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Top 13 Best Floor Mats For Honda Accord of 2023 – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Get only the best floor mats for the honda accord by checking out our list.

Floor mats are essential to every car as it keeps the vehicle clean.

Investing in a floor mat can prevent lousy odor, accumulating dust and dirt, and making the interior of your vehicle unhygienic.

This is why we made sure that we only suggest the best and greatest 2023 honda accord all weather floor mats in the market that is worth investing in.

Finding the best in the market is challenging since there are tons of products, so we sort it out for you.


The Table of Best Floor Mats For Honda Accord in 2023

Husky Liners Front Fits 2018-19
SMARTLINER Fits 2018-22
Husky Liners Front,Rear Fits 2018-22
YITAMOTOR Inside Fits 2018-22
Husky Liners Front Fits 2013-17
MAXLINER Front Fits 2018-22
OEDRO Inner Fits 2018-22
MAXLINER Rear Front Fits 2013-17
VIWIK Inner Fits 2018-22
Auxko Inside Fits 2017-22

What is The Best Floor Mats For Honda Accord?

The Husky Liners 95741 is the best among the top 13 honda accord floor mats that we have on the list.

Performance and style speaking, this product is what you want to have in your car.

In just a glimpse of it, everyone would see this will be stunned and know that this product is on top of the line regarding quality.

You will get to learn more about this product in the review section.

Why Husky Liners 95741 is The Best Brand of Honda Accord Floor Mats?

There are many reasons why this brand is the best in this line.

Husky Liners is a brand that sells top-quality car mats and other car accessories.

A top-quality product for a top-notch car, which is why this fits the honda accord perfectly.

The model Husky Liners 95741 does what a great car floor mat does.

It will protect the car’s interior floor from dust, dirt, and water to keep your car interior clean and odor-free all the time.

Get to know more about this in a bit, and you will learn how astonishing this will be to your car.

Let us help you pick the perfect honda accord floor mats for you, so your searching job is almost over.

Top 13 Best Floor Mats For Honda Accord Reviews

01. Husky Liners 95741 – Best Honda Accord Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Made of Rubberized DuraGrip Material
  • Front & Rear Position
  • Made In The USA
  • Precision Fit
  • 9.15 Pounds

Let’s get to this savage product from Husky Liners.

The 95741 can fit only the honda accord models from 2018 to 2019, so you might want to look at this one if you are using this specific honda accord model.

Husky Liners has been in the business for so long.

One of their key to this success is using top-grade materials, so their best product uses a Rubberized DuraGrip material that is durable and safe in any kind of weather.

The package includes four mats for front and rear floors, so the interior floors of the car have protection all the time.

Rainy season? Winter Season?

No worries because it has StayPut Cleats, which means even in the wet season, the mats will stick in one place.

The grips are visible and can cause friction, so slipping is not possible.

Since this product is specifically for models 2018 and 2019, you can expect a precision fit that contours the car perfectly.


  • It gives excellent coverage
  • Perfect fit, no adjustment needed
  • Easy to install


  • Bit stiff

02. SMARTLINER ‎SA0341 – Best Floor Mats For Honda Accord


Highlighted Features

  • All-Weather Protection
  • Odorless Floor Mat
  • 03 Pounds
  • Made In Thailand
  • Custom Fit

The SA02341 is an excellent option for honda accord owners that own 2018 up to the latest models—a custom-fit floor mat for two rows made of top-grade material.

Two in the front seat with precise cut, so the specks of dirt and wets will not easily escape the mat and ruin the car’s original floor.

At the rear flooring, the carpet has a connector that covers the middle part of the flooring.

The connector cover secures the legroom of each side and the middle leg room so no stains and specks of dirt will escape.

This can be an excellent car interior floor cover for your car.

The all-weather protection ensures you can expect that the mat can protect your floor all year round.

It can withstand the harshest usage that you can ever imagine.

The mat is stain-resistant and has raised-lip construction, making it perfect protection for the car and its resale value.


  • Fits well
  • Durable and good looking
  • No nasty odor


  • A little bouncy

03. Husky Liners 98401 – Best Popular Honda Accord Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Made In The USA
  • Precise Fit
  • 5 Pounds
  • Non-Slip Design
  • WeatherBeater Construction

You will know that the brand Husky Liner is really an incredible brand because this model is its second entry within our first three best items.

If you are a bit disappointed that the first one only fits the 2018 to 2019 models, well, this one can cater to an older model from 2008 to 2012.

Get the best front and rear protection with the WeatherBeater construction that offers unbeatable security in any type types of weather.

Includes 3 pieces of mat covers, two separate infront and one combined in the rear part.

You will see the edges that can guarantee you a slip-free mat on your car.

A proudly made in the USA product that can withstand harsh weather and abuse, so if you are into that type of lifestyle, you can protect your car’s floor with this.

It has a precise fit to the honda accord model that will not affect the car ride but perfectly fits the contours of the ride.


  • Perfect fit
  • No more matt slipping and sliding
  • The mat las long


  • Some complaint about fitment



Highlighted Features

  • 5 Pounds
  • Painted
  • Made With High-Density Material
  • Non-Slippery
  • All-Weather Protection

Still searching for more floor mats that can fit 2018 to 2023 models of honda accord?

Check this YITAMOTOR YTES0025, and this might be the perfect one that suits your taste.

A custom fit floor mat designed explicitly for honda accord models from 2018 up to the latest, and you can guarantee that this will fit those models, no doubt.

It is one of the safe and durable products in the market as YITAMOTOR only uses non-toxic TPE material, which means it is odorless.

It is the perfect mat for people who hate smelly car mats.

The raised edge will not only avoid slipping; these edges trap the specks of dirt and liquid in the mat for easy floor cleaning—a win-to-win situation for both car and the people riding in the car.

Cleaning this is effortless; all those textured skid-resistant shells will only need running water from the hose—no need for any chemicals and another method.


  • Excellent design
  • Open/Close for gas or trunk is ready; no need for cutting
  • They are not flimsy


  • Imperfect fit on some cars

05. Husky Liners 98481


Highlighted Features

  • S Made
  • Rugged Material
  • StayPut Cleats
  • Factory Retention Post
  • 25 Pounds

Another set from our best brand, the Husky Liner, and their 98481 design.

People looking for 2013 honda accord floor mats look at this product.

A Weatherbeater floor mats for both front and rear, and with thick and visible edges that can assure you extreme protection for your car’s floor.

It fits perfectly to your honda accord; you don’t need any cutting or customizing for this one as long as you have the suitable model for this product.

Spikes underneath the matt is present, the purpose of this is to keep it in one place securely.

These spikes can guarantee you slip-free performance.

Designed to beat the harshest situation, making it perfect for sporty use.

Each item includes protection on the front and back seat.

No matter how dirty or wet your feet are, your car’s floor interior is safe with this product.


  • Easy to clean
  • Don’t feel stiff or thick
  • It stays in place and does not move around


  • With a little flaw

06. MAXLINER A0341


Highlighted Features

  • 61 Pounds
  • 3-Piece Floor Mat
  • 2018-2023 Models
  • Made with Recycled Materials

One of the utmost floor protection for your car is the A0341 from Maxiliner.

Avoid spillage and specks of dirt hitting directly to your flooring, and try using this.

It is flexible and has a solid feeling that will last long even if you abuse it—designed to conquer even the most rigid dirt situation you can experience.

This is perfect if you hate the idea of cleaning the car’s floor by vacuuming; this mat is elementary to clean.

It’s not just all about the floor protection; this mat can also enhance the appearance of your car interior.

Compared to other items in our list, this covers all the floor from the front up to the trunk.

A three-piece mat is in the package; the back protection is a combination of left and right.

It’s not just that; the materials they use to make this masterpiece are eco-friendly as those are recycled materials.


  • Fits nicely
  • Protects more floor
  • Cleans up effortlessly


  • Someone received a messed up liner

07. OEDRO ‎EO1001R042


Highlighted Features

  • Front and Rear
  • Odorless Floor Mat
  • All-Weather Guard
  • 9 Pounds
  • Made of TPE Material

This rugged and durable bad boy from OEDRO is something you might want to have in your car to protect your floor.

‎EO1001R042 can fit honda accords from 2018 to 2023, so even the latest ones can have this one.

Made of TPE material, this one is much better for temperature resistance than PVC material.

You will see those digital laser scanning that gives protection to your car perfectly.

There is no need to worry about odors with this mat, as it smells natural and does not contain any latex and other harmful chemicals.

This can last long as it can withstand any weather and demanding situation.

Though this product can cater to the harshest situation, cleaning this will not give you headaches.

Specks of Dirt from this car floor mat can easily wipe down and not shed or built up.

It can look new again after the harshest situation it experiences.


  • Rugged mats
  • Easy to clean
  • Good fit


  • It lost its shape

08. MAXLINER ‎A0130 B0130


Highlighted Features

  • 3 Pounds
  • Made In Thailand
  • Spill Saver Lip
  • Detachable Floor Mat
  • Made Of Consumer recycled Materials

The following best product from the Maxliner has a different approach but can give you the same protection energy to your car’s floor.

2013 to 2017 honda accord car owners can purchase this product.

Although we had the same brand, this one comes with a different look, and if you are looking for the looks as this type of accessory can add beauty to the interior, you can consider this.

It has a simple format of edges, no tricky curves but can guarantee you that it can protect the floor by blocking the specks of dirt and wets from coming out the mat.

You can visibly see that there is enough space for the pedals, so this mat will not interfere or affect the right in a wrong way but gives you a smooth and peaceful riding all season.

It is removable, so you don’t need to clean it inside the car and risk everything inside it.

Instead, you can just detach and easily clean it and bring it back inside as nothing happened.


  • No funky chemical odor
  • Perfect fit to every model
  • Good quality mat


  • Limited fitment

09. VIWIK ‎VK0FFL023001


Highlighted Features

  • 38 Pounds
  • Made Of TPE Material
  • Unique Groove Design
  • Anti-Skid Feature
  • Odorless

Finding the perfect one is not easy, but this might be a great addition if you are looking for another option to your honda accord from 2018 to 2023.

This mat has an anti-skid feature, which means its stays in one position all the time.

This feature ensures you safe driving for your safety on every ride.

Made with TPE material, no need to worry about the environment as it is the perfect material for eco-friendly car owners.

Aside from that, this did not obtain any harmful chemicals or unpleasant smells.

The package contains 4-floor protection from front to rear, including the middle connection in the rear part, covering all car’s interior floor.

The convenient design of this product helps you remove and clean it easily.

This mat only needs a little rinse, and it dries quickly by wiping or airing.

You can do the cleaning all by yourself.


  • Slid right into the place with no hassle
  • Excellent coverage
  • Good durability


  • Limited model compatibility

10. Auxko ‎Auxko008


Highlighted Features

  • 97 Pounds
  • Wear-resistant
  • Lockdown Design
  • Anti-slip Feature
  • Full Protection

The Auxko008 is something that you might want to invest in your honda accord because, aside from it giving protection to your car, this car will look good in your honda accord’s interior.

Give your car all-weather protection in all angles and places as this product comes in the set.

Front and rear, Auxko covers it all for you with something great.

It is safe for you and your family, especially if someone in your life has allergies and, of course, for babies, as these mats are TPE material, which means it is safe for everyone.

Engineered perfectly for honda accord models from 2018 to 2023, owners of the new models can experience this great product.

The perfect fit gives you a safer and smooth ride, as these mats will not slide and move quickly in their place.

The good thing about this is that the protection is not seasonal, you can use this all season, and it will provide you the same as always.


  • Easy installation
  • No problem, and looks great
  • Very thick material


  • Custom fir for honda accords only

11. Adust ‎HA-203319


 Highlighted Features

  • 23 Pounds
  • Made Of TPE
  • Washable Product
  • 2018 – 2020 Models
  • Computerized Cut

Adust’s entry on this list can protect the floors from honda accord models from 2018 to 2020.

It is the 10th generation, and it gives more protection with the exact perfect fit as before.

This is one of the perfectly fitted mats in the market as it has the carpet hugging feature, which hugs the side walls to contour the vehicle and secure its movement.

The texture of this is how you want your mats will be as it has a skid-resistant texture surface that makes them easy to clean, install, and remove.

That’s not all; this one is an eco-friendly product made of recycled materials from a consumer.

This process lessens the production of plastics.

The TPE material is non-toxic, safe for everyone, and safe to use even in hot weather.

There are no harmful chemicals on this product, so there is nothing to fear if you are worried about that.

It jas a unique design with raised edges that traps the liquid and other debris inside, so it will wait until cleaning to wash out.

The mat has a buckle design to lock it out to avoid moving around anywhere that can cause an accident in the future.


  • Attractive looking
  • Better than cloth
  • Serm to be tough


  • Did not fit to some

12. MIROZO 165198A


Highlighted Features

  • 67 Pounds
  • Full Coverage Mat
  • Made Of Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Deep Groove Protection
  • All-Weather Protection

Mirozoá floor mar is great all-weather protection for your honda accord.

Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer that is durable, you can expect that it can withstand even the rugged situation for all seasons.

Unlike the other mats, we have in this only comes in three pieces, this one is in five pieces.

One for every side, and in the connection part.

This design makes it easier to clean per side.

You don’t need to clean the whole back mat if only one side is dirty.

When it comes to its protection, it has a deep grove.

It can hold all stains and liquids and stay flat for a very long time of use.

Each mat can give full coverage for each corner of your honda accord.

The Mirozo is very easy to clean, you can just use a spray gun to clean it within just a couple of seconds.

No need for harsh cleaning as the design of the edges makes it easy to clean and keep your can interior protected.


  • Easy installation
  • Well constructed
  • Great fit


  • Limited Fitment



Highlighted Features

  • 59 Pounds
  • Made Of Nylon
  • 4-Piece Per Pack
  • Custom Molded
  • Anti-Skid Bottom Layer

Last but not least is the product from Ikon Motorsports which is the CP130BK.

This product fits 2013 honda accord floor mats, which some of the other brands here did not offer.

Made of Nylon material, this is a different approach compared to the other products that we have here that most of the time made of plastics.

You will see the heavy-duty stitching on the edges to give the carpet a longer life span.

This also gives protection from dirt like grease, mud, sand, and many more.

Another great feature is the anti-skid bottom layer which makes it stay in one place.

You don’t have to worry about the sliding or slipping that can cause a problem while you are driving.

With the Nylon material, you can expect that this is soft and suppress road bumps that give you a much quieter environment in your car.

A product that is very easy to clean and designed to replace the OE part.


  • Exactly like OEM
  • Good for older models
  • Perfect fit


  • Thin product

Buying Considerations of The Best Floor Mats For Honda Accord

Before buying any products, it is important that you have to check on the items before you buy them.

Not because it is for honda accord, you will just get it. Know what you are buying to avoid wasting money.

In this case, we are here to help you get the best, which is why we are giving you the list of the things that you can look out for before purchasing.


Floor mats have different materials used in floor mats. Some are Nylon, Rubber, and some are Plastic.

It depends on the brand, so you need to be very specific on which one should you have in your car.

Learn what are the pros and cons of different materials, some can be good for all-weather, some can be very beneficial at some points, so it will depend on you.


Each model of honda accord has its own mat floor size and most of the products that we have a specific model to fit in.

Not because it says that it is for honda accord, it can fit all, make sure to check the year it can suit.

In this list, we have something from 2013 up to the latest models, but it is in different brands.

Checking this will avoid wasting your time making a bad decision of purchasing the unsuitable product.


The most common feature that these mats can give is the protection on your car’s interior flooring, it protects from fluids, specks of dirt, and much more debris coming from the outside and getting inside the car.

Edges can be a great basis if you are looking for a great feature.

Edges are the ones that will keep the fluids and dirt in one place before cleaning it, and if your mat has enough space to hold a lot of it, it’s a great feature to look out for.

The mat should also stick in one place and does not affect the pedals on your car, this is for your safety while driving.

All Weather

One great feature of the best honda accord floor mats is being all-weather protection to your car.

This means that it can secure the safety of your interior flooring in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Knowing that your preferred mat has this quality, you are going into the right decision.

The reason why you are getting a floor mat is to give additional protection, and it is just right for you to get only the best.


For every purchase, price is important.

However, buying cheap does not mean that you are buying a low quality, and it does not also mean that you get a great deal.

Price and quality must be equal. It should be worth it, and not overpricing.

The too cheap product can be too good to be true, and sometimes you just pay for what it is worth.

You can always check the other factors like the quality and reviews to get some idea.

This may sound something like an obvious move, but some people tend to believe in reviews.

They are a huge help for online consumers, but some people are using dummy accounts for that.

Check the reviews properly if they came from real people, and check the bad reviews.

Sometimes the problems are in the bad reviews, but of course, some products don’t have many bad reviews.


All the products that we have here are the best in the market.

Our priority is to give you what your money’s worth, that is why our team ensures you that all of these products on our list are worth every penny.

Of course, to guarantee you top-quality products, we provide an honest review.

Now it is time for you to decide which one suits the best for your Honda accord.