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13 Best Upper Control Arms For Nissan Titan [Top Rated]

To reiterate, the control arm is a linkage that connects the car chassis to the wheel rim mounting or driving joint.

They are generally referred to as “A” armaments because they penetrate the environment with a capital “A.”

Control arms, on the other hand, can be found in a diverse variety of forms and sizes.

When the suspension strikes, an upper control arm gears the suspension hub organization.

The control is responsible for establishing and maintaining and analyzing the suspension architecture of the cars.

An upper control arm is this important, and factory upholsteries are not so reliable, and with a vehicle like Nissan Titan; you are bound to get a replacement at one point.

We are here to introduce you to some of them. the best arm controls out in the market, and also break down the intricate things into basics.


Our Choice For Nissan Titan Upper Control Arms

‎‎FREEDOM OFF-ROAD Fits‎ 2004+
‎MOOG RK620649
‎‎Detroit Axle 80673-4D
‎‎Dirt King Fabrication Fits 04-21
‎Dorman 521-179
‎ADIGARAUTO Fits 2004-2014
‎Detroit Axle Fits 2004-17
‎TUUMOND Fits 2004-2017
‎‎Rough Country Fits 2004-2024
‎ACDelco ‎45D120
‎Detroit Axle 2004-2015
‎ACDelco ‎45D1209

What are The Best Upper Control Arms For Nissan Titan?

The answer will be Freedom OffRoad. They offer the factory geometries with modified technology to upgrade the connection between the car frame and the wheel rims.

The manufacturer provides heavy-duty parts so they offer durability and functionality at the same time, no matter what are the expenses.

Why Freedom Offroad is our first choice?

Consumers love this brand for its authenticity, kept promises, and durability. Let’s check what this brand offers in terms of arms controls.

  • Premium OEM Quality BALL Fasteners AND Solidified Anterior Mitigate Lateral deformation AND Curvatures ON Negligible carefulness.
  • Policy KDSS and GUSSETS ensure to hold the strength for lasting a long time.
  • OEM quality bushings and joints provide a stop to sidetracking, even if your regular inspection is not up-to-date.

13 Best Upper Control Arms For Nissan Titan 2024 (Detail Review)

This is the sign to grab the opportunity to take a glance at all the products (only the best!) and make a decision.

01. Freedom Offroad – Overall Best


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: upper control; front
  • Lift: 2~4 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds approx.
  • Compatibility: Titan Nissan models 04

Need low maintenance heavy-duty upper control arms for your Nissan Titan? Then this is the perfect choice for you.

The ball joints are factory/OEM style, so you don’t need to worry much about your specs.

They are easily replaceable and replacements can also be ordered with the package. The lift provides the proper angle for the joints.

Mind that, the joints are not sold in a uni-ball system as the Macpherson style requires.


  • The product is aloof to the term of groove worn.
  • Includes cam bolts with necessary adjustments and cambers.
  • Deflection is minimal because the bushing is perfect.


02. MOOG RK620649



Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: assembly of controls and joints
  • Bushing: noise-free application and dirt-resistant
  • Longevity: stud shape

This is a perfect match of easy installation and long life! Why? They are super friendly with precision fixtures and you don’t have to fiddle with anything.

Fiddling eventually leads to damage to the interior.

And while talking about long life, it’s the elevated ball joints that make up for suspension and sag reimbursement and also give it a bit of swing.

Looks do matter! They are compatible with nameplates that fall under both domains of home and abroad, so style your car with your choice.


  • They promise durability, and their products are specially engineered for that cause.
  • The powder coatings ensure that the item is corrosion-free.
  • The special heat treatment allows the vehicle to deal with loads and severities.


  • If not enough careful, ball joints might fall out after one year of usage.
  • Buyers reported that the product seemed to not function well for their Nissan Titan without Zerk fitments.

03. Detroit Axle



This product, if ordered, comes with an outer tie road replacement, which is a bonus!

Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan Infiniti series
  • Weight: 20 pounds approximately
  • Tested against: wear and fatigue

The kit here includes numerous possibilities for your Nissan Titan.

The right and left control arm with ball joints might seem normal, but they make a difference when you purchase this brand.

The item is ready to listen to and fulfill the demands of today’s passengers, meaning they offer a lot of durable years and great functioning as well.


  • With the average ratio of usage, the product stands still even after 4 years.
  • The finishing on the ball joints avails it not to be fragile and break off even under extreme weather conditions.


  • Even though the product is weather-prone, but it seemed to prove itself a bit less when interacted with big bumps and sudden speed-breaker jumps.

04. Dirt King Fabrication


Highlighted Features

  • Lift: 0~3inches fixes the caster/camber
  • Pattern: unitized and pre-assembled
  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan models 04-21 (non-XD)
  • Exterior: zinc-plated

Even if the brand is named Dirt King, it prevents your upper control arm components from being dirty!

And the feature that plays the key role behind this is zinc-plating. For lesser dirt, the item is less exposed to corrosion.

The product tries to avoid touching the coil bucket as much as possible, consequently, the travel of the wheel is taken up to a certain degree.

Since they promise to be heavy-duty, the strength, durability, and geometry are a combination you can find in this kit.


  • The castor quality is taken up a notch, and the oscillation angles are adjusted well.
  • The joints are exposed less to stress and strain.
  • Alignment and precision are the two terms that define the whole function of this product.


  • This will not work if you wish to increase the builds of tracks.
  • Won’t function properly if you use coil spacers on the front end.

05. MECHAPRO K620649


Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan Armanda
  • Tested with: salt spray and cycle fatigue
  • Temperature competence: pre-greased; from -40 to 120 degrees
  • Exterior: eco-friendly paint

The item provides a better steering control by giving access to better handling and monitoring with premium quality bolt joints.

These characteristics confirm a better marshaling.

The upper control arms from this producer will last for a lifetime with the same comfortable first-time feeling.

You just need to follow the rules of maintenance to gather the experience.

The ball joints offered are made out of special material that is tensile, stiff, and resistant against all the bad things.

The technology is also good to adapt to humid weather.


  • The paint coating is eco-friendly, and so is the dust cover which is made of rubber.
  • The tolerance of the item is impressive.
  • Easy to install as they arrive at your door pre-assembled.


  • The coating is as durable as they promised, but some had issues with the metal part which appeared to be a bit meretricious.
  • The fitments of the driver side seemed to have problems.
  • Especially with the nuts, customers having problems had to get new adjustable nuts from another place.

06. Dorman 521-179


Highlighted Features

  • Pattern: for left side upper control arm
  • Assembly: control, joints, and bushings
  • Resistance: corrosion and rust; supplementary coatings
  • Weight: 3 pounds approx.

You can paint the metal if you want to. The surface is ready for that.

They cover the demands of the three S’s. Solidity, stability, and safety.

They are tested against certain conditions for confirmation through a reliable evaluation process.

The product also doesn’t differ from the notion of covering 30,000 mileages.

With the pre-installed fixtures, these are ready to be installed in your car and you won’t even believe the flush!


  • The upper control arm provides the ultimate comfort throughout your journeys over the years.
  • The fitment is just right for the Nissan Titan models.
  • They are comparatively lightweight, so your car won’t feel much compressed and will also be easy to look after.


  • Some wished to grease the ball joints but found it difficult because of the parts being already accumulated.
  • You have to buy the bolts, which are always easy yet very vexing.

07. ADIGARUAUTO K620649-Q2 and K620650


Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan models 04-17
  • Pattern: chauffeur side and passenger side
  • Alignment: OE format
  • Resistance: surface treatment against rustiness

Built and operated to swap the gasket and orientation straight. Advantageous grade merchandise.

Refurbishes such as revised rudder and agility. Easy to install. Simple to configure. What else can you request?

Every detail is given consideration. Even the welds make a great impression than the OEM ones on these.

Since these are so easy to install, just message the seller/manufacturer the specs and model of your car. No further hassling and rustling.


  • This is popular among the buyers for facile setup and also gives a good name to the pertinence.
  • The go-to solution for worn-out bushings and joints.
  • The warranty is so over-the-top! Some stated that their Nissan still runs well even after 5 years of usage.


  • Other than sudden mishaps in factory production, no major problems have been reported.

08. Detroit Axle



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan models 04-15 and also 2017
  • Pattern: driver and passenger side
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Tested against: lethargy; wear and tear

Just check the chart for availability and voila! You will get your hands on these amazing products.

Not to mention, other than models of Nissan Titan, the product is also compatible with a vast range of other car models.

Detroit Axle takes an oath to build these control arms with quality standards and also, they have made factory tests to ensure customers that eminence and resilience remain two peas in a pod.


  • All the necessary accessories are available in the package, giving you the comfort to install the controls in a jiff.
  • Fits just perfect for all Nissan Titan models compatible and no need to rush for extra tools. The feature leaves no room for improvement in alignment and stability.


  • Even though they come with all the accessories, but there have been complaints about the bushings, the metal seemed to scrape off pretty easily after one year of usage.
  • Greasing didn’t feel enough for ease of the movement of joints. Had to do it several times, as some said.



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan 04-17
  • Weight: 13 pounds approximately

The builds will increase the strength as well as improve coil spring clearance. The travel levels will be elevated even if you go through an unusual path.

The set has stable joints that are at least better than factory OEM parts and can deal with more usage without being worn off.

The arms are built with tubular steel and have a conforming shape to take any falling matters into hand.

The configuration overall provides a great lift, so you will no longer feel the discomfort.


  • This is a set that offers the capabilities of any good control arms.
  • The installation process becomes much easier with the attractive, detailed manual.
  • Also can be capable of off-road uses.


  • Even though they give a word about the adaptation of certain circumstances, a part of the consumers didn’t feel dynamic.
  • Fitment was a bit off for some models.

10. Rough country 83401A


Highlighted Features 

  • Geometry: angles at optimum points
  • Ball joints assembly: pressed-in
  • Position: front
  • Exterior: forged aluminum

Mind that, this product only fits with suspension kits that allow lifts up to 2~3 inches.

Elevate your vehicles towards the next degree with the most durable Upper Control Arm. These are sturdily compact and lightweight.

This design transcends any other kind of arm engineering without weak welding places that could twist or collapse.

The ball joints provide a broader flexion, which enables more axle eloquence. These ball joints have a negligible friction race of polyoxymethylene.


  • The joints are fully greaseable.
  • They come with all necessary bolts, so make sure you keep in touch with the tightness after every 1,000 miles.
  • Clearance is ensured at a better level and travel is also improved.


  • Squeaking noises have been reported after a long coverage of miles.

11. ACDelco Professional 45D1208


Highlighted features

  • Pattern: driver-side
  • Compatibility: almost all Nissan Titan models (please ask the seller)

Mind that, the joints and bolts here are pre-greased, so you don’t have to worry about it at least for some time.

But the zerks are not provided for greasing it again if the time calls for it.

Fitting is great and so is the functionality.


  • When combined with the passenger side upper control arms, that will give you the best results for a safer drive.
  • Gives a better lift, so that ensures better travel options.


  • The only issue people had with this is the grease fitting.

12. Detroit Axle


Highlighted features 

  • Pattern: front, right, and left
  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan 04-15
  • Also includes: outer tie rod ends

Mind that some people mistake it as a tubular arm control whereas they are not.

Always ready to meet your Nissan’s demands when they go off bumpy roads and can overcome the obstacle on the road that we so easily overlook.


  • A better fitting replacement for OEM equipment.
  • Reasonable price with good looks!


  • You might miss the cotter pin so make sure you have got one of your own.

13. ACDelco 45D1209


Highlighted features

  • Pattern: passenger side
  • Compatibility: Nissan Titan

They are perfect aftermarket replacements for the upper control arms.

That confirms a better availability of travel, suspension, and damping.

Note that, they are not greaseable, and they come sealed with the pre-greasing fixtures.


  • You can do the replacement in under an hour.
  • Form, fit, and function, this product ticks all the boxes.


  • Consumers had issues with the unavailability of ‘zerking’.

And…over! Now take a deep breath and try to rewind all the features and everything. Try to combine the features with your purposes, and that should give you a certain answer.

Buying Factors For Choosing Nissan Titan Upper Control Arms

It is a hard nut to crack to choose the right product from this amazing list, but you don’t have to keep your nose to the grindstone; as we are here to guide you.

These considerations will make you think twice before you jump on to any conclusions about your arm control decisions.

Also, it will help you to cultivate a depth of your understanding as the section will be packed with valuable information.

The Purpose of a Control Arm

The prominent responsibility of the control arm is to connect the rollers to the vehicle frame and establish a solidity for your car.

The control arm is necessary since you might feel where each jolt you are trying to pass by without it, the wheels would not sustain the vehicle’s skeleton.

The control arm, or gooseneck as indicated more often than not, is an A-shaped continuation of the suspension of your automobile.

Two points remain oscillating throughout the control arm; the wide tip of the triangle mounts to the chassis and tilts on a bush.

The remaining portion is secured in the knuckle and begins to move on a ball termed as a ball joint.

Because you only have one per wheel it is often known as the MacPherson suspension type.

Alternatively, when you do have two control arms per axle, you have a double control suspension in your car.

Is Replacement needed?

Nevertheless, wear and tear are particularly prevalent. Generally at least, when you encounter prolonged pressure on your suspension system, you tend to diagnose stress and strain of the control arms.

Everything just makes it almost impossible for the car to move and diminishes the damping ratio, consequently influencing the steering quality dramatically.

If you take your car to try to preserve the regimen, it will preserve the control arms, but if you make your way unceasingly, you will be bound to look for a replacement.

Also, we suggest that perhaps a repairman examine your control devices regularly.

Control Arms, Assemble!

Double wishbones are always complicated, but they offer superior service. Since the system requires an extra part or two, and assemble is also necessary.

In the market, while buying upper control arms for your Nissan Titan, you will find three main assembly types.

What will you choose? That’s for us to describe and you to know!


These are recommended for massive storage vehicles; they require a massive ball joint to take everything in.


Yes, in this assembly, you get everything you need in one place. Even though this might be the rescuer for your splurge, the odds are, when it goes off, the whole assembly gets off.


They are easy to install as they are compatible with the uni wishbone Macphersons. The system comes in one single body.

Materials and Exterior

You will want to hunt for a robust quality component within allowance while shopping for your new upper control arm assembly.

This chunk is quite a stress-handler, therefore you want a rigorous product.

Choose a powder-coated or otherwise chemically inert control arm arrangement, as that will get half the job done.

Cast iron is incredibly sophisticated and widely formed into a wishbone.

They are affordable, but they might eventually succumb to corrosion readily. Traditionally, hammered steel was featured on antique autos.

Aluminum alloy control units are lighter in weight and chemical resistance although tend to collapse over steep bumps relatively successfully.

Stamped steel was a golden favorite. It held the car within the place with comparatively large-sized ball joints. It was known for keeping the coil springs in place for a long time.

But the problem with it was the rustiness. The wet weather ruined almost all the functionality.

Replacement Protocols

Make sure you buy the things from a reputable seller, and remember, OEM parts and aftermarket parts can function similarly, and sometimes aftermarket products prove to be more qualified.

Also, when you replace the arm controls, it is our recommendation to open the whole assembly and get a replacement.

Opening only one joint will be intriguing, so better get a whole replacement.

We hope that you found this section as you got to know the details of the intricate parts.

So, rather than just reading them, we would request you to apply the knowledge while you do the shopping.


A good quality upper arm control will introduce you to the term of what’s called perfect alignment.

So, you are bound to have a better riding experience, without the unpleasant troughs on the route.

What the feature will also provide, is the lack of discomfort when you use spacers to lift your vehicle to a certain degree.

They give the ride a literal elevation, a chance for a memorable excursion, and durability which will save time, energy, and money. Additionally, you’ll also be offered high-end ball joints.

Best of luck to you that you find the perfect controls for your car and hence our effort will be detected successfully.