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11 Best Roof Rack For Honda CRV 2024 | High Grade – Light Weight & Durable

The best roof rack for Honda CRV must be reliable/dependable.

Hence, you must be intentional about your choice of Honda CRV roof rack when it is time to select or invest in one for your travel needs.

Consider a design that stays glued or firmly connected to your vehicle’s roof without compromising the paintwork or causing any form of damage to the roof.

In addition, this accessory must be solid enough to hold your gear (skis, snowboards, bicycles, and kayaks) to ensure they do not get displaced or fly off the roof when driving at full speeds.

If you are looking at adding a roof rack to your vehicle soon and are not confident enough about where to start from or what to look for in a top design. We have got you covered.

With eleven (11) quality CRV roof racks researched and reviewed in this buying guide, you will have several options to look through while you identify your ideal design.

One similar attribute all these roof racks have or share is that they are well-engineered for top-level quality.

They encourage adequate protection of your gear and stored accessories for absolute peace of mind.

The top-rated and most popular roof rack brands that make a worthy investment include BRIGHTLINES, Autoxrun, MaxxHaul, CXRCY, ANTS PART, HEKA, ROSY PIXEL, Yeeoy, and Mophorn.


Honda CRV Roof Rack Recommendation (Editor’s Pick)

BRIGHTLINES 168 lb Fits 2007-2011
Autoxrun 150 lb Fits 2012-2016
MaxxHaul 150 lb 46" x 35.87" x 4-1/2"
BRIGHTLINES Fits 2012-2016
CXRCY 165 lb Fits 2017-2021
BrightLines 165 lb Fits 2017-2022
ANTS PART 165 lb Fits 2017-2021
HEKA 300 lb Fits 2017-2022
ROSY PIXEL 165 lb Fits 2017-2022
Yeeoy 150 lb Fits 2012-2016
Mophorn 165 lb Fits 2017-2021

What Is The Best Roof Rack For Honda CRV?

After numerous comparisons and considerations, we chose/picked the BRIGHTLINES Crossbar BL670070 as our most preferred design.

Thanks to the excellent features it offers for increased strength and protection.

Why is BRIGHTLINES Crossbar BL670070?

This roof rack offers outstanding performance at an affordable amount.

Its construction material (aluminum) guarantees reliable and exceptional strength to keep your gear safe and protected against the wind for guaranteed stability during haulage.

Top 11 Best Roof Rack For Honda CRV You Should Check Out

01. BRIGHTLINES Crossbar BL670070


Highlighted Features

  • An excellent consideration for 07-11 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum construction & Aerodynamic design
  • Mounting accessories and instructions are added alongside the crossbars
  • 168 pounds load capacity
  • 13 x 8.5 x 3.78 inches in dimension
  • 42 pounds in weight

BRIGHTLINES Crossbar BL670070 has rightfully earned its spot/place as the best-in-class roof rack on our list.

It offers optimum support and strength to protect your gear during haulage across short and long trips.

If you need a design that is up to the task or has the integrity to withstand whatever challenges or harshness that may be experienced along the way.

This is a unit you will be pleased with.

With over seven hundred (700) 5-star ratings from users on Amazon, which makes up a whopping 90% of the total reviews.

When you look at this report, it clearly shows/indicates satisfaction and reliability.

If you are a great lover of outdoor games or sports and you desire affordable yet solid crossbars that you can mount on your vehicle to hold your sports equipment or accessories in place while going on an adventure.

You may have found what you are looking for.

The construction is solid, and the rack locks perfectly in place for guaranteed stability and protection.

Also, the lock system scares away unwanted visitors or individuals who may attempt to commit any form of atrocities or get away with your accessories.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Ensures load is spread evenly at all times
  • Reduces noise to a considerable level while driving at full speeds
  • Affordable, reliable, easy to install, and long-lasting


  • The Allen wrench may be a bit difficult to use

02. ‎Autoxrun-CB-CRV-Black


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Best installed on 12-16 Honda CRV
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Aluminum build/construction
  • 150 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 6 x 10.2 x 7.7 inches in dimension
  • 08 pounds in weight

Autoxrun is a big name in the hauling/towing industry.

The brand understands the need for satisfaction & performance.

Over the years, it has consistently delivered products that conform to these standards or attributes.

As a result, they have managed to uphold an exceptional reputation among Honda CRV owners for the durable and budget-friendly designs they offer.

Autoxrun-CB-CRV-Black is built for individuals who own the 12 to 16 Honda CRV.

If you need a roof rack that offers adequate storage space and capacity to transport essential equipment or accessories across a long distance.

This is for you. The installation doesn’t require much effort.

The instructions are easy to follow, guiding you through the process of components identification and appropriate attachment for a straightforward task.

Its construction quality is outstanding.

The aluminum material offers strength and versatility for the safe and stable transportation of a wide range of valuables.

In addition, the black-powder coating guarantees a complete escape from corrosion or other effects of adverse weather that may want to beat down the quality.



  • The plastic trim needs to be optimized for the best quality

03. MaxxHaul 70115


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Alloy steel construction
  • 150 pounds load capacity
  • Rubber caps & U-bolts
  • Universal brackets & crossbars
  • 38 x 18 x 10.1 inches in dimension
  • 25 pounds in weight

If you have a low budget, finding a reliable and value-guaranteed roof rack for your Honda CRV may be a time–consuming and frustrating experience.

In some cases, a lot of people may halt their search and just settle for any design that falls within their budget.

If you are concerned about quality or interested in getting a design that works perfectly for your vehicle for optimum strength, protection, and stability without breaking the bank.

The MaxxHaul 70115 comes on top. The load capacity is one of the most adequate you will find for the price.

As a result, you will be able to haul a significant amount of accessories at a go without relying on the cargo or interior space.

We are impressed with the craftsmanship deployed by the engineers in bringing this unit together. The installation is swift.

On average, it takes about 10-15 minutes to get the job done (from opening the packaging box to assembling the roof rack on your vehicle).

The screws that come in the package are relatively small, which may limit the firmness and sturdiness of the attachment.

For improved performance, you may decide to drill some holes to allow thicker and longer screws for the attachment.


  • Adequate coating for optimum rust resistance
  • Affordable Honda CRV roof rack
  • Stress-free assembling & mounting
  • Sufficient cargo space to accommodate your luggage


  • All the welds need to be wholly sealed or covered
  • The mounting screws are somewhat short



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Ideal pick for 12-16 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum construction material
  • Aerodynamic design
  • 132 pounds load capacity
  • 06 x 10.16 x 5.12 inches in dimension
  • 89 pounds in weight

If you are preparing for outdoor functions, activities, or adventures.

You need to go with all the equipment, gear, or accessories essential to making your trip fun-filled and enjoyable.

With the BRIGHTLINES ‎BL670120 roof rack, you can pack as many loads as possible, ensuring you are not confronted with limited space to accommodate your valuables.

The crossbars give extra rooms to accommodate more items that make a considerable part of your journey.

However, ensure you stick to the recommended load capacity at all times for uncompromised safety and performance.

Although the installation is straightforward, especially how easily you can mount this unit and make the necessary adjustments for a perfect fit.

We advise you to go through the instructions to know exactly how to position the mounting components to ensure the attachment is done rightly and facing the proper direction.

Going through some of the reviews on Amazon and watching the installation videos can go a long way in making the mounting easier than expected.



  • Some vital details are missing in the mounting guide



Highlighted Features

  • A compatible solution/choice for 17-21 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum construction
  • Punch-free installation
  • 165 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 79 x 7 x 6.5 inches in dimension
  • 86 pounds in weight

Preparing for an outdoor event can appear as a big task when you are confronted with limited space with a lot of things (luggage, gear, and accessories) to go along with.

What is the essence of going on a road trip or adventure when you can’t go along with your favorite kits or the gear that will make your time out there eventful, fun-filled, and worthwhile?

If you have been confronted with the lack of storage space in the past, which ruined your holiday plans or resulted in a big dissatisfaction.

You can confidently leave those days and experiences behind.

The CXRCY ‎FT-1721CRV-HSVCSV is designed to accommodate an incredible amount of load up to 165 pounds in weight.

All things being equal, the storage capacity is sufficient to accommodate/haul your luggage and gear (canoes, skis, fishing lines, snowboards, kayaks, and many more).

The wonderful thing is that you won’t experience any damage or deformation to your luggage during the long haul.


  • Solid & durable build for strength and protection against rust attack
  • Adequate load capacity to accommodate as many loads as possible
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Eliminates annoying noise during haulage, and premature wear.


  • The installation manual is missing some necessary information



Highlighted Features

  • Supports proper fitment on 17-22 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum construction
  • T-slot compatible accessories
  • 165 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • 49 x 8 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 22 pounds in weight

Are you looking for a well-made and affordable roof rack to mount on your vehicle?

The BRIGHTLINES BL9-1-B is a highly recommended design in this category.

The construction is sturdy, guaranteeing enough strength to fight off whatsoever challenges that may arise on the way or what the road throws at it.

The aluminum material is premium, providing adequate protection against adverse weather elements that may reduce or affect quality.

With a max weight capacity of 165 pounds, you can transport your luggage and relevant accessories needed for your road trips and outdoor events at once without occupying the interior space.

If you are trying to install this roof rack on your vehicle, depending solely on the information provided in the mounting guide may lead to frustrations.

The directions are unclear, rendering the manual unnecessary.

The good news is that with enough patience and a few online searches and consultations, you will get it fixed in no time.

When installed rightly, road noise is significantly reduced even at speeds as high as 80MPH.

Also, it doesn’t affect/lower fuel efficiency or gas mileage.


  • Crossbars can be locked
  • The weight of stored goods or accessories are evenly spread
  • Guarantees stability and security of your luggage while driving at top speeds
  • Wind noise is minimized or reduced to a greater extent


  • The mounting directions need to be precise or more specific

07. ANTS PART-Q001065


Highlighted Features

  • An excellent option for 2017 to 2024 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum material
  • Black powder-coated exterior
  • Maximum load capacity: 165 pounds
  • ‎44 x 7.5 x 7.25 inches in dimension
  • 43 pounds in weight

ANTS PART-Q001065 is one of the few CRV roof racks that offer extended use, flexibility, and adequate storage capacity at a very affordable price.

If you drive any of the compatible Honda CRV models (2017 to 2024), and the above description fits your demands or needs. You have come to the right spot.

The Aluminum material is made for strength, supporting the haulage of a wide range of loads, irrespective of the size.

It offers a maximum load capacity of 165 pounds, which is more than enough to cater to or fulfill your adventure needs.

Installing this roof rack on your vehicle does not require any unique technique or approach.

You can easily attach it to existing mounting points, eliminating drilling or cutting totally.

All the supporting accessories are provided alongside the rack, eliminating additional investment.


  • No modifications (drilling or cutting)
  • Guarantees extended use and long-lasting performance
  • Adequate to transport items of various sizes within the recommended weight


  • Incomplete instructions



Highlighted Features

  • Worthy consideration for 17-21 Honda CRV
  • Build material: aluminum
  • 165 pounds load capacity
  • Equipped with appropriate accessories
  • 25 x 7.25 x 6.5 inches in dimension
  • 81 pounds in weight

HEKA ‎RAV5CB eliminates one of the top concerns you may have when scouting for the best roof rack to mount on your Honda CRV (2017 to 2024).

This design is specifically built to fit the specified models of the CRV, ensuring smooth attachment/integration.

It improves the appearance of your vehicle by adding extra touch and style to it.

The rails look sturdy, a great indication of what to expect during use and while on the road.

They are built with enough strength to hold your luggage and gear to the tune of 165 pounds, even at top speeds.

Although the installation is what an individual can accomplish on their own, having a helper makes the process easier and faster.

The installation manual is clearly written for adequate directions.


  • Weight is evenly spread at maximum load capacity
  • Bolt-on installation, eliminating drilling or cutting completely
  • Offered at a great price
  • Guarantees alluring appearance and improved quality


  • Some buyers complained about missing instructions manual

09. ROSY PIXEL‎ DK-NGC-Q001095/Q001096


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Built for 17-22 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum & plastic constructions
  • 165 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 75 x 7 x 6.75 inches in dimension
  • 36 pounds in weight

ROSY PIXEL‎DK is highly rated by car owners and professionals for its sturdy/solid build and appearance.

This is another roof rack that people who drive the 2017 to 2024 Honda CRV models can pick up for optimum quality & performance at a reasonable price.

It does the expected job perfectly, ensuring your luggage and associated accessories are safely transported to your destination, irrespective of the distance.

The installation manual contains the appropriate directions to assemble and couple the bars together to achieve your desired results.

It is recommended that you seek the assistance or help of a friend or family member during the cause of attaching the assembled unit to the roof of your vehicle to save time and energy.



  • The packaging quality is average

10. ‎Yeeoy-HG-12-16CRV



Highlighted Features

  • ‎The right fit for 12-16 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum construction & anodized surface
  • 150 pounds maximum load capacity
  • ABS plastic mounting feet brackets & mounting holes
  • 44 x 8 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 98 pounds in weight

Investing in a reliable and solidly built roof rack for your vehicle eliminates the need for intermittent stops to check the condition of your luggage while transporting them over a long destination.

Yeeoy-HG-12-16CRV is built from a sturdy marine-grade aluminum alloy, forming a solid foundation to withstand heavy accessories within its recommended or maximum load limit.

With this roof rack attached to your vehicle, you can easily store your gear and other valuables up to about 150 pounds in weight.

You won’t have to worry about possible displacement resulting from the wind while driving at top speeds.

The heavy-duty construction material guarantees top strength.

Also, the anodized surface keeps off quality inhibiting elements to promote long-lasting performance.


  • Guarantees top strength and longevity
  • Provides additional protection to your luggage during haulage
  • Adjustment can be made easily for best fit
  • Attachment/mounting is uncomplicated


  • No strap
  • No locking system in place

11. Mophorn ‎Roof Rack


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Top pick for 2017 to 2024 Honda CRV
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • 165 pounds max load capacity
  • Comes with rails and crossbars
  • 54 x 7.09 x 6.57 inches in dimension
  • 15 pounds in weight

Mophorn ‎Roof Rack is a solid roof rack that supports multiple applications.

Its main aim is to ensure that your luggage, gear, and other related loads stored in it remain in place all through the period of the hauling process.

The aluminum alloy used for construction is highly-rated, which guarantees quality and durability for superior strength and performance.

For instance, it is resistant to heat and rust for enhanced sturdiness and longevity.

If you are looking at hauling heavy accessories up to the region of 165 pounds without facing any issues or worries.

You can count on this design to get the job done and give you the desired results.

The ABS foundation guarantees improved stability, ensuring accessories placed or stored on the rack do not budge or get displaced by wind.


  • Designed to offer better performance
  • Supports adequate haulage of heavy/large accessories
  • Minimizes wind noise
  • Easy to install and guarantees improved stability


  • Lacks instructions manual

Buying Factors of Roof Rack For Honda CRV

1. Budget

There is always a price attached to a product.

When you are ready to pick up a Honda CRV roof rack, decide on the highest amount you can invest and search for designs within your price target.

Once you have the products that fall within your budget listed out, your job is to go through the list and identify the one that meets your specifications.

2. Weight

Your Honda CRV has a specific amount of weight that can be placed on the roof.

When choosing a roof rack to buy, consider the weight of the roof rack and the maximum load it can carry or support.

Ensure the weight combination doesn’t go beyond what your vehicle can handle.

3. Construction

The quality of material used in building your preferred roof rack says a lot about its durability and strength.

While looking for a design that can fulfill or accommodate your hauling needs, ensure it can offer optimum stability and protection to the accessories or gear loaded on it, especially in a situation where you decide to meet the maximum weight capacity.

Your roof rack choice should be able to hold the weight of your luggage even at high speeds.

Also, it must withstand adverse conditions that may impact longevity.

4. Installation

Consider the steps involved in mounting the roof rack on your vehicle and how easy they can be carried out or completed.

Most importantly, the attachment must be a one-man’s job.

This makes it easy to put it together without necessarily relying on the help of a friend or family member.

A design that comes with clearly-written directions and the necessary attachment accessories should be your target.

5. Lock System

If you go on a long trip that may require a series of stopovers until you get to your destination.

The safety and security of your accessories should be a priority.

Choose a roof rack that has a lock system to keep your valuables secure and protected from theft.


Now that you know how to figure out or identify the best roof rack for Honda CRV.

Go through our list of highly-rated designs and choose a product that conforms to your specifications and price.

Most importantly, consider compatibility and fitment.

Irrespective of how fascinating a roof rack may be or appear.

It won’t make the perfect fit if it is unsuited with your Honda CRV.