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How To Do Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Cost in 2023

The Ford F150 windshield replacement cost is generally not the first thing on the list of “must-knows” when purchasing your car.

This comprehensive guide has been created and is intended to serve as a guide for everything you need to know about your windshield replacement cost.

When it comes to finding the right fit for your budget, there are a few things to consider before making the final decision such as the Ford model, including, 2004, 2007, 2016, and 2018.


Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Cost

Ford F150 windshields are generally easily accessible and affordable, but your decision essentially boils down to whether your truck is insured or, whether you prefer the windshield with or without the Ford badge.

That said, here is a list of

01. 2004 Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Cost

The prices range between $200 and $260 depending on where you buy it, if/ how much your insurance pays out, or if you’re purchasing it out of your pocket.

02. 2007 Ford F150 Windshield Replace Cost

The prices range between $200 and $260 depending on where you buy it, if/ how much your insurance pays out, or if you’re purchasing it out of your pocket.

03. 2016 F150 Windshield Replacement Cost

The prices for these windshields different based on several factors, including where you buy it, whether you have insurance/ not, or whether you’re buying an original or aftermarket windshield.

As a rough estimate, you could pay up to $400 for this replacement.

04. 2018 Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Cost

The 2018 F150 windshield comes in range of six windshield options.

For this reason, the prices will vary and the replacement windshield you choose, will be determined by the part you require, and the costs involved.

To get an idea of what your costs for this would be, you would be looking at around $500.

Types of Ford F150 Windshield

Different Glass Materials

01. Gorilla Glass

Unlike other materials, gorilla glass is known for its strength and durability, making it the perfect material for your Ford F150 windshield replacement.

02. Solar Glass

This material hosts some great benefits, especially when taking your Ford F150 on the long road.

The unique design of these windshields consists of heat and radiation protection to enhance your driving comfortability while prolonging the life of your windshield.

03. Tempered Glass

Unlike other glasses, this type of glass is tougher and can withstand climate change.

04. Laminated Glass

This type of glass is ideal for automotive windshields.

Because of the composition of this glass, it provides protection in the even of an accident or shattering.

Technical Features

The Ford F150 windshield has some great features, including, optical clarity and a defrost feature up to 30% faster than traditional glass.

The size of the window is approximately 3.5 mm thick on the outside with soda lime, and 0.7 mm with the Gorilla Glass on the inside.

Brand (OEM/Aftermarket)

01. Dealer

The original glass is sourced directly from the dealer and is the original part.

02. OEM

These glass parts are certified as genuine manufacturer parts.

They are almost like the original glass because they are made from the same glass as that made by the dealers.

03. Aftermarket

These parts come directly from companies that work with car manufacturers.

Although they are made with the same specifications and designs as the original, they are not glass nor OEM parts.

Quotes on Cost of Windshield Replacement Ford F150

Note: The data we collected on February 2023, may vary over time.

2004 Ford F-150Windshield with rain sensor$400-$599.54Jacksonville, FL 32210
2016 Ford F-150Windshield$400-$587.99Birmingham, AL 35226
2004 Ford F-150Windshield with Logo$300-$587.99Muncie, IN 47302
2004 Ford F-150Windshield$350-$599.54Chapin, SC 29036
2004 Ford F-150Windshield$350-$487.91Jacksonville, AR 72076
2007 Ford F-150Windshield$300-$487.91Conover, WI 54519
2004 Ford F-150Windshield$350-$487.91Noel, MO 64854
2004 Ford F-150Windshield$200-$347.18Forsyth, MO 65653
2016 Ford F-150Windshield$250-$374.32Lynwood, CA 90262
2007 Ford F-150Windshield$300-$407.48Ballwin, MO 63021
2016 Ford F-150Windshield with rain sensor-solar coated-with lane departure warning system$200-$374.32La Mesa, CA 91941
2016 Ford F-150Windshield$200-$374.32Winchester, VA 22602
2016 Ford F-150Windshield$200-$374.32Minneapolis, MN 55426
2004 Ford F-150Windshield$250-$371.32Robbins, CA 95676
2008 Ford F-150Windshield with bronze tint$250-$371.32Easley, SC 29640
2004 Ford F-150Windshield$200-$360.82Whitewater, WI 53190

How To Replace Ford F150 Windshield 

Step 1: Remove The Windshield Trim

Utilize a trim removal to lift the plastic trim from its retaining clips.

Avoid applying too much force, as this will either bend or break the windshield trim.

Should these break, you will need to replace them, as the trim cannot be repaired.

CAUTION: There might be some rust under the trim because of the corroded clips.

If you find rust, take one of the clips to your nearest body shop to get a replacement.

Step 2: Remove The Windshield

If it’s hard cutting through the sealant with a knife, thread a wire through the sealant, making sure it’s positioned between the glass and body work.

Then wrap the ends of the wire around the handle and perform a sawing motion.

Once you’ve completed this step, take the write and wrap the ends around the handle.

To avoid the windshield from slipping, make sure to hold it tightly when cutting through the sealant.

CAUTION: Ensure the suction caps are secure on the glass before lifting the windshield from the vehicle.

Step 3: Remove The Old Sealant

Remove all the sealant to make sure the windshield is fully prepared for the new seal.

Slowly and steadily apply pressure while cutting through the sealant while practicing caution to avoid scratching through the paintwork.

Finally, remove the residue from the remaining sealant by using a wet rag soaked in solvent.

If there are any lumps or remains from the old sealant, it will cause the new windshield to leak or crack when applying pressure while installing it.

Step 4: Prepare The Glass

Clean around the inside edge of the glass to make sure all remains from the old solvent, dust, oil, or grease is properly removed, by using a soaked cloth.

IMPORTANT: A key step in installing the new windshield is the primer.

When applying a suitable primer to the edges of the glass, it provides extra strength to the sealant, which helps the glass remain in tack for longer.

Step 5: Prepare The Body Work

Now that you’ve installed the windshield and applied the new sealant, it’s time for the primer.

Apply the primer to along the edges where the new windshield will be installed.

Allow this to dry and apply the sealant to the body work using a caulking gun.

Step 6: Windshield Installation

Carefully position the support blocks for the windshield.

Then, lift the windshield so that the bottom rests on the support blocks.

Tilt the windshield towards the opening and allow it to settle in the sealant.

Apply pressure on the edges of the windshield by pushing down on the edges until you see it becoming flushed with the paintwork.

CAUTION: Try not to apply pressure on the centre of the glass during installation, as this lead to the windshield cracking.

Step 7: Remove The Excess Sealant

Now that the windshield is fully settled, it’s time to remove all the excess sealant.

Remove the sealant from the opening between the body work and glass.

You won’t be able to remove all the sealant, so only remove the excess that protrudes above the glass.

To avoid potential water leaks, leave the remaining excess sealant in the grooves.

Step 8: Fit The Windshield Trim And Clean The Glass

The glass settles in the sealant after a few minutes, so once this has settled, you can remove the support blocks and refit the windshield trim.

Now that these are back in place, you can clean around the windshield with a soaked cloth to remove excess grease, oil, or sealant.

CAUTION: Don’t allow the sealant to cure for too long before refitting the trimming.

This will result in the trimming not properly seating on the clips.

Step 9:

You’re All Set

When is Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Necessary?

In case you didn’t know, there a few tell-tail signs that will let you know when it’s time for a windshield replacement.

These common signs include cracks, chips, compromised vision, and many more, which ultimately pose safety hazards on the road.

The inability to see clearly though your windshield can make it very difficult to detect roadway dangers, potentially reducing your reaction to these threats, especially during snow or heavy rain periods.

Here’s a list of five common reasons your windshield needs a replacement.

a) Cracks

If cracks are more than five inches, then the windshield replacement will most likely be required.

b) Chips

If the diameter of the chips are larger than a quarter, then it’s time for a replacement.

c) Heavy Scratching

This can greatly reduce visibility and result in more roadway hazards.

d) Incorrect Windshield Installation

If your windshield has been incorrectly installed, it’s advisable to take it to your nearest shop to have a professional look at it to determine if a reinstallation will be required.

Most time this is the case, to ensure your windshield is properly installed without compromising your safety.

Tips To Make Your Windshield Last Longer

01. Use The Right Cleaning Solution

always check the contents of your glass cleaning products.

Avoid products that contain ammonia, because this chemical can have a negative affect on your tint and health.

02. Avoid Parking in The Sun

parking your car in the sun for long periods can have a negative impact on the life of your windshield.

This will overtime damage your car glass and make it less durable.

03. Replace Wipers Regularly

windshield wipers should be replaced every six months at the very least.

Wipers that are worn out can cause damage to your windshield, so replace them once a year.

04. Be Thorough When Cleaning

it’s not enough to simply wipe the glass part of your windshield clean.

Something as simple as cleaning the rubber gasket can make a big difference in the long run.

05. Avoid Slamming The Car Doors

glass components, such as rear glass, windshield, and windows, tightly enclose your vehicle.

This means that slamming doors can cause the pressure inside the vehicle to crack or break the windshield.

People Also Ask For

When To Replace Your Ford F150 Windshield?

If you start noticing cracks, chips, and impaired vision, then you know it may be time to replace your windshield.

Which Windshield Brand is Used For The Ford F150?

The recommended windshield replacement brand for Ford F150 vehicles are Carlite glass.

When you go for your replacement, be sure to ask the glass supplier for this brand to ensure you’re getting the best value for your car and money.

Why is My Windshield Leaking?

This could be as a result of the sealant not being cured properly and the trimming not being properly refitted; creating gaps where the air and water can seep through the grooves.

What is an Aftermarket Windshield?

Aftermarket windshields are created by companies who manufacture glass and have no affiliation with the companies who manufacture the cars.

What does sound screen mean on the F150 windshield?

These windscreens make use of an acoustic vinyl that is placed in between the two layers of glass.

It promotes noise reduction.

Final Say

There are many options for your Ford F150 windshield replacement, that can fit within budget.

You’ve now also learnt the many ways in which your windshield can damage and what you can do to prolong it to ensure it remains durable.

We are confident that this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the ins and outs of your Ford F150 windshield replacement.