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Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Nissan Frontier on 2024 (Performance Booster)

Looking for the best cold air intake for Nissan frontier? We’ve got you covered! But before introducing you to the best of the bests, a few facts would hurt no one.

Nissan’s Frontier also called the Navara in transnational markets, is an ultra-competitive moderate vehicle.

It was initially released in 1985, and it has become one of the company’s clear champions.

Designers fitted it with a strong 4-liter V6 engine into it to render it a formidable challenger to Colorado, Ranger, Tacoma, and the recently released Gladiator.

There is always space for an upgrade. These cold air intake systems can enhance efficiency in different ways by improving airflow.\


A Quick Look For Nissan Frontier Cold Air Intake

‎K&N Cold Air Intake ‎63-6014
‎K&N Cold Air Intake ‎57-6014
‎aFe Power GT 54-76102
‎K&N Cold Air Intake ‎77-6014-1KP
‎Rtunes Racing ‎HI-NS-03CK
‎Volant 12640
Ares Motorsports
‎Airaid ‎521-188
Rtunes Racing ‎HI-NS-03RD
‎Airaid ‎522-188 Cold Air Intake

What is The Top Cold Air Intake For Nissan Frontier?

Our top pick for the best cold air intake for the Nissan frontier is the K&N Cold Air Intake 63-6014.

It topped our list because of some top-notch functionalities that set it ahead of its competition.

Although the manufacturer of this product has other similar offerings in their archives.

This cold air intake system is especially up-to-the-task because it dramatically improves airflow in addition to being reasonably priced.

Also, its king-size air filter is usable for up to one hundred thousand miles before needing some servicing.

Why K&N Cold 63-6014 Air Intake is Excellent For Nissan Frontier?

K&N is your ideal plug for the best cold air intake for Nissan frontier for obvious reasons.

It is one of those options in the market that were intentionally designed for increased torque and power.

In addition to being very easy to install, they add more acceleration and power to your vehicle’s engine while also protecting it.

Installing the K&N cold air intake for your Nissan Frontier is one of the most efficient and most cost-efficient solutions to improve your vehicle’s engine.

10 Best Cold Air Intake For Nissan Frontier Reviews

01. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-6014 – Overall Best Popular Cold Air Intake For Nissan Frontier



Highlighted Features

  • Greater Towing Capabilities
  • High Longevity
  • Better Engine Sound
  • Easy Maintenance
  • State-of-the-art Protection

The K&N 63-6014 air intake offering takes your vehicle’s air intake housing and air filter structure to a whole new level.

It is built to dramatically decrease the intake limitations that come with most vehicles by straightening and smoothening airflow.

As result, it makes engines take in greater air volume than what they would have carried.

This product’s air intake system features a heat shield and chrome-crowned air filter that fits into the interior fender.

This gives room for the direction of denser, cooler air via a precast intake tube in the throttle body of the engine for some power gain.

You can use the king-size air filter for up to one hundred thousand miles for servicing it again.

The installation of this product is somewhat easy, needing just pliers, two screwdrivers, some wrenches, and a socket set.

“The high idle is something that could be avoided. The manufacturers could have moderated the idle mode”


  • Re-usable filter
  • Greater fuel economy
  • Long engine life
  • Zero water ingestion


  • Very high idle
  • Difficulties in starting the vehicles

02. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-6014 – Best Quality Nissan Frontier Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • Improved throttle response and engine sound
  • High Horsepower Gain
  • Extensive running time
  • High-quality build material

What tops our expectation list in an aftermarket air intake set? Of course, greater torque, horsepower, and airflow.

That is just what the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-6014 is good at. With additional torque and fifteen horsepower, making your vehicle feels more capable and driven when you are touring the road.

Its lifetime filter also does a lot more to protect your engine bay from the influence of pollutants.

Its sturdiness is one of the best motivations to get this product. But it is not exactly easy to install, and for the most inexperienced ones, it could take several hours.

This is partly because its installation instructions are not exactly very clear so that most amateur drivers will have a hard time figuring it out.

While using, ensure that the filter is correctly fitted to prevent some rattling.

“The fact that this system takes a while to install in a major turn-off for some buyers, especially the DIYers. A system that is easier to install would have been better.”


  • Comes with assorted build materials
  • Offers increased performance
  • Augmented throttle response


  • Might take a while to install

03. aFe Power Momentum GT 54-76102 – Best Nissan Frontier Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • Extensive running time
  • High Horsepower Gain
  • Improved throttle response and engine sound
  • High-quality build material

One of the most significant parts of this product is its five 5-layer cone-shaped filters.

This system ensures that your vehicle gets maximum airflow without having form interruptions so that your engine will be in great shape and cool.

One other superior inclusion of this product is its heat shield.

Courtesy of its superior powder coating and one-piece build, it does not lose its effectiveness and efficiency with time.

One other peculiar feature of this product is its flexibility/compatibility.

You don’t have to cut, drill, or carry out any do-it-yourself tasks to install this kit’s Nissan frontiers of versions 2005-2019.

Although a very nice option, manufacturers of this product didn’t work on its fuel efficiency.

Hence, if you are hoping for a product that wouldn’t shatter your bank balance, then this may not be the right option for you.

Aside from that, this product is worth every dollar you invest in it.

“The product does not have a significant mileage gain. The manufacturers would have known better.”


  • Comes with superior air filters
  • High-quality heat shield
  • Usable on different Nissan frontier versions


  • Does not include any tangible mileage gains

04. K&N Cold Air Intake 77-6014-1KP


Highlighted Features

  • Powerful Protection
  • Great Towing Ability
  • Augmented Engine Sound
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Sturdy

The K&N Cold Air Intake 77-6014-1KP augments the performance and power of your auto across a whole revolution-per-minute range. What’s more?

They are tailored to the design of your vehicle, making it one of the most desirable products in its category in the market.

This product is offered in either a grey powder or polished coat, based on the type of vehicle you are using.

It comes with a heat shield that protects your vehicle’s hood, making sure that the engine heat does not come in contact with the intake.

It allows the feeding of cooler air into your vehicle’s engine, increasing its power and oxygen density.

This K&N offering includes a reusable and washable cloth filter for an increased lifespan of filtration and healthy flow.

The manufacturer of this product was careful enough to include high-end hardware in comprehensive guidelines, so you can install it all by yourself.

“Most, if not all persons, are displeased by excessive noise, especially when it is threatening to destroy their eardrums.”


  • Increases the horsepower of vehicles
  • Substitutes whole factory air intake structure
  • Could last about 100,000 miles before requiring some servicing
  • Comes with free-flowing aluminum conduit
  • Built to improve engine sound and throttle response


  • Could generate displeasing noise

05. Rtunes Racing Store Cold Air Intake System 05-15


Highlighted Features

  • High Quality
  • Heat Shield
  • Optimum Performance
  • Dry Air Filter

This product augments your engine performance by making it possible for the engine to absorb cold air by conducting it through an aluminum pipe to extract some heat.

This extracted heat helps in increasing your engine’s horsepower and throttle response.

You don’t have to use oil on the filter, plus it is washable and reusable. You may want to wash it with water and soap, have it rinsed, dried, and reuse it.

This air filter system will serve as a conduit, helping your engine to get air without pollutants like rocks and dust to avert potential damages that could be dealt with your engine.

The presence of clean air in your engine will improve your vehicle’s response and fuel mileage.

You can install this system with a ratchet-set, pliers, and a screwdriver in less than two hours.

But you can call on a professional to assist you with the installation process if you don’t want to do it yourself.

“No one loves to get lost when using their favorite device. This product would have been better if it came with instructions on how to set it up and use it.”


  • Features a sturdy build
  • Augmented throttle response
  • Sounds and looks great!


  • Does not include how-to-use instructions

06. Volant 12640 Cool Air Intake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Swifter throttle response
  • Insulating and protective Airbox
  • Custom designed
  • Silicone connectors
  • Improved fuel economy

Volant 12640 cool air intake kit is one of the few systems that use a high-speed filter adapter.

This feature provides a seamless transition into the intake tube from the MAF sensor for improved airflow over the resonator box and factory rubber.

This air intake is significantly bigger than your original unit and includes a bigger opening to receive a great amount of ambient air.

They contain a reusable and cleanable air filter system. Because it is a bounded system, it will quieten your engine at cruising velocities, but lets it rumble back to life as you step on the accelerator.

The build of this product safeguards the air filter and makes sure that cooler air coming in is channeled into the fender rather than the engine bay.

This results in greater torque and horsepower. These air intake units and every other thing you’ll need for its installation are included.

The production unit needs to be more attentive to the packaging process of this product. That way, they’ll detect the holes that some of their products come with.”


  • Greater fuel economy
  • Swifter throttle response
  • Compliant with OEM systems


  • Pipes could come with holes in them

07. Ares Motorsports 2005-2012 Cold Air Intake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Near-perfect filtration
  • High-quality hardware
  • Lifetime Ares air filter
  • Flow air filter
  • The strong profound sporty sound

This product comes complete with an insulation mat, aluminum heat shield, and high-flow air filter.

Aside from increasing the power, the intake also does well to bring about an improved engine response than the factory option.

It utilizes only high-quality hardware such as button head bolts.

The addition of the insulation mat decreases the heat and excess temperatures acquired from the engine bay.

With this product, you’re sure that your engine will draw more air to give you an explosive power output and throttle response.

“The fact that this masterpiece does not include an instruction manual and experiences some decrease in performance with time is one careless mistake on the part of the manufacturer.”



  • No installation instructions
  • Performance decreases with time

08. Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit AIR-521-188


Highlighted Features

The AIRAID Cold Air Intake AIR-521-188 is designed to provide your vehicle with additional cooler air, resulting in increased torque and horsepower.

The boards go in the airbox and use any existing cold air input conduits while also introducing more cold air routes to the air filter.

Greater circulation to your motor boosts torque and horsepower, but when that air is denser and cooler, the engine will produce even greater power!

Denser, cooler air comes with extra oxygen, and more oxygen in the air intake of your engine equals improved ignition and higher engine performance.

“The company needs to work on its delivery time. It could be shorter.”


  • Improved performance and mileage
  • Significantly enhanced throttle
  • Designed using trailblazing technology
  • Constructed with first-rate materials


  • Delivery time could be longer

09. Rtunes Racing Store 05-15 Nissan Frontier Cold Air Intake System


Highlighted Features

  • Improve Throttle Response
  • Steel Heat Shield
  • Installation Instruction
  • Lightweight T-304 Aluminum
  • Higher Explosive Horsepower Output


The air intake kit assists engines in drawing in a greater amount of cold air, leading to improved horsepower and throttle response.

There’s also a heat shield with a long-lasting coating is included for long-term use.

The heat shield shields the filtration system from dust and dirt and maintains warm underhood air from the component for chillier intake air.

It can boost horsepower and torque by up to 8% and 10%, respectively. Basic tools make it simple to assemble and attach.

The installation will not necessitate the use of any extra parts.

“Like some of the products above, this manufacturer does not also include an installation manual. This can be a major deal-breaker for customers.”


  • Attractive aesthetic
  • No extra components required for assembly
  • Intake pipe produced with super-light T-304 aluminum
  • Comes with a long-lasting carbon-black protective coating



  • No installation instructions

10. Airaid Cold Air Intake System AIR-522-188


Highlighted Features

  • Custom-built
  • Wide-open airflow
  • Huge torque and horsepower
  • Reusable air filter
  • Airflow sensor adapter


This air intake device is tailored to your vehicle and significantly provides more airflow than the original intake.

With about twenty percent more airflow arrives an extra 20 horsepower, about twenty pounds, extra torque, and improved fuel efficiency.

This product is covered with powder on the outside and inside for excellent weather resistance and efficient airflow and appearance.

You can also get an intake that attaches to your existing inlet tube. The filters can be washed and reused, and they will last longer for your vehicle.

The extra loudness of this product is something the manufacturer needs to work on.”


  • Great customer service
  • Availability of the parts in the market
  • Super-fast delivery
  • More airflow



  • Could dent the hood
  • Sounds a little louder

How To Select Nissan Frontier Cold Air Intake (Facts)

What you should consider before buying cold air intake systems? Hitherto, we’ve reviewed the best cold air intake products for your Nissan Frontier.

But we also owe you a revelation of a few things to note when buying one. Let’s quickly go through how to buy the best air intake system:

Custom Build

Before picking one for your vehicle, ensure that it is the perfect option for it.

Ensure that whatever option you decide to settle for is on par with your engine structure, custom dimensions, design, and model number.

Check out all of this to make sure they’re a great fit for your vehicle before making the ultimate decision.

Material Type and Brand

The build materials of cold air intake systems play a huge role in the general performance of your vehicle.

Its fundamental objective is to supply your engine with cold air.

The build material needs to be resistant to heat so that it can handle excess if you love adventure-riding.

Settle for brands whose products can stand the test of time.

Cold Air Intake Modes and Durability

Air intake systems come with two available modes. The first is the original cold air intake system, while the second is the short ram system.

You can ask for the opinion of car experts to help make the right choice. Choose the long-lasting one that’ll stay with you for a longer time.

Ease of Installation

One thing you don’t want to relegate to the bin while deciding is to choose a system that you can easily install.

Don’t go for a system that will take you eons to install without the assistance of an expert.

If you are a DIYer, ask your vehicle modifiers to make recommendations for options that you can easily install.


Price is one of the healthiest indicators of whether you’ll buy a cold air intake system of your choice or not.

There are different prices for different air intake systems. Don’t forget to check out their specifications before making your decisions.

When checking for their prices, it makes sense to visit their official website.

You may also check to do details about their warranty guidelines before making a choice.

Dust and Dirt and Dust Filtration Systems

Go for an option that has what it takes to filter all the dirt and clouds of dust that may accumulate in your engine without causing any significant damage.

The right option will increase the lifespan of your engine.

Water Damage Control and Oil Filtering

Moisture-related damages and oil purification systems are vital for your vehicle’s engine.

Ensure that you opt for a system that efficiently manages your engine’s oil filtration together with water purification.

Moisture can seriously hurt your engine, and don’t take it for granted.

The Advantages of a Cold Air System

You’re probably considering the advantages and disadvantages of cold air intake systems.

Wait a minute, we’ve taken care of everything. We’ll go through all of the advantages and disadvantages of this device.

There are several advantages to employing it in your vehicle; we’ll go over a few of the more important ones.

Fuel Economy Improvements

An effective fuel system is one of the most important benefits of having cold air intake systems installed in your vehicle.

It increases the internal combustion engine’s airflow, which allows the fuel to function more efficiently, resulting in increased vehicle economy.

Whether you’re driving a 4×4 or a fancy classic monster, this gadget will help you save money on gas.

The greater the push you more, the greater oxygen in a lesser proportion flows in.

Effective Air Filtering

If you’re a real automobile enthusiast, air filtration is among the most important aspects to consider.

As important as the amount of air seems purity is also important on the opposite end of that spectrum.

If your engine’s propulsion system is exposed to polluted air, there’s a good risk that the whole system may be damaged shortly.

Stronger Sound

Cold air intake systems are a must-have in buyer’s guide if you appreciate the car’s strong and magnificent sound when you drive it hard.

If you’re unsure how a cold air filter package and sound are related, we’ll explain.

The volume of air flowing into the combustion engine is increased when you use cold air intake systems.

Not only does it enhance the quality of the air, but it also enhances the engine’s tone.

The standard air filters are intended to operate in a quiet mode, which is why you’ll rarely hear your engine growl when using them.

People Also Ask

Is it true that cold air intakes play an important role?

So, how effective is a cold air intake system? Whenever a large amount of cold air is introduced to the complete combustion chamber.

The engine will then combust the gas more thoroughly, resulting in higher power output.

Indeed, cold air intake systems are effective. Indeed, cold air intake systems are effective.

Is it possible that inhaling cold air may lead to respiratory problems?

The engine performance loss is among the most typical symptoms linked with a poor or malfunctioning cold air intake system.

Also, these systems utilize an air filtration system, which can reduce horsepower, speed, and fuel economy if it becomes blocked or filthy.

Is a tuner required for cold air intake systems?

To give you a fast response, no, tuning your automobile after adding a cold air intake is not required.

Tuning your automobile is costly, and it’s not a worthwhile task to undertake if only to improve your vehicle’s cold air intake.

Is it true that cold air intake systems boost sound?

The roar of your engine becomes more assertive, louder, and ferocious when you install cold air intake systems.

It may, however, seem a little differently than normal loudness.

Instead of changing the tone of your car’s engine, cold air intake systems help you modify it.

Is using cold air intake systems in the wintertime a terrible idea?

It is, in general, a terrible idea. Not due to any kind of damage, but to save money on gas.

You may be pumping in the air that is too chilly based on the CAI setup.

This is particularly the case in the mornings while you’re “heating up,” because your vehicle will be in open-loop mode for a prolonged time.


We’ve got you covered if you’re not certain how exactly cold air intake systems function or how to choose the best of the bests.

To it easier for you, we’ve carefully selected the finest ten cold air intake systems and included purchase tips.

You’ll know the appropriate one to purchase when next you check out your favorite eCommerce store for one for your automobile.

Throughout every price range, there’re a plethora of choices to makes according to the features and aesthetics.

Simply check out the cold air intake units we listed here and have the ideal one fitted in your vehicle.

Evaluate a few vehicles based on the aforementioned criteria and remodel your auto.