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Common Procedure of Ford Ranger Radio Replacement [Update in July 2024]

A good radio in your vehicle is necessary since it serves good entertainment while on the road.

Listening to music or maybe listening to the news, a good radio is beneficial.

If you are trying to find and do the ford ranger radio replacement all by yourself, you are in luck because we are here to help you get through with it.

We will guide you step-by-step and help you determine if your radio will need a replacement or not.


Popular Radio Replacement


When is Ford Ranger Radio Replacement Necessary?

You can upgrade your radio anytime you want, especially when you are the type of person that would like to get the latest and most advanced and has good features in your car.

But the question is, when is it necessary?

How do you know if the radio needs replacement and not repairing anymore?

These devices in your car will soon require that, even if you don’t see it often.

Old age can be why you need to change it, especially if your ford is over ten years.

If the radio fails to turn on, it’s clear that it needs replacement.

Repairing it can cost you more in the future.

Irregular radio activities can be a sign that your radio has damaged, so it is necessary to replace them.

The Simple Steps of Ford Ranger Radio Replacement


Radio replacement will not take too long, depending on who will replace it.

But in most cases, it will not take a day.

Professionals can return your car radio within 4 hours or even less.


The overall cost of the replacement will depend on the radio replacement you want for your car, plus the installation fee for the professional if you are planning to ask for some help from them.

Radio replacement can cost from $50 to $1000, while the installation fee can be over $500.

Tools For Radio Replacement

  • Radio replacement
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Bojo Trim Panels
  • Posi-Product Connectors
  • Hook Tool Set
  • Wire Worm
  • Wire Cutter
  • Drivers
  • Socket Wrench Set
  • Small Knife

Process of Ford Ranger Radio Replacement Procedure

  • Changing the car radio, whether to upgrade or change the faulty default unit, if you are a novice and thinking about doing it yourself, this can be troublesome.
  • Here is the step-by-step guideline on installing or replacing your ford ranger radio, starting from removing the old radio up to installing the new radio.
  • Cut a metal hanger and make a “U” shaped metal. You can also use the ford stereo removal keys, but this will be hard to find, and you are lucky if you have one. The metal hanger is the easiest choice since it is easy to find.
  • Find the four holes; you can find these on both sides of the factory stereo. Use the “U” metal you made and place the end of the metals into the four holes.
  • Using the “U” metal, press the rounded side away from the stereo. It will create force and turn the clips inward, making it easier for you to get the radio.
  • This time you can now pull the stereo forward and get it out from your car’s dash. Try a couple of times to pull it out to guarantee that it is free.
  • Once free from the dash, the antenna will appear; you will need to disconnect it by pulling the end of it from the stereo. To disconnect the stereo freely from the truck, you have to disconnect the two wiring harnesses from the stereo.
  • Check the harness; the older version of the ford ranger doesn’t have the more excellent amplified version, but if your car has the amplified version, make sure that your replacement will fit your vehicle’s harness.
  • Prepare your harness of the radio that you will connect to the saddle of the ford ranger. To prepare this, you will solder the wires, and you can use a soldering iron and connect all the cables in matching colors.
  • Put some cover on the wires so that it will be organized. This will prevent tangling and can prolong the life of the harness, which is suitable for your car radio’s life.
  • Plug in your harness to the car’s harness; if you got the perfect match of each, it would be easier for you to plug it in. You will hear a snap once the harness is correctly attached. The end part of the harness is for the radio, and the other one is for the car.
  • Get your dash kit; you can have a single or double din dash kit. You can use the double din, but it slightly differs from the single din kit. However, in some cases, you will need some customization or trimming for the double din, especially for the older version of ford rangers.
  • Attach the pocket kit with the dash din and the radio metal can. Most new radios come with it, but you can get them in every radio store if your new radio does not include that. Attaching these three is easy. It just does pop and locks.
  • Ensure that any other accessories are appropriately attached, like the Bluetooth mic, before you do the radio installation.
  • Clip-in the dash kit; this will not need any complicated installation or tools; all you need to do is slide it in and make sure that you hear the snap or click and see if it has a tight attachment to the car.
  • Connect all the wires, like the harness, antenna, and other accessories you need to connect to the car radio. Make sure that you click it properly so you won’t have a problem with it.
  • Now slowly and carefully insert the radio in the radio bin, and before you test it, ensure that it is tightly installed on the dash.
  • Get your key and start running the car; check if your new radio functions correctly. Do some testing on all the other accessories and devices that you installed connected to the radio.
  • Once you check that everything is doing fine on your car, then that is the time that you can say that you did a job well done.

Installation can be tricky for some novices, but this can be an easy job if you know something about devices or a techy person.

To properly understand everything, you can check this video to see how to install a single din radio to your ford ranger.

Commonly Encountered Issues During Ford Ranger Radio Replace

During the installation process, sometimes you will experience a problem; it is normal, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to things like this.

This section will tackle the different common problems that every installer experienced during the replacement.

So if the time comes, or you are experiencing it right now, you don’t have to worry.

01. Wire Colors Did Not Match

This can be a common problem when installing a new radio.

Sometimes the color of the wires does not match on the harness of the car, and the harness of the radio, which will be hard for you to determine which wires go to what.

02. Radio Not Turning on

If the radio did not turn on after the installation, there are several reasons why it did not work.

The first thing to do is check all the wirings and adequately attach them.

If you check that all the wirings are in the excellent attachment, then maybe the radio is defective, but sometimes the common issue is that the wires are not in the right place.

Make sure to always check it properly before installing. Use the guideline videos like this:

Additional Options For Ford Ranger Stereo Upgrade

O1. Upgrading 4’2″ Dash Receiver

If you plan to upgrade your dash receiver from the stock radio you have, you can upgrade to 4’2″; it will give a more advanced feature and look good in your car’s interior.

O2. Upgrading Factory Speakers

From stock factory speakers to the new and upgraded ones, you will see a massive difference in the sound and performance.

This is if you buy the right product.

Good speakers can give an immersive sound that you will love, and aside from the radio, speakers are essential as they release the sound.

O3.  Installing Sound-Deadening Panels

Deadening your car by installing sound-deadening panels is a significant investment.

The sound of your vehicle will be better compared to before.

You will find here more of the sound from the stereo, rather than the sound of the road.

Soundproofing a car is impossible, as of course, you will still need to hear the sound of the road for the safety of everyone, but if you are aiming for the better sound system of your car, especially if you have the best car stereo, deadening the car is worth it.

Common FAQ’s

What is The Size of Radio Fits in a Ford Ranger?

The factory size of the radio is 6 inches x 8 inches; it is the same for every model.

So before you buy a replacement, make sure that it fits the dash bin.

Factory speakers have the same size as 5-1/4″, all models have it, so it will be easy for you to find a replacement for your ford ranger radio.

What Type of Sound System Does a Ford Ranger Use?

Ford uses a Bang and Olufsen audio for their stereo, and some of the latest models use a 4.2″ LCD receiver.

Take note that you will lose the factory rearview camera when replacing the standard receiver.

How To Upgrade Stock Radio?

If you want to upgrade to a much higher radio quality, you can find radio replacements in stores.

You can ask a professional for help in replacement, or you can do the D-I-Y.

Check out the videos we shared in this article to guide you during the step-by-step process.

How Can I Make My Stock Car Radio Louder?

You can install a 4ch amp. to your car if you aim for a louder radio.

But, if you want a more impressive sound than the stock, you have to change the speakers.

Does Aftermarket Radio Improve The Sound?

The simple answer is, Yes! They improve the sound of the radio, especially if you buy the best ones!

There are tons of aftermarket radio replacements in different ford ranger models.

Ford Ranger’s stock radio is not as good as the top-notch aftermarket radio replacement, and investing in it is worth it.

How Can I Make My Car Sound Better?

There are many ways to make your car sound much better.

Upgrading your car sound system is one way of it.

You can also install dampening materials or get the best connection.

You can do many things to get the best quality of sound for your car.

One key for that is to get a suitable product replacement.

What is The Code of The Ford Ranger Radio?

You can see the seven serial number that begins either with the letter M or V at the printed label of the radio.

You can also see the code on the screen by pressing 1 and 6 on the radio’s button.

Can I Unlock My Ford Radio Without The Code?

Yes, you can. You can do that by turning on the radio and seeing if the screen displays CODE or LOC.

Why Won’t My Ford Ranger Radio Work?

You can check the wirings of the car; if you see that everything is installed correctly, maybe the radio has a problem.

Radios can have problems through aging, especially the stock ones.

If you experience glitching or something unusual with your radio, check it as early as possible to avoid any more serious problems.

Last Say

Whether replacement or upgrading, the radio serves a considerable role in the car.

It keeps the driver and its company alive during the ride. Listen to your favorite music or radio channel of yours.

That is why it is essential to always make sure that your radio is in good condition.

That is why we are here to help you install the radio properly.