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Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve: Interior, Exterior, Engine Capability, Cost & Riding Experience

The renowned brand of full-on capacity pickup trucks named after the Titans of the great Greek Mythology; Nissan Titan has been serving people from all stages for whopping 17-something years.

The Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve is just another beautiful addition to the series, with lots of elevated features.

But it’s called Platinum for a reason. The heating and ventilating systems are more upgraded for this truck, and so is the overall trimming upholstery.

Regular users of Nissan will definitely feel something different if they choose this amazing addition; whereas beginner users will understand the importance of a good quality truck.

So here we are, offering you the understanding and reasoning as to why should you choose this if you are planning to get yourself a pickup truck.

We will break down all the important features and basics so you don’t have any confusion.


What is Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve?

Aforementioned, this is just another series of the Nissan Titan. However, the name Platinum Reserve is told to be the most fascinating truck in the brand.

This is a truck that screams work and luxury. So, you can take it to work every day, or you can pack a large gathering in there.

The truck is available in the classic Black color that creates a beautiful juxtaposition with the saddle brown color embedded in the large interior space.

The interior is built with premium quality leather so you don’t have to worry about comfort. (Note that, colors are variable)

The powertrain has some impressive numbers (that’s a surprise so keep an eye out on the features section!).

The truck also assists some of the brilliant features any trucker will ever dream of.

And that includes retrofit cruising with a navigation system, sunroof with bird’s eye view, Fender audio system, and much more!

Extensive features of Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

  • 5.6L V8 engine
  • Automatic transmission (9-speed shift)
  • RWD drivetrain
  • Power capacitance of 400HP with approximate 600 rpm
  • 4956 lb/inch torque
  • Fuel capacity 120 L
  • Takes around 7 seconds to go from 0 mph to 60 mph
  • A maximum speed of 122 mph
  • Coverage of around 600 miles with the fuel capacity
  • Power telescopic steering wheel
  • Sits 6
  • Passer-by detection and automatic braking in case of emergency
  • EPA mileage is 21 highway/15 city
  • The infotainment system of a 9-inch screen
  • 12 Fender speakers

What special features Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve has over regular Nissan trucks?

Comparing with the off-roaders from Nissan, the Platinum Reserve, the luxury truck is a bit different.

This implies, there are differences that are not so eye-catching, rather minutiae. But that’s the details that make a product unique.

First of all, the fuel economy. One extra mileage per gallon can develop a betterment which Platinum offers just the same.

While talking about looks, it vastly depends on your taste. The off-roaders offer a muscular look with all-black visibility.

Contrarily, Platinum has a definition of chrome, and the skid plate is different to keep up with the luxury hint.

Since this is an on-road truck, the wheel and tiring are also a bit disparate. The wheels are 20 inches and usually, an ordinary Nissan Titan would measure it 18 inches.

To add on, the truck focuses on looks and luxury rather than being just practical.

So, you’ll find the suspensions a bit more sophisticated and not rough, and the tires will be good-looking. The same will be appropriate for the side steps.

The most intricate change is the interior which makes the customers go wow. The Reserve avails the buyers to experience soft leather.

The comfort amplifies with the spacious head and armrests. The storage system is also a bit magnified than regular Nissans.

The head unit with a 9-inch touchscreen is awesome, but the other features like CarPlay, Android Auto, and hands-free Bluetooth are pretty much all the same as the others.

Nissan Titan has always had an upper hand when it comes to safety protocols and the Platinum Reserve is no exception.

Starting from high beam assist to blind spot detection, and anything between is available. But that’s not much of a special feature as all the other trucks hold it.


We admit that the Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve is the most expensive one in the world of Nissan Titan.

The 2019 edition cost the consumers a stupendous $60,000. Since this is 2024, you are free to add a few other thousands with that!

But think of the long run. With the features Platinum offers, the luxury it provides, and the comfort it supplies, you are bound to buy it.

Obviously, every object in the world has some negatives, but this luxury truck will offer a great price value when you consider selling it, and you don’t even have to buy replacements for a long time.

Usually, replacements on the exterior or interior are mandatory after every 5 years and costs an average value of $300.

But with this product, the replacement might be required after another extra year and that is when the splurge will be compensated.

Engine capability than other trucks

The latest version of the truck engines is almost similar to the brand’s other trucks. They have the same 5.6L v8 engine. But the thing that’s different is the input power capacity.

Older versions had 390HP or so, anointed for the engine. So far, the Platinum Reserve has the highest power capacity among other Nissan Titans and that’s 400 HP.

However, the wowing engine factors make it stand out among competent brands like Ford or Chevrolet.

With more turbochargers, the Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve is the most potent station wagon in the industry.

The Ford F-150 with 395 horsepower and marginally higher grip, is the next model in the line. And RAM models are also existent there.

Even though the Chevrolet 1500’s powertrain is relatively small and yields less performance, it appears to be able to complement the Nissan Titan’s thrust force and even outmaneuver it.

The Titan’s 0-60 mph time is indeed 6.4 seconds, and it also has a top speed of 122 mph.

It has a highway endurance of 572 miles taking the help of the 26-gallon sump. This puts it on a par with the Chevrolet in relation to the aim of the turnpike spot.

Interior of Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

This is where the boring stuff ends and the real fun begins. Through this section, you’ll be able to take a sneak peek through this piece of luxury and make your decision more quickly.


The dash camera is a crucial part of the whole system as it gathers and stores evidence for any probable objections. And it is also referred to as a backup camera or a rear-view camera.

The truck, that’s located at the back and produces high-resolution images that eventually project on the LCD monitor of the cam.

The power switch is easy to access and two modes are available. Traditional and intelligent.

With comprehensive pictures, the camera offers a lot of features such as brightness, orientation, and height adjusting.

The factory size is about 10 inches and that’s ideal to prevent blocking of the front view.

But you can get any size according to your demands.


For three occupants, there’s always more shoulder room in the back so more headroom and legroom up the coalition.

Nevertheless, if a fourth person were to be placed in the back, the space would become constrained.

If we take a look at the numbers, the view will be clearer. With a 5-seater and a driver seat, the truck is quite spacious.

For rear seats, the shoulder room has almost 64 inches; headroom and legroom is 40 inches and 38 inches respectively, (Approximate values)

On the other hand, the front seats have shoulder rooms have another 64 inches, the head rooms have 41 and leg rooms have 42 inches.


The Platinum Reserve’s most luxurious option includes a high-temperature steering wheel with a wood grain finish, as well as heated front and rear seats. The heater core is well-trained.

The ventilation system is also impressive, with automation services. The radiator does most of the job with controlled streams of water through the nets

In terms of the cooling features, you have both automated and adjustable options.

So you don’t have to worry about freezing in cold because the smart technology will allow the system to act according to the environment out there.


As the sleek Nissan Titan trim category, the Platinum features plush materials throughout the cabin.

Front and back; quality brown leather seats are uniform, and two-tone hues are accessible. Long excursions will be much more convenient thanks to the warmer and ventilated seats.

In terms of décor, the dash, panels, and center console all showcase wood trim. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and driver’s seat are routine on this top-of-the-line model.

There is an opportunity for a widescreen roof. To get a good view of the intake manifold, the driver must be high in the car!

Conversely, a stout driver may desire deeper seats for a smoother fit.


The camera options here will give clear views simultaneously, ensuring safety and security.

Anyways, while talking about actual cameras, there are front, side, and rear-view cameras. They are the perfect combo to ensure risk control and worry management.


They provide comfort and convenience. For this amazing truck, you have a lot of options.

The rear/back mirror is electro-chromatic; which is a brilliant feature. And that is also a part of the camera section because it acts like one! (Well…almost).

However, it dims automatically when light is felt. Also, there are services provided by turn signal in mirrors and dual illuminating vanity mirrors, they are a crucial part of the whole thing.

Also, the mirrors are heated. For a truck big like this, you’ll need to see upon a lot of things in comfort and they provide just enough to prove themselves worthy.

Safety features

Rather than giving a brief, it’d be better to point out some of the safety features that will make your mind blown.

Blindspot departure warnings, dusk sensing headlamps, ventilated disc brakes, cruise control, interior air filtration, dual-zone front climate control, and a lot more.

Other than these features which help you to avoid accidents, there are one point customers always overlook, and that is the universal remote transmitter.

It may sound funny. But suppose you have a kid or a pet in the car, and you don’t want to leave them alone even for a microsecond, so this can come in handy. (Or it might also help even if you are super lazy!)

Now that we are done with the comfort and safety parts, it’s time to focus on the looks.

These details on the exterior will unleash the possibilities of how you change your car according to your taste, and what you can expect from a genuine Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve.

The Exterior of Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

The truck has an L, W, and H of 228, 81, and 77 inches respectively. The wheelbase is about 140 inches, whereas the ground clearance is 10 inches.

The gross weight is 7,300 lbs, subtract 2,000 from that and you will get the curb.

Likewise, the new exterior attributes even have a new front bumper with an interwoven frame grille, fog lights, license plates, and new wheel configurations, as well as three fresh color schemes.


For interior machinery, it’s the cameras that give you safety. For the exterior, the job is done mostly by lights and some parts by mirrors.

Lights give you guidance and provide full-time convenience. With a high-tech aspect to the humungous LED headlights and “double boomerang” LED daylight hours running lights, the design team accentuated the “solid beam” composition and authoritative stance.

There are updated LED lights in the pickup’s bed, and new LED lights and tailgate finishers have been added to the bottom of the vehicle’s bodywork.

You will be able to turn on the flashing front parking lights, instrumental panel lights, license plate lights, and tail lights by keeping the headlights in a certain position.

With the high beam headlights, you can adjust the beams, and there’s also an indicator.

Using fog lights, a wide-ranging beam pattern is formed with a submaximal focus than that of headlights. With this, you can see clearly even in murky circumstances because less light reflects off of it.

After you turn off the engine and close all the doors, the Auto light system will keep the headlights on for a timeframe.

The Auto light system is run by a photodetector positioned on the dashboard panel’s top. Make sure that space is free of clutter for better performance.


The main feature of the Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve is the chrome-bodied extravaganza. And that is topped up with a stylish and classy ‘chrome bumper.

The grille provides extra safety, and there are other premium accessories to do the job to perfection.

Both the bumpers are wide enough to carry the pressure of any sudden thrusts and brakes.

This gives protection to the top sealing, painting, and denting and saves money in case of any accidents.

Running board

You surely enough need a service that caters to the entry to the truck, especially the one with the size of the Nissan.

The Platinum Reserve offers strong, chrome-body, non-fragile, and easily replaceable running boards on the sides.

The bed is usually 5.5 ft but some models might require an additional foot.


The gates are conventional (And guess what, chrome body!). but the only thing adding to that is the door mirrors with the same element. They are called power door mirrors.

The doors ensure that the locks are secure and hold them with strength with high-quality engineering.

The doors, inside, also have plenty of storage for things to keep safe. And the same goes for all of them.

As for the exterior of the gates, the brand name is written beautifully and allows enough window space for better viewing.


The wheels are posh-looking as well as functional. They are two-toned, which adds dimension to the whole look. And the measurements are 20*8 inches.

The material is aluminum alloy and they are painted for better rust-free service. This also prevents the truck from getting stuck in the mud.

Also, with wheels, come mud flaps. The mud-flaps protect the vehicle body and the wheels. They are strong chrome and aluminum body which does provide protection against corrosion.

Key fob

If you don’t want to touch the handles and get it dirty every time you need to get on and off, the Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve offers you intelligent key and key fob services.

Potential danger predictor and horn settings can be customized with the fob, as a bonus.

One truck can use up to four Intelligent Keys, but then everyone must be authorized with a Nissan retailer before it can be used.

When the Intelligent Key is within 2 and a half feet of the associated request switch, the lock and unlocks features operate.

Keyless entry is accessible from a radius of 33 feet away with the Intelligent Key’s remote keyless entry potentials.

All doors will activate and a cautionary signal will play as pretty shortly as you close the door if you forget the Intelligent Key inside.

However, if your Intelligent Key battery runs out, you can still lock and unlock your truck with the key fob.

The Intelligent Key has a mechanical key hidden on the back. Loosen the lock button and pull the mechanical key out.

To lock or unlock the vehicle, enter the key into the keyhole in the driver’s door and twist it.

Backside space

Available with a maximum 6’7” bed space in the back. The space is filled with all necessary cargo facilities and amenities.

Features include adjustable tie-downs, power outlets, running boards, bed lights, and bed liners. As if you just need a roof to make it feel like home!


They provide comfort and convenience. For this amazing truck, you have a lot of options.

The rear/back mirror is electro-chromatic; which is a brilliant feature. And that is also a part of the camera section because it acts like one! (Well…almost).

However, it dims automatically when light is felt.

Also, there are services provided by turn signal in mirrors and dual illuminating vanity mirrors, they are a crucial part of the whole thing.

Also, the mirrors are heated. For a truck big like this, you’ll need to see upon a lot of things with comfort and they provide just enough to prove themselves worthy.

There are also some packages and options that will create a lot of potential and functionality for your Platinum Reserve.

Check out these options available:

  • Tilt and slide moonroof
  • Titan box
  • Rear bed step
  • Tailgate with futuristic looks

Note that, you have to pay extra for each of these. The moonroof cost about $1500 and the latter three costs about the same altogether.

Riding Experience of Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

This section has been managed with the most careful steps because your comfort matters the most.

This is an honest, average review taken from thousands of Platinum Reserve users out there.

The first issue that consumers pointed out was the towing of being only 9370 pounds.

Other quality pickup trucks have a maximum of 12000 pounds coupling ability. But remember this is a luxury truck rather than an off-roader so this might be forgiven!

With the acceleration and the smoothness of the ride, you can enjoy your excursions better on the highways.

With the 12 Fender speakers, you won’t feel boring. Also, you get door-to-door navigation for hassle-free orientation.

Also, this is packed with infotainment technology. Like Bluetooth, SiriusXM, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay.

Safety is not an issue because you can see the 360 camera productions right off the monitor. This is not just the definition of convenience but also a great parking assistant.

Nissan has thought of storage details in every way possible. Seats right behind the front ones can be folded and they have the chance of being heated up.

So, after you fold up the seats, you can see locker configurations, (extra safety measures).

And beneath that, you will be able to store other things that have a possibility to make a bump.

But because it has a flat surface upper handedly, you can sit on it without any worries. This feature ensures comfort and functionality all at once.

No reason to get dehydrated on a long journey because there are plenty of cup holders all over the place. Not necessarily do you have to place cups there, but you can add on more storage using them.

You don’t have to worry about manual window functions, the rear window is easily slidable so the airflow will be much more availing.

Another excellent feature is the smooth yet metallic sound it makes when you are about to take the speed down a notch.

And the transmissions among speed variations for this truck are seamless.

Again, when you start to speed up too much on the highway, the blind-spot monitors activate as a warning to not get too clumsy on the highways.

After a massive number of good things, consumers spotted another negative. And that’s the fuel economy.

That takes up about 15.1 liters every 100 kilometers. You got to admit that’s not the best fuel economy you get for the price, but again, this truck does not hold the purpose to possess the feature of greater fuel economy.

Recapitulating, don’t expect high towing and good fuel usage, but it surely does give you comfort.

Remember the seamless transmissions and the smooth accelerations. This is also packed with technology and storage, so make your decision wisely based on your demands.

Is Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve worth the money?

The Nissan Titan’s able to be seen in its lowest grades, where it competes favorably with its domestic counterparts. Every Titan trim comes standard with a powerful v8 Powertrain.

The Nissan Titan’s base model is a real work truck, and they don’t make them like that anymore. Unfortunately, most of the intricacies are misleading.

In addition to looking and feeling antiquated, the Titan’s initial iteration endured for over a decade.

Nissan has a reputation of preserving models well beyond their purchase dates, for a while after the economic meltdown of 2008.

Of that kind, a determination is largely commendable, but in Titan’s case, it could be catastrophic in the face of competition if they maintain the same quality over time.

The relatively low series includes a good return on investment, even if it doesn’t dominate the lotto.

The market possesses expectations, and veteran truck manufacturers can increase production thanks to their experience spanning more than 50 years.

The Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve leaves you with the clear impression that something was overlooked during the grammar.

In essence, the point is clear: the colossal, resourceful station wagon. Change is occurring at a rate much faster, as are customers’ perceptions.

So, our expert recommends that the Platinum Reserve is good for storage, comfort, and luxury, and it’s worth the money.

But if you are looking for an off-roader that will carry loads and tow the highest, don’t go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might have, so we got them answered for you aiming to the notion that you don’t have any confusion.

What are the pros of a Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve?

Three features are the highlights. The ‘zero gravity’ seats, the 12 speakers, and the hints of wood in the upholstery.

What is the most perfect tire fit other than stock ones?

Go for the 2-inch lifts with the RC kit. And keep them around the 300~305 points. If you go higher, there’s a chance the truck might fall off its towing performance.

I can’t get the tailgate trim over the tailgates, what should I do?

So, the screws attaching the trim might be loose. Simply open them up, trim them and align yourself. This is another thing that Nissan manufacturers have overlooked.

Our expert suggests that you get a replacement than just using the stock one.

What are the causes of my truck vibrates/creaks under certain mph ranges?

You might need rim change and some balance fixing. While you change the rims, make sure you change them all at one else the balancing issues will exacerbate.

What about the overall performance of the truck?

There’s plenty of torque and smooth acceleration, and the car maintains its poise in turns. The towing capacity is 9,370 pounds, and the payload is 1,680 pounds.

The combined fuel efficiency is approximately 18 miles per gallon (around 15 mpg in town, 21 mpg on the interstate).

Final Words

Even if it may feel a bit off in some points, the Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve ticks a plethora of boxes.

It fills out the places of 3 S’s. Safety, space, and serenity. So if you ask us if you want this or not, we will only say yes to those who need a little bit of lifting in life.

This luxury truck will provide all the luxury you desire. And the answer will not be affirmative for those who are the carriers of non-moderate loads and who want a bit of roughness on their vehicle.

We wish you all the luck with your right decision!