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Top 11 Best BMW Tuners and Performance Chip Reviews in 2024 – A Complete Buying Guide

BMW owners keep searching for the best BMW tuners they can make their selection from.

No one would disregard or pay less attention to the level of diligence that vehicle owners embrace in this era of overhyped components or devices.

To assist vehicle owners in avoiding tuners that overemphasize/overstate their performance qualities/attributes, we have identified eleven of 11 best BMW chip tuning devices that offer reliable upgrades according to the performance needs of every driver.

Each BMW performance chip draws out reserved power that you wouldn’t have envisaged the vehicle could give or offer for the best performance.

Some of the highly-rated designs/brands that made it to our list of the best BMW performance chip reviews include Dinan, ‎Burger Motorsports, Innovative Performance Chip, Power Tune Performance, ‎Race Chip, and ProRacing.

If you are facing troubles with the service reminder icon on the dashboard of your BMW Car then this article might provide you the required solution.


A Comparison Table of Best BMW Tuners 2024

Dinan, D440-0010
Burger Motorsports, Fit's BMW 135i
Innovative Performance Chips
Power Tune Performance, Fit's BMW 325i
Performance Chips
Power Tune Performance, Fits BMW X5
Innovative Performance Chips
Race Chip, 225 kW, Fit's BMW 535i
Power Tune Performance, Fit's BMW 328i
Power Tune Performance, Fit's BMW X3
ProRacing, 225 kW

What is The Best BMW Performance Chip?

When it comes to everyday purchases, we understand that each buyer may have a specific brand or design they are attracted to.

The attraction could have emanated from personal experience or recommendations.

In the case of a performance chip, the approach may be a bit different, especially if it is the first time of getting this device, or there is not sufficient information to convince you about a particular brand to settle for.

Compared to several designs on the market, including the ones on our list, Dinan D440-0010 comes top.

If you want to replace the stock radio

Why is Dinan D440-0010 Performance Tuner The Best BMW Chip Tuning?

We settled with Dinan D440-0010 as the most preferred purchase option after considering critical factors such as affordability, performance, and top-level preference among existing users.

This design combines several excellent features that are instrumental in rebuilding and optimizing your vehicle to achieve the desired performance need at a price that doesn’t set the buyer up for debt or overburden them.

11 Best BMW Tuners Review & Buyer’s Guidelines

01. Dinan D440-0010 – Best Quality BMW Tuner


Highlighted Features

  • Up to 25 additional horsepower
  • Live boost monitor
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Multiple power settings
  • Plug and play device
  • ‎4 ounces in weight

Choosing the Dinan D440-0010 as our number one BMW performance chip was a well-thought-out decision.

None of its features can be cast away.

They combine greatly to deliver an immediate upgrade in vehicle performance, making it one of the decent purchases anyone could make.

With up to 25 extra horsepower up for grab, your vehicle will attain a higher level of operation/response, even at the lowest rpm.

Once the Dinan app is installed on your smartphone, it can be easily/immediately synchronized or connected to the tuner via Bluetooth.

The connection permits/allows desired tuning from the smartphone.


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Allows users to choose the desired power setting across numerous options
  • A great number of gains in horsepower
  • Worth the money


  • No instructions manual
  • A bit pricey compared to some of the options on the list

02. Burger Motorsports N54JB4 (JB4) – Best BMW Performance Chip Reviews


Highlighted Features

  • BMW 135i, 335, 535, and Z4
  • An extra 160 horsepower
  • An additional 100 torque
  • Up to +5 miles per gallon
  • Plug & play installation
  • CAN bus integration

Burger Motorsports N54JB4 (JB4) narrowly missed out on our top spot.

If the crowned king of the best BMW chip tuning (Dinan D440-0010) wasn’t on our list, this device would have slotted in effortlessly into that space.

When it comes to horsepower gains, it is one of the top tuners that offer a great margin.

The 160 horsepower the manufacturer claims isn’t far-fetched.

The vehicle acceleration will experience a significant improvement, making it super-fast.

This significant performance upgrade won’t go unwelcome/unappreciated if you enjoy racing adventures.

Like the first product on the list, the app also supports adjustments and settings to be made from the smartphone.

Vehicle owners can easily switch between the tunes to attain the level of performance they desire.


  • Guarantees a considerable boost in fuel consumption
  • Offers various driving modes
  • Reads and erases error codes efficiently
  • Doesn’t leave any footprint behind


  • Not allowed for use in California
  • A bit expensive

03. Innovative Performance Chip ‎(INV-BMW-3SRS) – Best BMW Tuning Chip


Highlighted Features

  • ‎BMW 3-Series
  • Up to 35 additional horsepower
  • Up to 5 extra miles per gallon
  • Instructions manual
  • 5 ounces in weight

Innovative Performance Chip ‎ (INV-BMW-3SRS) is one of the most affordable performance chips available to individuals searching for a reasonably priced design to optimize key performance features such as horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, and throttle operation.

According to the manufacturer, this device offers about 35 extra gains in horsepower and about 5 additional miles for every gallon of gas/fuel filled into the tank.

Although it offers most, if not all of the benefits indicated in the product description, for instance, horsepower and fuel efficiency optimization.

Nevertheless, these improvements would take some time before they can be perceived.



  • Performance optimization/improvement is not instant or immediate

04. Power Tune Performance (‎PowerTune 2065)


Highlighted Features

  • BMW 325i
  • 35 additional increase in horsepower
  • 25% improvement in torque
  • Plug and play installation
  • 0-60 acceleration improvement

This is another pocket-friendly tuner that can be purchased to improve engine performance.

It can be acquired for less than $100, increasing critical performance components such as horsepower, torque, acceleration, throttle response, and safety to a larger extent.

The installation doesn’t take much time.

Beginner or experienced user, anyone can set it up in less than ten (10) minutes.

Once it clicks into the OBDII port, it searches through the engine, unleashing a large amount of power no one would have imagined or thought was present.

Engine lag is eliminated in the process, supporting smoother engagement for improved performance.


  • Increased acceleration
  • Smoother and better throttle performance
  • Engine lag is totally eliminated
  • Installation can be completed as fast as five minute


  • The weight is not mentioned

05. Innovative Performance Chip ‎(INV-BMW-5SRS)


Highlighted Features

  • BMW 5-Series
  • Up to 35 additional horsepower
  • Up to 5 extra miles per gallon
  • Clearly written/well-detailed manual
  • 5 ounces in weight

Problems will definitely arise if a wrong device is installed on the vehicle, no matter the hypes about the tuner’s quality.

If it is not designed to work with your vehicle, no significant performance upgrade will be experienced or perceived.

Hence, when there are reviews about the inefficiency of the tuner to perform as indicated in the product description.

The issue doesn’t necessarily have to do with the product itself.

It could likely be an issue of inappropriate selection.

If you drive the BMW 5-Series, Innovative Performance Chip ‎ (INV-BMW-5SRS) is a compatible tuner offering an instant and sustainable difference in horsepower and fuel economy.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • The factory wiring harness doesn’t require any modifications
  • Significant increase in MPG and HP


  • The housing/case looks cheap
  • Short cord

06. ‎Power Tune Performance (‎PowerTune 129)


Highlighted Features

  • BMW X5
  • 0-60 acceleration improvement
  • 25% improvement in torque
  • 35 additional increase in horsepower
  • Plug and play installation

When you ask most vehicle owners what they know about using/installing a performance chip, especially those that haven’t tried or used it before.

The responses are always heartwarming.

In reality, most people know the key performance optimizations this device offers.

Nevertheless, they are being held back by one major fear.

They are skeptical and cautious about its impact on the second-hand sales value or their warranty.

While the fear factors are understandable, more findings would have enlightened them to take away the fear.

Like every other performance chip on our list, the Power Tune Performance (‎PowerTune 129) is designed to offer a significant upgrade in the vehicle without replacing/deleting the factory data.

Traces of the previous installation are cleared once removed from the OBDII, leaving the vehicle just as it came from the factory.


  • Offers one of the easiest/quickest installations
  • Price is at a very reasonable rate
  • Releases trapped power for improved performance
  • Leaves factory data untouched


  • Dimension and weight data missing

07. Innovative Performance Chip (INV-BMW-XSRS)


Highlighted Features

  • BMW X1-X7
  • Instructions manual
  • Up to 5 extra miles per gallon
  • Up to 35 additional horsepower
  • ‎3.99 ounces in weight

Innovative Performance Chip (INV-BMW-XSRS) shares similar attributes with its counterpart discussed earlier in our BMW performance chip reviews list.

The only distinguishing factor is the compatible BMW model that they are both designed to work with.

While the performance promises are achievable, it takes a few drives or miles coverage before noticing the difference.

Before any modifications are established, the tuner tries to first study/understand the driver’s driving style and make relevant changes accordingly.

Relying on the instructions manual alone could be frustrating.

We recommend watching relevant YouTube videos, especially for first-time users of this device, for easy installation and operation.



  • Instructions may be difficult to understand

08. Race Chip ‎RP3942-521067


Highlighted Features

  • BMW 535i
  • Six (6) fine-tuning mappings
  • 20% additional MPG
  • 25% extra horsepower and torque
  • 2 pounds in weight

RaceChip is one of the new designs that give the established brands or the big names in performance chips production a run for their money.

According to the manufacturer’s report, the team behind the RaceChip ‎RP3942-521067 is made up of some of the brightest individuals in car tuning software.

When the tuner is plugged into the OBDII, it reads the ECU’s data one after the other, optimizing them accordingly.

Basically, this device identifies the necessary upgrades specific to your car’s engine and establishes the necessary adjustments.

All the features are optimized to work with the BMW 535i.


  • No mechanical or technical skills are needed for installation and operation
  • A more efficient fuel consumption/usage
  • Strongly made casing


  • Instructions manual is missing

09. Power Tune Performance (PowerTune 081)


Highlighted Features

  • BMW 328I
  • Plug and play installation
  • 35% improvement in horsepower
  • 25% extra torque
  • 0-60 acceleration optimization

Power Tune Performance (PowerTune 081) is another reasonably priced chip.

The upgrade efficiencies are not comparable to high-end tuners.

Still, it offers a considerable boost to the overall engine performance for its price.

When installed on a compatible BMW, it offers a significant rise in power and torque.

The vehicle will put on a new identity, delivering a high-level performance that you never thought or believed was achievable.

Changes/alterations made to the vehicle are not permanent, retaining the factory data in the process.

If you decide to sell the vehicle at a certain time in the future.

The tuner can be easily detached, leaving no impression or traces of previous use/attachment.


  • Improved throttle performance/operation
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Modifications/alterations are not permanent
  • Engine performance becomes smoother, eliminating lag completely


  • Dimension and weight details are not stated

10. Power Tune Performance (‎PowerTune 127)


Highlighted Features

  • BMW X3
  • Five (5) minutes average installation
  • Plug and play
  • 25% extra torque
  • 0-60 acceleration optimization
  • 35% additional horsepower

The PowerTune 127 is designed to work with all types of transmission.

It doesn’t matter if your BMW uses the automatic transmission or the manual design.

So far, it is compatible with the model; it slots in effortlessly.

Compared to the top designs that offer immediate upgrades or modifications in performance, the experience with the Power Tune Performance (‎PowerTune 127) may be different.

When installed, it monitors the driving style and pattern of the car owner within the shortest period and then swift into making relevant upgrades to the horsepower and torque for advanced performance.

If there is a need to sell your vehicle sometimes in the future.

The tuner can be easily detached, taking the vehicle back to default (how it came from the factory).


  • Slots into the OBDII effortlessly
  • Installation doesn’t require mechanical/technical skills
  • Inexpensive design
  • Keeps the factory data unchanged


  • No significant improvement in MPG

11. ProRacing B081VG7KQR


Highlighted Features

  • BMW 135i
  • 30% horsepower optimization
  • 30% torque gain
  • Plug and play attachment
  • About 15% improvement in MPG

ProRacing is one of the newest brands trying to navigate its way to the top of the table in the tuners/performance chips market.

Although it lacks the awareness needed to position it to the faces of many vehicle owners, we believe the impressive performance upgrades it offers will speak well of it with time.

We are captivated by its performance upgrade (torque, horsepower, and MPG) values, which offer significant gains that affect engine optimization.

The installation doesn’t at any point create unnecessary stress or tension.

It slots in smoothly like every other design on our list.


  • Top-level durability and performance
  • Alterations/changes made to the vehicle are instant
  • You won’t break a sweat during installation


  • Low popularity
  • No installation manual

Buying Considerations of The Best BMW Tuners

01. Price/Budget

One of the qualities of a top design that isn’t always looked at or factored in when a component replacement or purchase conversation comes up is price.

Choose a product that can be purchased or paid for without creating unnecessary tension.

Because it is an excellent choice doesn’t mean it should be extremely expensive or out of the reach of intending buyers.

While most top-rated performance chips are somewhat expensive, there are numerous reliable options at a reasonable price.

They can be identified through comprehensive research and careful selection.

02. Performance Needs

All performance chips do not offer the same level or type of performance boost or upgrade.

You need to identify the key areas of the vehicle operation that do not deliver satisfying outcomes and select a tuner that is programmed to deliver significant optimization.

For instance, some tuners optimize horsepower and torque, but not MPG.

If you desire an upgrade in all of these key component areas.

A tuner designed to offer such outcomes should be selected/purchased.

03. Compatibility

Focus on tuners that are specifically built for your BMW model.

If a purchase decision is made based on trend and you neglect to verify if it complements your vehicle.

Such a decision may backfire.

04. Factory Settings

Choose a design that doesn’t erase the factory data but instead makes temporary performance modifications when installed and returns the vehicle back to default settings when removed.

All of the performance chips on our list uphold this feature.


Our list of the 11 best BMW tuners provides you with numerous options to choose from.

Intending buyers would have a variety of products to compare within various price categories to arrive at a well-thought-out purchase decision.

Most importantly, highlight your performance expectations and arrive at a convenient budget before going through the products one after the other.