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How To Turn Off Service Engine Soon Light Nissan (Fix The Problems with Possible Solutions)

You are driving down the road in your splendid Nissan, having a wonderful day, when an annoying light pops up on your dashboard display, ready to ruin your mood.

It’s the Service Engine Soon Light. And here you are, searching all the Internet with trembling fingers. Firstly, stop panicking.

The chances that your car needs major repairs are small, as this light comes on for so many minor issues.

What to do now? Keep reading.

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What is a Service Engine Soon Light On A Nissan & Why Does It Turn On?

There are two lights on a Nissan that will warn you that something is wrong with your car the Check Engine and the Service Engine Soon one.

You can have a Juke, Murano or Altima.

Either way, these lights warn you about different issues, and it’s essential to distinguish them.

The check light points to a problem with your emission system or your exhaust system.

The Service Engine Soon Light comes on usually for minor problems, but it can also detect major ones.

In your current scenario, the best decision to make is to inspect your car for any signs of damage, wear, or leaky fluids.

Check the brake fluid, engine oil, and even windshield wiper fluid.

If everything looks good, can you drive with this light on?

You can probably drive safely if the light is on, but not if the light is flashing.

To be safe, it’s better to drive it to a service and let a professional take care of the problem.

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Should You Turn Off The SES Light On Your Nissan?

If you didn’t discover the problem it points to, then turning off this light might not be the wisest thing to do.

However, an important question here is: Does the light go out on its own after you repair the vehicle?

The code for activating the SES light won’t be disabled until the specific issue is fixed, that is for sure.

If a minor issue is resolved, it will fix itself.

However, if the indicated problem is serious, there aren’t any chances for the light to turn off on its own, so you have to manually remove it.

The Complete Process of How To Turn Off Service Engine Soon Light Nissan

Now that everything about how this light works is clear, here is a detailed explanation about how to turn off the Service Engine Soon light on Nissan, if it’s an Altima, Juke, Sentra, Frontier, Murano, or any other model.

You can either reset the codes using a code scanner or reset the codes in the DIY way.

It sounds complicated, but the scanner can be purchased at a store that sells automobile items, and the DIY way involves following some simple steps.

If you attempt any of these methods, keep in mind that you may fail in the beginning, as it’s easy to wait too long or to be hurried when pressing the necessary pedals.

Respect the waiting time and you’ll be ok.

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Reset The SES Light With A Scanner

This method is a little bit easier, as the scanner comes in handy.

Procuring one is not hard, but it still requires time and some money.

First of all, take a seat behind the wheel.

You bought a Code Scanner and you’ll want to use it, so where to insert it?

It goes in the board port. Locate the steering wheel.

The specific port it’s to its left. Have you discovered it?

Now, insert the code scanner into the port.  Insert the car key and turn it.

Your instinct will tell you to start the car, but that won’t help at all.

Simply turn the key, without going all the way, so the control panel will lighten up.

Before starting, examine your tool: the scanner. It is going to be your best friend.

For the beginning, search for a button that will enable reading the codes.

When you press it, the scanner will start displaying all of the codes, so you can work with them later.

They’ve all been formatted.

That means instead of spelling out the errors by their name, the codes will show a letter and four letters (example: P0905).

Write down the codes, as you’ll have to compare them later to a code sheet.

This code sheet can be purchased from a store that sells automobile-related items, or you can simply search for it online.

Nowadays, everything can be found online.

After comparing the sheets, the next part is fixing all the errors.

Lucky for you, they are all pointed out by the scanner, so your job is not that hard and it won’t take too long.

Turn the car key again, just like you were starting the car, but don’t go all the way.

To clear the codes and restart the computer, search for the button on the scanner that will enable erasing.

In summary, there are two buttons that interest you in this operation: Read and Erase.

Simple as that. Observe how the SES light is now gone.

You did it. If not, repeat the process, practice makes perfect.

Reset The SES Light DIY

This is how you can turn off the light yourself, without any additional help.

You only need your skills and a Nissan with some technical errors that were, hopefully, resolved.

It requires more patience and effort, but it’s the DIY way to do it.

Take a seat behind the wheel. Although it may seem obvious, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Find your engine key, insert and turn it, but remember not to start the car, as described earlier.

So, don’t rotate the key all the way.

Simply wait a couple of moments and get ready for the next steps.

Five times fully lower and let go of the accelerator pedal, then let the pedal up.

When it comes to performing this easy motion, timing is everything.

Count to seven and then completely press the pedal again for roughly ten seconds.

The board will lighten and the LED on the Nissan board will begin to flash soon after.

Lower the pressure on the pedal and let it go slowly.

Summary: Press and release the pedal from your right (accelerator) five consecutive times.

Wait about 7-10 seconds. Press again for 10-12 seconds. Simple

The next step involves your patience and attention skills.

Count the flashes to keep track of all of the codes.

There are 2 different types of blinks: long (0.5 seconds) and short ones (0.3 seconds).

The process of reading ECU codes will be described later in the article, in the section: How to read ECU codes from SES light blinks.

Now it’s the moment to compare your codes with an official code sheet you can find online.

If you want to properly reset the computer, you must first identify and fix all of the problems.

After all the issues were solved, and you’re sure that the codes look fine, reset the computer.

How do you know you are ready to reset? The ECM is indicating no malfunction when you get four blinks of 10.

In the car’s language, this is code 0000. Turn the car key again, until the board lightens up.

Maintain the accelerator pedal down for ten seconds as the codes are blinking and easily let it go for ten seconds.

The SES light should be now turned off permanently.

If that doesn’t work, try again, making sure to follow all of the procedures and wait the precise length of time.

That’s all. Try the method that fits you best and enjoy a clean board, without any Service Engine Soon light popping up.

Warnings Before You Turn Off The SES Light On Your Nissan

Now you know how to turn off the Service Engine Soon light on Nissan, but wise people are never in a hurry.

Consider these warnings before putting the tutorial into action.

The SES light is not there to confuse you, it’s there to point out something is wrong with your Nissan, so NEVER turn it off without resolving the issue. Look for these:

01. Service Due

Sometimes, your vehicle only informs you that it’s time for a routine service check.

This can mean your engine oil needs to be changed, or other minor technical problems, like the necessity for new spark plugs.

Nissan is an amazing car, treat it well and it will get you far.

02. Engine Fluids

Take into consideration the level of your engine fluids.

A low level can also be a trigger for the SES light.

03. Diesel Filter

If your Nissan is younger than ten years and runs on diesel, then the need for a diesel particulate filter renewal might be the issue that’s turning on the SES light.

04. Loose gas cap

This is a common reason why the Service Engine Soon light illuminates.

If you just had a gas tank refill, and the cap was not returned into position correctly, it can become loose and become a possible threat for your Nissan.

This problem has an easy fix, and won’t require a manual reset of the SES light.

Move the cap position, on and off, then drive for a few minutes. The light will reset on its own.

04. How To Read ECU Codes From SES Light Blinks?

If you want to attempt the DIY way of turning off the Service Engine Soon Light, you must learn how to read ECU codes.

In summary, the SES light will start flashing error codes that are stored in the system, and without a code scanner, you have to be the one to read them.

Firstly, count how many flashes you see.

The blinks show a 4 digits code.

A long flash (about 0.6 seconds) points out the first digit of the code.

It is followed by three short flashes (about 0.3 seconds) that are the next digits of your code.

There will be a 0.1-second break between the digits, so you can distinguish them.

Keep in mind that 10 blinks indicate the digit “0”.

The ECM is indicating no malfunction when you get four blinks of 10 (0000).

Here is an example of a blinking sequence: 10 slow flashes, 0.1 seconds break, 5 quick flashes, 0.1 seconds break, 10 more quick flashes, 0.1 seconds break, and 7 quick flashes.

This sequence corresponds to the engine code: P0507.

Remember that you can also erase everything. Just push the gas pedal and maintain it there for ten seconds.

The General FAQs of How To Turn Off Service Engine Soon Light Nissan

01. Can Worn Spark Plugs Lighten Up the SES Light?

The short answer is YES.

The SES light on your Nissan indicates an issue.

Bad spark plugs can create a lot of problems for the car’s engine, so it’s understandable why this triggers the SES light.

02. How Much Time Will I Spend on Resetting the SES Light?

If you do everything right, the whole process will take you about a minute, using a scanner.

Trying it the DIY way will take more time.

Also, failing the first time is common, so it’s better to free up some of your time for this procedure.

03. Will The Computer Reset Immediately?

Sometimes, if the light is still on, the solution is to drive your Nissan for approximately 50 to 100 miles.

This way, the computer will monitor the sensors, register the results and reset itself.

04. How Much Time Can I Drive with The SES Illuminated?

After you notice the SES light turning on, if the light is constant, it’s safe to drive for a few miles.

If the light is flashing, it’s better to call for professional help.

Either way, make sure to schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

05. Which Reason for The SES Light To Appear Is More Common?

The most common issue that causes the SES to illuminate is the gas cap coming loose.

This is so common because it’s easy to fill the tank up with gas and not screw the cap back properly.

It will indeed take multiple cycles before the light will turn on, but it’s still easy to make this minor mistake.

06. Will Detaching the Battery Turn Off This Light?

Yes, this will probably work, although it’s not the best way to reset the SES light.

Let the battery out for 15 minutes.

While you wait, all the vehicle systems should completely reset, and the error codes should be gone.

07. How Do I Turn Off the SES Light If I Have a Nissan Frontier?

Asking about specific vehicles is common.

You can possess a Nissan Frontier, Altima, Titan, or many other models.

As long as the car isn’t too old, the steps to reset the SES light are the same.

Check out the previous text for detailed explanations about the process.


In conclusion, the Service Engine Soon light on Nissan is an efficient tool that tells you there is an issue with your car.

This issue can be a minor or a major one, but more often than not it’s not something small, like a loose gas cap.

What to do? Check out the engine fluids, diesel filter and look for any noticeable damage.

Then, get the car a qualified helper.

How to turn off the Service Engine Soon light on Nissan?

After all the problems were solved, if the light is still there, buy a Code Scanner or try out the DIY way of resetting the computer.

Every piece of information is right here, in this article.