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How To Get Your Car Wraps Last Longer: 5 Tips

As car enthusiasts, we want our vehicles not just to be at their best but to look the best possible as well. That is why going with car wraps is so popular today, but there is plenty of opposite information you can find regarding their maintenance and things you should and shouldn’t do, which is why we gathered a few tips on how to get your car wraps last longer.


Choose a reliable company

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Okay, this is the first and most important thing, as regardless of the design and the price, if the material of which wraps are made is not quality enough, then everything else matters much less. That is why going with a company with vast experience in this field and thousands of satisfied customers is the way to go, as you will know for sure that your wrap is made out of great material and placed on a car without any difficulties. Only then can you start worrying about other things like how often to clean it, what type of products to use, and whether to consider polishing or not. Sprinter van wraps, for example, seek even more attention to detail when placing it on a vehicle, which is yet another reason why you should always go with a renowned company.

Do not use a carwash

Every driver will agree that there is no better and easier way to wash the car than to use an automatic carwash, and although it is true, we need to disappoint you because it is not good for a car wrap, and you should avoid it. Yes, this might seem like a big deal, but in essence, it’s much better to wash the vehicle on your own or in a much safer way so that you prolong the lifespan of the car wrap. In general, automatic carwash will not damage the wrap immediately, but since washing a car is something we often do, after a while, you will start to notice that certain segments of the wrap are losing their color or that they got damaged even worse.

Namely, strong jets, high water pressure, bristles, and brushes will surely do irreparable damage to the wrap, and it will last much shorter than it should. Instead of that, you should wash it at home, as it is the only way to do it properly and to save car wraps so that they can last for much longer. As for the process, it’s actually pretty simple, and all that one might need is a bucket with a mixture of mild detergent and water and a sponge. The best thing is that you can make it fun and cool down during the summer. Gently remove all the stains and dirt, and make sure to rinse all the detergent thoroughly. Overall, this might take a bit more time, but it will surely save you a few bucks in the long run, as you will not have to pay for an automatic carwash, and besides that, you will not have to pay for a car wrap that often.

How often to wash?

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In order to last longer, car wrap needs to be washed regularly, and, as we have already mentioned, the best way to do it is by your hands. The logic behind this is simple, the dirt and pollutants caught during the ride will damage it gradually, and it is important to remove them regularly, which means it is necessary to wash the vehicle two times every month. Of course, it is not a mistake to do it even more often, especially if you notice some stains, as they should be removed as soon as possible, but in most cases, twice a month is enough. Knowing this, washing the vehicle at home should not be that big of a deal, as you can even make it a family thing, and besides that, during hot summer months, this can also be a great way to cool down and still do something beneficial and worthy.

Never use a scraper

There is no doubt that scrapers are our best friends during freezing and snowy days, but unfortunately, they should never be used on a car wrap. Okay, this is a pretty understandable thing, and some might even think that mentioning it is somewhat unnecessary, but you would be surprised at how often people use scrapers on car wraps. It is okay to use them to remove snow and ice from a windscreen, windows, and mirrors, but never on a wrap because they will make scratches, no matter how careful you are.

Because of that, you should always have a brush or a cloth to remove the snow and ice, and a waterproof glove will do the trick too. Another way is to use lukewarm water, but make sure it is not too hot because it can do more harm than good in contact with ice. The water should be just a little warmer than ice, so it can melt it and leave the vehicle clean, and even though doing so might take a bit longer for snow and ice to melt, it’s definitely something that will not damage the looks of your car wrap and will make them last longer.

Waxing is not an option

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Many drivers use a wax coating to make sure their favorite vehicles are completely protected from external conditions, and it is a great way to keep their cars in the best shape, but only if there is no wrap on them. Namely, most wraps are made of vinyl which does not make a good combination with wax, as the wax slowly degrades vinyl and eventually destroys it. The same stands for polishing, and although it is pretty logical, many inexperienced drivers tend to make that mistake and shorten the wrap’s life. The only chemical that should be used is a mild detergent during washing, and that’s all, and what’s even more important, there is no need to worry that your vehicle will look not as clean or shiny as the wrap itself is shiny and regularly cleaning it will make the vehicle spark as it was brand new.