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13 Best Floor Mats For Honda Civic in 2023 [Un-Beatable Protection in All Weather]

Many car owners, especially Honda, do not know about the Best Floor Mats for Honda Civic?

The greatest floor mats will give value all year, contingent on where you’re from, your lifestyle, or even the nature of your work.

We especially looked at thirteen of the top choices available in the marketplace for our selection of the finest Honda Civic floor mats.

The collection also includes various features, forms, and colors to suit several Honda Civic models.

Finding the ideal car floor mats is not an easy ride.

But don’t fret; we’ve done the work for you.

This article is here to assist you in exploring the current top Honda Civic floor mats in the market.


A Quick Look For Honda Civic Floor Mats

Husky Liners Front Fits 2016-19
Husky Liners Front Fits 2014-15
YITAMOTOR Inside Fits 2016-21
OEDRO Inside Fits 2016-21
Husky Liners Rear Fits 2012-13
MAXLINER Rear Fits 2016-21
Ecarzo Inner Fits 2019-21
Husky Liners Rear Fits 2006-11
Plasticolor Inside Universal
Honda Front Fits 2013

What Is The Best Floor Mat For Honda Civic?

Husky Liners 98461 occurs to be the best in the categories of floor mats for Civic cars.

The reason for this being that the floor mat is ridiculously inexpensive, plus you don’t need the brains of a rocket scientist to use it.

Why are Husky Liners Floor Mats Reliable?

There are various reasons behind Husky Liners being the best mat available in the market for Honda Civic, the obvious reason is that it does not difficult to use.

It is soft and possible to be cleaned without stress. It also includes some features that will keep you safe.

Top 13 Best Floor Mats For Honda Civic Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

01. Husky Liners 98461


Highlighted Features

  • Carpet protection
  • Includes Stay Put Cleats
  • Precision fit
  • Water Retention capacity
  • Does not get ripped easily

This product is very reliable and there has not been any negative comment about it from the people using it, more of the reason why it is on the top of our list.

The Floormat is designed to fit perfectly into the contour of your vehicle.

Husky Liners mats give you the front linear protection.

This means you are able to use these floor mats in any kind of weather and you won’t even notice any form of disruption.

The protection is not only for the front floor mats but also for the back mats too.

It extends from the front to the back of your vehicle.

Each of the floor mats, the front one or even the rear mats are very durable and can withstand any form of abuse.

Husky liners mats are very tough; they do not get torn easily.

The floor mats can stay up to 3 years if used properly.

Washing the mats is also very easy and does not require any technical know-how.

Just wash with clean water and detergent.

Lastly, it is designed in various colors to match any design of your vehicle, you do not have to worry about getting a perfect one to match your Husky floor mats with different color are available in the market.

It also has a high retention capacity

“This product is not suitable for all car types, although it can fit into any type of car except trucks.

The maker should find a way of making it suitable for other car types too.”



  • Might not fits the contour of your vehicle

02. Husky Liners 99441


Highlighted Features

  • Works with various models
  • Weather beater
  • Great retention system
  • Made from top-notch materials
  • Can be twisted easily

The Husky Liner 99441 is also made by the Husky brand which means it is also very durable.

There isn’t much distinction between the brand’s prior iteration and this product.

On the other hand, Husky Liners makes this product from high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

This Husky Liners’ outstanding floor liner is designed to fit Honda Civic automobiles from 2014 to 2015.

As a result, acquire this floor mat so that you’ll enjoy the best experience while driving.

Moreover, it has an advantage that renders it easy to dry, clean, and brush.

You’ll not get it wrong with Husky Liners 99441 if you’re looking for an option that can stand up to any filth or stain.

This floor mat is both durable and adaptable.

Additionally, like many other floor coverings from the company, these mats are suitable for all types of weather.

Also, it has a retention feature that keeps your floor cover in its place while your car is being washed.

“Most of the products delivered to the customers has been used already and many customers tends to undergo the stress of returning the product”

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  • It made with durable materials
  • Great appearance
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Most of the products are used

03. YITAMOTOR Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

This brand is known for producing one of the best floor mats for vehicle.

YITAMOTOR Honda Civic Floor Mats are manufactured of top-notch Thermoplastic Elastomer, making them completely harmless.

These coverings are renowned for their capacity to maintain the existing surface, even under adverse weather conditions, in addition to being sturdy.

YITAMOTOR floor mats are constructed using odorless, non-toxic, TPE material that keeps you secured even under intense heat.

They contain no lead, cadmium, latex, or dangerous PVCs.

TPEs with high tensile strength not only provide outstanding touch sensitivity and exceptional wear strength, but they’re also flexible in cold conditions.

The elevated edge and specially engineered channels conveniently catch sand, snow, liquid, and other debris, keeping your shoes and car tidy.

The hooks efficiently stop the liners from sliding even when they are wet, and they are suitable for both youngsters and the elderly.

No need for harsh chemicals or a bulky vacuum cleaner to cleanse the textured skid-proof surface; spray or shake them, and they’ll come out as clean as though they’ve never been used.

“One notable downside of this product is that customers will have a hard time installing them in cold environments.

This is a very easy problem to tackle, and the manufacturer should look into it.”



  • Installing in chilly environments can be difficult

04. OEDRO Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Ideal fit
  • All-weather protection
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Simple to clean

In any conditions, this TPE tri-extruded structure assures that it is completely odorless, safe, and ecologically friendly (snow, fog, rain, etc.).

Honda Civic hatchbacks, Civic sedans, and Civic Type R are all compliant with these floor mats.

[Make sure you’re using the right automobile model.]

They have a great robust and long-lasting grip. There will be no slippage.

Temperature resistance is three hundred percent higher than PVC.

The coverings are odorless, non-toxic, and free of lead, cadmium, latex, and potentially dangerous PVCs.

The high-strength TPE material is not only comfortable to wear and incredibly durable, but it also stays adaptable in extreme temperatures.

It’s simple to clean. Honda Civic hatchbacks, Civic sedans, and Civic Type R are all compliant with these floor mats.

They are simple to clean, do not shed, and do not collect dirt or pile up.

It’s simple and quick to restore the appearance of your vehicle’s mats.

Snow, milk, liquid, mud, sand, and other contaminants are trapped by high-density base material, which keeps your shoes and automobile neat.

“The fact that you can’t satisfactorily clean it without a pressure washer is a turn-off for many customers.”


  • Also, a great option for Honda CRV
  • The tread pattern is deeply sculpted
  • Surface is non-slippery


  • Non-trimmable
  • Cleaning without a pressure washer is difficult

05. Honda Civic 98441


Highlighted Features

  • Protective cleats
  • Sleek Appearance
  • Fits into many brands
  • Designed with Stay Put cleats

This product is also one of the best mats available in the market.

Although, these mats are only compatible with Honda Civic cars.

So, before you buy anything, make sure you know what kind of car you have.

Nonetheless, this model is suitable for all people.

These mats are made using long-lasting materials from Husky Liners.

You may rest assured that it will stand up to water, chemicals, dirt, and other elements.

These floor mats are also available in three shades: tan, gray, and black.

With so many possibilities, you can easily choose which model better compliments the style of your car.

This product is made of cutting-edge materials, making your vehicle seat stand out.

Apart from being incredibly easy to use, you can also effortlessly clean this mat.

The higher lip that accompanies this edition is also a significant plus.

You can effortlessly keep dirt from your floor liner with this method.

Like with the Husky Liner 98461-floor mats, this offering has stay-put nibs to hold your mat in place.

It’s a great option for anyone looking for four-floor coverings that can withstand the elements.

“Installation is difficult. Most users want a simple-to-use option.”


  • Not expensive
  • Comes with the Easy Fit functionality
  • Very nice design


  • Very difficult to install 

06. MAXLINER Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for a Hatchback or Sedan
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Simple to install
  • Solidly built

Often, customers pay almost no attention when it comes to buying floor liners for their automobiles.

On the other hand, car mats are just as important as other automotive accessories.

In reality, this MAXLINER offering is among the top choices in the marketplace.

Plus, there’s more. MAXLINER creates mats keeping their customer’s pockets in mind.

They’re reasonably priced and cost-effective.

Another advantage that stands out with this product is protecting you and your car from dirt, mud, and snow.

This item isn’t only simple to tidy up, but it is also simple to maintain.

MAXLINER designed these mats with low-density patterns that render them simple to clean, unlike what is obtainable with other floor coverings.

Similarly, the mats have a uniform shape that adds refinement to your car’s appearance.

Another appealing aspect of this item is its stain tolerance. It cleans the mat’s floor of all kinds of liquid spills and dirt.

“While it is true that this is a perfect option, this product is delicate. Hence, you should handle it with great care.”

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  • It was a fantastic fit
  • Durable
  • Simple to clean


  • It is delicate

07. Ricardo Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Personalized design
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Modern design
  • Water-resistant and simple to maintain
  • Non-slippery and opulent

These newly designed floor covers are constructed of rubber-infused TPE materials, which have high adaptiveness, high tensile strength, and good elasticity, as opposed to other floor liners.

This is the most recent style of Honda Civic floor liners.

All-weather protection design is one hundred percent tasteless and ecologically friendly and can offer one hundred percent safety in any conditions (snow, fog, rain, etc.).

The elevated edge shape of this floor liner efficiently avoids moisture and sand collection.

Easily wash the inner carpets with water to bring them back to life.

The carpet is kept in place by backing with exceptional anti-slipping cone-shaped nibs.

Your car will appear much more glamorous thanks to its classy appearance and creative designs.

“The cap of this floor mat pops out while vacuum-washing. The maker should find a way of fixing it.”


  • Great fit for Honda Civic cars
  • Dirt has a hard time gathering underneath and around the edges
  • Very easy to clean and remove dirt with pressure washers
  • Fantastic all-weather carpets


  • Caps pop out while vacuum-washing

08. Husky Liners 98441


Highlighted Features

  • Modern appearance
  • Compliant with Honda Civic models from 2012 to 2013
  • Comes with StayPut cleats
  • High-quality materials used
  • Stain-proof

This product, like others from Husky Liners, is worth your consideration.

They are only compatible with Honda Civic cars from 2012 to 2013.

So, before making a buy, make sure you know what kind of car you have.

Nonetheless, this model can be used by all cars.

These mats are made using long-lasting materials from Husky Liners.

Rest assured that it will stand up to water, chemical spills, dirt, and other elements.

These floor mats are also available in three unique colors: tan, gray, and black.

With so many possibilities, you can easily choose which model better compliments the style of your car.

This type is made of cutting-edge materials, making your car seat stand out.

Apart from being incredibly easily usable, this mat is also quite easy to maintain.

The higher lip that this model feature is also a significant plus.

“The installation steps of this product are intricate. Most users will get discouraged with them.”


  • It has a distinctive look
  • Easy fit
  • Simple to use


  • Complicated setup procedures

09. Plasticolor Floor Mat


Highlighted Features

The interoperability attribute of this floor mat is what sets it apart.

This design is the finest option for you whether you’re driving a truck or passenger vehicle.

This company is concerned about the demands of its customers.

Apart from the aesthetic, these mats have a high level of durability.

Irrespective of the place you go, this solution eliminates all dirt off your car.

You should have no trouble installing this model because it features a step-by-step instruction guide.

The item, like previous models, has numerous applications.

Also, it is a versatile item that you may use in any season. Not only that but there’s more!

Cleaning the flooring of your car becomes a breeze with this product.

Simply wash your mat with water and mild soap, and it will be from embarrassing stains.

It’s not only a compact product, but it’s also reasonably priced.

This product was created by Plasticolor using flexible options that are durable.

It’s a terrific option for people who want to buy easy-to-clean mats.

“Even though this gear has a high reputation, it does have a disadvantage.

The uncleanliness of this item is one of its significant flaws.

For example, numerous buyers have reported that the merchandise is unclean after purchase.”


  • Minimalistic design
  • Safe and simple to install
  • Budget-friendly


  • Low-quality components
  • Not very appealing

10. Honda Genuine Accessories 08P13 TR0 110A


Highlighted Features

  • All-weather components
  • Has a front backing hold
  • Includes a customized logo
  • Specifically designed for the 2013 Honda Civic
  • Solidly built

Due to its excellent evaluations and characteristics, this material occupies a favorite spot in our best Honda Civic floor mat list.

Unlike some other floor coverings, the company produces them intending to last a long time.

This floor mat has a build that helps eliminate moisture and some other dirt swiftly. It is suitable for all weather.

It decreases the chances of accidents, whether during the rainy period or in other atmospheric conditions.

This model also maintains your items clean and stain-free.

To prevent discarding, clean this floor mat with water and soft soap.

A frontal backup hold keeps this floor liner from slipping, another distinctive characteristic of this product.

Customers will have no problems using this fantastic Honda offering.

In truth, these carpets are simple to put together.

This item is well worth the money if you want premium floor protection for your vehicle.

Also, it has a customized logo that draws attention to the car’s cabin.

“While the company’s offerings are great, this model is rather hefty and poorly constructed.”


  • Very simple to set up
  • Excellent quality
  • It is a sturdy option


  • It’s not lightweight

11. JOYTUTUS Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Multi-colors
  • Perfect for a five-seat vehicle
  • Made from Anti-Slippery leather components
  • Wear-proof
  • Quick Installation
  • Exceptional Groove
  • Non-skating and secure

This floor mat is the perfect solution for you if you’ve got a multi-seat vehicle.

These coverings were particularly designed for automobiles with five seats.

It seems out of place in any two- or four-seat pickup truck or automobile.

If you want to make your car appear more elegant, make sure you keep this model in mind.

The mats are offered in ten colors, unlike comparable items in the marketplace.

With so many colors to pick from, you can find a design that accurately matches your preferences.

In the meanwhile, these wonderful floor mats are inexpensive.

You don’t need to spend extra money to make your car more appealing.

The simplification of this fantastic item is yet another distinguishing aspect.

It’s really easy to maneuver and put up, unlike some other models.

To do this task, you don’t have to become a professional.

Simply follow the owner’s manual included with it, and you’ll be fine.

In reality, it is made of porous leather suitable for all times.

This material will keep your automobile seats safe from harm.

It offers the most luxurious comfort you can imagine.

“It is not a far-reaching option. Most users want a product that caters for many choices.”


  • It’s dependable
  • Simple to set up
  • The design is attractive


  • Doesn’t fit all automobiles

12. VIWIK Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Rear TPE design
  • All-Weather Safety
  • Fitted cleat design
  • Easy to clean

Viwik is another top-notch floor mat brand, it incorporates a bright design together with an awesome water retention capacity.

These vehicle coverings are made to order for the following years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2023.

These floor mats are composed of environmentally sustainable TPE material that is fully odorless and non-toxic, allowing you to avoid the bad scent in your car.

They’re designed for maximum comfort, cleanliness, and long-term usage.

There are no difficulties with being out of form or breaking.

The vehicle floor coverings are made with rough ridges, edges, and channels to readily capture all types of fluids, sand, mud, snow, scraps, and dirt, and to fully safeguard your vehicle in all atmospheric conditions.

The automobile floor liners have been proven to operate effectively in harsh hot, corrosive, and cold environments.

Also, rough ridges are built to keep you safe when walking and driving.

Non-skid border nibs provide good retention and ensure that the floor liners do not shift.

You may rest confident that toddlers and the elderly will easily stroll on the floor liners.

To ensure the mats are neat, remove them from the car and dry and rinse them.

“Some buyers had complained that they got a refurbished product when they ordered for this product.

Everyone wants the real value for their money, and nothing lesser would be tolerated.”


  • They’re long-lasting and simple to clean
  • The quality appears to be in line with that of weather technology
  • Comes with non-skid features


  • May not get a completely new product

13. Ikon Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for any kind of weather
  • Resistant to water
  • Comes with a 3 layered pattern
  • Designed with High class material

This is the last but not the least review, this is placed last because of our choice of numbering.

This company is well-known for its high-quality supplies.

They’ve made a lot of mats for Honda Civics.

This is among the finest products on the marketplace right now.

Unlike some offerings in the market, Ikon floor mats are suitable for all conditions.

You’d like to have this product whether you’re traveling in the wintertime or on holiday in the summertime.

Ikon created the mats to safeguard you from dirt, salt, rain, and snow.

This device also has a water-resistant option, which is a great bonus.

As a result, you may be assured that water will not enter your car.

This variant has a clean and stylish style that draws attention to your Honda Civic.

In reality, washing this model is simple and stress-free.

Simply vacuum using wet clothing and allow them to dry, and your things will appear as good as new.

Also, it has a 3-layer structure that provides optimum inside coverage and enhances comfortability.

You also won’t have to think about a foul odor because Ikon used top-notch thermoplastic material to create these floor mats.

The substance guarantees that your liners do not emit a foul odor.

More significantly, the maker provides an Anti-Skid Backing feature, which secures your carpets.

” Buying this product can be a bit stressful, as it is not readily available in the market frequently.”


  • Can serve different purposes
  • Top-notch18 design
  • Comes with Anti-Skid functionality that secures your mat


  • Poor customer service experience

Purchasing Facts For Honda Civic Floor Mats

Below are some of the things to put into consideration when getting a pair of floor mats for your Hinda Civic.


The best Honda Civic floor mats will maintain your flooring and make your interior appear nice and tidy for long periods.

If you’d like to market your automobile, the state of the flooring could be the very first thing that prospective buyers inspect.

A pair of high-quality floor mats can save you time and money.

Rubber Build

The vast majority of current floor mats have a rubberized construction that is more resistant to dampness.

Moisture can be your greatest enemy in terms of interior car damage, generating mildew and other issues.

Nubs at the base of the floor mats are a characteristic that most producers have implemented to assist the mats safely remain intact.

Other Things To Think About

Interior Design

There are no two mats that are exactly the same.

When searching for the ideal Honda Civic floor mats for your car, you’ll want to choose one that fits the inside of your car.

There’s nothing more unattractive than a crimson interior paired with a set of substandard automobile mats in a contrasting hue.


Before you buy a set of customized vehicle floor mats, figure out what you need.

There’s a package for everything.

The top Honda Civic floor mats will be designed for those who drive different Honda Civic models.

Hence, these floor mats wouldn’t be appropriate for people who drive Rolls Royce or Lamborghini.

Floor Mats Come in Different Types

Floor Mats Made From Fabric

Fabric floor mats have been present for a long time now, and they’ll keep being popular and economical option in the auto market.

When picking a cloth floor mat, keep in mind that these floor mats are the most stain-prone.

Although the price level is appealing, there are additional disadvantages if you lead a non-sedentary lifestyle.

Floor Mats Made From Rubber

Rubber is among the most effective substances for getting the most bang for your buck in the automobile industry.

Rubberized coverings are simple to maintain since they can be hosed off, making them excellent for families with children or busy lifestyles.

The current options in the market have deep bends and ridges that capture debris and dirt that might fall off other types of floor mats.

All-Weather Vinyl Mats

It’s never enjoyable to drive under a downpour, but if you in a high rainfall region, you don’t have an option but to get used to it.

All-weather vinyl floor mats are engineered to withstand a variety of weather situations, so don’t be too overly concerned about mud accumulating on your flooring.

People Ask For Honda Civic Floor Mats

What is The Best Way To Clean Floor Liners?

All the items discussed in this post are simple to clean and maintain.

Remove the mats and use a pressure washer or water hose to clean them.

Thoroughly clean every mat with a gentle brush and light soap.

Is it A Good Idea To Invest A Little More Money in A Luxury Honda Civic Floor Liner?

The reply, in our opinion, is “absolutely.” It’s not only about the quality when it comes to floor mats.

Fit also plays a significant influence.

If the liners are flipped horizontally, the inner mat would not only become soiled, but your shoes will also rub against it, causing damage.

The finest Honda Civic floor liners can keep your vehicle tidy, improve its appearance, and maintain its market value.

They’re fantastic additions.

What Are The Most Common Complaints About Floor Liners?

Since floor liners are simple vehicular additions with minimal moving components, they often receive positive feedback.

The main complaints from customers and seen in feedback are damaged shipping, wet, slick surface, thin material, stiff material, poor grip.

How Much Do Floor Liners Cost?

No, the majority of floor liners are inexpensive.

Even though some are pricy, you may acquire a high-quality offering without any hassle.

But if you want an option that has a very high value for money, you should be willing to invest in it.

Is it Possible To Wash Floor Liners?

Yay! Floor liners are not simple to clean, but they often dry quickly.

Several manufacturers used water and stain-resistant materials to create these floor mats.

Honda Civic floor coverings are simple to clean and maintain.

Simply get some soap and water, and you’re ready to go.


With the information in this article, finding the best Honda Civic floor mats should be a breeze.

Nonetheless, it’s important to be aware that today’s marketplace offers various producers a wide range of floor mats.

The majority of mats are long-lasting, robustly constructed, and cost-effective.

Luckily, our list has made selecting the finest floor liners for your vehicle simple.