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Top 10 Best Running Boards For Honda Ridgeline (Corrosion Protected & Durable)

Asides from enhancing your truck’s looks and appearance, the best running boards for Honda Ridgeline also offer a lot of exciting utility to further improve operation and performance.

For instance, if getting inside and alighting from your vehicle seem challenging.

Especially if you are old, not really tall, and driving under extreme conditions such as heavy downpours.

A running board ensures you can effortlessly hop in and out of your Honda Ridgeline.

In addition, a well-made/durable running board ensures the paint job on the side of your Honda Ridgeline retains its attractiveness, keeping obstacles that could glide against it at bay when driving on the main road.

If you are confused about the ideal running board for your truck or do not know the exact design or brand to pick from the numerous choices/options available for selection.

We have identified ten (10) outstanding brands that you can invest in for unmatched performance.

These products are built explicitly for Honda Ridgeline, offering improved confidence.

Getting in and out of your truck will become easier, eliminating your worries and anxieties.

The most reliable and trusted Honda Ridgeline running boards, Honda Ridgeline Nerf, include TAC, VANGUARD, AUTOSAVER88, APS, ARIES, Honda Genuine, and BETTER AUTOMOTIVE.


Editor’s Choice

TAC Running Boards
TAC 4.25" STST40-51700
APS iBoard ‎IB-HR352Y
ARIES 2051870
Honda 08L33-T6Z-100
TAC ‎STST251700
APS iBoard ‎IB-H4124N

What are The Best Nerf Bars For Honda Ridgeline?

TAC ‎CR5120 comes top on our list of highly-rated running boards/Nerf bars for Honda Ridgeline.

Why TAC ‎CR5120 is The Best Running Boards For Honda Ridgeline?

TAC ‎CR5120 is a luxurious yet affordable design.

If you are looking for a design that adds a well-polished and appealing touch to your vehicle’s exterior and guarantees secured entry and exit without unnecessarily stretching your budget.

This is a top choice to consider.

10 Best Running Boards For Honda Ridgeline on The Market

01. TAC ‎CR5120


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel edge
  • Aircraft-grade extruded aluminum frame
  • The step area is 5.5-inch wide
  • Rubberized step pad covers
  • 72 x 7 x 13 inches in dimension
  • 8 pounds in weight

TAC ‎CR5120 is a top design that every Honda Ridgeline owner should consider whenever they are ready to mount or attach a running board to their vehicle.

The step area is covered with a quality rubberized pad cover, ensuring you can securely/safely get in and out of your vehicle by eliminating possible slips.

Its slip-resistant feature makes it an ideal pick for individuals with young kids and aged family members.

Also, the edge is constructed with attractive stainless steel, which adds a more charming touch and luxurious feel to your Honda Ridgeline.

Compared to numerous designs out there, this running board is equipped to last for a more extended period (built for strength, durable, and unsusceptible to rust or corrosion).

Not only that, it can withstand or sustain numerous amounts of weight, accommodating people of various sizes in the process.

Thanks to its aircraft-grade extruded aluminum frame. The installation is straightforward (bolt-on).

As a result, you won’t have to bother about any modifications before the attachment or integration can be completed.

Anyone can perform the installation exercise in the comfort of their home.

All the components you need to complete the attachment are packed alongside the running boards.

Also, a clearly written instruction manual is added to the box.


  • Appropriate mounting height
  • Installation/mounting doesn’t require any form of drilling or cutting
  • Comfortable and slip-resistant running boards
  • Resistant to rust/corrosion for long-lasting use


  • The screw spacing measurement (for the front brackets) needs to be worked on
  • The weight capacity is not mentioned



Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum materials
  • A top option for 17 & 18 Honda Ridgeline
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Mounting accessories
  • ‎73.5 x 9.5 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 96 pounds in weight

Investing in an affordable product or design can be comforting, especially if you do not have a considerable budget or can’t afford the premium/expensive offerings.

However, you need to exercise patience and caution to prevent picking up a substandard or an ineffective design.

While the VANGUARD VGSSB-0958 is designed or offered at a low/affordable price, the manufacturer has been able to find a balance between reliability and affordability.

If you desire an ideal solution for your upgrade exercise.

This design delivers your preferred style and performance without going overboard on your budget.

The durable and top-rated stainless steel and aluminum used in the construction offer adequate protection to the sides of your vehicle, preventing debris, stains, and scratches from interrupting the paintwork.

The step area is wide enough, offering firm and incredible traction to your feet in the process.

In addition, the running board’s surface doesn’t slip irrespective of the weather, thereby enhancing the user’s confidence.


  • Stress-free assembly/mounting
  • Pocket-friendly running board
  • Offers incredible traction to the feet, preventing possible slips in the process
  • Offers an appealing and sophisticated appearance to your Honda Ridgeline


  • The description doesn’t have the weight capacity details

03. AUTOSAVER88 ‎A048-1


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Aluminum alloy material
  • Accommodate about 450 pounds of weight
  • Mounting guide & accessories
  • Bolt-on installation
  • 67 x 4.3 x 2 inches in dimension
  • 8 pounds in weight

AUTOSAVER88 ‎A048-1 is an excellent bargain for its price.

These running boards are strongly built, accommodating various sizes or weights.

Individuals within the weight capacity of 450 pounds can comfortably put their feet or stand on the board while making their way in/out of the vehicle.

Thanks to the highly durable aluminum alloy material used in the construction.

The surface area doesn’t slip. Also, it is protected from the effect or possible impact of ultraviolet rays or corrosion.

As a result, an extended lifespan is guaranteed, irrespective of the weather conditions in your region or where you live.

Installing the running board on your Honda Ridgeline is seamless.

On average, this process takes between 1-2 hours. You do not need any special tools (drilling or cutting is not an option).

Although the mounting instructions are not clear enough, the installation process can be figured out without stress or any form of complications.

You can easily detect the placement, especially where each component goes and all.


  • Durable & robust design (corrosion & ultraviolet rays resistant)
  • Wide step area for improved traction and to avoid slips
  • Mounting is effortless
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions


  • Mounting instructions are vague

04. TAC T40-51A-C700


Highlighted Features

  • ‎A great choice for 17-21 Honda Ridgeline
  • Alloy steel material
  • 25-inch oval tube
  • Bolt-on attachment/mounting
  • 89 x 13 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

If you own or drive a Honda Ridgeline made between 2017 and 2024.

The TAC T40-51A-C700 running board is for you.

These running boards are carefully designed and made from sturdy alloy steel.

In the process, your will achieve your desired application without spending too much.

The black finish adds an exciting touch to your vehicle’s exterior.

The step area made from a rubber material promotes firm grip or traction.

You will be able to step on the running board with improved confidence, knowing fully well that there is enough space to accommodate your feet.

This eliminates any fear of a possible slip-off.

For the best outcome and appropriate attachment, you can consult the well-detailed instruction manual that comes with the kit.

The sturdiness and overall reliability of TAC T40-51A-C700 have not gone unnoticed.

A lot of users have testified to its impressive sturdiness, especially its ability to withstand rust attacks and the effect of ultraviolet rays after several years of use.


  • Wide and aggressive side steps
  • Step pads do not slip, neither are they affected by ultraviolet rays
  • The instruction manual is well-written, making the installation process easier
  • Inexpensive running boards


  • The weight capacity is unknown

05. APS iBoard (‎IB-HR352Y)


Highlighted Features

  • ‎The step area is 6-inch wide
  • Aluminum material
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Instruction guide & mounting accessories
  • 75 x 13 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

APS iBoard is a top brand in the running boards manufacturing industry.

Good enough, the brand has been able to experience some remarkable results over the years due to the enormous patronage it has enjoyed from vehicle owners.

Thanks to its impressive list of options, ensuring car owners have a wide range of designs to pick from.

A notable model is the APS iBoard (‎IB-HR352Y).

This running board is built as 6-inch wide, providing enough space to accommodate the feet of the driver and their passengers, irrespective of their age, weight (can withstand up to 300 pounds of load), or height.

Considering the build quality and other impressive attributes it possesses, this is one of the most reliable and pocket-friendly choices you will find around.

If you desire a running board that adds an exciting touch to your Honda Ridgeline’s exterior, most importantly, giving it a modern feel and appearance. Here is a great option to look at.


  • Support improved traction and grip
  • Attractive running boards at a reasonable price
  • Well-written instructions to support smooth attachment
  • Running boards are adequately protected from rust and ultraviolet attacks


  • It takes a lot of time and effort to have the rear holes align properly
  • Attachment/mounting may require some drilling

06. ARIES 2051870


Highlighted Features

  • Polished stainless exterior
  • Aluminum material
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • 8 x 7.48 x 6.5 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

ARIES 2051870 is a top-quality running board you can install on your vehicle for great satisfaction and fulfillment on your investment.

Looking at the running boards right from the moment you unbox them, you will find the clean and attractive design fascinating.

Also, its durable and sturdy accessories enhance confidence.

The step area or board’s surface is not prone to slips, ensuring your feet can stay firm and stable when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Also, the corrosion/rust resistance attribute promotes extended use or longevity.

Especially if you live in a region with a high record of extreme weather conditions such as snow and rainfall.

The installation is effortless. You do not need any special tools or previous experience to attach the boards to your vehicle.

Most importantly, you won’t have to drill holes or cut out any part of your vehicle to complete the attachment.

On average, the mounting process takes about an hour.


  • No drilling/cutting
  • Guarantees enhanced comfort while entering and exiting your vehicle
  • Not affected by corrosion or rust
  • Sleek and attractive appearance


  • Maximum load capacity is not known
  • The hardware or mounting components are purchased separately

07. Honda Genuine 08L33-T6Z-100


Highlighted Features

  • Honda Ridgeline 2018 compatible
  • Cast aluminum design
  • Mounting components
  • 83 x 13 x 9 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

Honda Genuine 08L33-T6Z-100 provides Honda Ridgeline owners with the attributes and the significant expectations they desire from a running board.

The cast aluminum material offers impressive durability and aggressiveness required to withstand extreme conditions, be it weather or road condition.

Since the running boards have a sufficient and wide step or surface area, this provides a secure, easy, and comfortable way to gain entry into your vehicle and come out of it.

The surface doesn’t slip, providing maximum protection during use.

Usually, the installation is easy. However, an individual who hasn’t replaced or mounted a running board before may face some challenges.

You may have to cut away some parts of the plastic trim beneath your Honda Ridgeline before the brackets can be successfully integrated.

Since the package doesn’t come with mounting instructions manual, you will have to figure out how to perform this exercise independently.

Overall, Honda Genuine 08L33-T6Z-100 is sturdily built, giving your vehicle an aggressive/rugged appearance in the process.


  • Entry and exit is made easier and more convenient
  • Inexpensive design
  • Mounting is achievable without stress or any form of difficulties


  • Cutting may be required for successful installation
  • No instruction manual

08. TAC ‎T251A-C700


Highlighted Features

  • Excellent addition to 17-21 Honda Ridgeline
  • Alloy steel material
  • Double layer finish
  • Bolt-on installation
  • 76 x 17 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 33 pounds in weight

TAC ‎T251A-C700 is an inexpensive design that owners of Honda Ridgeline 2017-2024 can consider for their running board installation or replacement exercise.

The black finish is attractive, which greatly complements your vehicle’s exterior.

The rubber-made surface/step area supports stability, firmness, and balance, ensuring uncompromised grip/traction is achieved whenever you place your feet on it.

The installation is straightforward. You do not need to adjust or modify existing installation points.

If mounted appropriately, sturdiness and durability are guaranteed for an extended period.

The alloy material provides extensive protection, ensuring rust and ultraviolet rays do not impact performance.

The installation manual is not totally reliable, especially for an individual planning to engage in an independent attachment without previous experience.

For best outcomes, you may have to check online to fill in the missing pieces of information.


  • Resistant to rust, ultraviolet rays, and grease
  • Mounting accessories and manual aids smooth integration/attachment
  • Pocket-friendly
  • A simple and attractive design


  • The maximum load capacity is not disclosed
  • Instructions can be better

09. APS iBoard (IB-H4124N)


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Highly-rated aluminum material
  • 4-inch wide surface area
  • Matte black powder-coated finish
  • 300 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 86 x 10 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 37 pounds in weight

This powder-coated matte-black finish Honda Ridgeline running boards, Honda Ridgeline Nerf bar is offered at an attractive price.

APS iBoard (IB-H4124N) provided impressive results at a pocket-friendly price.

If you have a budget below $200 and desire a highly-rated design for your Honda Ridgeline.

This running board is worth significant consideration.

The aluminum construction guarantees a high level of durability, ensuring issues relating to corrosion or possible attacks from ultraviolet rays are entirely eliminated for long-lasting operation.

Also, it is equipped to comfortably accommodate/ withstand up to 300 pounds of weight.

Another notable feature/attribute that current users appreciate about the APS iBoard (IB-H4124N) is the sophisticated/modern feeling and look it offers to their Honda Ridgeline.


  • Attractive price
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Wide step area for the firm and secure footing
  • Heavy-duty build/construction


  • The running boards can scratch easily



Highlighted Features

  • An ideal choice for 17-21 Honda Ridgeline
  • Alloy steel material
  • Heavy-duty powder coated mild steel round tube
  • Bolt-on installation
  • ‎76 x 17 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 33 pounds in weight

BETTER AUTOMOTIVE B251A-M700 is designed to offer two major solutions.

These are extended operation/performance and functionality.

These well-built running boards promote attractiveness, durability, and strength for secure and safe use.

The step pads are wide enough, allowing users to comfortably place their feet on them while gaining entrance into the vehicle and while coming out of it.

Impressively, the surface area or step pads do not slip, promoting incredible confidence in the process, especially in children and aged family members.

The installation is simple; it is what anyone can engage in independently.

All the accessories or components needed to support the integration or attachment process are available.


  • No cutting or drilling is needed
  • No-slip experience
  • Protected against attacks from ultraviolet and corrosion
  • Stress-free integration & inexpensive design


  • The max weight capacity is not mentioned

Buying Factors of Honda Ridgeline Running Boards

1. Budget

There are hundreds of excellent and reliable running boards on the market.

Going through this long list one after the other is somewhat impossible or unachievable.

One of the most effective methods or approaches to cut down the stress of researching or selecting the ideal running boards for your Honda Ridgeline is tailoring your search in line with the amount you are willing to pay.

Have a budget and search for running boards offered within the price range.

You can then go through these designs one at a time to select the one that has all the attributes that complement your expectations or preference.

Irrespective of your budget (low to premium), with a clear understanding of your needs, coupled with the appropriate information.

You will get the best running board for your vehicle.

In this guide, we have reviewed ten (10) top designs.

Go through them one after the other and choose the one you find compelling and fascinating.

2. Compatibility

While researching or selecting the running board to buy for your vehicle, ensure you pay attention to the fitment details.

A design that has your Honda Ridgeline model written clearly in the description should be considered.

If you can’t find any information about your vehicle on your desired design.

You can go ahead to speak with the vendor to ensure you are on the same page or making the right decision.

A compatible running board is easy to install, eliminating the need for adjustments or modifications in the process.

3. Surface/Step Area

Ensure you choose a running board with a wide surface area.

A design that is 4-inch wide and above is a great choice.

The wider the surface area, the more secure/balanced your feet will be when you step on the board while entering and exiting the vehicle.

4. Slip-Resistant

Ensure your choice of running board is equipped to support adequate grip and firmness.

This way, possible slip is eliminated, improving confidence and providing adequate protection in the process, especially for children and the elderly.

5. Durability

Durability, strength, and sturdiness are all major attributes of a top-rated running board.

These features are closely related or associated with the quality of build/construction material used in putting the running board together.

For improved durability, especially for protection against attacks from rust and ultraviolet ray, and to withstand extreme conditions.

Choosing a design made from quality materials such as aluminum, metal, and steel is highly recommended.

6. Installation

Attaching a running board to your Honda Ridgeline should not be stressful.

To eliminate or avoid any form of stress or complications, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Choose a design that can be installed with ease (bolt-on mounting).

As a result, you won’t need any special tools.

Also, you will avoid any form of modifications that require drilling and cutting completely.

A running board with the installation guide (well-written with clear graphic) and the accessories needed for the integration included in the kit is also a big plus.

Final Words

The best running boards for Honda Ridgeline improve your vehicle’s appearance (offering a sophisticated and modern touch & feel to the exterior).

Ensure easy & comfortable entry and exit, and protect the sides of your vehicle from dent-causing obstacles while driving on the road.

Investing in any of the designs discussed in this guide promotes functionality, the enticing value on investment, and confidence.