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How To Connect Bluetooth To Nissan Altima (IOS + Android Device Settings)

When you know how to connect Bluetooth to Nissan Altima, you will be able to safely and conveniently stay connected to your phone while driving.

In today’s world, most of our activities as humans revolve more around our phones.

As a result, friends, associates/business partners, and family members expect you to be reachable on calls or accessible/active on social media from time to time.

When you synchronize your phone with your vehicle via Bluetooth, you will be able to cut down distractions drastically, ensuring you remain focused while driving on the road.

As you read along, we will look at the reasons why you should have your device connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth and how you can establish this connection irrespective of the smartphone you use (iOS or Android).

Also, we will discuss possible connection problems that you may encounter and some of the techniques or methods you can adopt to fix them.


Use Bluetooth Connectivity On Your Nissan Altima

Bluetooth connectivity offers car owners an easy and fast method of connecting their smartphones or other mobile devices to their Nissan Altima.

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the numerous features added or made available to the latest Nissan vehicles.

When you pair your Bluetooth-compatible device with the Nissan Connect (your Nissan Altima infotainment system). It gives you access to numerous exciting functions at your convenience.

For instance, you will be able to perform important functions such as calls (incoming and outgoing), read text messages, access your phonebook, and stream your favorite music.

These functions are accessible using the voice control system or via the push of a button while on the road without holding your phone.

As a result, your eyes will remain focused on the things happening on the road, and your hands will remain firmly attached to the wheel.

Step By Step Guideline On How To Connect Bluetooth To Nissan Altima

IOS Devices

01. Device Set Up

This is the first step towards connecting, linking, or synchronizing your device with your vehicle.

Go to your device’s settings to activate Bluetooth. Ensure this functionality (Bluetooth) is switched or stationed to “On.”

02. Vehicle Set Up

The vehicle setup depends majorly on the design or model.

If you own or drive a Nissan Altima with navigation, go to the audio system and locate the phone button.

Once found, press/click it. Immediately, some information will pop up on the screen.

Click on “connect” and then “connect a new device.”

For a vehicle that doesn’t have navigation, go to the audio system and click on the Enter/Setting button.

Once you press this button, click on “Bluetooth” and then select “Add phone.”

03. Device Pairing

This is the final step of the connection/synchronization.

Go to your device’s Bluetooth section, you will see a list of available devices.

Identify your vehicle’s name from the list and click on it.

Once you have selected your car’s name, a pin is shown/displayed on your device’s screen.

Confirm if it is similar to what you have on your vehicle.

Once you confirm that they are the same, you can allow the pairing request by clicking on accepting and then selecting the “OK” button.

Immediately the pairing request has been confirmed, your vehicle and device should be connected.

This allows you to perform specific device-related functions such as making and answering calls directly on your stereo.

Android Devices

01. Device Set-Up

You need to turn on your device’s Bluetooth functionality, just as we mentioned earlier.

02. Vehicle Set-Up

If you drive a Nissan Altima that has navigation.

Go to the audio system and click on the ‘phone button.

Once this is done, proceed to select the “connect button” and then the “connect new device button.”

For an individual who drives a Nissan Altima that doesn’t have navigation, go to the audio system and click on the “Enter/Setting” button.

Follow up this action by selecting the “Bluetooth” and ‘Add phone” buttons accordingly.

03. Device Pairing

Go to your Android device’s Bluetooth page.

Check under the list of available devices and locate your vehicle’s name.

In case you can’t find your vehicle, you may have to click on the scan button to update this list.

Once your vehicle’s name is displayed on the screen, click on it.

Immediately, a pin or passcode is displayed on both screens (your device and the vehicle’s audio system).

Check if the displayed information is similar.

If yes, click on accept or allow to complete the pairing process.

Upon completion (once pairing is successful), your Android device and vehicle should be connected or synchronized, allowing communications and data sharing between them.

If there are other details or popups displayed on the screen, accept or confirm them accordingly.

Managing Connected Devices

This section will look at the major/key factors you must consider at all times to get the best results out of the Bluetooth connection (device & vehicle).

  • While in the car, ensure other devices have their Bluetooth turned off. The paired device should only have its Bluetooth turned on to prevent interference.
  • To improve/enhance the signal strength between your device and vehicle. We recommend that your device should not be placed/positioned far away from your vehicle’s audio system. The closer the connected device is to the audio system, the better the signal strength.
  • Ensure you confirm your device’s battery level before use. If the battery level is low, it is advised that you have it plugged into your vehicle’s charging system before a Bluetooth connection is established.

When you connect a device with a low battery level to your vehicle, the signal strength may be impacted or affected.

  • Your vehicle audio system and the device should be free from metal materials. Ensure metal-made materials, for instance, pen, is moved away from them to ensure you enjoy maximum signal strength at all times.

Device Compatibility

Android and Apple devices are equipped or compatible with Bluetooth functionality.

Bluetooth is designed to support a wireless connection between two devices.

With this functionality, you can easily pair and connect your device to the vehicle.

This allows you to access important phone features directly on your in-dash navigation or audio system without necessarily getting hold of your device.

Earlier in this article, we have provided steps that you can easily follow to set up/connect your Android and Apple devices to your vehicle.

These steps are easy to follow and provide an impressive result.

Commonly Known Issues of How To Connect Bluetooth To Nissan Altima


  • Nissan Altima keeps losing Bluetooth connection
  • Bluetooth won’t connect
  • Bluetooth pairing problem


  • Check if your device’s Bluetooth connectivity is turned on
  • Turn off the ignition
  • Reboot your device (turn it off and restart it)
  • Establish a new connection on your vehicle and device (delete your vehicle from the list of paired devices on your phone and follow the same process on your car
  • Once this is done, you can then reinitiate/re-establish the connection process)
  • Ensure your device is running the latest operating system
  • Check if your device and audio system are in close proximity
  • Ensure your smartphone is not on power-saving or airplane modes
  • Your device must have a considerable battery level
  • Stay from possible sources of interference
  • Visit your vehicle’s manufacturer website for tips on how to fix any encountered issue or problem

Nissan Connect® Service

Now that you know how you can successfully set up your vehicle’s Bluetooth and connect it with your Bluetooth-supported device.

The next stage is to know about the features that the Nissan Connect® Service offers.

The Nissan Connect is a unique technology designed by Nissan for their vehicle designs/models.

The following are the major tech features that the Nissan Connect offers:


  • Allows connection with music services and apps like Pandora
  • Supports easy integration with Android Auto & Car Play
  • Access to Sirius XM Satellite Radio
  • Travel Link access
  • Latest sports update (live scores update)

Security & Safety

  • Speed alert
  • Curfew alert
  • Boundary alert
  • Tracks and locates your vehicle when stolen
  • Integrated roadside assistance
  • Notifies emergency call services in case of a collision


  • An intuitive voice assistant (Amazon Alexa™ or Google Assistant)
  • Supports hands-free phone calls via Bluetooth
  • Access to text messages
  • Allows in-vehicle messaging (warranty-related alerts and appointments reminder) 


  • Access to Google search engine
  • Built-in GPS
  • Latest traffic updates
  • Sirius XM Traffic services

All the above-listed features contribute significantly to ensuring you experience an uncompromised and advanced driving experience.

If you have always wanted a unique reason or attribute about why you should purchase a Nissan vehicle.

The Nissan Connect features may have all the answers you need.

People Also Ask For

How Does Bluetooth Work?

A Bluetooth provides an easier and faster way of connecting two devices without the need for cables.

Information transmission and reception are achieved through radio frequencies, which require a reasonable amount of power.

For best performance, ensure your device’s or smartphone’s battery is not weak or has a reasonable amount of power.

What Battery Level Is Ideal for A Successful/Uninterrupted Bluetooth Connection?

When your phone’s battery is weak, it becomes hard or impossible for signals to be transmitted/broadcasted within the required range.

For best performance, ensure your device’s battery level is about 50% when initiating a connection.

What Does Nissan Connect Do or Offer?

Nissan Connect is a technology or service built/designed for Nissan models.

Basically, what it does is combine several functions into one source or system.

Nissan vehicle owners can conveniently access important features such as security (remote door lock), navigation (access to various directions across their regions), and entertainment (access to various streaming services and apps) on their dash-mounted system.

How Do I Access Nissan Connect?

To enjoy the numerous benefits the Nissan Connect provides or offers, you must first check if your Nissan Altima model is compatible with this functionality.

Also, you need a smartphone (Android or Apple) to download the app, and you need to subscribe to this service.

The Nissan Connect app installed on your phone can then be connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

How Can I Disconnect a Bluetooth Device from My Vehicle?

If you decide to disconnect a device from your Nissan Altima (in case of damage, theft, or upgrade).

You can easily delete or remove such a device from the list of paired devices.

How Do I Reset My Android or iPhone Bluetooth Functionality?

If your device fails to connect or pair with your Nissan Altima, device reset is one of the methods or techniques you can adopt to fix the issue.

This can be done or achieved by turning off your phone’s Bluetooth and then restarting it.

What Are the Main Benefits of Apple Car play™ Or Android Auto™ In Nissan Altima?

When you purchase a new Nissan Altima that offers these features (Apple Car Play™ or Android Auto™).

It allows easy/convenient synchronization of your device’s interface with your stereo or in-dash navigation system, enabling quick access to navigation, apps, and entertainment.

Do All Nissan Altima Support Apple Car play™ Or Android Auto™?

No, not all Nissan Altima models offer these connectivity features.

They are widely attributed to the latest models of Nissan vehicles.

It is recommended that you speak with a Nissan sales expert in your region to know the models compatible with Apple Car Play™ or Android Auto™.


So far, we have highlighted/listed how to connect Bluetooth to Nissan Altima irrespective of the type of device you own or intend to connect to your vehicle (Android or Apple).

Interestingly, the process involved is easy and smooth, provided you do the right thing.

Go through the steps that are specific to your device and follow them carefully for the best performance or result.

Also, Bluetooth connection issues can happen at any time.

To tackle any problems that may arise or affect operation/performance.

We have provided some popular fixes that you may apply or try out to re-establish the connection in case of any disruptions.

Go through each of these solutions and try them out accordingly until everything gets back in order.

If you fail to resolve the issue after trying all of the solutions we have indicated in this guide.

It is advised that you reach out to the manufacturer or Nissan experts around your region.

When you communicate the issue appropriately, they will recommend a solution or advise you on what you need to do to fix or resolve the problem.