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How Long Do Nissan Altimas Last & How Many Miles Averagely Run

Nissan possesses a durable, long-lasting reputation and is responsible for proffering its users sound and less costly vehicles.

Their products are usually meant for varieties of people, such as an individual, families, newcomer drivers, and for those who travel a certain distance to work occasionally or regularly.

Nissan has been in existence since 1933.

This great company is among the top car companies producing midsize cars worldwide.

Also, a bestseller for the said midsize sedans.


How Many Miles Will a Nissan Altima Last?

When we talk about how long the Nissan Altimas can last.

We may say, “how many miles you should expect to get from it.”

To give a quick view of this:

Nissan Altimas can last as far as 249,000 to 299,000 miles.

Looking at this calculation from a year’s perspective, that’s approximately fifteen to twenty years — considering the driver’s mileage averagely, year in, year out.

If you, as the rider, can provide proper maintenance and a suitable driving style, then your Nissan Altima lasting up to the mentioned length shouldn’t be a shock to you.

Research has shown that Nissan Altimas lasting up to 200,000 miles has been proven over time(no one disputes this), hence, it’s no news.

To further bolster this fact, Nissan Altimas(the 1990s/2000s) is still driven by people on the road to date.

Well, it’s pretty confident that you must have been witnessing this, too.

However, if you’re still doubtful about this, explore the new car markets near you and see for yourself!

Real Facts of How Long Do Nissan Altimas Last

Nissan Altima is lasting that long because the manufacturers have proved that it was manufactured with tested and trusted durable components in the automotive industry, and that’s just the fact.

A quick example is the latest Altimas that come with hybrid options — implying that Nissan Altimas aren’t just as strong as it is, but are also being reproduced to stay up to date with every technology advancement to beat the industry competition.

Have you ever wondered why the Altimas models are known as long-lasting cars?

In short, the above is just the case.

And that’s why it’s popular among Uber and Taxi drivers in the world.

Because, as per the nature of their jobs, they need a car that can withstand the bearded scrutiny.

Moreover, lazy maintenance and other Cons may result in your Altima at 90,000 miles.

Instead, revise your service manual for proper guidance for reasonable aggressive driving instructions!

Nissan Altima Reliability

Reliability is a terminology used in the automotive industry to determine how long a vehicle would last.

Another most used word in place of “reliability” is “dependability.”

As we all know, Nissan Altimas are available in five trim levels.

So, we will be reviewing the dependability of each, one after the other.

Nissan Altimas come with two types of engines.

The most graded one is the 2.5 liter and 4-cylinder.

It gives almost 181 lb-ft of torque and 188 horsepower for front-wheel drive (FWD) types of cars.

As for the all-wheel-drive (AWD) types of vehicles, they also use the same kind of engine to produce 182.5 horsepower and 178.5 lb-ft of torque.

PS: All Altimas engines are usually with a CVT.

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Nissan Altima S

The Nissan Altima S is the lowest of all Nissan Altimas’ trim levels after the basic trim level.

So, if you’re interested in a more safe engine that has tremendous functionality, this model has what you’re looking for.

Nissan Altima Sv

Are you looking for a handful and yet a safe output from the best of engines?

The Altima SV model is undoubtedly an excellent option for you and your family.

Nissan Altima Sr

The Nissan Altima SR has a stylish engine input that produces superb outputs to suit your great driving experience!

Nissan Altima Sr-Vc Turbo

Is it a fuel-sipping or turbocharged economy?

The SR-VC TURBO model is an excellent fit for you because it compresses the ratio to increase its output.

Among its peers, it’s one of those that respond very fast to your input.

Talking about the flexes, after you tap on the gas, the Priston produces a lower compression ratio — as when a sprinter bends to kick-start the starting line — then, the mighty cylinder turbo engine gives an instant v-8-like power.

That’s basically how powerful the SR-VC TURBO engine can be!

Nissan Altima Sl

Not only is the engine known for its outstanding performance, but also the great interior featured!

Nissan Altima Transmission Reliability

When we discuss Transmission reliability, that takes to CVT.

To begin with, do you know what CVT means? CVT stands for Continuous Variable Transmission.

Transmission is a component of your car responsible for transferring a suitable amount of functionality to your wheels to drive your vehicle at a particular speed. In a word, “gears.”

So, unfortunately, it has become the trend among drivers, as it’s prone to developing faults very fast.

And the Transmission, of course, is of a high cost to fix. Drivers are apprehensive about this.

Let’s quickly look at the Nissan Altimas Transmission common problems.

Irrespective of the year the model was produced, there are these problems that are common among all.

01. Camshaft Failure

Your Altima camshaft position sensor can sometimes result in your vehicle’s inability to kick-start or even cause the engine to hook while driving.

Also, rough-riding when the engine is up and running.

If you’ve ever experienced your car stalling, it was because of these sensors failing!

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02. Intake Gasket Leakage

If you’ve used or currently own a Nissan Altima, you must have experienced this — it’s a prevalent issue.

A leaking intake gasket can cause your car insufficiency of fuel circulation, unresponsiveness of the engine, or even total damage.

You can find the intake gasket between your car’s engine and the air intake.

When you experience a leaking intake gasket, it begins to affect the airflow sensor.

Other Factors

Other Factors may include a failed engine seal, where your oil gets low so quickly.

This is usually common with the 3.5L V6 engine.

Research reported that this problem does not originate from the oil cooler specifically but from the O-rings that join it.

It’s caused by oil leakage, and if you’re not quick enough to detect it, it will result in a strange sound coming from the engine, caused by low oil pressure.

In many circumstances, where the oil leakage can, perhaps, be manageable, the oil gauge can drop to the minor oil level, making the CEL come up with Engine Control Module code: P0011.

The leakage solution: You would need to replace the o-ring after removing the oil cooler and filter.

It is, however, expensive but worth it.

Bear in mind that in some cases, your engineer may ask you to replace the oil filter and the oil cooler as well.

If you experience such, you may ask your mechanic WHY.

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01. Faulty Fuel Pump

Among other transmission problems is a defective fuel pump.

This causes fuel starvation, as complained about by many consumers.

When your car fuel pump malfunctions, it results in fuel starvation and will make your car fail to kick-start.

02. Failed Catalytic Converter

If you’ve ever seen the PO420 code show up on your vehicle Check Engine Light, then it’s because of the catalytic converter failure.

From its signs is fuel economy.

These symptoms are usually not noticeable, but with careful inspection and proper watch over time, it will indeed become obvious.

The amount you would spend to replace this is also on the high side, unfortunately.

And you can’t overlook this because of the high safety roles it plays in your car, so you’ve got to replace them asap.

Competition Comparison Nissan Altima Vs. Toyota Camry

Since time immemorial, these two cars have been well known for their best performances among fans and even non-fans.

Whether it’s the new redesigns for both interior and exterior features, it’s still superb till tomorrow.

Nissan Altimas provides a spacious and convenient for a comfortable relaxation of its consumers, plus an All-wheel-drive option.

And so has the Camry portray excellent efficiency and dependability.

The two are a bit similar in their specifications.

Maintenance Tips for Nissan Altima

01. Be Consistent With Prompt Maintenance

Here is the care every car owner can’t deny.

It comes up all the time but often at distant intervals.

Such periodic maintenance is changing of oil, tire replacement (with a spare tire, and repeating that over time, except it calls for a new replacement), oil gauge changes, brake pad replacement, buying a new drive belt, and a new shock absorber replacement.

02. Reach Out To Dealerships For Steering Lockouts

If you’ve been driving a Nissan Altima for a while now, sometimes, you might have noticed the steering wheel automatically locks when you park your vehicle after a long ride.

Some drivers try to force this issue to unlock by itself. No, don’t try that.

Reach out to an authorized Nissan dealer to fix this for you with a new replacement.

03. Be Quick in Responding To All Safety Calls

As simple as it sounds — “never ignore any issue your car has,” no matter how minor you may think it is.

That’s how you can enjoy all the miles of your Nissan Altima.

Ignore any signal of a safety call at your own risk.

04. Analyse And Solve Any Serious Problems Coming From The Rough Idle

Sometimes, your Altima may sound louder than it used to.

And another time, a strange, unstable ride.

That’s simply issues resulting from the rough idle.

If you experience such, clean the distributor cap and the spark plug (or replace the latter).

Resell Value and Considerations of Nissan Altima

01. Inspect

Not just cars, as you would do when buying many other things, especially when it’s a used one, you would want to check the supposed Nissan Altima thoroughly whether it’s still neat in both the interior and also the exterior.

Doing this would show you if the former user used it with proper care and maintenance, if yes, it’s a good buy.

02. The Space

This, however, may vary depending on what you’re planning to use the Altima for.

For instance, if you’re buying for your family to tour and unique destinations near you, you must consider this so that everyone can be convenient on the trips.

03. Powertrain Performance

Check appropriately if some of the outputs are working perfectly as the new one.

And if not, the difference should be very slight.

Don’t buy if the engine is already producing some unusual sounds.

You may not believe it if you’re ready to include unnecessary car repairs on your to-do list.

04. The Fuel Economy

See if the fuel circulation is going as it should, not consuming gallons of fuel on small miles, the fuel circulatory system gives a top-notch functioning output, etc.


Is There Anything Wrong With The Nissan Altimas?

Yes, there is: the CVT has been the most complained about problem by consumers of this wonderful vehicle.

Is The Nissan Altimas Worth Having As A Good car?

YES, it’s worth having, and undoubtedly a great car for anyone who loves suiting experiences.

If not because of anything, but because of the powerful engine it has.

Which Year Nissan Altimas Are The Best?

This can vary, considering one’s budget.

If your budget is on the high side, then the 2018-date Nissan Altimas are the best.

Why Are Nissan Altimas So Cheap?

Because the depreciation year is more extended!

Which Nissan Altimas Trim is The Best?

The SR-VC TURBO is the most recommended because it has a 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder, which is very powerful!

Final Thoughts

Nissan Altimas are not cars that are overhyped or hyped for nothing.

It’s worth every penny you spend to get and even the bucks you would pay to maintain it in the long run.

Among the midsize sedans, the producers manufactured this model with components that have made it make a name for itself in the cluster of its peers.

If you’re interested in significant efficiency and powerful acceleration, consider the Nissan Altimas, any trim level is acceptable — highly recommended!

Click or tap here to get one for yourself.

Do you doubt some things? Talk to an expert for expert advice!