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15 Best Tonneau Cover For Honda Ridgeline [May 2024] – Heavy Duty, Low Budget

The best tonneau cover for Honda Ridgeline can turn an already impressive truck into an even more functional vehicle.

This accessory is beneficial because it protects cargo, keeps water away, and also because it looks fantastic.

Other side advantages include mpg improvement, so installing one of these covers is a win-win situation from every angle.

But of course, your Honda Ridgeline deserves only the best, and not any tonneau cover does the trick.

So, we’ve made it our job to go through a list of options and test them to see which covers met our expectations.

We consider factors like ease of installation, resistance, durability, and adjustability.

Safe to say, the 15 tonneau covers included here are delivered on every one of those fronts.

Continue reading to find the best truck bed cover for honda ridgeline and how to pick one.


A Comparison Table of The Best Tonneau Cover For Honda Ridgeline 2024

‎BAK BAKFlip 448602
‎TruXedo 530601
‎Extang 92590
‎Tonno Pro 42-600
‎Rugged Liner ‎E3-HRL05
‎Extang 83590
‎BAK BAKFlip 1126601
‎North Mountain ‎A80034-1269
‎Honda 08Z07-T6Z-100
‎Retrax 60502

What Is The Best Tonneau Cover For Honda Ridgeline?

The BAK BakFlip MX4 448602 is the best tonneau cover for Honda Ridgeline.

This cover offers one of the friendliest installations and intuitive systems for everyone to use easily.

Other options like the TruXedo 530601 Lo Pro came close, so you should check that out if our primary option isn’t enough.

Why BAK Bakflip MX4 Is The Best Tonneau Cover Brand For Honda Ridgeline?

The BAK BakFlip MX4 offers a combination of quality materials with an intelligent design to guarantee anyone can use it.

Adjusting the panels is a breeze, just like securing the latches to the rail systems.

This cover doesn’t have the best latches, but they’re still decent enough to put up with regular use.

As a result, the tonneau cover protects the cargo with super resistant materials and a sturdy frame.

15 Best Honda Ridgeline Tonneau Cover Reviews & Buying Guide

Now you know which our first pick is, but there are other options you can try too.

The following list includes a wide array of tonneau covers varying in sizes and styles.

Take a good look at them, and you should find one that fits your Honda Ridgeline without issues.

01. BAK BAKFlip MX4 448602 – Best Truck Bed Cover For Honda Ridgeline


Highlighted features

  • Aluminum Panels
  • Automatic Latches
  • Matte Finish
  • UV-Resistant
  • Prop Rods

This tonneau cover is one of the most versatile out there.

You can use it closed, partially open, or fully open, supporting a staggering weight amount of 400 pounds.

You can practically put anything in there as long as it fits, and the cover does a magnificent job at taking it between places safely.

The superior resistance of this tonneau cover makes it stand out above the rest.

It comes with aluminum panels that keep the tonneau cover in one of three positions, depending on your needs.

These panels are durable and sturdy, preventing damage by moisture or bumps along the roads.

There’s also the gorgeous matte finish, which also puts up with marks and scratches.

We also liked that this accessory doesn’t interfere with pre-existing features of the truck.

It won’t obstruct the third brake light, especially while adjusting it to a fully open position.

There are also a couple of prop rods that secure the cover in an upright position, allowing you to accommodate it quickly.



  • The latches are flimsy and can break under pressure

02. TruXedo 530601 Lo Pro Tonneau Cover – Best Performance Ridgeline Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Low-Profile Design
  • Anodized Single Trigger Latch
  • Leather-Grain Fabric
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • Quick-Release System

Next in line is a cover made with leather-grain fabric, an industrial-grade material of the highest quality.

This fabric is super resistant, constructed specifically to provide the utmost protection for your cargo.

Upon testing, the panels and the frame remained strong under harsh conditions like rainstorms.

Adjusting the cover is a breeze due to the automatic tension control.

This system lets you accommodate the tonneau cover to secure a tight fit while also looking incredible.

The quick-release system also made it super easy to remove the entire unit in a few seconds.

The cover sits at 3/4 inches over the truck bed, making it a low-profile accessory.

Getting the items in and out of the truck bed was also a quick task due to the anodized single trigger latch.

With just one finger push, the tonneau cover opens smoothly.


  • Fantastic quality for long-lasting use
  • The installation is intuitive and hassle-free
  • It keeps water out of the truck bed under heavy rains
  • Plenty of space for large-sized items


  • You may need another person to hold the rail while mounting it

03. Extang 92590 Trifecta 2.0 Best Heavy-Duty Honda Ridgeline Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Sleek Design
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Double-Pivot Hinges
  • EZ-Lock Clamps
  • Leather-Grained Fabric

The one thing we thoroughly enjoyed about this tonneau cover is how intuitive it feels.

It has a couple of clamps at the tailgate that let you adjust the positioning quickly and easily.

Pulling them down is effortless, and folding the cover to buckle it into the cab takes only a few seconds.

Whether you’re installing or removing the tonneau cover, both processes are equally as easy.

This cover comes pre-assembled, and that’s another plus.

All you have to do is level it on the truck and attach the cab clamps on the bed wall to secure it in place.

You don’t need extra tools or make special accommodations to fit rails.

The construction of this accessory features leather-grain fabric, an effective material to deflect water away.

This tonneau cover design also makes it resistant to fade and offers outstanding tension.

Your cargo will be secure even over uneven roads.


  • High-end appearance to make your truck look professional
  • Trouble-free installation without extra tools required
  • Smooth opening and closing
  • It remains in place, whether you drive on even or uneven roads


  • The instructions can be confusing for first-timers

04. Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-600 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Double-Sided Vinyl
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum
  • Side Rail Clamps
  • Water-Resistant Edging
  • Pre-Assembled

The following tonneau cover is the perfect mix of reliability and convenience, so it can be your best tonneau cover for honda ridgeline.

It has a powder-coated aluminum frame that is strong and resistant but lightweight enough for easy handling.

At 26 pounds, moving the cover around to find a proper fit is possible using only one hand.

This tonneau cover fits Honda Ridgeline with a five-foot bed or 60 inches. As a result, any vehicle from 2006 to 2015 is compatible.

There’s an EZ clamping system that secures the cover down from the inside, protecting your belongings from the elements and keeping them hidden from on-lookers.

The cover also offers the option to use it partially open for more bed access.

The hinged sections are quick and easy to fold back, creating a compact tonneau cover with more space for considerably large cargo.

Otherwise, fold the tonneau cover forward and use the buckle to secure it at the cab to carry smaller items.


  • Strong but lightweight construction
  • It keeps moisture away from the truck bed
  • Convenient cargo-carrying design at three different positions
  • It secures a tight fit to protect cargo


  • The rails have opposite labels, which may be confusing — Check guidelines thoroughly to understand the mounting process

05. Rugged Liner E-Series E3-HRL05 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Vinyl & Aluminum Build
  • Aluminum Brackets
  • Rubber Sealing
  • Two Seam Design
  • High-Density Foam Brackets

Here’s a tonneau cover that excels at protecting your belongings due to its sturdy design.

It features a resistant vinyl backed with a frame made entirely out of aluminum.

These materials create a cover capable of withstanding regular day-to-day use, but also the most relentless snowfalls.

The tonneau cover has tailgate latches that secure it in place from both sides of the truck bed.

Opening it is as easy as pulling down the clamps, and you only have to fold the cover twice to secure it at the cab using a strap and buckle.

You can also keep it partially open at a 2/3 position, which comes in handy to transport large items.

If you struggled with assembly before, this tonneau cover comes pre-assembled for easier mounting.

There are no loose parts, and setting it up takes only a few minutes without any tools.


  • The side brackets remain at an angle to let water slide off
  • It comes pre-assembled and doesn’t require tools for installation
  • Strong enough to resist snowfalls
  • It keeps cargo safe from debris and water


  • The black zinc-coated hardware included is prone to rust

06. Extang 83590 Solid Fold 2.0 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • OEM Matte Finish
  • Polymer Panels
  • Aluminum Frame
  • EZ-Lock Clamps
  • Rubber Seal Strips

This tonneau cover is hard-folding, featuring ultra-tough panels that provide excellent protection for your belongings and truck bed.

The panels keep moisture and debris away while also resisting impacts from bumps.

These panels are lightweight and made with automotive-grade polymer, meaning dents or scratches won’t be a problem.

They’re also resistant to UV rays for those long rides under the sun.

The high resistance of the cover is a plus because it maintains pleasant aesthetics.

It has a black, matte finish with textured frames and hinges made of aluminum.

This finish blends with the OE bed caps, looking like a product designed specifically for Honda Ridgeline.

This tonneau cover also does decently in other areas due to the jaw-grip clamps.

Attach them to the flanges of the bed, and the tonneau cover will remain firm throughout the ride.

Sadly, the instructions included don’t provide guidelines to install the cover on a Ridgeline truck.

Check for third-party references or talk to a professional mechanic if you don’t have any experience in the field.


  • Sturdy and high-quality construction
  • Durable seals that keep moisture away
  • Super easy to adjust and tighten
  • The clamps are quick to remove


  • The instructions don’t offer enough details to assemble the cover on trucks

07. BAK BAKFlip 1126601 FiberMax Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Automatic Latching System
  • Rubber Side Gaskets
  • FRP Panels
  • Padded Design
  • Weather-Resistant Hinge System

This tonneau cover sports a sleek design with state-of-the-art technology.

It comes with an automatic latching system that holds the panels in place, making folding and unfolding easier.

The system has strings on the sides to release the latches upon request, setting up the cover panels to the desired position in just a few seconds.

The cover uses fiberglass-reinforced polymer as the primary material for the panels.

We particularly like this design because the FRP is one of the most resistant materials out there.

It can resist almost anything under normal conditions, like rain, snow, dents, and scratches.

Installing this accessory is also straightforward.

You can get the job done using a wrench and a socket, so there’s no need to use a drill.

It takes about 30 minutes overall. Everything fits well except for the passenger side rail bracket, which remains a bit lose and wobbles.

It’s not a significant issue but a mild inconvenience still.


  • Proper fit on Honda Ridgeline models, from 2005 to 2015
  • Super easy to install without using drills
  • Folding or unfolding is a breeze
  • It improves MPG and vehicle performance
  • The cover encloses the bed completely


  • The passenger side rail bracket may wobble slightly

08. North Mountain A80034-1269 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Aluminum Frames
  • Built-In Crossbars Design
  • Top-Mount Style
  • Soft Vinyl Roll-Up Panels
  • OEM-Grade Nylon Stitching

The quality of the built-in crossbars in this tonneau cover is top-notch, as they roll up seamlessly to grant instant access.

As a result, putting cargo on the truck bed is as easy as removing it once you reach the location.

Plus, the panels create eye-catching aesthetics with a smooth and flat surface once you shut them tight.

This accessory features classic materials that still manage to surprise us due to their resistance.

There’s a double-sided vinyl tarp for the frame and aluminum that creates a sturdy frame.

The cover remains over the bed rails tightly, preventing moisture issues and no risks of bed space intrusion.

The stitching quality is another high point of this cover.

The nylon thread used is resistant to tear and weather, allowing it to put up with the roughest conditions on the road.

While installing this tonneau cover is hassle-free, it won’t fit with existing accessories placed on the truck bed rails.

You would have to remove them before installation, which can be troublesome.


  • Well-made frame with sturdy bars
  • The cover looks smooth and perfectly flat while closed
  • Easy to install in most Honda Ridgeline models
  • Easy to open and roll up or down


  • Not compatible with pre-existing accessories on the rails

09. Honda 08Z07-T6Z-100 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Hard Tonneau Cover
  • Genuine OEM Quality
  • Sturdy Brackets
  • Sleek Design
  • Solid Frame

This tonneau cover only works with the 2017 and 2018 Honda Ridgeline models, but the performance it puts up is satisfying.

It’s a genuine OEM accessory designed with a hard-style construction to resist rough conditions like rain and snow.

The panels deflect moisture away under normal circumstances, and they also remain tightened to secure your belongings from the outside.

Installing this tonneau cover is easy, but it does feel a bit heavy.

Opening or closing is also a breeze for quick loading or unloading of the cargo.

The tonneau cover looks good, too! So that’s a plus if you’re looking to add some personality to your truck.

One thing we noticed while testing this product is that pressurized water leaks into the truck bed.

If you’re taking the truck to a car washing service, make sure to keep this issue in mind.

Heavy rainstorms could also be a problem.


  • The cover looks fantastic even after a long time of use
  • Terrific quality with durable parts
  • Good-looking panels
  • It closes and opens with ease


  • Water may leak under pressure, like in a car wash

10. Retrax 60502 RetraxONE MX Retractable Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Retractable System
  • One-Piece Polycarbonate Build
  • Sealed Ball-Bearing Rollers
  • Compact Storage canister
  • Black Matte Finish

As far as retractable tonneau covers go, this one is among the most functional.

It’s pretty easy to lock the panels in place at any position across the length of the truck bed rails using the latch or key, which offers fantastic usage of the bed space.

If you use it correctly, the cover can support around 200 pounds of weight.

The sealed ball-bearing rollers are another reason why this retractable cover is among the best.

They mount over the aluminum support beams seamlessly, allowing the tonneau cover to close with barely any effort.

There are no springs or moving parts prone to jamming, reducing the risks of any functionality issue down to zero.

This accessory has a solid construction featuring a one-piece polycarbonate sheet and a resilient matte finish.

Both the parts and the aesthetics or the cover do well against wear, rain, and impacts.

With that said, the tonneau cover weighs 70 pounds, so you may need a helping hand to mount it.


  • Straightforward installation with a proper manual
  • Adjusting the panels takes about 30 minutes
  • It retracts and closes effortlessly
  • Super resistant construction


  • Heavyweight

11. UnderCover Ultra Flex UX82000 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Aluminum Panels
  • Carpeted Under-Paneling
  • L-Rail Side Rails
  • Built-In Luminous Rail Light
  • Matte Black Finish

The UnderCover Ultra Flex is a hard-fold tonneau cover that adapts to multiple positions to accommodate your cargo.

Use it closed, partially open, or completely open to get access to the bed truck.

While closed, the cover remains tight and sturdy, keeping everything inside while preventing anything from entering.

This cover is weather-resistant and has a matte black finish that looks stylish.

The panels operate automatically, and there are convenient carpeted under-panels for more protection.

All of these perks make this tonneau cover a premium choice if you own a 2017-2024 Honda Ridgeline.

The addition of a built-in LED bed rail is another plus.

Besides looking fantastic, the LEDs improve visibility during the night or in enclosed garages.

The luminous rail light is handy for finding the latches or the edges of the tonneau cover when there’s no other light source.

Mounting this cover is tricky because you must remove the upper tie-down brackets to make space for the supporting side rails.


  • Durable and resistant construction
  • Gorgeous design with an eye-catching finish
  • Improved visibility during the night
  • The panels remain sturdy in either of the three positions


  • The installation is not intuitive

12. Truxedo 1430601 Pro X15 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Matte Black Fabric
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • X15 Rails
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Self-Leveling

This accessory is easily one of the most good-looking tonneau covers you’ll find.

It has woven fabric designed to create a matte-black appearance that looks stylish and modern, improving the looks of your vehicles significantly.

You can flush-mount it on the truck bed in under a few minutes without drilling, which is fantastic if you don’t have experience installing these items.

During the installation, the self-leveling design makes the process smoother.

The cover fits well, and it blends with the rails seamlessly.

These rails are adjustable to 15 degrees, providing a low profile to avoid looking like the tonneau cover is out of place.

We mounted this tonneau cover on a 2024 Honda Ridgeline, and it only took 15 minutes.

However, it did not work with the Rocky Mounts bike rack found in the truck.

If you have these accessories, some modifications will be necessary to attach the cover to the vehicle.


  • The installation takes about 15-20 minutes
  • Helpful guidelines with enough details
  • The cover looks good and performs well
  • Super easy to clean and maintain


  • It may have issues with bike racks

13. Gevog 1269 Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Double-Sided 24Oz Vinyl
  • Tension Adjustable Locking System
  • Aluminum Rails
  • Velcro Strip Seals
  • Support Bars

Unlike many other tonneau covers, this one comes with Velcro strips that may seem flimsy at first but work pretty decently.

The strips seal the sides tightly, keeping your items secure while giving you convenient access to the truck bed.

One benefit of the Velcro material is that nothing is confusing about it.

Whether you’re using a tonneau cover for the first time or not, securing the sides is a breeze.

Still, the overall installation does take some time.

The instructions are not helpful, meaning inexperienced users may struggle with it.

Other than that, we liked the aluminum-powder coated frame, which is heavy-duty and durable.

The cover also features double-sided vinyl, which is resistant to tear due to the reinforced nylon components.

Last but not least, the locking system is a blessing. It comes with pre-set tensioning that you can adjust with ease.

As a result, the vinyl adapts better to the bed truck of a 2020 Honda Ridgeline model.


  • The cover rolls up smoothly
  • It provides plenty of space for most items
  • High water resistance
  • Fantastic look once installed


  • The installation is time-consuming

14. Autocity RLIA80034-1269 Tonneau Cover


Highlighted features

  • Sleek Design
  • Velcro Hook & Loop System
  • Cold-Resistant Build
  • Quick One-Finger Release
  • Latch & Tension System

Consider going with this tonneau cover if you’re looking for a functional alternative at an affordable price.

This cover shares plenty of the qualities found in the more expensive units, such as a sleek appearance and solid construction made with cold-resistant materials.

The tonneau cover also has a latch and tension system to keep the sides shut tight in any climate.

The cover comes with a Velcro hook and a loop system for optimal stability.

These components remain in contact with the rails during your rides, allowing you to fasten and adjust the tonneau cover as much as necessary.

With only one finger, you can remove the panels and roll them up to gain more access to the truck bed.

Another benefit is that this cover doesn’t interfere with the tailgate.

Whether you use it open or close, the tonneau cover lets you load and unload items on the truck with ease.


  • Terrific value with optimal performance
  • The cover looks incredible after assembling it
  • Compatible with tailgate functions
  • The tonneau cover doesn’t move an inch on the roads


  • You may need another person to help you adjust the tonneau cover

15. Under Cover Flex FX81000 Tonneau Cover

Highlighted features

  • Gloss Black Finish
  • Dual Prop Rods
  • Quick-Release Latches
  • Aluminum Panels
  • Dual-Action Tailgate

Our final pick is a hard-folding bed cover that excelled at providing optimal control of the vehicle.

The tonneau cover has three riding positions, with the closed position being the most efficient.

Besides protecting cargo, the truck experiences better aerodynamics, and it’s visible in the efficient use of gas mileage.

This tonneau cover is also one of the heaviest, meaning the installation can be a bit tricky for one person.

Nonetheless, that would be your only concern because the bed rail mounting system works well.

Furthermore, the cover offers convenience by providing access to the bed truck from either side of the vehicle.

Just make sure to accommodate the tonneau cover in a way that doesn’t interfere with the bed trunk lid.

The rubber seals and drain tubes effectively carry water away, so there’s no need to worry about water intrusion.

For the most part, the bed truck remains dry and secure from most environmental conditions.


  • Heavy-duty panels offer high protection
  • Resistant to most weather conditions
  • Solid fit to prevent wobbling
  • Beautiful color and design


  • The cover may interfere with the bed trunk lid

Buying Considerations of The Best Tonneau Cover for Honda Ridgeline

Did you find a tonneau cover you liked? Excellent!

But don’t go ahead and buy it just yet.

Take a look at the following features, which a tonneau must have to put up a satisfying performance.

01. Materials

Consider the materials used to create the tonneau cover before heading any further.

Here’s a quick rundown on each one.

The frame must be aluminum, and there’s no other way around that.

Aluminum creates sturdy bars, which remain firm in any of the three positions.

Furthermore, this material holds the panels together to roll them up and down with ease.

If it rains, this type of steel will resist moisture to guarantee a longer lifespan.

Tonneau cover panels can be different depending on the brand and product model.

Some tonneau cover panels feature vinyl, while others have aluminum, polymer, or reinforced fiberglass.

We would recommend going with vinyl because it’s a resistant material that also looks good.

Reinforced fiberglass won’t budge under any weather, while aluminum is as resistant as it’s reliable.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one adapts better to the style and painting of your Honda Ridgeline.

Other Materials to Consider

  • The latches are an integral part of a tonneau cover, so avoid anything flimsy like plastic. Choose metal latches to make sure they’re strong enough to put up with the pressure. If there are high winds, the chances of the cover wobbling or coming loose will be minimal. Anodized trigger latches are also worth considering.
  • Velcro strips are another popular component found in tonneau cover. This feature can work well, but it could also come off as flimsy under some circumstances. Make sure to secure it properly if you choose it.

02. Type

There are two types of tonneau covers you want to consider: hard and soft.

03. Soft Covers

This tonneau cover type is usually the more affordable, with different styles and sizes to fit many types of trucks.

While open, the soft covers provide more access to the bed when compared to the rest because they don’t interfere with the bed length.

A soft tonneau cover isn’t as secure as a hard cover, but it will still put up with most weather conditions to keep your stuff dry and safe.

04. Hard Covers

Go with a hard roll-up tonneau cover if you’re looking for improved security, so much so that the truck bed will feel safer than the cab.

This tonneau cover type provides convenient access to the bed, rolling over the bulkhead and secured in place with straps.

Distributing weight properly also allows the cover to support up to 400 pounds, which comes in handy for transporting even more stuff on top of the tonneau.

05. Resistance

The materials mentioned before dictate whether the tonneau cover is resistant, but other elements are also essential.

For example, a set of ball-bearing rollers will allow you to close the tonneau cover with ease.

These components are jam-proof, meaning they won’t lose functionality if moisture or debris gets inside somehow.

Sturdy front cab clamps are equally important.

They attach to the bed flanges seamlessly and without interfering with the bed caps.

The tonneau cover clamps hold the cover in position against the harshest conditions, be it a rainstorm or heavy snowfalls.

06. Adjustability

A high-quality tonneau cover is versatile enough to work in different positions.

Usually, you can adjust it to a fully closed position, partially open, or completely open.

Using each of these adjustments will let you carry items of different sizes.

  • In a closed position, the cover allows you to put small-sized stuff in the truck bed and plenty of more items over the tonneau cover itself.
  • A partially open position is super helpful for carrying medium-sized items. This adjustment will help you carry out tools from home to work, among other things.
  • Finally, a fully opened position is perfect for those large-sized belongings, like metal sheets, logs, and more. You could also remove the cover entirely, letting you transport more stuff if you’re moving out or for work.

07. Finish

The primary purpose of a tonneau cover is to protect your belongings, but there’s nothing wrong with an eye-catching cover.

A matte-black is a finish that stands out easily.

It adds a sleek and new layer of style to Honda Ridgeline vehicles, drawing some eyes onto your truck while driving.

Perhaps the most satisfying benefit of this finish is that it lasts long.

A well-coated cover will resist scratches or marks from bumps, maintaining the aesthetics of the finish.

There are multiple finish styles out there, so find the one that blends with the rest of your truck.

Just make sure it’s resistant and durable.

08. Ease of Installation

Installing accessories shouldn’t be that much trouble, but sometimes manufacturers don’t care about including proper instructions.

Luckily, some other companies offer helpful manuals and video tutorials to get the covers installed hassle-free.

Even then, another person may come in handy to help you lift and hold the tonneau cover in place while securing it.

If it’s too heavy, the last thing you want is to drop it on the ground.

Another thing to consider is whether the unit comes pre-assembled and features all the hardware necessary for the installation.

If it doesn’t, you will have to get wrenches or extra parts separately, which means more money spent.

Don’t forget to check if you will need to remove already built-in accessories like rails.

In some cases, the tonneau covers aren’t compatible with pre-existing features.

This issue can turn into a headache, leading you to take the truck to a professional and spend even more money.

Best Tonneau Cover For Honda Ridgeline

Photo Credit: wikimedia.org; CC

The Basic FAQs of Best Tonneau Cover for Honda Ridgeline

01. Are Tonneau Covers Easy to Install?

Soft covers are usually easier to install than hard covers, but it ultimately depends on the model.

The covers come in different types, shapes, and sizes, meaning that each one is different from the other.

Universal instructions found online or through manuals are often enough to get the job done, but not always.

If you encounter an issue through the process, contacting the manufacturer or a professional mechanic could be the only solution left.

Nonetheless, most of the covers reviewed here don’t have any issue in this regard.

They’re easy to install, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced Honda Ridgeline owner.

02. How Much Time Does It Take to Install a Tonneau Cover?

Soft tonneau covers take about 20 minutes, whereas hard tonneau covers could take up to 40 minutes.

Of course, the installation time will depend on several factors, like your experience and whether or not the tonneau cover comes already assembled.

Another thing to consider is the Honda Ridgeline model.

If the truck has rails that you need to remove, the process could easily take up to an hour or even two.

The most important thing to remember here is that you should take as much time as necessary.

A loose cover will most likely fall off while driving the roads and leave your items exposed, and you don’t want that.

03. How Much Does a Tonneau Cover Cost?

A high-quality tonneau cover can cost between $200 and $1000.

This price range includes soft and hard items from different brands and styles, whether they fold, roll, or lift.

Price is important, but the manufacturer is perhaps a more significant reason you should buy a tonneau cover.

BAK BakFlip and TruXedo are among the most reliable due to the quality of their products, so you may want to check them out first.

04. Do Soft Tonneau Covers Come Loose in The Wind?

Soft tonneau covers come loose under strong winds only if you don’t secure them tightly during the installation.

Missing a step while mounting it can make the cover flap in the wind, putting your cargo at risk of water or debris exposure.

Make sure to secure every latch or clamp, and the soft cover won’t deal with those issues.

05. Can You Go Through a Car Wash with A Tonneau Cover?

Painted tonneau covers may have issues like finish scraping if you put it through a conventional car wash.

In this case, it would be better to go to a touchless car wash.

The cleaning will be just as good, and the finish will remain perfect.

If you don’t want to deal with any of that, go with fiberglass or plastic cover, as they can put up with a car wash and come out unharmed.


And that’s it for our best Tonneau cover for Honda Ridgeline article!

This truck is already one of the best, but adding these accessories can make it more fun and versatile.

Consider the products mentioned here, and choose the one that suits your truck the most.

Doing so will also make the vehicle look much better, another of the many benefits of installing a tonneau cover.