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How To Change Battery in Nissan Key Fob By Yourself

Do you have a Nissan key fob? Then, you should know how to change battery in Nissan key fob independently at the comfort of your home

One of the most notable reasons you may experience a sudden or unexpected failure with your Nissan key fob is as a result of a bad, damaged, or drained battery.

Having an active key fob provides an easy, secure, and more convenient way to gain access to your vehicle at any time.

If your key fob stops working all of a sudden due to a dead battery, it may result in a frustrating experience.

Especially when you get locked out of your car and do not know what next to do or how to go about the battery replacement exercise.

As you read further, we will discuss how to change the battery in a Nissan key fob on your own, when you should conduct a battery replacement.

The tools you need for this exercise, the average cost of replacement, and how long this whole exercise lasts.


When to change battery in Nissan key fob?

The Nissan key fob battery is solidly built to provide long-lasting performance and operation.

However, like every battery, it will wear out someday once it reaches the expected lifespan or time limit.

To prevent being locked out of your car and avoid other related issues that may arise due to an unresponsive key fob, it is very crucial that you know the signs/symptoms of a bad key fob battery.

These symptoms serve as a reminder, telling you that it’s time to get a new battery installed in your key fob for continued & reliable operation and performance.

When do you experience a drop in signal strength?

Key fobs are usually designed to allow use/operation over a long-range.

This could extend up to about 40 feet in most cases.

When your key fob is in good working condition, you can easily start your engine, unlock & lock your car while a few feet away from it.

However, when the battery begins to wear out or lose its power, this results in a drop in the signal strength.

During this time, you will notice that the key fob won’t activate or process your desired command until you move very close to your vehicle.

This indicates that the fob’s battery is running weak and needs to be replaced immediately to continue enjoying a top performance. 

You may click on the unlock buttons severally before you can lock or gain access to the doors

Usually, a key fob in good condition should lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors instantly when you click on the command button once.

If you realize that your command is activated only after multiple clicks on the button or after several attempts.

This is a sign informing you about the current state of the battery. You will have to get the bad/failing battery removed and replaced with a new unit.

Inconsistency in operation & performance  

One moment, the initiated command activates or clicks correctly or as expected. On the next attempt, especially with a similar function and within a similar range, you may experience a change in performance.

When you notice that the Fob’s key performance fluctuates or fails to perform on a top-level consistently, you may need to get the fob’s battery replaced.

While at it, ensure you go for a battery that is of top quality. Although you may have to pay more for such a unit, it is always worth the investment in the long run.

How much does it cost to replace a Nissan key fob battery?

Your budget or how much you may spend or invest in a new battery for your Nissan key fob depends on two factors.

These factors include the quality of the battery you choose to buy and the replacement process (individual or professional installation).

When you go on Amazon, you can get a solidly built and long-lasting battery at an affordable price, let’s say between $5 and $10.

If you choose or decide to replace the damaged battery yourself, you won’t have to spend much or break the bank.

However, if you are hiring an expert to replace the battery for you, especially in a situation where the battery’s compartment is difficult to reach or access.

The entire process may cost as high as $100, depending on the shop you visit and your city/region.

DIY How to Change Battery in Nissan Key Fob


  • A quality replacement battery
  • A flat-tipped screwdriver


The key fob’s battery replacement is a simple exercise, especially when you exactly what to do.

This whole process lasts for a few minutes. In about 10 minutes, you are done.

01. CR2025 Key Fob Battery

Highlighted Features

  • Lithium metal material
  • 5 battery units in a pack
  • Compatible with several Nissan models
  • Appropriate voltage (3V)
  • Fits excellently
  • Well-made/long-lasting

This battery is excellently built using a solid construction material. It is compatible with various Nissan models, affordable, and can be replaced without any difficulty.

If you drive the 2011Nissan Infiniti or the 2009 Nissan Maxima and you need a compatible and reliable battery for your key fob, here is an excellent choice for you.

The CR2025 Key Fob Battery comes in a pack. The pack contains 5 units of reliable and long-lasting batteries that can be used for several replacement operations.

02. CR2032 Key Fob Battery

Highlighted Features

  • Lithium battery
  • A perfect fit for Nissan Infiniti
  • 1 unit
  • 3 volts
  • 20mm*3.2mm in size
  • Reliable and top-lasting

If you are looking for a reliable key fob replacement battery for your Nissan, CR2032 Key Fob Battery is a great choice you can consider.

This battery is made from lithium, and it guarantees long-lasting and consistent performance.

Installing this unit in your key fob improves its performance, allowing you to access and control desired vehicle’s functions over a long range for an extended period.

Overall, the CR2032 retains charge really well, and it powers up your key fob just as you would want it to.

Step By Step Process: how to change the battery in a Nissan key fob

Usually, the process of replacing your key fob’s battery is effortless. Interestingly, this is an exercise that anyone can do at the comfort of their home, thereby saving costs.

Take out the metal backup key

The Nissan key fob has a metal key hidden somewhere in it. There is a small release button at the back of your key fob; press it gently to take out the metal key.

You can use the metal key to manually unlock the driver’s door if your battery stops working unexpectedly and you need to gain access to your vehicle.

Detach/set apart the key fob housing

To gain access into the battery’s compartment, you need to split or set the housing apart. You can use a flat-tipped screwdriver to perform this operation.

Remove the damaged battery

Once you have successfully split or set the housing apart, you will see the battery where it’s positioned/placed.

Ensure you watch the arrangement and how the old battery is placed/positioned before pulling it out.

Replace the battery

Now that the old/damaged battery has been successfully extracted, the next step is to insert the new/top-quality battery you have purchased into the battery compartment.

Make sure you place it back in a similar way as the removed/old battery.

Couple the housing

Now that you have successfully installed a new battery into your key fob, get the housing back to its original stage.

Press the separated parts against each other to lock them appropriately. Once you are done, return the metal key back into its position.

How to start Nissan without the key fob

Nissan understands the need for emergencies, especially when your key fob stops working unexpectedly and you need to gain access to your vehicle to sort out an important task.

Inside the key fob is a hidden/stored backup key, just like the regular metal key.

You can make use of this key to access your vehicle and to avoid being stranded until you get the bad battery replaced.

Let’s look at the necessary steps you need to follow to start your vehicle.

Take out the backup key

We have discussed this process earlier. Reach out to the tiny release button at the back of the key fob and press it.

This releases the key, allowing you to pull it out easily. Once you have the key, use it to open the driver’s door to gain access into the cabin.

Locate the key fob port

If your vehicle has the key fob port, insert the fob right into the port, gently press on the brake or the clutch, and click on the start/stop control button.

If you do not have the key fob port in your vehicle, carry out the same process. The only difference is that you will have to press the key fob against the start/stop control button this time.

Related Questions

When do I have to reprogram my key fob?

When the key fob’s battery is replaced, you may still experience issues with it.

Your key fob may fail to respond to commands even with a new battery inserted or installed in it due to an automatic reset that may have occurred to the electronic system during the replacement process.

This issue can be rectified by reprogramming your key fob.

How long does the Nissan key fob last?

Usually, the Nissan key fob is built to last for a very long time. On average, the key fob remains active and excellent for about 7 years when used and handled appropriately.

If you practice a bad maintenance routine or handles the key carelessly. This may affect the functionality and performance in the long run.

In that case, using the key fob for up to 4 years will be a bargain.

How much does a new Nissan key fob cost?

If your key fob gets damaged and you need to get a new one, the price depends on some factors such as your vehicle’s model, model year, and where you are getting the new key fob from.

A new key fob costs between $150 and $500 on average.

Getting a new key fob from an automobile parts store or your mechanic is more affordable than other replacement channels.

Where can I get a replacement battery for my Nissan key fob?

You can get the ideal replacement battery for your key fob on big online stores like Amazon.

Alternatively, you can visit any automobile stores or part replacement centers across your city/region.

How do I detect/identify the ideal battery for my key fob?

To detect the perfect/right battery type for your key fob, go through the owner’s manual to find the details about this unit.

Besides providing you with accurate details and facts about the fob’s battery, the manual also contains maintenance and replacement tips.

If you can’t find your owner’s manual, another method you can adopt is disconnecting the old/damaged battery from its compartment and checking the specification and type.

What is the lifespan of a key fob battery?

A key fob battery is built to remain active and perform uninterruptedly for about 4 years. After this time frame, you may need to get it replaced to continue enjoying its functions.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you can now easily and conveniently replace your key fob battery on your own in case it goes off or stops working unexpectedly.

When you follow the steps on how to change battery in Nissan key fob, just as we have discussed in this guide.

You will be able to bring your key fob back to life, ensuring you continue enjoying smooth and easy access to essential functions just as you desire.

While some other issues or problems could contribute to the inability of the key fob to function optimally or even stop working completely. Ensure you always consider a battery replacement first.

Most importantly, ensure you pay attention to the symptoms/signs of a failing battery and perform an immediate replacement once you figure out any of these signs.