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From Riders Experience – How Many Miles Can a Ford F150 Last (Updated 2024)

If you’re interested in buying a Ford F150, you may wonder how many miles can a Ford F150 last to figure out if it’s worth the investment.

Deciding to buy a new car is an important decision that must be carefully thought through to make sure you’re making the best choice based on your needs, and the car’s lifespan is one of the essential aspects.

Read along to find out not only how durable a Ford F150 is but also about common issues you may encounter, how expensive repairments are, and other helpful information.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you will know enough about all Ford F150 models to be able to make a well-informed decision on whether this car meets your needs or not.

The Ford F150 is an impressive pick with excellent capability that comes in a wide variety of options.


How Many Miles Can a Ford F150 Last

There are seven trim levels with different engine types available for you to choose from when buying a Ford F150:

01. Ford F150 XL

This is the base option that still comes with some pretty great features such as automatic high beams, a backup camera, and several active safety measures.

02. Ford F150 XLT

This model is very similar to the XL one but comes with some upgraded features such as heating in the front seats, a vinyl bench seat, rear cross-traffic warnings, blind-spot monitoring,

03. Ford F150 Lariat

The Lariat model best represents the balance between luxury and performance.

04. King Ranch Ford F150

This is among the most luxurious models, and it is best suited for those looking for interior comfort but for a lower price than the following top trims.

05. Ford F150 Platinum

The Platinum trim is one of the most luxurious and an exceptional combination of strength and efficiency, with a 21 miles per gallon fuel economy.

06. Ford F150 Limited

This trim represents a top-grade combination between power and luxury with upgrades such as adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree camera.

07. Ford F150 Raptor

The Raptor is much different than all other trims and mainly focuses on performance.

It lacks some of the luxurious upgrades of the other trims but comes with performance upgrades that make it perform best on any terrain.

When it comes to engine types, there are several engine options available, with different capacities and strengths, but they all fall under two categories.

Eco-boost engines and V8 engines. If you are wondering how many miles can a Ford F150 last based on the engine type, here is a brief overview for you:

a) Eco-Boost Engines – 150k miles – 230k miles

b) V8 Engines – 200k miles – 300k miles

This means the average engine on a Ford F150 will last between 17-20 years.

Of course, the life span may vary depending on how much the car is used and how well it is cared for.

A well-cared-for vehicle will always have a longer life, so make sure you take your vehicle for regular check-ups!

Which Models of Ford F150 Last The Longest?

It is hard to say which model of Ford F150 will last you the longest because every car and every driver is different, and a car’s lifespan is also influenced by how it is used.

However, some factors make some of the Ford F150 models last longer than others.

It is thought that one of the best years for this car model was 2014.

The 2013 and 2014 models offer increased reliability, plenty of power, and several customization options.

These are the best options if you are looking for a well-performing car with an increased lifespan that will not break your budget.

If you are willing to pay some extra bucks for added safety and technology features, we advise you to check out the 2015 models.

They were the first of the 13th generation and the first with an all-aluminum architecture, which may prove to be more durable.

Which Models of Ford F150 Are The Least Reliable?

There were a few years in which Ford did not provide such quality in its F150 models.

These years are 2004, 2005, and 2010. We advise you to stay away from any F150 that came out in any of these years.

In 2004-2005 there were 16 recalls of Ford F150 models.

What made these models among the worst in F150s history was their engines (5.4-liter and 6.8-liter Tritons) which had several frequent issues, but also other functional matters such as:

  • Over-tightening of the engine
  • sudden plug ejection
  • spark plugs that broke during removal
  • faulty window regulators

The 2010 models suffered from oil leaks, faulty tech systems, and spark plugs that could ruin the ignition coil.

For example, My Ford had problems with the screen suddenly failing and becoming non-responsive, the system failing to recognize smartphones, or the backup camera suddenly stopping to work.

Some reports also mentioned the engine failing due to a glitch in the automatic transmission, which suddenly downshifted into second gear.

Details of How Long Do Ford F150 Last

Next, we want to bring into your awareness the most common issues you may encounter while owning a Ford F150, so you know what to expect and be prepared for.

01. Rough Running Engine Issue

There are two leading causes of rough running engine issues: a problem with the exhaust gas recirculation sensors or the clogging of the mass airflow sensor.

If the exhaust gas recirculation sensors cause the problem, they need to be replaced.

It is recommended that you replace these sensors every 100k miles to avoid this issue.

In the case of the mass airflow sensor (MAF), it is much easier to replace it. It’s less expensive, and it helps the car’s engine work better.

If you do not wish to change it, you can also clean this sensor, but be careful to use only MAF-sensor-specific cleaners.

02. Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are common issues in any car model, and the Ford F150 is no different.

You can expand the life of your car’s outer body by cleaning up any mud from it, keeping it out of the rain, and using certain specially-designed anti-rust maintenance products.

03. Spark Plugs Failures

Spark plugs failures are most common in the 2000-2005 models, and they can cause severe problems to a car’s engine.

They can ruin the ignition coil, making the engine misfire or not start altogether.

Spark plugs are also quite expensive to replace, and their replacement can cost you up to $1500.

04. Head Gasket Leak

This issue is most common in trucks that have over 160k miles.

The head gasket starts to leak oil’; this can be caused by overheating or the gasket coating being dissolved over time.

This issue is easily recognized as you will feel the smell of burnt oil.

You can fix this issue with some adhesive bond if the leak is not abundant, and a replacement can cost from $400 to $1000, depending on the model.

05. Oil Pan Leak

This issue is similar to the above-mentioned head gasket leak and is characterized by the same smell of burnt oil.

This is a less severe issue than the previously mentioned one and, in some cases, maybe fixed by just tightening the bolts around the pan gasket.

06. Fuel Injection Fault

Even though fuel injectors can go the life of an automobile without any issues, they are still a common issue in many car models, including the Ford F150.

There’s always more than one fuel injector, and the car’s performance is significantly reduced by just one faulty injector.

Fuel injectors can go faulty in two ways: getting clogged or dirty or leaking.

Leaking fuel injectors can cause a great deal of damage to a car’s engine.

Here are the most common signs of a clogged fuel injector as well as a leaking one:

a) Clogged Fuel Injector

Difficulty to start the engine, emissions issues, idle issues, less fuel mileage, loss of power, and, worst-case scenario, detonation.

b) Leaking Fuel Injector

The smell of fuel, thin oil, engine lock up.

07. Electrical Failures

The Ford F150 models have some electrical issues that you need to be aware of before buying such a car model.

The most common electrical failures that you may encounter with a Ford F150 are:

  • issues with the alternator
  • dash lights coming on spontaneously
  • door locks malfunctions
  • battery slow drain

These are not very serious problems, and we may say that the electrical side of the F150s is, on average, in pretty good shape, compared to other trucks.

How Reliable Ford F150 on Average?

Ford 150s are America’s best-selling trucks, but despite that, mileage has always been a concerning factor for them.

Rust and corrosion can be expected at any time in the model’s lifetime, and it doesn’t matter if the truck is an old model with a steel shell or a new generation aluminum build.

Engine rebuild might be needed after as little as 150k miles. Still, it’s not the worst car type, and with proper maintenance, this truck can do 200k miles with ease.

For example, cars.com has a comprehensive article with several owner reviews of the F150 who are satisfied with the car’s performance and mileage.

(here is the link if you want to include it – https://www.cars.com/articles/life-with-the-ford-f-150-what-do-owners-really-think-443546/).

Edmunds.com, another popular car review website, also features positive reviews of the 2014 F150 model.

People that bought this car are usually satisfied with the car’s performance and reliability.


Is Ford F150 Expensive To Repair?

The short answer to this question is no. The Ford F150s are not expensive to repair, another plus for these automobiles.

The average cost of maintaining an F150 truck is around $800 per year, while the average annual maintenance cost of the full-size pickup class is about $940.

Do Ford F150 Last Longer Than The Competition?

Comparing different cars from the same class is a must if you want to make a well-informed decision.

In the case of the Ford F150s, the competitors are Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Nissan Titan.

Here is a brief comparison between the F150s and its competitors:

01. Ford F150 vs. Toyota Tundra

These two cars are very similar when it comes to reliability and mileage.

The only significant difference is that the Toyota Tundra has a lower annual maintenance cost of around $600 compared to the Ford’s $800 one.

So in terms of reliability and annual repair cost, Toyota surpasses Ford, so we may say that it is more reliable than the F150.

02. Ford F150 vs. Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram is also more reliable than the Ford F150, ranking 1st out of 17th for full-size trucks, while the Ford F150 ranks only 7th.

03. Ford F150 vs. Chevrolet Silverado

Compared to the Chevrolet Silverado truck, the Ford F150 proves to be more reliable with an average lifespan of 20 years, compared to Chevy’s lifespan of between 10 to 20 years.

04. Ford F150 vs. GMC Sierra

 The GMC Sierra comes on top of the Ford F150 regarding reliability ranking. It ranks 3rd out of 17th while the Ford ranks 7th.

05. Ford F150 vs. Nissan Titan

 The Nissan Titan is also more reliable than the Ford F150, being the second most reliable truck, while the Ford F150 comes 7th in the same ranking.

Tips To Make Your F150 Last More Miles

There are a few things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your car, such as:

  • regular mechanical check-ups
  • oil changes at the appropriate mileage
  • tire monitoring
  • taking rust and corrosion preventive measures
  • load management
  • engine RPM controlling

Besides being America’s top-selling truck, the Ford F150 is also among the top pickup trucks in terms of resale value.

The 2024 Ford F150 is the best model in this sense, retaining 61.1% of its value after five years of use.

Of course, the resale value of different F150 models may greatly vary depending on each model’s common issues.

For example, the resell value of the previously mentioned models, which are most prone to present issues (2004, 2005, and 2010), is significantly lower than that of the more reliable models, such as the 2014 or the 2024 ones.

Buyers tend to stay away from commonly known faulty models, making them a lot harder to sell.

People Ask For

01. Which is the year of the most reliable F150 model?

As mentioned above, 2014 can be considered the most reliable F150 model.

02. What F150 model needs to be avoided?

The 2004 model is the one most people avoid for good reason as it has the most issues.

03. How many miles is a Ford F150 truck expected to last?

Between 150k-300k miles and even beyond, with proper maintenance.

04. Which is the cheapest Ford F150?

Based on a car’s configuration, prices vary a lot, but the average lowest price you can find a new Ford F150 model is around $30k for an XL model.

05. How much weight can a Ford F150 haul or tow?

The average model has a maximum capacity of 3,250 pounds and can tow up to 14,000 pounds.

Final Words

The Ford F150 has its perks and cons but overall is a good, reliable truck that you can purchase at a relatively affordable price.

If you wish to learn more about making your car last longer with less investment, check out this video on how to make a truck last 300k miles and how to avoid costly repairments.

For more info check out; https://www.caranddriver.com/ford/f-150