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13 Best Roof Cargo Box For Honda CRV (Space Efficient-Sleek and Stylish)

Adding the best roof cargo box for Honda CRV to your vehicle setup can make a remarkable difference in crucial times.

This component/accessory enhances organization, offers additional space for improved capacity, and optimizes comfort.

Roof cargo boxes are available in various sizes, colors, and prices, ensuring you choose the ideal design for your needs.

If you do not have a specific product or brand in mind and need an expert recommendation for a well-informed decision.

We have identified thirteen (13) excellent designs from which you can make your pick.

These roof cargo boxes are selected or considered based on several attributes/features they possess.

They are easy to mount and use, offer adequate security to stored accessories, are durable, and add exciting touch and color to your vehicle.

The most popular car top carrier for Honda CRV, Honda CRV cargo box, Honda CRV roof box include Thule, YAKIMA, SportRack, Auto Dynasty, JEGS, and Goplus.


The Comparison Table of Honda CRV Roof Cargo Box For

Thule 165 lb, Xxl (22 Cu Ft)
YAKIMA 41 lb, 16 cubic feet
Thule 41.2 lb, L (16 cu ft)
SportRack 100 lb, 18 cubic foot
Thule 110 lb, M (14 Cu Ft)
YAKIMA 50.8 lb, 14 Cu Ft
Auto Dynasty 110 lb, 11 Cu Ft
JEGS 100 lb, 18 Cu Ft
Thule 165 lb, 13 cu ft

Why is Thule Motion XT The Best Roof Cargo Box For Honda CRV?

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo is an excellent design that should come on top of the list of every Honda CRV owner.

Its numerous fascinating features position it ahead of other designs on our list.

There are numerous reasons you would fall in love with the Thule Motion XT.

Its sleek, smooth, and modern appearance make it a fascinating option for individuals intrigued by aesthetics.

Its adequate size and storage capability combine powerfully, making it one of the most suitable roof cargo boxes for a wide range of applications.

Also, it can bear up with all kinds of weather conditions, extending its use and performance.

Top 13 Best Roof Cargo Box For Honda CRV

01. Thule Motion XT


Highlighted Features

  • Fiberglass construction
  • Quick-mount system
  • Dual-side opening
  • Glossy white and black finish
  • 22 cubic feet of storage capacity
  • 79 x 31.5 x 15 inches in dimension

Thule Motion XT is undeniably one of the in-demand roof cargo boxes.

This statement commensurates the over 700 5-star ratings it has gathered on the seller’s page.

Asides from its impressive load/storage capacity of 165 pounds, the modern design & durable construction add to the list of features that captivate or attract the interest of Honda CRV owners.

It is built to withstand all types of weather, keeping your valuables protected at all times, especially in extreme conditions such as heavy rainfall.

The cargo box can be opened from two sides, making it easy to load and unpack your gear and other valuables for improved convenience.

Installation is not complicated. Its quick-mount system hastens the process and supports easy attachment.

Most importantly, Thule Motion XT doesn’t hinder your vehicle’s operation/performance.

Handling remains unchanged or unaltered, and it doesn’t add unnecessary stress or load on the vehicle.


  • Doesn’t hinder access to the trunk
  • Compatible with all kinds of weather conditions
  • Provides extra security to stored accessories
  • Light and doesn’t make noise on the highway


  • A bit expensive

02. YAKIMA ‎ Skybox 8007334


Highlighted Features

  • Carbonite construction
  • Dual-sided opening
  • 16 cubic feet storage capacity
  • SKS locks & SuperLatch security
  • 94 x 29 x 18 inches in dimension
  • 54 pounds in weight

YAKIMA ‎8007334 Skybox is an aerodynamic roof cargo box that offers adequate space for Honda CRV owners to store their gear securely.

Although it is not the most affordable options you will lay your hand on.

Its size and build quality make it a superb option for individuals seeking a design that offers the best performance for optimum value.

The SKS locks & SuperLatch security strengthen the security and protection of stored accessories, eliminating theft and unapproved/illicit access.

Also, the stiffeners that are attached to the lid eliminate worries.

You won’t have to bother about the possibilities of your belongings escaping from the box when driving at full speed on the highway.

You can store or take out your gear from both sides of the cargo box, giving easy and unrestricted access from time to time.


  • Installation is easy and doesn’t require any form of assembling
  • Grants access into the box from two sides
  • Keeps your belonging protected against extreme weather and unauthorized access
  • The construction quality is impressive


  • The installation may be a bit difficult for one person considering its size

03. Thule Force XT


Highlighted Features

  • Accommodates about 7 skis & 5 snowboards up to 175 centimeter
  • 16 cubic feet storage space
  • Quick-mount system
  • Dual-side opening
  • 75 x 24.75 x 16.75 inches in dimension
  • 23 pounds in weight

Thule Force XT is one of the few designs that offer unbeatable versatility and quality you can count on for consistent use and long-lasting performance.

Access to your cargo is easier than you can imagine.

The opening system is designed in such a way that you can reach out to your valuables from any of the two sides of the box.

Also, the mounting process is smooth and uncomplicated.

You can easily attach the cargo box to the crossbars securely without necessarily relying on the help/assistance of a third party.

The locking system offers impressive security, keeping your loads safe from intruders or possible theft.

Its LockKnob provides easy access to the box.

In addition, it provides adequate strength to the key so that it can withstand continuous use and protect it from premature damage for long-lasting safety and protection.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Spacious, stable, and efficient for your outdoor needs
  • Offers an improved reduction in noise during use
  • Doesn’t impact fuel efficiency hugely


  • The packaging can be upgraded

04. SportRack Vista XL


Highlighted Features

  • Rear opening
  • ABS construction
  • Weatherproof
  • 18 cubic feet load capacity
  • 5 x 19 x 39 inches in dimension
  • 28 pounds in weight

The SportRack Vista XL is another affordable cargo box that doesn’t look like its price.

It offers remarkable quality and storage capacity comparable to some expensive designs you will find around.

The construction material is of excellent quality.

It is durable enough to resist the effect of ultraviolet rays and shield stored gear/belonging from the impact of extreme/harsh weather.

If you go on road trips from time to time across all seasons.

This cargo box offers the reliability and satisfying performance that you need.

The installation is not time-consuming, and it can be done with or without support from another person.

Interestingly, it remains stable upon installation and doesn’t make any unusual or annoying sound when driving at top speeds.

The importance of the quick-release system cannot be understated.

It allows easy attachment and detachment of the cargo box.


  • Easy to secure/attach to the roof of the car
  • Sturdy construction for extended performance
  • Affordable design for outdoor activities, adventures, or road trips
  • It doesn’t shake or make annoying sounds when driving at high speed


  • The hinges and lock can be improved for improved quality

05. Thule Pulse B009NN4SBM


Highlighted Features

  • 14 cubic feet storage space
  • BS plastic material
  • FastGrip quick-mount system
  • Central locking system & passenger-side opening
  • 67 x 35 x 16 inches in dimension
  • 47 pounds in weight

If you need extra storage space for your next adventure and do not have a specific design in mind.

The Thule Pulse B009NN4SBM offers incredible results you can think of.

The storage capacity can comfortably accommodate, hold, or store about 5 snowboards with a maximum length of up to 155 centimeters.

Let’s look at the safety and security of your luggage or belongings.

The lid design (self-standing system) combines excellently with the lock system together with the keys to repel unauthorized access into the cargo box.

The security standard is impressive.

It provides a safe space where you can store your valuables, ensuring peace of mind and eliminating unnecessary worries whenever you go on adventure trips.

The construction is rugged and solid, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for car owners or individuals who desire a cargo box that can withstand harsh conditions like heavy rainfall, wind, and snow.


  • Accommodates about 5 snowboards up to 155cm in length
  • Solid and durable design for optimum protection and safety of your luggage
  • Straightforward installation
  • Eliminates unnecessary sound while on the road


  • A bit pricey

06. YAKIMA RocketBox Pro 14


Highlighted Features

  • ABS injection-molded plastic
  • Aerodynamic design
  • 14 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Dual-sided opening
  • 37 x 11.81 x 62.99 inches in dimension
  • 08 pounds in weight

YAKIMA RocketBox Pro 14 is a top investment for solo adventures and when going on tours with your family.

While going on a long trip, the goal is to make your vehicle interior as accessible as possible for improved comfort and convenience.

With this roof cargo, you have up to 14 cubic feet of storage space to keep and safeguard your accessories.

The interior space will be free from cargo or luggage, leaving enough room to spread your legs and body.

It is built to restrict the passage of water or other moisture that may damage or affect the quality of stored goods, making it a great fit across every weather condition.

Considering its bulky weight, You may seek an extra hand during installation.

This way, the mounting process becomes easier, preventing unnecessary and unavoidable dents or scratches to the paintwork.

Although you may experience a drop in gas mileage, the difference isn’t huge or drastic.



  • A bulky design

07. Auto Dynasty ADPTZTL8166BK


Highlighted Features

  • ‎11 cubic feet internal storage
  • 110 pounds load capacity
  • Tool-free attachment
  • Security locking system & keys
  • 54 x 34 x 15 inches in dimension
  • 39 pounds in weight

Auto Dynasty ADPTZTL8166BK is a solid yet pocket-friendly roof cargo box you can invest in for exciting value.

If you are looking for an inexpensive design that offers sufficient space and reliable protection of stored goods at any time of the year.

You can depend on this unit to deliver the performance that you desire.

The attachment/mounting is straightforward and effortless.

Installation is performed out of the box, eliminating the need for assembling.

It comes with numerous holes (predrilled), which you can easily connect or insert directly to your roof rack.

You can open the cargo box and cover/shut it with ease.

Not only that, the security locking system supports secure access to the internal storage using the keys that come with it.

When filled up within the recommended load capacity, you won’t experience any sign of wiggle or annoying sound even when driving at high speeds.

The cargo box remains stable at all times, eliminating worries or concerns that may arise regarding the safety of your belongings or valuables.


  • Equipped to withstand all kinds of weather
  • Stored items are kept safe and protected from theft
  • Affordable roof cargo box that offers impressive value


  • It can’t be installed on vehicles that do not have crossbars
  • Instructions are vague

08. JEGS ‎90098


Highlighted Features

  • ‎18 cubic feet internal storage
  • 100 pounds load capacity
  • HDPE plastic construction
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • 25 x 39 x 12 inches in dimension
  • 35 pounds in weight

JEGS ‎90098 is one of the spacious and pocket-friendly aerodynamic designs you will find on the market.

If you are planning a vacation, road trip, or camping with your family and need a roof cargo box that is solidly made and up to the task.

This is a design you can rely on.

Its sufficient internal storage and adequate load capacity ensure you have enough space to pack valuable accessories or equipment you need to get the best out of your outdoor activities.

The 4 corner locking system provides adequate safety to stored goods, restricting unauthorized permission to prevent theft.

Also, the lid closes tightly, ensuring there is no opening or space for water, dust, or debris to pass through.

Even in severe weather conditions, you can confidently and comfortably store your luggage without worries or panics.

The installation is stress-free.

It is one of the easiest you will find around. You can easily attach the box to the roof without the need for any tools.


  • Installation doesn’t need tools
  • An excellent choice for a large family
  • Offers a great value for its size and price
  • Lightweight and doesn’t budge or shake during highway drives


  • It isn’t as aerodynamic compared to some designs out there

09. Thule Vector Alpine


Highlighted Features

  • 13 cu ft internal storage & 165 pounds load capacity
  • Secure SlideLock system & dual side opening
  • PowerClick quick-mount system
  • Built-in LED-light
  • 91 x 35 x 12.5 inches
  • 9 pounds in weight

If you are bullish or very intentional about flexibility and functionality, the Thule Vector Alpine has proven itself over and over again as the best design to fulfill these needs.

It is one of the highly-rated roof cargo boxes from the brand’s impressive list of quality options.

When it comes to aesthetics, its appealing lines add unique touch and style to your vehicle, enhancing its appearance in the process.

The attachment is a one-man’s job. However, having a helping hand makes the process easier and reduces the completion time.

Just as every other Thule design, access to the cargo box is possible and achievable from each side of the vehicle.

Its secure SlideLock system provides uncompromised safety and protection to stored goods, ensuring no one can gain access to the internal storage without your permission or authorization.

Thule Vector Alpine doesn’t budge.

It remains stable and is not affected by the wind even when driving at high speeds of about 60 to 65 miles per hour.

If you want a cargo box that instills confidence at every use, irrespective of the application of weather conditions. Look no further.


  • Adds exciting touch & color to your vehicle
  • Impressive flexibility and functionality
  • Doesn’t shake even at high speeds
  • Noiseless operation at all times


  • A bit pricey

10. YAKIMA GrandTour 16


Highlighted Features

  • 16 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Quick-release mounting hard
  • SKS locks & dual-sided opening
  • Automotive finish
  • 79 x 35 x 18 inches in dimension
  • 55 pounds in weight

If you are planning to add some exciting touch and style to your trip or decide not to pack your gear, accessories, or luggage the usual way, the YAKIMA GrandTour 16 offers more than you can ask for.

Its well-engineered and exquisitely crafted shape and automotive finish raise the design standards, delivering a fascinating and sleek appearance that ensures every user travels in style.

Impressively, its attractiveness and striking appearance are not in any way exchanged for operation and functionality.

Its 16 cubic feet storage capacity makes it a suitable pick for independent adventures and family trips, especially for individuals with a large family.

When traveling with a cargo box attached to the roof of the vehicle, one of the greatest concerns among adventurers or car owners is the reliability of the design, especially when driving at high speeds.

YAKIMA GrandTour 16 is a reliable travel companion. Its detachable torque knob offers incredible peace of mind.

The component guarantees that this cargo box is firmly attached to your Honda CRV.

As a result, optimum safety is guaranteed irrespective of your driving pattern or road condition, especially in heavy winds.

Also, the SKS locks ensure your loads are kept out of reach from intruders, keeping your valuables safe and protected from unpermitted access.


  • The shape is appealing even at maximum capacity
  • Offers maximum storage space, making it a suitable option for large families
  • Keeps stored belongings/accessories safe and protected from theft & external elements


  • Bulky design
  • A bit expensive

11. Goplus Cargo Box


Highlighted Features

  • 14 cubic feet of storage space
  • 165 pounds max load capacity
  • Tough/well-made ABS and PC material
  • Dual-sided opening & double secure lock
  • 63 x 31 x 15 inches in dimension
  • 25 pounds in weight

If you need a road trip buddy for your next adventure.

The Goplus Cargo Box provides great satisfaction to ensure your trip goes well, just as planned.

Its adequate storage capacity makes it an excellent consideration for all kinds of out-of-doors activities.

Most importantly, its ability to withstand the effect of external elements, especially during the time of the years when the weather condition is extreme.

Considering its aerodynamic design, coupled with its sleek appearance and lightweight.

The installation is easy and can be effortlessly put together independently.

It fits great on the rack for guaranteed stability.

Also, it doesn’t make noise, and vibrations are controlled or reduced exceptionally.

If you desire unforgettable pleasure while traveling in your Honda CRV, especially for individuals who have a family or enjoy going on adventures with friends.

Goplus Cargo Box optimizes your cargo storage, ensuring the interior space isn’t occupied or congested with loads.

This guarantees great comfort for your co-adventurer.


  • Affordable and top-quality design
  • A perfect cargo box for all seasons, especially in heavy rainfall
  • Built to offer optimum safety and stability on the road
  • Stress-free and convenient to attach to the roof of your vehicle


  • The spacing can’t be modified or adjusted
  • No lashing points

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12. SportRack Horizon Cargo Box


Highlighted Features

  • 11 cubic feet storage space
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Passenger-side opening
  • Quick release attachment & centralized lock system
  • 4 x 20.7 x 15.9 inches in dimension
  • 33 pounds in weight

SportRack Horizon Cargo Box is widely regarded and recommended by adventurers for its quality construction.

Since it does brilliantly at supporting efficient loading and offloading of holiday/adventure gear and luggage.

You will be able to plan your trips in a more organized manner. The storage capacity is impressive.

You can comfortably store as many loads as possible to make every adventure memorable and fun-filled.

Its narrow and long shape makes it an ideal choice for individuals who desire a safe and secure way to load/store their skis and snowboard alongside other valuables.

On average, it can hold about twelve (12) skis or 3 snowboards with a length of about 210 centimeters.

SportRack Horizon Cargo Box is rugged and reliable.

It keeps your luggage protected at all times, especially in heavy rainfall, to prevent water from getting inside.

The reviews on Amazon show that the difference in mileage or fuel efficiency is insignificant and sometimes unnoticed.


  • Rugged construction to resist impact from external elements
  • Installation and detachment can be achieved without any difficulties
  • Not affected by wind noise and annoying vibrations when driving at high speeds
  • A suitable option for road trips


  • A bit pricey

13. Thule SideKick


Highlighted Feature

  • Polyurethane construction
  • 8 cubic feet storage space
  • Passenger-side opening
  • 75 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 54 x 25 x 15.5 inches in dimension
  • 85 pounds in weight

The Thule SideKick provides a safe, convenient, and secure means of storing your valuables ahead of your adventures or road trips.

If you need a compact cargo box, especially if you are going on a short trip and want to keep things minimal.

Here is a top design you can consider.

Although the space is not as large as other designs on our list, it provides enough room to safely and securely store some few things to last for days.

The polyurethane construction enhances durability and ruggedness, equipping the cargo box optimally to withstand the effect of wet weather.

You won’t have to worry about water penetration or the possible damage it may cause to your belongings.

Also, it doesn’t budge or move around when driving at high speeds.

Your accessories won’t be displaced, ensuring they remain neatly packed all along the way.

The Thule SideKick cargo box is equipped with two (2) locks, ensuring your loads are safely and securely protected from theft and unpermitted access.


  • A perfect choice for individuals who need a compact cargo box
  • Fits/connects securely to the rack
  • Doesn’t affect the vehicle’s operation or performance
  • Keeps your luggage safe from moisture and dirt


  • Limited storage space compared to other designs on our list
  • It may not be an ideal choice for people with large families

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How to Install

1. Speak To A Friend Or Family Member

Most cargo boxes are designed to aid independent attachment to your roof rack.

However, having an extra hand makes the process easier and timely.

Especially if the cargo box is heavy or bulky.

2. Go Through The Instructions

Almost every cargo box comes with an instructions manual.

Ensure you check/read through the steps and processes involved in attaching the cargo box on your vehicle’s roof.

The instructions keep you well-informed ahead of the task.

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3. Attach The Cargo Box

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to attach the cargo box firmly and securely on the roof racks.

Connect the brackets and the screws for improved stability.

The brackets and screws serve as a clamp to secure the cargo box in between the crossbars.

4. Keep An Eye on The Installation

While going on your trip, especially if you will cover a long distance leading to your destination.

It is recommended that you check the integrity of the screws.

Ensure they remain tight and secure as ever at every point in time.

Buying Guide of Roof Cargo Box Honda CRV

1. Budget

Pick a price that you can pay and follow up with it.

However, the bigger your budget, the higher the options you have available to choose from.

The market is filled with numerous designs.

There is a massive possibility that every Honda CRV owner gets a suitable or ideal roof cargo box for their road trips, irrespective of their budget.

The best car top carrier for Honda CRV, Honda CRV cargo box, Honda CRV roof box encompasses designs across various budgets and prices.

Explore the wide range of options and choose the most suitable design you can find in line with your budget.

2. The Cargo Box’s Length

When picking a roof cargo box to install on your vehicle.

Ensure you choose a design that can fit in perfectly without restricting or hindering the operation of the hatchback, especially when you need to access the cargo area.

Choose a design that can easily slot in by considering the maximum cargo box length that your Honda CRV can allow.

You do not want a box that extends beyond your vehicle’s roof after the installation.

This may impact safety, as it may prevent you from seeing the road clearly.

3. Storage Size And Load Capacity

The storage space should make a big part of your decision when looking at the cargo box to buy.

Consider the type (size, length, and weight) of the accessories or luggage you plan to move with on every road trip.

Afterward, pick a cargo box that can accommodate them safely and securely along the way.

If you are a snowboarder or love skiing.

You must go for a cargo box that can accommodate the length and quantity of your gear.

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4. Construction

Consider the durability and ruggedness of the cargo box.

Choose a product that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

You do not need a one-season wonder kind of box.

Instead, you should choose a design built to accommodate all types of seasons, especially the periods when there is heavy rainfall and snow.

5. Security & Safety

The security & safety of your gear and accessories are essential.

Pick up a cargo box that keeps intruders away from breaking into your storage space.

The lock system must be solid enough to withstand unauthorized/unapproved access.

Common FAQs

1. How Much Does A Cargo Box Cost?

The cost of a cargo box varies from one design to another.

Features such as construction quality, security system, and storage space play an integral role in the cost.

A reliable cargo box costs as low as $300 and as high as $1,500 on average.

2. What Do SKS Locks Mean?

SKS is an acronym for Same Key System.

The idea behind this design or system is to allow users to make use of a similar key for each and every Yakima cargo box they own.

3. How Can I Improve My Cargo Box’s Lifespan?

A simple tip or strategy that you can deploy to ensure your cargo box remains in good condition for as long as possible is to detach it when not in use.

This way, exposure to external elements is reduced, especially during the harshest period of the year.

4. What Happens If I Drive With An Unoccupied Or Unused Cargo Box?

Leaving your cargo box on your vehicle’s roof without a need for it is considered an unsafe practice.

Such cargo box is susceptible to wind attack, making annoying sounds in the process.

This will only result in an unpleasing driving experience.

5. What Are The Safety Precautions To Abide By During Use?

If your cargo box comes with straps, ensure you use them once you are done loading your luggage.

The straps are designed to offer extra protection and stability.

Also, make sure the load’s weight doesn’t surpass what your vehicle can handle.


The information provided in this buying guide is written to provide a clear understanding of how to select the best roof cargo box for Honda CRV.

Once you scan through our list of recommended designs and find a cargo box that meets your requirements, avoid any form of hesitations.