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6 Steps: How To Change Battery in Audi Key Fob Under 5 Minutes

Knowing How to change battery in Audi key fob is a very easy task but one must be careful not to cause extra damage to the fob.

Purchasing a new fob is expensive and paying an expert to fix it for you is also a bit expensive, so you want to be careful when fixing a new battery inside the fob so as not to get it damaged.

Audio Key fobs are made to function by a small battery and the fob will stop working once the battery becomes weak, so there will be a need to replace it.

Restoring the battery is compulsory if you expect a fully functional Audi key fob.

The Audi fob works with batteries and if one of the batteries stops working, you need to change the battery real fast.

There are many things you need to know before trying to fix a new battery inside the Audi key fob, you have to know the type of battery that is inside the fob, the size of the battery and the tools required.

Without wasting too much time, let’s get down to the step by step on How to change the Battery in the Audi key fob.


What is Key fob?

Fob is a free onboard control system that is used to grant access to a vehicle without using the key.

A key fob is a small remote control system and a programmable hardware gadget that grants access to your car without using the key to open it.

Imagine you went shopping and you have a lot of groceries on your hand which will make it difficult for you to use the key to open your car trunk, you only need to press one button on the fob and your car trunk will open, isn’t this amazing?

The Audi key fob will grant anyone holding it access to the car conveniently, so anyone without it won’t be allowed into the car unless they forced themselves in but the car still won’t start until the car fob grants access.

How does key Fob work on Audi?

We said earlier that a key fob is an electronic remote system, so, Key fob uses radio tides to transmit with a reader in the vehicle’s door lock that it is programmed to open.

Key fob uses a system that is called a radio frequency identification system. (RFID), which works as an electronic code for identification reasons.

In some aspects, it does the same objective as a barcode on your bank credit card.

However, the key fob does not have to be very close to the car before it works.

When the fob is in a close region to the car, the locking cog within the entrance unlocks and grants entry to the person with the fob.

The ease of using the car fob only continues if the fob is in good condition and the battery is functioning, if the battery stops working, then you have to change it and get a new battery into it.

How To Change Battery in Audi Key Fob

There are steps to follow when you want to change the battery inside your Audi key fob, they are easy steps but you need some simple tools to fix the new battery.

Tools Required

  • The fob battery
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • And some minutes.

Step By Step Guide To Change The Battery in Audi Key Fob

Below are the steps by steps guide on how to change the battery of your Audi key fob without causing any harm to the don.

Step 1 – Remove the metal key battery

Turn the remote control fob over so that you can easily access the release button.

Long Press on the release button and remove the metal key from the fob.

Step 2 – Try to separate the fob apart

Use the screwdriver to split the fob, place the screwdriver head in between the 2 plastic counterparts of the key fob.

The middle section of the fob will be visible since you have removed the metal key.

Step 3 – Twisting the screwdriver around the fob

Position the screwdriver flat head across the loose edge in between the two plastic portions of the key fob, gently shake the screwdriver until the fob starts separating from each.

Step 4 – Access the battery

After separating the two sides of the fob from each other, long Press the release switch or catch that’s found on the battery carrier.

Pull out the battery carrier immediately from the remote control key, then remove the plastic that carries the battery from the remote control system key by jerking it to the right, or probably in the same path as the release button.

Step 5 – Insert the new battery

If you have gotten the battery to use, fine but if you have not purchased it, the right battery to use for the fob is the CR 2032.

If you ain’t have it please try and buy it. Once you have gotten the new battery in your hand, put it in it with the “+” sign facing down.

After placing the new battery in and you are sure that it is positioned correctly, carefully slide the battery cover into the remote control key.

Step 6 – Insert the emergency key back

Once you have successfully put the battery in place, you will have to put the emergency key back into the fob.

To do this, carefully slide the key back into the place you removed it from.

NB: If the lock/unlock feature of the fob does not work after changing the battery, insert the emergency key into the first (driver’s) door.

Twist the key to close and open the door to make the car get familiar with your key fob.

Then remove the key fob from the car door and try to unlock it again, it should work perfectly now.

How To Program Audi Key Fob

Audi key fobs have a lot of advantages over conventional keys, but also have disadvantages and one of the disadvantages is that they are difficult to program.

This is because the recent Audi key fobs are programmed by the company so it is very difficult to program it on your own.

To program the key Fob on your own. First of all, you need to purchase a Radio frequency identification system (RFID) writer and one blank fob.

You will have to copy another fob by examining its information with the new RFID device. After doing this, you can now use that exact device to inscribe the data to a new fob.

All these are technical work that requires a professional to do it for a perfect working fob because specific equipment, like a programming device, is needed to program an Audi key fob.

Common Problems & Solutions of Audi Key Fob

In this section, we will be explaining some of the problems that you can encounter while using the Audi hey fob and the necessary solution.

1: Inability to remove the key fob’s buttons

When this happens, position the screwdriver on the side of the remote control button unit.

Carefully shake the screwdriver to the left and right, the unit will drop off.

2: The fob’s metallic key is not coming out

If you want to remove the metallic key from the Audi key fob, be sure that the key is folded into the key fob, do this anytime you’re not using the fob.

When you want to start the car and the metallic key is out, it will be difficult to remove the key but when if the metallic key is folded inside, it will be easy to drag it out by pulling the end of the metal.

3: The Audi key fob is stuck together.

This is where you will be needing your screwdriver, use the flat screwdriver to draw apart the two sides gently.

If you can’t remove it still, apply little pressure on it but me sure nit to break any part.

If after this, you cannot separate the fob, you should inform a technician to help you out.

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Maintenance Tip

Periodically in life, it’s the little stuff that makes you happy, such as locking and unlocking your automobile door, with a button on your key fob!

But what will you do if the key fob suddenly stops working?

“They just need a little care, too!” as we care for our body, we should care for the car fob too because we use it almost every day.

When your fob stops working, do not bother or be in rush to spend a huge amount of money to replace it.

The first thing you should probably look at is the fob battery.

“A fob battery generally weakens after one year or two,” and “Where the key is being stored also matters.”

Leaving the key fob inside the car overnight is not a smart idea because “If the key fob is too close to the car, it can continue communicating with your car which would drain the battery,”

Frequently Asked Question on How to Battery in Audi Key fob

1: My Audi Key Fob Is Not Working After I Changed The Battery.

This may happen because you placed the battery in the wrong position, Open the key fob again and this time make sure that the battery is inserted in the right way. Make sure that the positive (+) end of the battery is inserted on the required side.

2: Does The Car Dealer Have To Re-Program The Key?

The key will work automatically, and no programming is needed after changing the battery. If your key fob does not work well after changing the battery, try one of the following:

  • Open the fob using the metal key. Then, press the unlock switch on the remote. Get into the car and ignite the car. Lastly, remove the car key from the ignition.
  • If the above synchronization method does not work, open the fob and check if the positive end is inserted properly.

3: Can I Change The Case Of The Key Fob?

Yes. You can change the case, if your key fob has been damaged or the case is broken, you can replace just the case. New Audi key cases can be bought online.

4: Can I Recharge My Audi Fob Battery When It Drains Out?

No. Audi fob batteries are not rechargeable, although you can get a reachable battery it is not advisable.  It is okay, to use rechargeable batteries. Just remember that you need to remove and recharge the battery or replace it when the battery is down.

5: How long will it take to change the fob battery?

Changing the fob battery is very easy and should only take few minutes, let’s say 5- 10 minutes is enough.

6: What do I do if my battery runs out when out from home?

This might be a little stressful because it will be difficult to open the door of your car or the trunk to drop any of your stuff.

You will have to drop any of the stuff you are holding when you go shopping and got some groceries in your hand, and use the car key to open the door or car trunk to drop it.

This is a little bit inconvenient, so you have to replace the battery as soon you get back home.


Changing the battery in the Audi key fob is very easy and a stress-free thing to do. Just make sure you follow all the instructions carefully.

The Audi key fob is very small and can get damaged easily when changing the battery if care is not taken, if you aren’t sure of your ability to change the battery successfully, please refer to any expert to get it done for you.

If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.