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Honda Civic Front Bumper Replacement Cost 2024+(Included Rear Bumper Replace Cost)

If you’re wondering how much a Honda Civic front bumper replacement cost is – and whether or not it’s worth it if you pay for it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Having to replace something over your ride can come in such a hassle especially if you’re not handy with the wrenches and bolts – but fear nothing.

We’ve got your back and we’ll tell you how to make the most of your Honda Civic front bumper replacement cost.


Honda Civic Features & Latest Upgraded Model

The Honda Civic is rightfully one of the most popular cars ever produced by Honda. Compared to other cars available on the market, the price and reliability are in tune with a basic customer need.

The Civic can be purchased either as a sedan or hatchback and could be powered by a 158-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder, or a turbocharged 1.5 liter that accumulates over 180 horsepower in total.

The latest model also comes with a great deal of driver-assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist along with a base LX model with a tiny touchscreen that allows for its riders for radio tuning.

Can You Replace A Honda Civic Front Bumper By Yourself?

Sometimes, things happen, and one way or another we might as well have a front bumper to fix. So, if you’re looking at trying to see if it’s a job you can do for yourself or if the costs are too hefty, then please do read on.

Honda Civic Front Bumper Replacement Cost

Professional Cost

If you’re a person who would rather get it fixed in a shop, then getting a damaged Honda Civic front bumper professionally repaired can be a great option as well.

However, one should be prepared to shelf out at least $1000 for the entire process including the parts that need to be purchased and the cost of labor for the repairman.

DIY Cost

But the good news is that, if you’re saving up for money and would rather not spend on anyone doing all the work for you, doing it yourself can be a really good option as well!

As mentioned, if you get it professionally checked out, the Honda Civic front bumper replacement will have to cost you at least $1000 to spend.

But if you’re trying to get into a DIY situation with your bumper dilemma, the cost will eventually go down given that you’re not paying for labor anymore and the difference is quite hefty – you’re going to be looking at an extra $500 in your pocket. Pretty neat, right?

Now, time is also a very valuable possession for a lot of people, and if you’re still debating on whether or not the extra $500 for labor is worth it given that you’d still have to learn how to do the replacement by yourself and you probably have prior commitments to attend to.

If time is a huge factor in deciding, then replacing your front bumper will only take approximately 4-8 hours of your time – if you’re doing it the right way though!


  • T-35 Torx driver
  • Trim clip removal tool
  • Small flat-blade screwdriver
  • Phillis screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Rust penetrant

Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

  • Professional Cost
  • DIY Cost
  • How to replace honda civic rear bumper

How To Replace Honda Civic Front Bumper

Removing and attaching a new Honda front bumper is quite easy if you take the time to do it right. It’s as simple as just to unscrew and unfasten some parts and replacing them with new ones and screwing them back on.

However, there’s an awful lot of things that could go wrong so it’s better if you take your time to understand everything that’s supposed to go on.

Make sure that all the tools listed above are ready so that you won’t have to scramble on and delay your repairment session if ever one is missing.

We advise though that if you can, go grab someone to assist you to make things easier while you’re repairing! Now here’s what you should do from buying your new bumper to installing it!

01. See the Damage

The first step into diving into repairments – whether it would be cars, or anything in the household – is to assess what needs to be repaired.

How much is the extent of the damage? Are there any other parts that need immediate replacement? Is this something I should get professionally checked or is it something easy that I could do myself?

By carefully investigating everything that went on in your car, even when you think it’s only the front bumper that needs replacement, you could get a clearer picture of how things are going.

02. Buy your new Bumper

Well, of course, and, if you’re going to be replacing your front bumper, you would need the replacement bumper.

Replacement bumpers can be found in auto parts stores, truck upgrade shops, bumper reconditioning shops, and even online sites.

But if you’re looking at a small budget, then auto recycling yards can come in handy for you as well but it’s worth noting that there’s only a minimal difference between buying a second-hand bumper to a new one with only a few bucks in the margin, so we’d recommend you buying a new one instead.

03. Get some grease on your Car

This is where the hard work comes in and maybe a little dirt, too. Some fasteners in your bumper might grow to be a little rusty when you try to take them out.

So, to make them easier for you, treat the fasteners with a generous amount of spray rust penetrant a few days before you plan to replace the bumper.

For it to work even more effectively, drive the Civic around for a little bit to create vibrations within the vehicle so that the liquid would spread even faster around the fasteners.

From there, reapply some more rust penetrant when you get home to make it soak overnight.

04. Get the accessories out of the way

Now that the fasteners are easier to take out, it is best to remove all the accessories before doing the replacement session.

If your front bumper has a built-in trailer light connector, remove everything that holds them to the bumper.

05. Remove the bolts and brackets

And now, the replacement begins. Begin by removing the license plate attached to your bumper through the bolts behind it.

Place your hands behind the bumper and carefully remove the bolts that connect it to the truck bed.

Moreover, the frame brackets can be a little tough to remove and can make the whole process a bit more inconvenient to some.

So it’s highly recommended to give yourself a bit more space for easier access towards the frame brackets if it’s necessary to do so.

Then, remove the bolts that connect the brackets of the left and right bumpers to the frame brackets then gently and carefully remove the damaged bumper.

06. The main event

At this point, you are now at the gist of your front bumper replacement DIY situation. Congratulations to you – but it’s not over yet.

Having it removed is only half of the process. It is now time to place the new bumper on the car.

It is now basic intuition on how to attach it to the vehicle. All you have to do is just simply have someone hold the bumper along with you, tighten up the bolts, screws, and fasteners, and then you’re all set!

Furthermore, if you’ve had any accessories removed, then it is now also time to put them back in.

# Sherman Front Bumper Cover

Highlighted Feature

If you’re looking for the perfect DIY front bumper piece, the Sherman Front Bumper Cover offers a great deal of value for money and it’s a highly recommended product due to its easy installation feature.

The product also boasts its aesthetic feel as when attached, it would look as if it was professionally done in the first place.


  • Some benefits that you would gladly enjoy from purchasing the product is that it’s made to fit quite perfectly on the Honda Civic and the product is ready to paint so if you’re feeling a little creative or you just want to match it perfectly with your car, you better buy this bumper cover.


  • Its disadvantage, however, is that it’s not made for all of the Honda Civic models as it is only designed for the 2001-2003 models of the car.

But the company, Sherman, also offers other front bumper covers under their brand that caters to the later models so it’s great if you would check them out too.

# Evan Fischer Bumper

Highlighted Features

Speaking of later Civic models, another bumper brand we would like to recommend to you is the Evan Fischer Honda Civic Primed Coupe for those who are driving the 2006-2008 model.

It’s also quite easy to install since you’re looking at self-service right now. It’s perfect for your attempt to DIY your front bumper.


  • And if you’re on a tight budget, this brand is just right for you since its price doesn’t justify the good quality that it has.


  • Although it’s good enough for those who are not fishing for the details, it is not the same as the original equipment manufacturer’s quality.

One thing to note about this specific type it doesn’t line perfectly and has small gaps when attached but these little details are hardly noticeable once you get your eyes used to it.

In terms of appearance, the color will only be a close match to your car, but its remedy can be through re-painting the bumper again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a bumper replacement for Honda Civic? 

The price varies from the model of the Honda Civic and the availability of parts may also affect the cost of replacing your bumper.

On a general average, you would be looking for at least $1000 to spend just for the replacement alone and the payment for professional labor if ever you decide to go that way.

It goes higher from there depending on numerous factors. However, one way to drive down expenses if you need to replace your bumper is to skip the professional fee and just do it yourself.

It is not quite a difficult job and many guides could help teach you the entire procedure in doing it.

Where should I get a Honda Civic front bumper replacement?

Nowadays, getting any product right to your doorstep is a walk in the park. And with recent developments with e-commerce and online stores, anything you need can be delivered to you including auto parts!

If you’re looking for any automotive part such as bumpers for Honda Civic, at any model, and with varying prices, you could choose one from any store.

You can find the parts at Amazon, eBay, and RockAuto.

But if you’re one to shop in-store and you need the part right away, auto part stores and auto recycling shops would surely have a great selection for you to pick out on.

What does a Honda Civic replacement bumper look like?

It entirely depends on what model of Honda Civic you’re referring to. As such, Civic bumpers are usually different in three-year frames.

For example, bumpers from the 2001-2003 models are quite similar so if you have a 2002 Honda Civic model, anyone from those three models is compatible.

Moreover, 2006-2008 models are also grouped so the same as what was previously mentioned, anything from the three-year frame is compatible as long as it matches.

Do different models have the same front bumper in Honda Civic? 

Yes! As mentioned previously, different models have different bumpers though it’s more flexible than just that.

Citing the three-year grouping of similar bumpers, some cars would be different in terms of models and year of manufacturing though their parts may be similar and compatible with their predecessors. 

How do you replace a front bumper for the Honda Civic?

Right above these questions is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the old and damaged front bumper of your Honda Civic down to the detail.

It’s quite easy if you follow through with the instructions. Though if you’re not quite sure how to do it and you’d rather have someone else operate your car, that is fine too!

The only main difference in output is how much money would be left in your pocket.

Honda Civic Front Bumper Replacement Cost

Photo Credit; wikimedia.org; C.C

The Verdict

If you’re looking to replace your Honda Civic front bumper, you only have options to take it to the auto shop or do it yourself.

Though in terms of costs, we’d instead recommend you do it yourself since it takes out a huge chunk of the money you ought to be spending.

But if you have the luxury to spend more, it’s also recommendable to have a professional check it out just to be sure.