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4 Common Honda 2.4 Engine Problems & Quick Solutions

The Honda 2.4 engine, which is part of the very popular Honda K-series, is known for its many qualities, especially in terms of tuning capacity.

We will go over these features in this article. However, what we’re going to focus on here are the Honda 2.4 engine problems.

Because yes, despite how good the engine is, it still has a list of problems that you need to know about.

Lastly, we will try to find a solution for each problem identified below.

So without further ado, let’s see what a Honda 2.4 engine is all about!


Features Of Honda 2.4 Engine

There are 5 types within the Honda K24A series:

  1. K24A1: 160 hp, 162 lb-ft, 6500 RPM redline, 9.6:1 compression ratio
  2. K24A2: 197-205 hp, 166-164 lb-ft, 7100 RPM redline, 10.5:1 compression ratio
  3. K24A3: 200 hp, 171 lb-ft, 7200 RPM redline, 10.5:1 compression ratio
  4. K24A4: 160 hp, 161 lb-ft, 6800 RPM redline, 9.7:1 compression ratio
  5. K24A8: 166-178 hp, 166 lb-ft, 6800 RPM redline, 9.7:1 – 10.5:1 compression ratio.

Honda 2.4 Vtec Engine Reliability

The K24 series made its first appearance at the beginning of the last decade, in 2001.

Honda created this series because it needed more powerful engines for larger vehicles.

After all, the K20A did not cope with these vehicles, so the K24A engines appeared out of necessity.

But while K24A replaced the B-series, K20A is still being used to this day.

In fact, some people claim that the K20 engines are better and have greater advantages over the 2.4 liter Honda engines.

Is there any truth to that? Well, it is true that K20 engines are not as expensive to replace and that they encounter fewer issues.

What’s more, the 2.0 engines might have better transmissions than the other ones.

However, the selling point of the K24 series is, obviously, the fact that these engines are more powerful, have better torque, and have a greater capacity of 2.4 liters.

The 2.4 engines are tuned more often than K20 engines, the main reason for that being that it’s much easier to tune K24 engines.

The Outstanding Performances Of K24A Engines

The comparison between the two types of engines leads us to conclude that both are extremely reliable, but the K20 is more accessible and less problematic.

While the K24 is more powerful and is intended especially for people who like to increase the car’s performance. much can be done.

After all, the K24 engines are arguably the best four-cylinder engines in the world when it comes to naturally aspirated performance, as well as the best-forced induction four-cylinder engines.

If that doesn’t convince you, then you should know that K24 engines are commonly used as a platform for enhancing certain cars, such as street racing cars, and even Formula 3 cars!

That should tell us just how powerful and reliable the Honda 2.4 engines really are …

But how long should we expect such an engine to last? Well, a K24A engine should last about 200,000 miles or 300,000 kilometers.

While it’s true that all cars should be durable as long as we take care of them, we can’t deny that some are more durable than others.

The Honda 2.4 series is part of that category of durable engines, like many other parts manufactured by Honda.

For this reason, many drivers will tell you that the engine will actually outlast the car itself. It may sound like a joke at first, but it’s something to take into consideration.

The Legacy Of K24A Engines

The K24A series was then continued by K24Z, Y, and W respectively, and although they are still being manufactured,

You should also consider buying a L15B engine, which is similar in most aspects, but is more compact and has a turbocharger.

Even so, K24A engines continue to be very popular among all kinds of drivers, one of the reasons for this being that a tuned vehicle with one of these engines could reach up to 500 hp, or even more! But that doesn’t mean that these Honda engines are not suitable for regular drivers either.

On the contrary, one of these will prove to be a great addition to many cars, if the driver is looking for something reliable and durable.

The Most Common Honda 2.4 Engine Problems

In this section, we will list the most common problems with K24A engines that we have talked about so far. Below you will be able to find potential solutions to these problems.

These problems are not present in all engines of this type, but they are more common than other problems. K24A engines can also experience other problemsf, as can all other car engines.

1. Oil leaks

Oil leaks is something that can happen to pretty much any engine, but many drivers have noticed that their K24 started leaking from a very specific spot, which is the front crankshaft seal.

This seal is made of rubber, which – in the long term – wears down, meaning that the oil will eventually leak through tiny gaps.

Indeed, it is important to note that this problem generally occurs in the long run, only after the engine has been used extensively. Expect this problem to occur after about 100,000 kilometers.

If the car hasn’t been driven much but is a little older, then expect the seal to wear down somewhat sooner.

2. Engine noise when starting the car

This is another issue that some drivers have encountered in their cars with K24 engines. Sometimes, during startup, the engine might emit a strange noise that it should not.

Also, this unpleasant noise could be accompanied by car vibrations … Of course, some vibration is completely normal, but anything out of the ordinary should make you ask yourself whether the engine has a malfunction or not.

To make sure that these are really symptoms to consider, try to find out if the noise is coming from the left or right side of the engine.

If an unpleasant sound is emitted from the right side of the engine, then you might actually be dealing with faulty VTC gear.

3. Faulty Timing Chain Tensioner

One of the innovations of the K24 and K20 series engines is that they use a timing chain instead of a timing belt.

In general, they have the same role, but they are more resistant and therefore have better durability over time.

In fact, the Honda timing chains are especially good, and chances are that you won’t have any problems with them.

However, problems begin to arise when we turn our attention to the tensioner.

This is especially true of earlier K24 engines, because – over time – Honda became aware of the problem and improved the quality of the chain tensioner.

If you are indeed dealing with timing chain tensioner issues, you should experience some severe rattling noises coming from the engine.

Additionally, it may be harder and harder for you to start the car, and the engine light might turn on in the car’s dashboard.

This is one of the problems that must be solved as soon as you have the opportunity because it could lead to other serious engine issues.

4. Exhaust Camshaft Problems

As I said, Honda K24 engines are very durable over time, so you will encounter problems quite rarely, or not at all. Even this issue that we will discuss now is quite rare.

However, it is a relatively expensive problem, so you should know what the symptoms are.

If this problem gets worse enough, you will start to hear a clicking noise coming from underneath the valve cover.

Another symptom, a more serious one, is power loss. If these two happen, it should be pretty clear that the engine’s camshaft is malfunctioning.

But again, this is something serious that you probably won’t have to deal with. And even if it does occur, that should only be after about 150,000 kilometers.

Possible Solutions Of Honda 2.4 Engine Problems

Front crankshaft seal

As we explained in the previous section, this is one of the most common problems for a variety of K24 engines. However, there are two good parts.

Firstly, it’s fairly easy to spot. We don’t have into detail on this one, as you’ll probably notice it dripping under the car before the problem gets worse.

Secondly, it will be very easy for you to find and purchase a replacement. Since many people have been dealing with this, the market has taken the opportunity, and you’ll notice that a new seal won’t cost you more than $ 15!

And, to be honest, there’s not much you can do apart from replacing the worn-out front crankshaft seal.

You can either ask a mechanic to replace it or, if you think you know what you’re doing, try doing it yourself!

Faulty VTC gear

Luckily for everybody, this issue is something that you won’t encounter that often. However, if you’ve carefully identified the source of the noise when starting the car up and have come to the conclusion that it’s coming from the right side of the engine, there’s a high chance that the VTC gear of your engine is malfunctioning.

Again, this can only mean that it needs replacement. However, VTC gear is much more complicated than replacing a simple rubber seal, so we recommend you not to replace it yourself unless you are very experienced with such issues.

Tensioner replacement

You can do one of two things: you can either replace the timing chain as a whole or only the tensioner.

Either way, it’s a pretty painstaking job that could consume quite a bit of your time. It is also quite expensive because the new components could cost you even $ 500.

If you prefer to take the car to a repair shop, expect to pay up to $ 1000.

Exhaust camshaft replacement

An exhaust camshaft should cost around $ 200 or, if you plan to take the car to a repair shop, be ready to pay up to $ 1500.

Things can get even more expensive if you choose to make an upgrade and pick an exhaust cam with significant performance benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most powerful K24A engine?

A: The K24A2 engine reaches 205 hp out of the factory, and for this reason, it’s considered the most impressive K24A engine made by Honda.

However, if you’re looking to tune your car, you could reach up to 500 hp with the right build using a cheaper alternative within the K24 series.

Q: Why are the K24 engines so popular?

A: K24 engines have been popular ever since they made their appearance in the early 2000s for how reliable they are.

They are also considerably more powerful than other Honda K-series engines, making them suitable not only for casual drivers but also for individuals who like to tune their cars.

Q: What are the most common problems of Honda 2.4 engines?

A: Honda 2.4 engines are well known for how durable they are, but despite this fact, there are a few problems that some drivers encounter.

We talked about 4 relatively common things that could happen with a Honda 2.4 engine in this article, so make sure to read the whole thing.

Additionally, you can find a short section dedicated to fixing these particular issues.

Q: What cars have K24 series engines?

A: There are a bunch of Honda models that have K24 engines, including Honda Civic, CR-V, Acura, Integra, Stream, and Accord.


All in all, the Honda K24A engines are extremely durable and reliable engines, and that is something that almost all drivers will tell you, even the Honda haters!

However, there are still some problems with the Honda 2.4 engines, and you should definitely know about them, whether you already own one or you plan to buy one.

The good part is that you can actually get rid of some of these issues, as we explained in this article.