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Top 9 Best Roof Rack For Honda Civic & Cargo Carriers

You are ready for an exciting holiday, but don’t have enough space in the car for all your luggage?

The best roof racks for Honda Civic will certainly get you out of this situation.

When it comes to trips and holidays, the words: the more, the merrier often apply.

Who doesn’t love an adventurous tour with friends or a relaxing time with family?

If your Honda Civic is ready for the road, only one aspect remains unsolved.

What to do with all the baggage? Here are some reviews to help you choose the best roof rack for Honda Civic.


A Quick View Table

Thule 47” 220 lbs
YAKIMA 50/60/70” 165 lbs
Rhino-Rack 165 lbs
Malone 50” 165 lbs
Thule 47” 220 lbs
Yakima 48” 165 lbs
INNO 42-79”
Seah Hardware 48” 1800 lbs
SportRack 130 lbs

Why Thule Wingbar Evo Load Bars is The Best Bars For Honda Civic?

Thule WingBar Evo Load Bars sit on the top of our list proudly, and for good reasons.

Its properties amazed customers all over the world, and its efficiency makes it the best roof rack for Honda Civic.

The modern design doesn’t only improve the car’s appearance but also contributes to an aerodynamic structure, reducing noise and ensuring air separation.

Moreover, the quality material can hold an impressive weight for a considerable time.

Any Honda Civic Roof Rack should provide stability, efficient weight distribution, and enough strength to safely support luggage.

However, Thule WingBar Evo Load Bars do not stop at providing only the necessary properties.

These Honda Civic crossbars come with many more smart features and advantages that will make a trip both safe and comfortable.

If you are not yet convinced, here are some interesting additions.

The Honda Civic roof racks provide incorporated pivoting end caps, as well as T-tracks, to make sure not only stability but also an easy setup are provided.

9 Best Roof Rack For Honda Civic on The Market

01. Thule Wingbar Evo Load Bars


Highlighted Features

  • Saves fuel
  • Reduced noise and turbulence
  • Easy installation
  • Provides strength and durability
  • Comes with caps for supporting accessories
  • Modern design, black color

Thule WingBar Evo Load Bars are the perfect Honda Civic crossbars from all points of view.

If you are looking forward to your next trip but haven’t quite decided on which roof rack for Honda Civic is the best fit, these are the first to consider.

First of all, the pivoting end caps and T-tracks are an incredible addition when it comes to stability.

The last one comes with a complex interface that makes setting up accessories a piece of cake.

The end caps are easy to maneuver, providing easy access to the T-slot.

Just open and close these structures whenever you need them.

Besides the excellent design, the Honda Civic roof rack created by this brand is created from a strong yet light material.

As reviews mention, this material offers durability and resistance to all weather, all while supporting an impressive weight.

Moreover, the aerodynamic structure of these crossbars allows for fuel economy and minimizes wind noise by disturbing airflow.

Have the best road trip, and don’t let behind any of your favorite clothes with one acquisition!


  • Perfect for adding accessories
  • Solid, but light material
  • Comes with rubber tracks for stability


  • May not dim all noise

02. Yakima Jetstream Bar 8000425


Highlighted Features

YAKIMA truly thought of everything when it came up with these Honda Civic crossbars.

These are worthy candidates for the title of the best roof rack for the Honda Civic.

The bars have a teardrop shape for minimizing wind noise and ensuring better airflow when you are on the road.

An elegant aspect that also provides efficient weight support and smart construction is the goal for any roof rack.

The bars can carry up to 75 kilograms while having a light weigh themselves.

Aluminum is the secret behind all these properties.

It is the perfect material for constructing light yet durable items that can be easily installed by anyone.

The highlight of these YAKIMA bars is the large compatibility they come with.

Various accessories, like roof rack legs or cargo carriers, are available for this model.

Moreover, due to polymer end caps and a rubber T-slot, these accessories are easy to set up and remove at any time.

Lastly, let’s not forget that appearance also plays an important role.

The black color, as well as the polished end caps, add a nice touch to a Honda Civic, fitting any model and enhancing the overall aspect.

An elegant look combined with an efficient structure is the recipe for success.



  • The bars don’t come with adaptors
  • Noise reduction must be improved 

03. Rhinorack Va106s


Highlighted Features

  • Large dimensions for the best space
  • Black and silver models are available
  • Supports various accessories
  • Reduces drag
  • Impressive strength and durability

Rhino-Rack comes in third in the competition for the best roof rack for Honda Civic.

This model is perfect for adventure seekers, offering incredible stability off-road and perfect hold for any bicycle.

Start living worry-free and dare to go on that challenging trip with your best friend.

Explore mountains, camp, or ride the bicycle a\while enjoying incredible views.

The adjustable dimensions of these Honda Civic crossbars offer enough space for carrying almost any luggage.

Even more, specific attachments can be easily added to ensure that these bars will fit your needs perfectly.

This Honda Civic roof rack is built from strong materials that will never disappoint you.

Test the bars in extreme weather conditions!

Whether the road takes you to Australia or Antarctica, your baggage will remain safe.

What surprises customers when it comes to Rhino-Rack is the smart structure that protects the Honda Civic crossbars from dirt and provides slip resistance all at the same time.

Cleaning these bars will become so much easier, and all the stress will magically disappear once you try them out.



  • Sharp edges, modest design

04. Malone Auto Racks Mpg215


Highlighted Features

  • Fitted for a variety of car models
  • Incorporated T-slots
  • Key locking security
  • Modern & efficient design
  • Non-corrosive, aluminum material

Malone offers one of the best roof racks for the Honda Civic.

This model is perfect for adding a variety of accessories, from adjustable towers to large cargo boxes.

To serve this purpose, these Honda Civic crossbars come with T-slots that can be easily attached to any accessory.

These slots secure the external items in place, so you can drive safely and have the assurance that luggage won’t move around chaotically.

Another crucial aspect that must be considered when it comes to these systems is the setup.

Not everyone has access to specific tools or the skills of a mechanic.

That’s why an easy installation is usually a considerable advantage.

Malone comes with incredible, ready-to-attach bars that require no tools for installation.

On top of all these advantages, this roof rack for Honda Civic adds a security system by incorporating a key locking feature.

The bars are as safe as they can, even when you are not around.


  • Solid material
  • The bars minimize noise drastically
  • Easy to install, no tools needed


  • Key locks can be tricky

05. Thule Squarebar Load Bars


Highlighted Features

  • 4 available lengths
  • Simple aspect
  • Made from steel
  • Compatible with various foot packs
  • Polymer surface layer

Thule offers a classic design for the popular Honda Civic roof rack.

The most aspect adds the perfect touch for any vehicle.

It is a discrete, modest item that does its job efficiently.

The crossbars are available in 4 models, covering different lengths.

The square shape ensures an aerodynamic airflow, minimizing road and wind noise.

In addition, steel is a strong material that offers both durability and stability.

These bars will support a variety of luggage without any problems.

Even more, stability is granted due to its polymer surface.

This coat adds extra grip for any cargo carrier that might be added.

And since we mentioned accessories, Thule is also known for its quality foot packs for rooftops.

The items fit one other perfectly, as these Honda Civic crossbars attach to both Eva and Rapid foot packs made by Thule.

Don’t worry about where you’ll put the extra baggage for the next holiday!

Thule offers a simple, accessible alternative for everyone.

It can hold any additional items, from mountain bicycles to cargo carriers.

Fill your luggage and be prepared for anything.


  • Multi-purpose bars
  • Reduces noise considerably
  • Great fit for Honda Civic


  • Weather resistance must be improved

06. Yakima Roundbars ‎8000408


Highlighted Features

  • Made from Galvanized steel
  • Can support up to 75 kilograms/165 lbs
  • Compatible with all Yakima gear mounts
  • Fast setup
  • Classic, round design

Yakima secures its place in the run for the best roof rack for Honda Civic.

Following Thule’s example, this brand has not one but two Honda Civic roof racks that qualify for out top.

This time, Yakima offers a round model with a modern design that checks every aspect of the book.

As everything depends on the strength of the crossbars, one important point to mention is the building material.

These Honda Civic crossbars are made from steel, a safe and reliable alternative to aluminum.

To make sure the bars can resist any challenge, a superficial layer of vinyl covers the steel.

This way, corrosion won’t be a problem, and you’ll feel safe to carry your luggage anywhere.

Overall, this item can hold up to 75 kilograms and is the perfect fit for carrying anything, especially when it has the right accessories attached.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the compatibility with a large variety of accessories.

This brand made sure everything is covered, from Honda Civic roof rack legs to cargo boxes.

Lastly, you can install these amazing bars in less than one hour, even if you don’t have experience with such actions.

Just follow the given instructions and enjoy assembling your new acquisition.


  • Trusted brand
  • Versatility & durability
  • Quality, layers material


  • End caps are sold separately

07. Inno Squarebars In-B107A


Highlighted Features 

  • Built from hardened steel
  • Accessories can fit without adaptors
  • Comes with end caps
  • Black bars, aesthetic design
  • 8 available lengths to choose from

Inno is a brand that offers a budget-friendly alternative for high-quality items.

With considerable experience and modern techniques of manufacturing and designing the bars, this brand truly deserves a place at the top for the best roof racks for Honda Civic.

The square form makes the bar fitted for both commercial transport and adventure seekers.

Bicyclists can find the most comfortable way of traveling to their next challenging destination, and families can finally take all the necessary baggage with them on holidays.

Everyone is happy. Steel is a durable, strong material that can support heavyweight.

Customers’ reviews confirmed this with confidence and a high satisfaction rate.

Even more, to add protection against all weather conditions, an elastomeric layer covers the surface of the items.

The highlight of this brand is also the accessibility of its accessories.

These Honda Civic crossbars have specific dimensions so that all extra items can fit easily, without the need for any adaptors and tools.

Even more, for securing the stability of the added accessories, four end caps are included in the delivered package.


  • Incredible weather resistance
  • A strong material can support bicycles
  • Perfect for all budgets


  • Might need to be secured with extra clamps

08. Seah Hardware ‎AMZRB02


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for passenger cars
  • Comes with a ratchet tie down
  • Has three hooks for adjustable positions
  • Can carry up to 150 lbs
  • Made from alloy steel

This is one of the best roof racks for the Honda Civic.

The brand has to improve some of the bars’ properties to catch up with famous ones, but overall, the price-quality ratio is incredible.

One excellent aspect to start with is the easy setup.

You can install the system in minutes, as clear, detailed instructions are provided.

These Honda Civic crossbars are perfect for a first experience with this sort of item.

Moreover, a specific characteristic for Seah is that it provides adjustable options for the roof rack.

The bars will fit a four-door car with or without side rails, as long as their height is no more than 6.4 centimeters.

A polyester strap is provided for stability and easy installation.

Finally, it is crucial to mention that the provided items to safely secure the bars are more than enough to ensure their stability.

Overtightening the straps will result in car damage and other unpleasant consequences.

That being said, it is time to get ready for the next amazing trip on your bucket list!


  • The position can be easily modified
  • Can support a kayak, cargo carrier, or mountain bike
  • Lightweight


  • The bars can scratch the roof
  • Noise reduction must be improved

09. Sportrack Complete Roof Rack System


Highlighted Features

  • Fitted for both passenger cars and SUVs
  • Made from aluminum
  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • Locking system
  • Compatible with multiple accessories

Firstly, the obvious advantage this brand provides is a complete roof rack system at a reasonable price.

These Honda Civic crossbars come with feet, locks, and even hooks.

Even more, all the pieces are already assembled, so what’s left to do is the installation on the vehicle’s roof.

The already assembled pieces lead to an easy setup.

Your car will be ready for your next holiday in minutes.

Just follow the instructions and search the flattest spot on the car’s roof.

Use the provided accessories, such as rubber protections, to secure the bars in place.

If all these advantages do not convince you, the system’s quality is ensured by a strong yet light material.

These bars can support up to 130 lbs with no problems.

Even more, as stability and security are often problems when it comes to car accessories, SportRack offers a built-in locking system.

You can carry bikes, kayaks, and even skis without worrying.

It is truly the perfect solution for a relaxing holiday.



  • Rubber protections can fall off
  • Noise reduction is not provided

How To Choose Honda Civic Roof Racks

We described for you all the best brands for a Honda Civic roof rack.

Now all that is left to do is to choose the one that fits your needs. Easy to say, isn’t it?

As we know that searching and comparing an item’s properties is truly the hardest part, this section is here to help with some tips.

Strong Material

The quality of a roof rack comes from two important aspects: its building material and its design.

Let’s start with the first one mentioned.

When you are reading product descriptions, make sure to first look for a strong yet light material for the crossbars.

Words like steel or aluminum are the perfect options.

These are durable materials that will safely carry any items while also keeping your vehicle’s roof intact.

Moreover, light crossbars mean an easier setup.

Aerodynamic Design

The next aspect to be checked on your list is the design and structure of the roof rack.

Strong construction will do the most important job: carrying luggage, bikes, or even kayaks.

However, an aerodynamic design will provide advanced properties.

A smart design means an overall enhanced aspect of your car, but most importantly, it means noise reduction.

Wind tends to be an annoying companion on a trip, especially when a cargo carrier is attached.

To minimize the loud consequences of installing this system, an aerodynamic design guides the airflow specifically, so your trip is more enjoyable.

Even more, such a design can lead to fuel economy in more advanced models of the Honda Civic roof rack.

Compatibility With Accessories

There are multiple aspects to consider when it comes to accessories.

First of all, are they included? Certain brands offer the whole package: bars, legs, hooks, and even locks.

Others prefer to sell these separately and concentrate on each item’s properties.

The choice is entirely yours. Next, it’s best to check the compatibility of certain bars with extra items.

Usually, brands that manufacture and design a roof rack will also create the necessary accessories for that Honda Civic roof rack.

Eloquent examples for this idea are Thule or Yakima.


Accessories can be installed easily, or they can be a real problem, consuming both your time and effort.

Some Honda Civic crossbars come with incorporated pieces that make attaching these extra items a fast action while also ensuring their stability.

End caps, T-slots, and other built-in pieces are the main words to look for in a description.

Even more, the bars’ stability itself is a crucial aspect to consider.

Look for rubber tracks or ratchet tie-downs that can safely secure the crossbars in their place.

Luggage that slips around and risks falling is a problem no one is prepared for.

Multiple Lengths

This one aspect speaks for itself. Some bars can truly be the best, but it’s all in vain if they do not fit the vehicle’s roof properly.

To avoid this situation, brands offer multiple options of bars with different lengths but the same properties.

Some even have adjustable lengths and positions available, so they fit the roof perfectly.

The first thing to do before buying the best roof rack for your Honda Civic is to measure the necessary dimensions.

Also, note that certain crossbars don’t fit vehicles with only two doors.

Some even have specific requirements regarding the height of the doors or the flatness of the roof’s surface.


With the best roof rack for Honda Civic, worrying about carrying your luggage, bike, or skis for the next holiday is in the past.

Specially designed crossbars provide security, stability, and protection for your items while also creating some extra space for the comfort of your passengers.

This way, a relaxing and comfortable trip lies ahead.

Consider all the brands and important aspects and choose the one roof rack that fits your needs the best!