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8 Steps on How To Update Audi Navigation Maps Quickly

Are you searching for how to update audi navigation maps?

You aren’t alone! If you have any of the most recent Audi cars, the chances are that you would prefer the most up-to-date navigation apps to enable you to drive around confidently.

But, somehow, updating the Audi navigation app has been an unpleasant experience for some people.

You can do this all by yourself. All you need to do is follow the instructions where necessary, and the process should be smooth.

As a result, here’s what you should know.


How much does it cost to update Audi navigation maps?

Satellite navigation systems have become a necessity for today’s drivers, including those who drive Audi cars.

How much it costs to get the latest maps installed in your car varies significantly between the different car manufacturers.

As such, this section will be telling us the cost of updating your Audi navigation maps.

From the first three years when the car is produced, you have a limit of up to five free downloads.

However, when you have 4exhausted your free navigation maps downloads, you start paying money for the download.

If you are using an A3 hatchback, you would be spending approximately £164 for every update you do.

That cost does not include labour charges or VAT. It is also important to note that this figure may differ between the different dealers.

So, if you are looking to have your Audi navigation map updated, you can ask around to make sure you get the cheapest offer.

How much time needed to update?

It is one thing to download your updates, and it is another thing to install the updates so the new changes will reflect on your Audi navigation map.

Let’s start by establishing that updating your Audi navigation maps don’t take too long, as some people speculate.

After getting your update, activate it. It usually takes between 60 and 90mins to complete the updating process.

If everything goes accordingly, your map should have been updated.

It does not take forever, as many people perceive. If you run into that endless loop that shows ‘Updating’ forever, you may need to abort it and restart the update process.

Other than that, the 1hr or 1hr 30mins updating process is just supposed to be straightforward. On some occasions, it will take lesser time to get the job done.

The tools you need for the update process

These are the basic items that are needed for you to update your Audi navigation map apps;

  • SD card
  • A PC
  • Recent Java version
  • Latest firmware
  • Internet connection

With these, you can always get started!

Steps on Updating Audi Navigation Maps

The internet is full of too much information regarding updating Audi navigation maps.

And sometimes you might get so frustrated when you try to follow those instructions.

As such, we have put together simple steps you can follow to complete the process.

The first steps detailed on this page will be based on Audi’s official 2018 request: updates are to be done over the air. Let’s get started immediately;

Step 1

Open Audi’s Menu and navigate to Settings

Step 2

Push the center (***) towards the left to reveal the Maintenance Menu

Step 3

Click System Update

Step 4

Click Online Update [It will take some time to search for the update]

Step 5

Press the (****) to verify the digital road maps box.

Step 6

Scroll down to enable you to include more regions on the map (you can add as many as four regions)

Step 7

Press the back button.

Step 8

It will take you back to the digital road map menu. Scroll downwards, and you would see Start download. Click on it.

And the download will very well be on its way. If you need to turn your car off, you can do that.

Anytime you turn it back on, the update process will continue from where it stopped.

You should have your Audi navigation maps updated and ready for use by now.

But, if you are doing the update the old-fashioned way, you can go about it this way;

NB: The following was done via a Mac system, meaning the Windows procedures might differ. And This instruction is for a 2018 Q5 model.

Here are the steps one after the other:

  • Purchase an SD card, preferably 32G storage.
  • Open the MyAudi site here and log in.
  • Click on “Audi Connect Services.” It is right beneath the car.
  • You would see a Services tab; click on the right arrow to display “Map Update”. Click “Map Update”
  • Choose between ‘Individual Country’ and ‘Complete Package’
  • Slot the SD card into your PC. Or if you wish, use a hard drive to load the updated map files. Click the “Prepare Package” beneath.
  • A file known as a “downloader” will be downloaded. The filename contains some numbers in front of it.
  • This process requires the most recent Java version. You will get the prompt as the process is ongoing.
  • On my Mac, I had to access ‘Security Settings’ to open the downloader file.
  • It will come up via a Java window, displaying ‘My Audi’ and prompting you to select a suitable location where the files will be saved. Select any folder in your SD card or hard drive and click on ‘to go.’
  • You can track the progress through the download client page when the download begins. The file is approximately 10.6g and took up to 120mins on my PC.
  • Upon successfully downloading the file, move it to the SD card if that was not the initial destination.
  • You would notice it contains two files, “metainfo2.txt”, “0231001C.md5” and two other folders “, Mib1″ and Mib2”. Everything is relevant.
  • This is the part where you now approach your car and turn it on. You can do the next step when driving or the car is parked. Just make sure it is on.
  • Slot your SD card in SD1 space within the glove box
  • Inside MMI, navigate to Main Menu and proceed to Settings. Try pushing the MMI scroll wheel towards the left. A menu shows you ‘MMI Setup’ & ‘System Update’. Select ‘System Update’
  • Select ‘SD1’ – where the SD card is located and select by pressing the MMI button.
  • The navigation map update will commence, and you can see the progress on the screen, and
  • That should be it.

The steps are many, but they should not give you any hassles if they are followed to detail.

Tips on Updating Audi Navigation Maps

What are some of the tips you may want to have at the back of your mind to ensure a successful update of your Audi navigation map?

Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure the process is hitch-free:

  • Maps can only install on the latest software – You need to verify the status of your MMI firmware version.
  • If the software is outdated, you must have it updated (There are tools on the internet to help you do the checking. Go through the Audi’s Engineering Menu.)
  • Authentic map files – Get the authentic map files from most online stores. It’s up to you to download the files onto SD cards or DVDs.
  • Make sure the cards are formatted to support FAT32.
  • The first SD card can carry the updated map files, while the other can house the map activator.

Therefore, if you can put all of these in place before getting on with the update process, everything should go as smoothly as possible.

How much does it cost to update Audi MMI firmware?

If you remember vividly, we made it clear that you must check your MMI firmware version to know if it is up-to-date or outdated before starting with the update process for the navigation maps.

And if the MMI firmware is not updated, you better get it fixed because the updated map file can only install on the latest software.

You will have to pay about $275 for your Audi MMI firmware to be updated to the latest version.

If you fail to do this, you will only end up going in circles and frustrating yourself eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can navigation be added to Audi?

Just so you know, every model of Audi is designed with one MMI format or the other.

Therefore, if you are interested in a lower-grade model, you can add the top specification MMI navigation system.

It has been included in the tech park, coming along with other important features.

Can I update my Audi navigation map apps for free?

Many people seem to misunderstand this free update for Audi navigation maps. Free updates are available, but it is for a limited period.

So, it is not as if you are entitled to a free download of the current map files for as long as possible.

If the stipulated period for your free download elapses, you need to start paying for every map update you will do.

Is it possible to use Google Maps on the Audi screen?

Yes! Currently, Google Maps have been made to function with the Audi CarPlay. You can go into the map settings and have many configurations, depending on what you like.

There are tons of exciting stuff you can do with Google Maps. Unfortunately, it is not the same as the Audi navigation maps.

The Audi maps have more features and have been programmed with higher precision.

How much do I have to pay for Audi Connect every month?

Connect Prime comes at the cost of $199 per 6 months or $499 per 18 months; if you can afford that, fine.

Connect Plus seem to be a more reasonable bargain going for $10 for a month for those using their smartphone as their connection channel.

But if you are using the unlimited internet service in your car, you have to pay $25.

Can I use the Audi MMI to watch TV?

It depends. If it is a model that comes with the digital television model, it is possible. Otherwise, it may not be achievable.

Such a Tech pack equips your Audi with a DVB tuner, which allows you to watch TV via the car’s MMI display anytime the car is not in motion.

How can I tell what version of MMI I’m having?

You can ascertain this by confirming the version of the software that is loaded onto the system.

To get this done, press the car button to access the car menu. Afterward, press SETUP or MENU.

Then proceed to the version submenu. Look at the line that is marked ‘SW’ and read the value. That should give you the MMI version.

What is the meaning of MMI?

Audi MMI, also known as the multimedia interface, was developed to narrow down all the audio, vehicle settings, and navigation controls to a single interface, helping to reduce the number of buttons that would have been needed to operate them.

That makes the controls area neater and more presentable.


You can update your Audi navigation maps app if you want to.

As described here, you might want to confirm your MMI firmware version and ensure it is updated before you begin the process.

Otherwise, you might frustrate yourself thinking the update refuses to install on your system.

I hope this post has helped you regarding how to update Audi navigation maps.