design for easier installation, which doesn’t require modifications or extra work.

Installing the shock is a straightforward and intuitive process that almost anyone can pull through.

The biggest advantage of using this shock kit is the monotube.

It uses gas-pressure technology for a continuous and smooth operation from the moment you start the vehicle.

Due to this feature, the shocks offer better control and more stability.

You will also notice accurate handling, making each ride feel more comfortable and fun.

You may also like the unique design of the shocks that separates them from the rest.

They’re not the usual black or gray car parts, but rather blue and yellow.

This design choice makes the shocks stand out and add a bit of personality to your vehicle.


  • Good-looking design that adds more personality
  • Terrific handling of the vehicle while driving
  • Reduces vibrations significantly
  • Long-lasting build with quality steel


  • Makes barely noticeable sounds

08. Rancho QuickLIFT RS999922


Highlighted Features

  • Coil Spring
  • Upper Mounting Plate
  • Nine-Position Knob
  • Self-Lubricating Seal
  • Metallic Finish

Here’s a piece of equipment that combines modern tech and high-quality hardware to create a shock for late model trucks and SUVs.

This product is simple to set up, as it includes an application-specific coil spring with an upper mounting plate for a hassle-free installation.

The shock removes the factory rake, leveling the front suspension with an aggressive stance.

The shock delivers between 1 to 2.5 inches of ground clearance, but it varies depending on tire sizes and bumpers.

Still, the shock adapts well due to the knob that controls up to nine positions.

It improves damping control, firmness, and flexibility for on-road and off-road applications.

Whether you drive on or off the road, the shock has a construction to resist the toughest conditions.

The seal has low friction, and it’s self-lubricating to retain gas and oil.

As a result, the vehicle experiences quick rebound and smooth compression.


  • Fantastic ground clearance for Frontier and Xterra
  • Nice-looking fit with an aggressive stance
  • Straightforward installation
  • Compatible with all factory suspension (Frontier & Xterra)


09. SCITOO Shocks Absorbers Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Hard-Chromed Piston Rod
  • Anti-Foam & Anti-Shear
  • Buckle Holes
  • Mono-Tube Design
  • Front & Back Shock

Installing this set of shocks is a breeze due to the buckle holes that match with the vehicle.

The parts come filled with gas, and they don’t need any extra accommodations to fit Nissan Frontier models.

Driving with this shock kit installed feels a bit stiffy at first, but the control they offer over the vehicle feels fantastic.

The shock absorbers have a high-performance anti-foam and anti-shear build, reducing internal wear and ensuring proper oil management.

Your vehicle experiences less bounce, and the mono-tube design helps dissipate heat quickly.

This shock set is quiet, smooth, and reliable. Another benefit is that the shocks improve control and stability to provide precise handling.

Go with these shocks if you own a Nissan Frontier model 2000-2004.

It’s also compatible with Nissan Xterra of the same years, offering some degree of flexibility to fit other Nissan vehicles.

In either case, this kit is a suitable choice if you don’t want to struggle with a complicated installation.


  • Compatible with Nissan Frontier model 2000-2004
  • Excellent heat dissipation design
  • Smooth installation
  • Durable and resistant construction


  • Front shock may be a little too short against OEM’s

10. ECCPP Front Rear Shocks Absorbers


Highlighted Features

  • Resistant Oil Seal
  • Piston & Valve Design
  • Floating Piston
  • High-Pressure Gas
  • Steel Rod

This set of shocks have a solid steel construction that prevents breakage and leakages while on the road.

The shocks also feature some of the highest-quality technology, with high precision and detection molding equipment.

When you install them, the shocks adapt to the vehicle smoothly. As a result, there are no more vibrations or awkward shakes while driving.

Installing this shock kit is easy because of the accurate positioning of the mounting holes.

The installation holes align with the vehicle, and the shocks remain steady and in place.

Other benefits of using this shock kit are the rod and oil seals, which provide continuous operation without squeaking noises.

This kit is the right choice for people that want a smooth transition from old and worn-down shocks.

The package includes four pieces that you can set up with ease for quick replacement.

There’s no need to take everything apart, drill holes, or buy extra parts that could be expensive.


  • Pre-assembled shock struts for quicker installation
  • Quiet and sound-free performance for a comfortable ride
  • Resistant enough for casual and abusive rides
  • Professional look to make the vehicle look fantastic


  • The parts are a bit heavy

11. AM Autoparts Front & Rear Shock Absorbers


Highlighted Features

  • Solid Steel Build
  • Four-Piece Set
  • Proper Seal Protection
  • Quality Piston
  • Aligned & Tuned

This set of shock absorbers come as described by the manufacturer, which makes it worth the money.

There are four components included, and they fit Nissan Frontier Xterra vehicles.

All of the pieces arrive in perfect condition and with an excellent coating to last longer.

After months of use, these shocks continue to deliver outstanding performance.

The size of these components is another pleasant surprise.

Fitting the shocks in the Nissan Frontier Xterra models won’t be a hassle, and they adapt to the frame seamlessly.

On the road, the shocks absorb the impacts and adjust to oscillation or pressure.

Ultimately, this product is among the best in the market.

The monotube design makes the shocks good for light or heavy-duty use, meaning you can take the Nissan over rough terrains with ease.

If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient set of shock absorbers, you may want to check this kit out.


  • Excellent adjustability to different terrains
  • No squeaky sounds and no vibrations
  • Easy installation for medium to highly skilled mechanics
  • Convenient size to fit most Nissan Frontier Xterra models


  • The instructions included don’t offer as many details as necessary

12. AM Autoparts AM-1253425712


Highlighted Features

  • Complete Set
  • Direct Installation
  • Steel Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced Piston

This set from AM Autoparts consists of front, rear, driver, and passenger shock absorber equipment for the Nissan Frontier.

It’s a kit that manages to reduce bounces and oscillations to a minimum.

To achieve maximum comfort on the road, these components feature a long-lasting build with high-quality steel materials.

One thing that stands out about these components is their design.

The shocks don’t have a traditional design, but they’re still super efficient at what they do.

These products can lift the Nissan at a comfortable height to hit the roads with comfort and style.

We also like the rubber bushings in this shock absorber set.

They don’t last forever, but they do their job properly and guarantee smooth rides for months.

Checking these parts is important because the rubber bushings are likely to give up after five or six months of use.

However, driving the Nissan Frontier casually improves the lifespan of the shocks and all of their features.


  • Unique design for a custom look
  • The installation is a no-brainer for everyone
  • Four components for the front, rear, and sides
  • Proper instructions included


  • Rubber bushings may give in after months of abuse

13. SENSEN 108270-SH


Highlighted Features

  • Premium-Grade Strut Mounts
  • One-Piece Dust Boot
  • OE-Grade Coil Springs
  • Twin Tube Design
  • Rubber Materials

Each of the components in this kit surpasses OE specifications, so their quality is undeniable.

The shocks are compatible with Nissan Frontier 4WD/RWD models from the years 2011-2014. All pieces fit perfectly, and they offer protection on highways and dirt roads alike.

Installing these shocks is easy if you have any mechanical skills.

The process is straightforward, and there’s no need for alignment depending on the car model.

In a 2012 Nissan Frontier, the components don’t need adjustments or extra work that might be troublesome.

These shocks have a sleek design that matches old and modern Nissan Frontier.

The coating is also protective, keeping debris, dirt, and other elements out.

The SENSEN 108270-SH is a complete set for the front, rear, left, and right strut assembly shocks.

Each component brings back the functionality of your old suspension system, just like if it was brand new.

This kit is a reliable option if you want to restore OEM ride quality.


  • Ideal for 2012 Nissan Frontier
  • A complete set that provides excellent lifting
  • Good-looking design with impeccable coating
  • Resistant, durable & reliable


  • Needs alignment depending on the vehicle model

Buying Facts of The Best Shocks For Nissan Frontier 4×4

Keep the following information in mind to choose the best shocks for Nissan Frontier 4×4.

Type of Shock Absorber

Usually, you can find five shock absorber types.

  • Gas Shocks. These shocks come filled with inert nitrogen, and they’re suitable for passenger cars that deal with frequent bounces.
  • This type of shock is versatile, affordable, and easy to install.
  • Auto Level Control Shocks. These shocks have an air pump that distributes the weight of the vehicle automatically.
  • Using this type of shock guarantees a smooth ride even when there’s an unusual load in the car.
  • Heavy-Duty Shocks. This shock type is most suitable for vehicles that deal with heavy loads regularly, like trucks and trailers.
  • Overload Shocks. This shock absorber has a spring coil around the cylinder, and it works well in off-road vehicles.
  • Air Shocks. An air shock absorber is efficient at distributing weight evenly. The downside is that you must adjust this type of shock absorber manually.
  • Therefore, only experienced mechanics may know how to set this shock absorber type.

Parts Included

Shock absorber kits may offer front shocks, rear shocks, or a combination of the two.

Keep this information in mind if you want a complete set for the front and back sides of the Nissan Frontier.

If you only need a single replacement, go with a single shock absorber to save more money.

Additionally, check whether the package comes with every part and component necessary for the installation.

Otherwise, you would have to buy the extra parts separately, and they can be more expensive.


Front and rear shocks can accommodate different heights to level the Nissan Frontier.

One of our favorites is the Bilstein 5100 Series, which has a front shock that you can adjust between 0 and 2 inches of lift.

This kit also offers a rear shock that accommodates up to 1 inch of lift.


Make sure to choose a shock absorber set that matches the mounting frame of your vehicle.

In our reviews, you’ll find a few shocks that work better with the 2002-2004 Nissan Frontier models, while others work best with 2011, 2012, or 2014 vehicles.

If the shock of your preference matches your vehicle, you’ll spend less money and effort making extra accommodations.

The installation will be much easier and hassle-free.


Look for a shock absorber that is easy to install. One of our favorites is the bolt-on design, which makes the installation of the components a breeze.

All you have to do is align the mounting holes, secure the shocks to the vehicle, and that’s it.

Also, consider whether the shocks need adjustment after setting them up.

Some shock absorbers set need alignment, while others don’t.

It’s all up to the shock and the model of your Nissan Frontier.


The coating of the shock absorbers will maintain the integrity of the components intact.

A clear example is the zinc-coated KYB 565045 gas shock, which is eye-catching but it also provides the ultimate barrier to keep the seals safe.


Usually, shock absorbers feature a combination of stainless steel with some rubber parts.

High-quality steel is a must if you want the shocks to last long.

This material is anti-corrosion, resistant to weather, and will put up with the harshest conditions.

If you want to put your Nissan Frontier through heavy-duty use, a durable shock absorber is a must.


The shocks must have a protective feature to maintain dirt and debris away from the seals. Take a look at the KYB 565045, for example.

This shock has a rubber boot that effectively keeps unwanted particles from compromising the efficiency of the suspension system.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Shocks For Nissan Frontier 4×4

01. When should you change the shock absorbers?

Consider changing the shocks or struts when you start experiencing bumpy rides, steering or braking problems, fluid leaks, and unusual tire tread wear.

Also, the Nissan Frontier manufacturer recommends replacing the shock absorbers after 50,000 miles.

02. Are shocks and struts the same things?

Shocks only work as shock absorbers to provide better vehicle handling, whereas struts serve multiple purposes.

Struts are a structural element of the suspension system and can affect the alignment of the vehicle.

That’s why you have to make wheel alignment after replacing a strut.

03. What shock absorbers give Nissan Frontier the smoothest ride?

The Bilstein 5100 Series offer the smoothest ride for Nissan Frontier car models.

These shocks fit snuggly to reduce vibrations to a minimum.

Plus, there’s no bouncing or loud noises that could become annoying while driving. That’s why the Bilstein 5100 is our top pick.

04. Do shocks really improve ride quality?

Shock absorbers keep the Nissan Frontier and other vehicles stable during key moments like acceleration or braking, making the ride feel more natural and smoother.

Additionally, new shocks allow the car to experience better cornering and braking, similar to when the stock shocks were brand new.

For the Nissan Altima Bluetooth connectivity tutorial, check it out.

05. How long do Nissan Frontier shock absorbers last?

Stock Nissan Frontier shocks usually last about 50,000 miles. After that, consider buying a replacement to maintain the quality performance of the vehicle.

Shock absorbers may last more or less than 50,000 miles, depending on how you use them and the conditions around them.

06. Is alignment necessary after replacing shocks?

Vehicles with an old-style front suspension system don’t need an alignment after replacing stocks.

Replacing shocks doesn’t usually affect the alignment of the vehicle unless the spring loses tension.

Make sure to check the instructions of your shock absorber set to find relevant information about this topic.

07. Do you have to replace all four shocks at the same time?

It’s a good idea to replace shocks in pairs or all four to maintain an even and predictable handling and control over the vehicle.

However, if one or more shocks don’t have the same mileage as the rest, then you may want to leave it in place.

Replace the shocks only if you experience issues or after 50,000 miles.


Damaged shock absorbers can make a negative impact, which is why looking for the best shocks for Nissan frontier 4×4 is wise.

Even if the vehicle doesn’t need it right now, new shocks are a must-have after a certain mileage.

So, consider all of your options and pick the one that fits your Nissan to prevent bouncing or vibration issues.